correction noted on mr. paxton.

A correction, from hazy previous postings.  Floyd Paxton never ran for Senate, or governor.

So here it is is, his electoral history, for the man who invented the bread clip — those weird little things that snap bags together.

11/08/1966 9,585 (7.64%)  (running as a “conservative” in the general election.)
9/15/1970 10,245 (13.15%) (Republican in a “blanket primary)
9/19/1972 28,851 (25.69%) (Republican in a “blanket primary)
9/17/1974  17,872 (25.61%) (Republican in a “blanket primary) … He did beat this guy, to take the Republican nomination.
11/4/1974  59,249 (41.09%) … a general election defeat.

If there’s any more than this, I would be interested to know.

Interestingly enough, dipping into the New York Times archives and he (a regional president of the John Birch Society) had offered his employees a day off should Goldwater win the Presidency.  It was not to be.


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