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watching the exciting Republican primary in the Oregon 3rd district

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

There are, like, 13 Republicans in the Oregon 3rd Congressional District, represented by Earl Blumenauer.  They will decide the primary contest between Delia Lopez and Ronald Green.  It’s a tough choice for you all — the first candidate to 7 gets the nod.

Delia Lopez will get Victoria Taft’s support.  She’s running against the Obama Hitler.  And I assume will make the same basic campaign as she did last time around.

Ronald Green gets the Oregonian’s endorsement.  No mention of Hitler in his campaign material.  I do see that he’s fond of Transcendental Meditation.  And he describes himself as a Republican in the mode of William Mckinley — which is at least novel.  He means it in terms of trade policy (tariffs is he), but I fear another Spanish American War should he get too far in power.

He does kinda look like McKinley.

Have fun voting!

Tea Party and Occupy wander around the Land of the Radioactive Tumbleweed

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Big Tea Party rally in Eastern Washington, I see.  And this is a booby prize if there ever was one.

As an incentive toward attendance, organizers have said that a participant at the rally will announce a run against incumbent nine-term Congressman Doc Hastings of Pasco at today’s rally, also in John Dam Plaza.
Wait.  We get to find out someone running for Congress against an entrenched incumbent?

Organizers aren’t publicizing the candidate’s name ahead of the announcement, but the hope is that the announcement will generate the kind of local political buzz seen in late 2009 when former pro football player Clint Didier, now a farmer and businessman in Eltopia, announced his bid for Sen. Patty Murray’s seat at a Tea Party rally.
Somebody like former professional football player Clint Didier, you say?  Who is it?

Apparently just some guy or other.   Tea Party member to run against Doc Hastings.  A National Sales Tax Advocate.  “Ugh” indeed.

At least we get the entertainment value of reading Tea Party activist reactions to Doc Hastings shilling for Mitt Romney.

So, you know.  As this is what we will get in the General Election, in the vacuum where there is no Democratic Party… I will reiterate from my previous post.  Draft Dennis Kucinich!  Yes.  I know Dennis Kucinich would win about as much percentage of the vote as Gordon Allen Pross, but since he’s looking around for a district…

(Yes, I’m kidding.  Mostly.  Hm.  Ready to knock around Jay Inslee a bit?)

Go with the Tea Party candidate, for no other reason than to bump his position of power to some other Republican waging the same environmental wars.

To the other side of the ledger, Portlanders (mostly) flooded in for an “Occupy Hanford” rally.  They probably hate the local write-up.

Speakers repeatedly reminded the crowd that they were there because Richland is next to the most radiologically contaminated site in the Western Hemisphere, the Hanford nuclear reservation where weapons plutonium was produced during World War II and the Cold War.
“It’s the belly of the beast,” activist Dr. Helen Caldicott said.
But the sun shone, children and dogs played, people danced to the music of Portland bands, tribal members beat drums and good food was eaten.
Along George Washington Way, demonstrators in anti-contamination suits waved signs at passing traffic.
“Go home you damn hippies,” yelled one person from a passing pickup.  (always gotta get that one into the story.)
But another man stopped in the center lane to have a shouted conversation across two lanes of traffic with the demonstrators.
He tests water at Hanford, and environmental cleanup progress is being made there, he said. He thanked the demonstrators for caring, but said they needed to get their facts straight.
The rally was part theater. One woman in a flowing cape and gas mask waved a rubber salmon and other people blew bubbles because, as their sign said, “Radiation travels thru the air like these bubbles blowing in the air.” A veterans for peace group from Eugene, Ore., flew an American flag upside down on the stage.

What do the local Occupy Movement think?
Occupy Tri-Cities members may or may not support the rally — depending on who you ask.
Jason Caryl of Pasco had a letter to the editor published in the Tri-City Herald last month saying that Occupy Tri-Cities as a group does not support the rally, which is focused mainly on “anti-nuke rhetoric.”
Occupy Tri-Cities is concentrating on other issues, including removing big money from politics, ending corporate personhood, promotion of buying local, and green and sustainable technologies, the letter said.
However, a message from Occupy Tri-Cities Facebook page to the Herald said the letter had not been approved by the group’s general assembly and does not speak for everyone in the group.

Yeah, there’s probably a bit of a culture clash.  Take home this message, for instance.

If it’s such a lost cause, why visit the nearby community?
I’m going to Richland to educate those living so close to the site. It’s imperative that food grown around Hanford is tested for radiation and that victims of cancer in the community are tested to see if Hanford is to blame.
And if it is?
Then these towns should be evacuated immediately. That’s the best we can do. It’s too late.

I don’t know that that message goes over well, actually anywhere you visit.  Yeah, well

generic magazines

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

The Time Magazine throws out a cover — “Rethinking Heaven”, which, you know, I’m sure they’ve come up with a concept for Heaven that’s novel and new, never been discovered in the millenia of theology on the subject.
Meantime, Newsweek runs a Jesus story, from Andrew Sullivan.  “Quit the Church and Follow Jesus”, or some such.  This is a lag effect which serves to point to the problem of print:  these are your Easter themed magazines, sitting on the shelf while Easter recedes into memory.    The curious thing about the “Quit Church” article is that its message is opposite to one found in a USA Today headline about “Church Reversions” — coming back to your religious faith, which — I suppose these trends are all heading in all directions.

Across the dias, I note the latest issue of Cosmopolitan touts itself as… now get this… “The Sex Issue”.  Which is, of course, every since of this magazine since it was bought by that “Sex and the Single Woman” writer.  (Occasionally you will find references to a serious article or serious writer appearing in the 40s or 50s).  This Sex issue sits across from an issue of Esquire which isn’t a “Sex Issue”, but does have the word “Sex” blaring on its cover.  Well, these two magazines are monthlies, so have to go with something less time-specific than the weeklies’ Religion features.

In other curiosities of Supermarket shopping… I note some redesigns in a few soda bottle shapes.  I assume a lot of market research went into showing that it gets more purchase, but it’s all arbitrary to me.  What they should do is stamp the word “Sex” on the bottles.
I’m also amused by the design on the boxes of Pop Tarts.  I can’t quite explain the pop tarts shown on the box, and from what perspective they’re rendered.  You’re staring at them from above and from a sideways angle — and the pop tarts bend down toward their disappearance line.  It’s all kind of confusing.  It’s why I’ve stopped buying them and have gone over to the generic brand of toaster pastries — at least I know when I’m eating those, my spatial relations won’t slide into a distortions.

Brushing past Scott and into Kesha Rogers and Jacques Cheminade

Monday, April 16th, 2012

I.  I don’t know that I’m all that interested in Scott Gaulke, who, if you’ve missed it, is a deplorable Internet Troll.    But here’s what I do find fascinating.
 LaRouche has been notified many times over about Scott Gaulke’s bizzare behavior. They have washed their hands of him. They suggest we do the same. Attornies are involved. All in time.

THIS is what I find interesting.  I think the evidence with factnet stacks up against such a proposition.   Still, it’s curious to see a suggestion of a disavowal.

While we witness to how larouche is greeted by a new audience:
 LaRouche is like Ron Paul mixed with neo-Nazi leader Frank Collin.
The man once set up a blog entitled “Justice for Jeremiah”, name matching the site that  which resembles his more permanent creep-tastic blog on a different subject than defending Larouche… 9 years later — Jeremiah Duggan.

II.  I note that KP George has left a message on this blog.  Which depresses me somewhat, as it suggests an element of responsibility in coming up with something substantial and meaningful to throw out there.  But I just don’t think KP George — assuming he campaigns at all — will lose to Kesha Rogers.

And the campaign goes as it does

Rogers is a part of a cult-like following of the LaRouche movement, which is led by failed Presidential candidate and convicted felon Lyndon LaRouche. His ideology has been mostly panned by every political expert as extremist,  socialist and anti-Semitic. LaRouche does not believe in issues that real Democrats believe in, and his own twisted thinking believes that impeaching President Obama would save us from a nuclear war and compares him to one of the worst criminals in the 20th century.
The Fort Bend County Democratic Party was embarrassed with Rogers’ win in 2010, and the Texas Democratic Party took the unprecedented step of disowning her. Kesha Rogers won because Democrats were not informed about her and her radical beliefs.
Rogers and her cohorts attended the Fort Bend County Democratic Party meeting on Monday, March 12, 2012. After giving her platform speech, which included her desire to impeach our President, Don Bankston made a motion that the Fort Bend County Democratic Party will not recognize the candidacy of anyone who is not in favor of the reelection of President Barack Obama. A quorum of precinct chairs was present. By a show of hands, all precinct chairs were in favor of this motion and none were opposed.
Democrats in District 22 need to be informed about Kesha Rogers, and we need the help of ALL MEMBERS OF FBCDP to pass out flyers to the Democrats in  District 22 before the Primary Election. Flyers can be picked up at the meetings of the Silver Democrats, Young Democrats, Sugar Land Democrats, and Southwest Suburban Democratic Women. You can also call 281-702-1091 to make arrangements to pick up flyers.

Also of note, the Kesha Rogers wiki editing gambits.  Actually, once you correct the typographical error, that is the reason she has for impeaching Obama.

I’m more distressed by New Jersey, and Diane Sare.  Why?  Well, she is campaigning… seemingly effectively… Howie G has a Diane Sare photograph.  And another.  AND more importantly…

Diane Sare –Given that the only candidate to even have a functioning website is the LaRouche Democrat, Diane Sare I’m not at all confident that they’ll be long lines at the polls come June 5.

That is a bad sign, isn’t it?  Yes, I know there’s this… Diane Sare not invited to candidates’ forum. … But… the signs are just a little too spotty for comfort.  Watching how much money the Larouchies let siphon into the Sare campaign.

In other “NOT Democrat” news… this.  And … complaining about Daily Kos — which is, a self described partisan blog… like it or not.  This is rather hperbolic:
In order to put the techniques used by the Daily Kos to quell dissent on their website into perspective, you have to understand that they are an extension of the Democratic Party media machine.  These types of manipulative media bursts are designed to distract readers or viewers from party dissent in order to keep loyalists in the fold.
No.  Mostly they’ll play standard tricks in usage of Larouche fools.   Looking over the sidebar at his blog here — Sinclair News –, I see a right of center Republican site.  Maybe this was just picked up for use here for that basic purpose (“Daily Kos Censored me!”) — from his website, which… is… if this means anything to larouche watchers out there — solonsays dot com.  Hm indeed.

III.   Jacques Cheminade updates.  The campaign continues.  I, uh, love the translations I’m picking up.

Jacques Cheminadeout of his whims and conspiracy theoriesis adamant: “We are openalways, in the crisis.” The evidence he said: “The tourniquet that requires Greece“.

Jacques Cheminade: ready to shake France.

Telegraph:   Now daytime viewers can learn perhaps more than they ever wanted to about maverick candidate Jacques Cheminade’s plans to build a “thermonuclear corridor” between the Earth and Mars. Rules apply until April 21, a day before round one.

Making Waves
Fortunately, there is Jacques Cheminade . This type, which is a repeat offender, managed to get through the cracks sponsorships. He finds himself an official candidate, with exactly the same space of media exposure that the outgoing president. […]

And then there’s mind-boggling stuff. Colonize the moon and Mars, or build a large Eurasian land bridge, it’s so wacky that pinched by believing dreaming. Yes, this is a candidate for the presidential election in France. But if there was it. His program is filled with pearls like this : “The acceptance of others and defining with it a desire to live together is the foundation of all human society.” Receive every man with a beautiful face, “says Treaty Avot (Fathers), I, 15. It is from this right foot that Jaures saw in secularism, which postulates originally a common human reason, “the end of the damned” “or” The real purpose of this project is to create conditions for a click culture through which any citizen can stand on the border of his own identity and of human knowledge. As such, the spirit who presides over cultural project and the educational project is the same. One and one are just two sides of a single stone. “

How not to laugh out loud? This is even more fun than the speech sounds in my ears like a pastiche, ultimately very successful (voluntarily or not, I do not know) the style of some quarters who use and abuse of jargon. Cheminade is not more incomprehensible than them. Some proposals are demagogic, but when we look at other programs (even those candidates of the governing parties) we realize that Cheminade simply just to make tons, but many of his proposals can be found at most low doses, in other programs. The character itself is a clown, but again, this is one of degree, not of nature, with its competitors. It is no different, it’s just “over”.

Sigh.  Newt Gingrich got this same treatment.   will not have shaken off his reputation as the wacky candidate, even if he revealed a knowledge of culture and science that few other candidates could match. With undisguised relish his questioners asked about his proposal to fund a space programme aimed at colonising the planet Mars.  “That’s only 20 pages out of 368 in my programme,” he pleaded. “It’s much more important to end speculation.”  But most viewers will probably remember the plan to conquer the cosmos … and the blown-upcover of the Tintin book Destination moon looming over the studio while the matter was discussed.

Making waves.  Jacques Cheminade, the candidate of Solidarity and Progress, is to overlook a detailed answer: he simply has not enough support to react in time before April 22 as he explains in his letter.

Jacques Cheminade SPEAKS OUT!
Except for some few honest journalists, most of national and international media are spending their time to make French voters believe that I’m a weirdo or an extremist.  […]  The media tries to misinform the people about me and my program but it is now backfiring against them.
point five percent, right?
Four million French viewers tuned in last Thursday to see Cheminade appear on a special election edition of “Des paroles et des actes” (“Words and Actions”), a political TV show on the public network France 2. Later that evening, it was Trotskyite Nathalie Arthaud’s turn to present her party platform. Arthaud wants to abolish the free market economy, and sings the praises of the dictatorship of the proletariat.
Both are Trotskyite sects, aren’t they?

IV.  TOUR.  Spanning the Globe.

Haha loser, so when is La Rouche going to win the US Presidency and send us back to the Bretton Woods monetary system?
You’re just a lunatic who wants billions of dollars spent on themselves for some frivolous reason – be it NBN porn or some jobs boondoggle
I receive emails from the cec, they’re always good for a laugh.
Here’s some highlights:
STOP the British drive for WORLD WAR III!
Does the Queen’s personal bank push drugs?
Netanyahu to ignite a thermonuclear WWIII?
More U.S. patriots fight back against Obama war drive
Isherwood: I support the Greek people against fascist banker tyranny
Those deadly, Green Nazi solar panels
And on and on and bloody on…


College administrators said earlier this month that the rules were drafted after several students complained about supporters of Lyndon LaRouche setting up a table in front of a college bookstore in November 2010. LaRouche is a perennial presidential candidate who has likened President Obama’s health-care law to the work of the Nazis. According to college officials, the students felt they were being harassed.
Dateline Sierra Madre …
Actor Barry Schwam took a one man stand against the hatred being spead by the Lyndon LaRouche campaign and makes some compelling arguments why we should not listen to such propaganda:
“Everyone has a right to protest and to state their opinion; that goes without saying. But the Laroush psychotics (really, that is what they are; psychotics) are as brainwashed as their message. You cannot argue with them, as the basis for their arguments are not in truth, but belief in their “god” Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche is an ungracious, charismatic loudmouth, full of hate. And that is the perfect leader for a psychotic. And it would be funny, if it weren’t so degrading to the Presidency, that they equate President Obama to Adolf Hitler. It is funny, because their own “leader” LaRouche, is followed blindly by them, in much the same way the Hitler youth followed Hitler.
My wife is a psychologist, and I understand psychoses. It is a mental disease that weakens the soul and the mind, and is the basis for so many of movements and campaigns of all sorts, that run our society.
So stand strong everybody, and hold on to your common sense. Know what you know, and see what you see. All will balance out in the end.”

Dateline Shrewsbury

The fliers they handed out asked to impeach Obama because of his recent attack on the Supreme Court, where he told the justices to leave Obamacare alone.
You have to earn respect. This man is an usurper in the white house, hes lied and violated the constitution, he must go

Dateline Hopatcong
“World War 3 will kill a lot of people,” he said. “If we get into a nuclear conflict with Russia, it’s going to be a hell of a lot worse than World War 2.”



Prison Planet uses reference to EIR conspiracy.  Because… Alex Jones… hearts Lyndon Larouche.
Sean Stone alongside Alex Jones returns the love.   Skipping over it, I jump to Stone narrating over Obama welcoming the British Prime Minister with “The President sides with the British Imperialists”.  And so goes the man who introduced Jones to Larouche… so he said.
And we see the “Obama Circle of Death” conspiracy mongering.  Andrew Breitbart didn’t like Obama.  Now he’s dead.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Mossad Did it part … five million.  Iran TV.  Russia TV.

Hm.  WTF?

Mike Billington of the Executive Intellligence Review informed me that… uh huh.
The following material was sent to us by Elizabeth Alcega, who disseminates materials and debates promoted by Lyndon LaRouche, on the shifting, complex and critical situation facing the planet todayUgh.

To elaborate more, here is a portion of the article written by Mike Billington from the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) :  “Now, Aquino and Obama are implementing the basing policy through outright dictatorial means, attempting to castrate the Supreme Court while preventing the issue from even being discussed in the Congress (which is largely controlled by the President, especially the House). The entire nation is caught up in the melodrama of an impeachment trial now going on in the Senate, and there is virtually no discussion of the illegality of the blatant move to establish the U.S. bases.”

I haven’t looked over it in a while, but wikipedia naseau continues, where we see:
The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject
Huge in France, as we see with the Jacques Cheminade campaign.
Interestingly, I think the Sexual Impotence of Puerto Rican Socialist Party is one of the two or three most important work in the movement’s history.   But the org apparently wants to cut it down.

Constitutional Amendment proposed again

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

I read an editorial last week which gave a novel reason for amending the constitution so you don’t have to be born in the US to eligible for the Presidency.  It’ll remove a headache… the birth certificate conspiracy theorists.  That was the entire crux of the editorial.  We get a quote about how tough it is to be president — rolling on a log while swatting mosquitoes — and the reference to removing one mosquito.

Which seems an insane reason.  I can think of some decent reasons for the Amendment, though the whole citation of a couple political figures a few years back — a governor in California and one in Michigan (the latter tossed in for bipartisan reasons)– doesn’t really hold up over the years… need other politicians to reference, and it’s hard to think of any actually.

Another decent reason may be later in the article… the Kissinger reference.  Kissinger’s power stemmed in part because he could never become President… so to this station in realpolitik he went.  Perhaps things might be different in a birth-Amendment world — worth some speculative fiction, I suppose — one you really have to think through.

Interesting to note — I was recently about Donald Trump’s foray into the Reform Party and him at the end of the day blasting the party as full of conspiracy cranks.  12 years later, of course, Donald Trump’s foray into presidential politics brought him to… Birtherland.  Sheesh indeed.

whisper more

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

I see this book, kind of unremarkable pot-boiler thrown in the “Culture Political War” — ready to be tossed in free to a subscription to Human Events, or whatever…

and staring at this cover…

Why We Whisper, by Jim Demint and another guy.

With a blurb on the cover by Rush Limbaugh.

It’s all about…

… breaking your timidity at being too afraid to share your political opinions?

Because Rush Limbaugh is constantly using his indoor voice, and his core audience is well known for biting their tongues.


Though… you state aloud your more moderate thoughts such as this one — Representative Allen West of Florida:
The conservative tea party icon also got in shots at Democrats and President Obama, who spoke Tuesday at Florida Atlantic University. West said Obama was “scared” to have a discussion with him. He later said “he’s heard” up to 80 U.S. House Democrats are Communist Party members, but wouldn’t name names.
The real controversial things you meekly hush aloud.

where are you now, Dennis Kucinich?

Friday, April 6th, 2012

This is one of those odd semi-quasi controversies from last year.  Doc Hastings quotes Daniel Webster — as all politicians do when fingering “Greats”, sort of shamelessly.

Today we move to this as your basic template for the current Doc Hastings news of any moment in time.

Yeah, the GOP, they’re really, really angry…at Obama and the new Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOERME) with it’s new (kind-of) safety regulations and (kind-of) oversight.
GOP Rep. Doc Hastings is beside himself pissed, issuing subpoena’s every chance he gets…

Yeah.  What… huh

Nearly two years after the Deepwater Horizon exploded, it’s true that the spill hasn’t been the economic and environmental catastrophe that many were predicting. (Credit goes to writers like TIME’s own Michael Grunwald, who suspected early on that the region would bounce back from the disaster.) But the impact is still being felt—a study last month showed that oil spill had damaged sea floor coral as far as 7 miles away from the wellhead site. Tar balls—old, weathered oil from the spill—are still washing up along the beaches, while scientists are worried about the unusually high number of dolphins dying in the Gulf of Mexico, for reasons that still aren’t clear.

Meanwhile conservatives are still angry over the deepwater drilling moratorium that the Administration put into place for several months after the spill, as the Interior Department—and later, the reformed Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOERME)—overhauled safety oversight. Doc Hastings, the Republican chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee yesterday issued a subpoena for Interior Department documents over the moratorium, with some critics claiming that the Administration had twisted advice from technical experts to support a long moratorium. “The moratorium directly caused thousands of lost jobs, economic pain throughout the Gulf region and a decline in American energy production,” said Hastings. “It’s important to clearly understand what happened.”

Interesting cause and effect relations here.  An oil spill.  Affects the economy.  A moratorium and some regulatory tightening to avoid an oil spill.  Affects the economy.
Yeah, well.  You get what you vote for.   Surely gas will go down to 2 bucks any day now.

In election news:
Now that Jay Clough has dropped out of the race, Doc Hastings will be running unopposed. While this does guarantee a disappointing victory for Hastings, we still will remain active with what we have been doing, in order to raise awareness and understanding about the issues.

Clough has moved on to slightly greener pastures — he’ll get killed in the race in the 5th district, sure, but by a few fewer percentage votes.  Meantime, for the fourth, Washington’s “anywhere in the state” and top two primary system guarantees that there will be someone on the ballot against him in November.

You got this guy.
Dr. Mohammad H. Said announced his candidacy as a third-party candidate for the American Centrist Movement, which Said says he founded.

American Centrist Movement, huh?  Actually down the list it’s a hodge-podge of sorts, but never mind…  We’ll see if, like last election, a Tea Party candidate from Prosser chimes in.
Other ideas:  Maybe Gordon Allen Pross can switch parties again, and win by being the only Democratic candidate in the race.  Or, you know, Dennis Kucinich is in the hunt for a district.  Hey!  That’d be an interesting race!  Doc Hastings versus Dennis Kucinich!