watching the exciting Republican primary in the Oregon 3rd district

There are, like, 13 Republicans in the Oregon 3rd Congressional District, represented by Earl Blumenauer.  They will decide the primary contest between Delia Lopez and Ronald Green.  It’s a tough choice for you all — the first candidate to 7 gets the nod.

Delia Lopez will get Victoria Taft’s support.  She’s running against the Obama Hitler.  And I assume will make the same basic campaign as she did last time around.

Ronald Green gets the Oregonian’s endorsement.  No mention of Hitler in his campaign material.  I do see that he’s fond of Transcendental Meditation.  And he describes himself as a Republican in the mode of William Mckinley — which is at least novel.  He means it in terms of trade policy (tariffs is he), but I fear another Spanish American War should he get too far in power.

He does kinda look like McKinley.

Have fun voting!

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