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Herman Cain is SO YOUR CANDIDATE!!!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Using an urban phrase used to convey a sense of excitement, radio host and businessman Herman Cain emerged to throngs of supporters on Saturday and formally announced his presidential bid. “Awww shucky ducky,” the conservative Republican joked with the crowd in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park as he stepped out to applause and adoring chants.

I did not know about the phrase “awww shucky ducky”.  Or maybe I did but didn’t assimilate it.  A google search shows it a comedian — has only a stub of a wikipedia page.  “He is known for the catch phrase “Shuckey Duckey Quack Quack.”  I assume Herman Cain can get away with it — didn’t appropriate too much of the routine.  If not, I look forward to the version of Charlie Crist apologizing to David Byrne (and theoretically the other three Talking Heads).

Hm.  Now I vaguely remember him.  Herman Cain left out the “Quack Quack” — that might have better spurred my memory.  I assume that this is the type of pop culture reference that will consolidate Herman Cain’s hold on the Black Republican electorate.

CSPAN aired his announcement speech, with a “call in” afterward.  I want to hear the callers and catch the pulse of CSPAN Herman Cain Announcement Viewers reactions to the presidential run of Herman Cain.  Do I have to dig through CSPAN, and was there any dead air on that one?

“Right here, this day, this hour and this moment, I have looked inside of me. I came here to declare my candidacy for the Republican nomination for president of the United States of America,” Cain said.

“And just to be clear, in case you accidentally listen to a skeptic, let me say it again, I’m running for president of the United States. And I’m not running for second,” he added.

“Running for second” either suggests running for the Vice Presidential pick, or running to gain traction for a 2016 bid.  It’s a good thing he’s not running for veep, because I sort of assume the Republican Party will nominate Marco Rubio for Vice-President for crash electorate picking purposes.


“The objective of the liberals is to destroy this country,” he told a conservative conference in Washington in February. “The objective of the liberals is to make America mediocre. … That’s their objective. Well, let me tell you something about mediocrity. It’s not in an American’s DNA to be mediocre.”

To Americans worried that their country might be losing its status as an economic and military superpower — a fear that’s all too justified — such words resonate. However, it is not the rhetoric of a man capable of becoming president. It is the rhetoric of a talk-radio host, armed with the one-liners, pat answers and applause lines honed by sitting night after night at the microphone.

As Rush Limbaugh put it after watching the South Carolina debate, “Herman Cain made me think I was listening to me in every answer.”

So.  He’s just another Republican in the field then?  Drat.

And it’s done.

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

The scene as it is unfolding at Preacher Camping’s church:

Preacher Camping has left some provisions for those in his employee left behind.
“Despite his unwavering certainty about the May 21st date, when I interviewed Camping he did admit to me that Family Radio does have some post-May 21st programming prepared. However, he argued that it was really just for the benefit of Family Radio staff members who are not “true believers” in the coming Judgment Day.”

There’s a sort of feeling of “Why is this a news story being covered in the news media?”  You find the local angles of various niches that the madness has unleashed.

One thought is that it does lead into various approaches for further features on the subject.  See: While Harold Camping caused atheists to mock his May 21 rapture calculation as “nonsense,” he also provoked others to think more deeply about the symbolic numbers in the Bible and what they could mean. This is sort of that Christian news outlet trying to make some hay of the nonsense.
The “Gather various religious figures to have their say” tact I remember from when the Virgin Mary appeared on the back of a local sign post.

Or you can be a Science news source and use it to change the topic to more scientific concerns.

Then you just go ahead and get a little silly.

And so it goes for the next cycle.  Who knows if Camping has the making for a long lasting church in his failed predictions, see 7th Day Adventists — or, if he can run it all again.

What I want to know is if someone out there were to just plop up a bunch of “Rapture — February 25, 2012” signs — say, a dozen of them throughout the country — no church organization, mind you — would that be enough to grab media attention?

Also, should I go ahead, look up actual news, and just plop some links up for the sake of getting rid of my sort of quesy slimy feeling for participating in this sham frenzy (even in a small way)?

Larry Flynt’s history of the sex lives of the political class

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Larry Flynt has a new book, his name over the person who probably wrote more of it, about political sex lives throughout American history.  He’s on a book tour.

I don’t know how Larry Flynt and his actual writer have it all pegged in terms of hypothetical alternate histories — had Gary Hart not been exposed on Monkey Business, would he have ushered in a different era than George HW Bush?  The mind reels — , but it is worth saying that on the grandest level, the Presidential rung, the salaciousness is kind of weak.

The book appears to have decided that all rumor and innuendo are true, which probably is the way to go in terms of salaciousness.  By now everyone assumes that Thomas Jefferson had an affair with Sally Hemings.  Wait a few years and we’ll see if the pendulum swings back on public perception — we really do want to believe that one.  James Buchanan was certainly gay — was that why he let his Southern Sympathies run wild leading up to the Civil War?  Really? Lincoln is cited as gay even though — I doubt it.

Salaciousness drags in details for Warren Harding and of course Kennedy and Grover Cleveland (elected with the facts known). Franklin Roosevelt developed a loveless marriage and strong partnership with Eleanor after his affair — was that a history changer?

For history changers — I doubt Flynt goes in this direction — his role in this particular scandal of exposing the next would be Speaker after Gingrich –  but Monica Lewinsky saved Social Security.  No.  Really.

But the problem comes in this idea that these sexual liasons become the corridors of the Powerful.  On the presidential level we have too many Harry Trumans — or, perhaps a shade or two off from that level of prudence– and not that many Kennedys.  But I suppose fly afield and show J Edgar Hoover’s cross-dressing, and we have enough material for a book.

Australian Larouchie Jesus Leads the Way

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Consider this a new feature.  Maybe.
According to the Larouche Org, the Nazis, or the backers behind the Nazis (Larouche identified Joseph Kennedy before he did Prescott Bush) took Felix Rohatyn out of Germany, saving him from the Holocaust, in order to enact Nazi economic policies — up to and including the Holocaust — on New York City and the World at large.

Fascist economy is the best available, most concentrated modern example of this behavior.  The Felix Rohatyn-led approach to fascist economic methods of debt-rollover against New York City illustrates the same principle.  Rather than correcting the immediate error of New York City’s 1975 finances — that its economic base’s capability for revenue-production had been not only stagnant, but actually eroded by pyramiding of debt, Rohatyn et al proceeded to savagely destroy the economic base of the local economy in order to pyramid the unpayable debt still further.
At each point in the 1975-1977 process during which Rohatyn and his accomplices made a fresh innovation governed by the same depraved conceptions, the utter economic incompetence and inevitable consequences of each fresh innovation were properly blatantly obvious to any rational observer.  Yet, the financiers, New York State’s Governor Hugh Carey, the pathetic Mayor Beame administration, the cowardly City Council, and trade-union spokesman Victor Gotbaum plundered trade-union  trust funds and looted the vital services of the city, plunging ever-ahead to new innovations more depraved and incompetent than the proceding atrocities.  The mess, inevitably, is now monstrously worse as a result of the “remedies” than the original “disease” could ever have caused.  Obsessional “positive feedback.”
This is identical to the logic leading from the Hitler-Schacht Mefo-Bill and “labor intensive” Arbeitsdienst policies of 1933-1936 into World War II, and into the intensified application of the same labor-intensive methods in the slave-labor death-camp system of approximately 1943-1945.
Like Felix Rohatyn et al, in the New York ugliness, the Nazis and their backers did not set out with a conscious perception of a consequent, subsumed policy which (inclusively) slaughtered six million Jews.  Rather, clinging to the same (“positive feedback”) policy now being employed by Austrian Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn to New York City, the Nazis were impelled, lawfully, step-by-step, to drive Rohatyn (to safety) out of Austria — he thus, one of the fortunate ones — and to slaughter six million of the European Jews the safe-and-sound Rohatyn left behind.
The Nazi regime which accomplished those deeds was not only the creation inclusive of some of the same financial interests with which Rohatyn is today associated as adopted representative, but the Nazi policy those financial powers built into Hitler’s Germany is the same policy — the same monetarists’ political doctrine — which Rohatyn is applying on their behalf to New York City.  In principle, Rohatyn is implicitly, retroactively endorsing the murder of the six million European Jews he left behind to be slaughtered.  That is obsessive ideology.
The associated process of moral degradation of the Nazis exactly like that being exhibited by Rohatyn and his present associated in New York City, is elementary.  At each point the axiomatic imperatives of the ideology come into practical conflict with some practical or moral principle representing the genuine self-interest of the nation or humanity, that principle is discarded, in order to maintain the obsessional practical imperatives demanded at that juncture by the ideology itself.  Hence, the “positive feedback” syndrome.
pages 45-46

This thread moves forward from “Case of Walter Lippmann” on to a few years’ ago where some Larouchies paraded into the Los Angeles City Council as the last governor and movie star and as Felix Rohatyn.  And while such things as a deep-seeded hatred of Franklin Roosevelt are pushed aside for political reasons, this item runs through something like this, from the 2003 Schiller Conference at Wiesbedan.:

He said in his keynote address to the conference, “This plot to launch a new world war has been intellectually influenced by people who, like Hitler, admire Nietzsche, but “being Jewish, they couldn’t qualify for Nazi Party leadership, even though their fascism was absolutely pure! As extreme as Hitler! They sent them to the United States.[…] Who’s behind it? . . . The independent central-banking-system crowd, the slime-mold. The financier interests.”
OR to Professor Mezvinsky.

It is this that gets Larouche some cachet around these parts.

One has to wonder how much Hitler’s “eugenics program” for the Jews actually benefited them in the long run. Of course, there were many thousands of Jews openly serving as Jews with the Nazis and actively collaborating with them to sellout their fellow Jews. Although, I wasn’t familiar with this particular chapter in history, so thanks for the info. […]

Though there is always push-back amongst the “White Nationalists” — evidence that Larouche is not a Nazi or Fascist here:

For anyone tempted, I can assure you the Lyndon LaRouche approach does not work. I was once accosted by a gang of them when I was working downtown … they were noisily screaming at us while we walked to lunch, trying to make us take a pamphlet. We just ended up making fun of them – it was a good chuckle. They seemed like weird people that were mentally unstable and desperate to relevant. Anyway, not a good direction to go in.

From an upcoming book:  Like Lyndon LaRouche, another conspiracy-obsessed megalomaniac, William Dudley Pelley […]  Find out the similarities between Larouche and William Dudley Pelley there, I guess.  Pelley was into that solar system change stuff?


imoho – LaRouchian and particularly Larouche-noirian influences have inflicted numerous casualties on what would otherwise be a moderate-progressive tending Black intelligentsia.
one wonders how/why folk don’t disavow these shyte machinations the very instant they detect the faint but unmistakeable ordure of a LaRouchian tentacle in the background?

Though I’ve not been able to document it to the extent required to meet all applicable evidentiary standards, the overlap in personnel and messaging between Alex Jones, David Livingstone, Henry Makow, Red Ice Creations and a handful of others – has led me to conclude that many of these web media entities are themselves LaRouche fronts.
I was quite the cult-sleuth back in my day, and Cambridge MA, was a hotbed of cultic and specifically LaRouchian publishing and bookselling activity (awesome bookstores mind you). One of my buddies (now deceased) was the only child of the highest ranking Council of 25 with nominal administrative control of LaRouchian organizational activities out of Chicago.
He was on permanent student status at MIT and spent quite a bit of time recruiting and a little bit proselytizing for the LHL cartel.

Some places here and there have called Alex Jones a “Larouche front” — the right wing organization “Accuracy in Media” amongst them.  I doubt it.  There are “connections”, surely, I’m just not going to insert the Central Octopus with multiple tentacles conspiracy, and I’m not going to ascribe the central head to Larouche.
Certainly, they are part of an industry of sorts.


Witch hunts occurred in Liberty Missouri in 1982 – it was a suggestive issue targeting persons who were not liked. Imagine your father finding something then dying and people call you witch? For 26+ years of “back hysteria” I look to Swamp Politics in the Chicago Tribune. Robert Novak and Hagel discussed me while Christic Institute had campers in Omaha between 1994-2003. Who else? Larouche and company.

But — vhat is this?”
Today, as we have dis­cussed it on a few occa­sions, social move­ments are a mix­ture of sev­eral ide­olo­gies that, in the past, were con­sid­ered in com­pe­ti­tion. Extreme-Right, Extreme-Left and Islamism today com­pose the fab­ric of sev­eral groups and, for the Lib­eral world, it is a cat­a­stro­phy. The results of the actions of groups such as Wik­iLeaks, Lyn­don Larouche, Tea Par­ties, etc, are desta­bi­liza­tion of their soci­eties. You can see that their intent was not good in any way.

But a lot of their literature descended into conspiratorial kookery, such as claiming that JFK was assassinated by “British Empire bank-connected assassins” for wanting to get us out of Vietnam, claims that White House science adviser John Holdren supports forced population control (no, he doesn’t).
Debunk Larouche with a debunking of Glenn Beck?  Why not?  They shared magazine titles.

And… more.

Sigh. Sounds like Lyndon Larouche again – the Aga Khan is one of his signature licks. There seems to be regular sprinkling of Larouchisms throughout GR; makes me wonder if Chossudovsky had/has some connection.


Currently the biggest news item on factnet.  You can’t get a bigger endorsement than Jesus, right?

A couple who claim they are Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene have set up base in Queensland’s Bible Belt and are drawing in disciples from across Australia, the Courier-Mail reports:
Note: The Divine Truth website’s section of ‘interesting links’ includes links to the Lyndon Larouche cult.

There are links on the couple’s Divine Truth Web site to the Lyndon LaRouche PAC.

Great.  Jesus knows about my role in the British Empire.


It’s over.  Witzsche has emerged over Larouche as Top Dog, and the Larouche principles will no longer be the primary principles on the frontier of Cryonic research.  Given limited resources, it will more likely be Rolf Witzsche who will be frozen for future reanmination.

Rolf Witzsche has gripped me, cognitively, with his most lucid writing on the nature of the electric plasma nature of the universe and its implications, the major one being that we’re heading directly into an ice age. It’s immediately ahead. Even Lyndon Larouche whose writings have gripped me since 2000, is ignoring Witzsche. Larouche’s economics is still highly relevent but the visionary human project cannot be what Larouche says… it’s now a Witzsche led vision.

How did we come to this point?

Rolf’s divergence from Larouche is astonishing considering just today the Larouche youth posted a new video on the quakes resulting from solar disturbances. The key to resolving the situation is semantic framing. There is some overlap in terminology but we know Larouche is coming up short this time because he hasn’t used the word plasma or “electric cosmology” in his works.

Note that he calls the people behind the weaponized use of it “master of empire” rather than “British Empire” as Larouche would.

by pointing out the pointlessness of the original NAWAPA but Larouche people are still pushing it. On the other other hand, Witzshce promotes the strange Mary Baker Eddy Christian Science material which I find tedious and just so unrelated that I can’t believe he’s involved in it. It makes absolutely no sense.

It would appear that the Australian Jesus cult’s attraction to Larouche comes with the new focus on “Solar system Changes”.  It is ironic that the same issue has  Larouche gaining Jesus’s approval but losing the Larouche Cryonics Movement.  Hm.

Hm...  If you Keep advocating Lyndon LaRouche you then can only condemn us to eventual monetary failure.

“Anybody who is not making forecasts, useful forecasts, about volcanoes and earthquakes, should be thrown out of public office.” Lyndon LaRouche, April 19th 2011 webcast.
Hey!  This Jesus guy is making forecasts!  He should be the CEC’s candidate for Australia’s highest office!

Or maybe he can take over after Larouche dies (and Helga is killed by Video Game fanatics in a violent video game programmed rampage?)  [Note:  The young man — Jarred L– who shot at Congress woman Giffords was really into “Zeitgiest”, mentioned previously with respect to Larouche’s starring role.  I mention this by way of asking for more refined causalities.)
I suppose that violent joke chimes in to this sentiment, from “Xandafur”.  I hope you might think about how our human potential is increased by every living soul. If you can do that, than you might begin to understand LaRouche, or even Beltran, as I do, given everything.
I don’t think LaRouche is infallible. In fact, the tantra that “LaRouche is (always) right” was always annoying to me, even when I was a green recruit, but that does not take away from the fact that LaRouche has good role. My axioms are indebted.
Hm.  One area of disagreement with Larouche there.  I don’t know what this guy says on that score.

Laroucheisright:  @morningmayan Wow thank you for posting this. You have such a great smile. I just found it a year and one half later. I love LaRouche. He is like a father to me. I met Mr. LaRouche in 1975 and had the same response to him as you. And I been supporting him ever since. As far as extremist behavior. If what Lyndon is doing is extremist then I wish there were a lot more extremists in the world.
Worst.  Surrogate Father.  Ever.
It is with him in mind that I stick these recruiting principles up to look over later.

wow a bunch of nasty idiots here what’s-up uthnet? “Show us your tits”? You leave nasty comments and unfounded like the others up? Forget the content ya? ok no problem, after all it is only humanity hanging by a thread. What me worry ya?

I believe this with total confidence with following LaRouche for the last 25 years and find him morally and totally dedicated to the benefit of this country and the people.


Okay… Point: It would seem that Strauss-Kahn had charted a course for the world economy other than straight over a cliff, so he had to go. Likewise, Bill Clinton was set up with Lewinsky, knowing that he would find her hard to resist, after uttering a few words about a new global financial system along the lines which LaRouche proposes. Linda Tripp, a George H.W. Bush stay-behind, was assigned to watch them like a hawk.

Counterpoint: IMF: Raping the world one person at a time.
Which is the true Larouchian point of view?  Only Australian Jesus will be able to keep these matters straight after Larouche passes on.


In a shocking rebuke of the Lyndon Larouche movement, the Multnomah County Democratic Party passed a resolution in support of implementation of Glass Steagall which stripped out the Larouchian clause

WHEREAS Glass Steagall and Defeating Satan are the same thing.

Speculation has ensued from political pundits to the effect that this may be a special case of the secular nature of the state of Oregon.  The next test of Larouchian strength will come by what passes out of the Oklahoma State Democratic Party, and whether or not it includes the Larouchian “Satan” clause.

Also excluded, any clause about Glass Steagall being the ouster of Obama.

Glass-Steagall Win Would Oust Obama – by Harley Schlanger Reprinted from *Executive Intelligence Review,* May 13, 2011 (Saw the headline in the PUMA aggregator.)

Who supports Glass Steagall?

Who doesn’t...
When the meeting opened up to a question-and-answer session, members of the LaRouche Political Action Committee repeatedly asked Lynch why he hadn’t supported the Glass Steagall Act of 1933, which introduced banking reforms.
One member told Lynch to “grow a spine.”
“Grow a spine?” Lynn said. “I voted against the TARP bailout.”
Lynch said the Depression-era law would not addess the current pro blems in the financial industry.

Get the County Democratic Party to pass something on this,  Because all environmental disasters are caused by the English Crown, and then I’ll be impressed.


If you want to head off to Bridgewater State University, you gotta find a campus group to sanction you.


Holy cow! I knew Lyndon LaRouche was still alive, but I didn’t know he was commenting on B-J.
Masons? Do the LaRouchies work the Masons into their conspiracy theories?
The last person who actually had trouble with Masonic conspiracies was George III.
I have no idea. My dealings with LaRouchies have mercifully been limited to one encounter with a woman handing out pamphlets outside the Pike Place Market last time I was in Seattle. I just thought the Masons deserved a shout out. I could have gone with the Odd Fellows, but I thought they might be too obscure.

(Just in case you’re wondering, yes–Triablogue used to be the Trilateral Commission before Lyndon LaRouche outed us.)

Interesting question this.
Or has anyone ever walked by a table with some creepy people holding signs with President Obama with a Hitler moustache drawn on him and decided, “well that changed my mind, I’m voting for Lyndon Larouche in the next election.”  No, of course not, so why do people still do it?
Hold on.  There’s an answer for you.  It gets them Ten Bucks!  (I assume this “next election” is a joke… as he is not running.)

BERKLEY???? I am not a LaRouche-ite, but I applaud them for having the guts to do this right in the heart of the most liberal/socialist/commie city in our disUnited States of America. Bravo!
I shook this guy’s hand and gave them a $10 donation. LOL
Be careful giving your contact info to the LaRouchies. They use every political issue as a recruitment tool. Like all political organizations, they’re looking to expand their mailing list and they’re very tenacious.
I’m speaking from experiences from 20 years ago when they offered all-expenses paid trip to Washington DC to a retired state Supreme Court Justice and a friend of mine — both fighting the America 2000/Goals 2000 Education Reform — to speak at the LaRouche Convention and write articles for their national newspaper.

Hardcore LaRouchites go from 0 to 60 in less than 60 seconds! Neither the judge or my friend took them up on the offer; but, they had to be very, very firm over a period of time in turning them down.
Be very careful associating with LaRouche- his background is Marxism. I suspect some of his policy statements are in an effort to co-opt the Tea Party; his people were often the ones pointed out at Tea Party rallies as “infiltrators.” Some suggest there is a distinct anti-Semite line as well as anti-gay to his message.


The Grass Lake Post Office was the scene of a public protest Thursday, May 5, 2010.

Public protest?

Someone asked the question:  Will the Tea Party go the same way as Larouche?  Kind of thinking we ae going to see them at bus stops and post offices harassing people after 2012. Joining all the other shouting out “repent, repent, the end is near”. Might be the same ones.

On Larouche denouncing Ron Paul: The fact that I still LaRouche followers out in full force at protests and events (they were at the Sacramento Capitol CTA protest last week and at a random event i attended in Sebastopol) should scare Americans.

We are falling into the Ron Paul comparisons.

In mocking Ron Paul,  Larouche is remembered incorrectly.

I don’t know if this is  Rand Paul or Ayn Rand?  Via Jonathan Chait:  “I know I harp on Rand a lot, but I can’t get over the outsized influence over public life commanded by an utter nutball. If we had prominent members of Congress running around citing the theories of Lyndon LaRouche, people would freak out. That’s the situation we’re in.
It’s weird and sad but I’m actually grateful there’s still a reporter/writer on the national scene who remembers LaRouche and his certain brand of insanity.
In order to properly mock Lyndon LaRouche the day would need 25 hours.

Is #RonPaul taking over the mantle of “Never Gonna be Elected Ever but I’m still gonna Run” from Lyndon LaRouche?

Gingrich nominated by “Larouche’s Libertarian Party”?  (Not so libertarian.)

BHO may get his way and turn the the 2012 race into a contest between a Reagan vs a Lyndon LaRouche Repyublican. Ever heard of Pyrrhic victories? (Toward a Repulican Labor Party, I think they called it back in the late 1970s.)
i begin to wonder…he might have been okay with lyndon larouche, alf landon, or even william jennings bryan but this crop is just pathetic

Both men are batshit.

Ron Paul is…  the perenial candidate sort of like Lyndon Larouche but without the beggars at the airport or Pat Paulson back in the 60’s and 70’s.

Ron Paul isn’t Larouche because:  If you listen to Mr. LaRouche you will hear something better, The reason you havn’t heard LaRouche is because he represents a real threat to the enemy. LaRouche knows how to defeat the NWO.

Equals Noam Chomsky.

You have shown yourself, through your ignorant and oft convoluted writings to be just a little further right than Lynden LaRouche.

Noting the expansion of the section on Larouche’s views on energy and the environment, enter the new Larouchian sock puppet “Waakies” with a “background in science” and a sparkling note to Will Beback that ends with the tell-all “Cheers!”.  Comedy ensued with the notice of “Welcome to wikipedia”, “One of your recent edits did not appear to be constructive”, “Please us the sandbox for any test edits and read the Welcome page to learn about contributing constructively”.  Har de har har.

New information in the wikipedia articles include the historical view on the 3 Mile Island accident being an act of sabotage, that the ban on DDT was part of a plot to reduce the population by 10 million — spearheaded in part by noted anti-nuclear Congressman Dick Cheney, and Christopher Monkton as a validator with a “relatively limited view of the cabal behind the hoax” — meaning Monkton never pegged the conspiracy back to the Babylonians.

The bones of contention Waakies had included a reference to Rush Limabugh as passing something about the Ozone Hole Hoax — as “it’s not necessary for wiki to add what right-wing weirdos like Limbaugh think.”  I can say a similar thing about Glass Steagall.  In Limbaugh’s case, it is an explanation on how Larouchie ideas get disseminated into public discourse.
Another bone of contention revolves around the Larouche Wikipedia Team’s desire to remove the reference to 21st Century Science and Technology writer Rogerlio Maduro’s degree in geology.  The comparison made is to Chip Berlet — hm.  Wikipedia can handle this as it must, but Science is rather more specialized.
And we are stuck on the term global warming “denialism” — the term an “advocacy term used by green activists”.

In other news, Alejandra Peña Esclusa was added to the “former associates” list.  And the section on the campaign against Leo Strauss was expanded — notably a reference the the org “borrowed heavily from Shadia Drury”.

NAWAPA versus the Eco-Nazis.

Helga Zepp on the Global Environmental Nazis.

For Russia TV’s Max Keiser:  Lyndon Larouche is the man With real solutions to this world mess !!!  (and don’t just go to Wikipedia for info on him,as there u will not find truth BTW )


ABX as Lyndon Larouche demonstrated if you want a source besides the ZGR is a Windsors-Rothschilds concern,with lesser devils like the Bush and Mulroney families. Don’t touch the Queens golds Africans. It is her world and you’re all her subjects. She is implementing shoot to kill in the USA orders through the rigged courts abrogating the Constitution.

This is one defense of the British monarchy — if true, it’s enough:  The British monarchy contributes more money to the British economy than it costs.
It can’t be a parasite if it’s actually profitable for Britain to have a monarchy
Even if:

Let me add a third article to the topic: the use of church and rock music to entice folks into the drug subculture. This area of study is a relatively well researched one. The writings of John Coleman and the Executive Intelligence Review analysts have documented highly revelatory information about the subject, and I find their researches as highly recommended readings for starseeds and seekers.

Hm.  Factnet’s Larouchians have introduced me to the Amish Potheads.

Read the biography on Adlai Stevenson III, and — wait. He moved to London after the election, where he participates in the London – led World Order through various foundations?  Someone alert Gerald Pechenuk!

And… RIP Claire Blomquist.

Literally one thousand?

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Something I did not know about the “Midnight Basketball” programs, but which I suppose makes sense.  They tended to be somewhat apolitical, or at least non-partisan, until it became a political bludgeon of attack.  But there’s something here that puzzles me.

You may remember that in 1994, Bill Clinton proposed a large crime bill with many features in it, including money to hire 100,000 new police officers. But when Gingrich mounted his campaign against it, he focused on one tiny element: “midnight basketball,” something that actually began under the George H.W. Bush administration, to give kids at risk of joining gangs something else to do.

It seems likely that it was a Democratic editor who added this to wikipedia, following references from Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh.  (Gingrich’s criticism makes more sense than Limbaugh’s, and at least could be argued with — Limbaugh’s falls under line with the Prospect article.):

Midnight basketball was not a proposal unique to the Democrats as it was one of George H. W. Bush’s “Thousand points of light”.

“Was one of George H W Bush’s ‘Thousand Points of Light’?
Wait.  George H W Bush actually had a list of a thousand “points of light”?  I have a vision of Bush getting stuck at around at 931 byte-sized items, and having to pad the list with filler — “932”  (pen twirl) “Lizard Pee Removal?”

It’s not terribly surprising for a newly politicized item to come about.  It’s become de rigeour to reference the Dole Alternative Health Care Plan and the Romney Plan against Obama’s Health Care bill, and the Republican stance now.  Today we get this treatment from Prospect’s blog regarding the torn to shreds Paul Ryan — and something like this is thrown into this process as well:

People in western New York used to roll their eyes when the name Jack Davis came up.

Mr. Davis, a wealthy industrialist, spent over $5 million of his own money on failed efforts to win a seat in Congress. He once said, after a congressman sent sexually suggestive messages to young pages, that he would have used a bat on anyone who had done the same thing to one of his sons. He also predicted that states with large numbers of Mexican immigrants would secede and start a second Civil War.

But these days, few are writing off Mr. Davis.

A special election fight over a House of Representatives seat, which has attracted big money and huge interest from both parties, now appears to hinge on him. Running as a Tea Party candidate, Mr. Davis, 78, is siphoning support from the Republican candidate — so much so that Republicans privately concede that if they do not stop him, they could hand a seat they have long held to the Democrats.

Such candidacies, while throwing a Democrat into the lower house, probably takes some points of light off of the table of ideas.

Are you ready?

Monday, May 16th, 2011

5 days to the end Rapture.

presidential rankings from that type of person who believes that if Heroin were legalized, nobody would use it

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

A presidential ranking from one of those libertarian curmudgeon book “Recarving Rushmore”.  How curmudgeonly are they?  So much so they rank John Tyler as #1.  As one might expect, they tear down presidents who are known by their initials.

1  John Tyler
2  Grover Cleveland
3  Martin van Buren
4  Rutherford B. Hayes
5  Chester A Artur
6  Warren G Harding
7  George Washington
8  Jimmy Carter
9  Dwight D Eisenhower
10  Calvin Coolidge
11  Bill Clinton
12  John Quincy Adams
13  Zachary Taylor
14  Millard Fillmore
15  Benjamin Harrison
16  Gerald Ford
17  Andrew Johnson
18  Herbert Hoover
19 U.S. Grant
20  William Howard Taft
21  Theodore Roosevelt
22 John Adams
23  James Buchanan
24  Franklin Pierce
25 James Monroe
26  Thomas Jefferson
27  Andrew Jackson
28  James Madison
29  Abraham Lincoln
30 Richard Nixon
31  FDR
32  LBJ
33  George HW Bush
34 Ronald Reagan
35  JFK
36  George W Bush
37  James K Polk
38  William McKinley
39  Harry S. Truman
40 Woodrow Wilson

Your Ron Paul interview with the authors.

I suppose the most interesting item there is the explaination why they would not teach Ronald Reagan to kids the way Mike Huckabee would — as saving the world from the Disco Bandits that Jimmy Carter is unwilling to confront.

As for Mount Rushmore — they ran out of money before it was finished — maybe  we should really go ahead and finish it, shouldn’t we?