And it’s done.

The scene as it is unfolding at Preacher Camping’s church:

Preacher Camping has left some provisions for those in his employee left behind.
“Despite his unwavering certainty about the May 21st date, when I interviewed Camping he did admit to me that Family Radio does have some post-May 21st programming prepared. However, he argued that it was really just for the benefit of Family Radio staff members who are not “true believers” in the coming Judgment Day.”

There’s a sort of feeling of “Why is this a news story being covered in the news media?”  You find the local angles of various niches that the madness has unleashed.

One thought is that it does lead into various approaches for further features on the subject.  See: While Harold Camping caused atheists to mock his May 21 rapture calculation as “nonsense,” he also provoked others to think more deeply about the symbolic numbers in the Bible and what they could mean. This is sort of that Christian news outlet trying to make some hay of the nonsense.
The “Gather various religious figures to have their say” tact I remember from when the Virgin Mary appeared on the back of a local sign post.

Or you can be a Science news source and use it to change the topic to more scientific concerns.

Then you just go ahead and get a little silly.

And so it goes for the next cycle.  Who knows if Camping has the making for a long lasting church in his failed predictions, see 7th Day Adventists — or, if he can run it all again.

What I want to know is if someone out there were to just plop up a bunch of “Rapture — February 25, 2012” signs — say, a dozen of them throughout the country — no church organization, mind you — would that be enough to grab media attention?

Also, should I go ahead, look up actual news, and just plop some links up for the sake of getting rid of my sort of quesy slimy feeling for participating in this sham frenzy (even in a small way)?

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