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Monday, June 7th, 2010

Y’know… there are a couple ways of looking at the Sunday Morning gabfest with Arriana Huffington and Elizabeth Cheney.

HUFFINGTON: George, the truth is that right now we have precisely the regulatory system that the Bush-Cheney Administration wanted — full of loopholes, full of cronies and lobbysists filling the very agencies they’re supposed to be overseeing —
WILL: So it’s Bush’s fault.
HUFFINGTON: — the industry.
WILL: Just clear this up.
HUFFINGTON: It is absolutely 1000 percent Bush-Cheney’s fault, plus the fact that the Obama Administration has not really done enough fast enough to change what’s happening at the MMS agency, at all sorts of other agencies. Not just when it comes to the energy problems, when it comes to Wall Street, all over, we are seeing the complete success of the kind of regulatory system that Bush-Cheney wanted. And we’re seeing this is the inevitable result of what they wanted.
CHENEY: You know, it’s truly amazing. I mean I actually heard George Bush was responsible for the breakup of Tipper and Al Gore’s marriage too. I mean it’s incredible the extent to which people are now trying to shift blame. And frankly —
MOULITSAS: Did you fact check that?
TAPPER: We’ll get that fact.
CHENEY: I heard it. I don’t know. I think it was on “The Daily Kos.” But at any rate, I think that, you know we got to look at what’s happening going forward, and you’ve got to look at the facts. I mean, the left is going to try — you guys —
HUFFINGTON: This has nothing to do with the left.
CHENEY: — have for years been demonizing Bush and Cheney, and I’m sure you will continue to demonize them for years going forward, but we have got now a catastrophe on the Gulf Coast, a catastrophe that happened on this administration’s watch which this administration is failing to clean up and be responsive and lead, frankly.
And it is a problem we’re seeing with this president across the board. A president with no leadership experience.
HUFFINGTON: Right here, we have the poster child of Bush-Cheney crony capitalism. Halliburton involved in this, and we haven’t said about that. They after all were responsible for cementing the well. Here’s Halliburton, after it defrauded the American taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars —
CHENEY: Arianna, I don’t know what planet you live on, but that’s not —
HUFFINGTON: — it’s involved again. I’m living on this planet. You’re living in a planet that is —
CHENEY: — it’s — Arianna, what you’re saying —

I know how the apolitical, or the structured concerted bi/non partisan.  It is the televised biopic or the various conservative news magazine articles and books that put the blame of 9/11 squarely and forthrightly on the malfeasance of Bill Clinton, though as always things are quite a bit more complicated.  There is a certain mind-set that will, quite understandably, put these two lines of argument as an equivalence.  And it is there that a reference to “Bush De-regulatory mess” problem comes across as even if accurate analysis — for policy uses in where we must proceed, somewhat evasive and sometimes ineffective politics.  The sense is quite understandable that we are just  running from a partisan “Blame Clinton First Crowd” to a “Blame Bush First Crowd”.

It’s sometimes hard to reset the continuities and failed incontinuities from one administration to another.  That the Obama Administration was only now setting its sights on conquering the problems of the Minerals Management Service — bringing to mind the re-curring thought “God, that was a bad President we had” — may look badly on the current president and his lack of aggressiveness in breaking from that past.

But there I drop back to — okay, Clinton… Bush… lead up to 9/11… where was that fumbled?  More to the point, weren’t Cheney’s cohorts making that case?

How is Rasmussen polling Nancy Pelosi versus Summer Shields?

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

“The first day the McCarthy Committee set up on campus, 650 people signed up.  And the moment we began to act — to act directly against racism and imperialism — the McCarthy buttons disappeared.” — Mark Rudd
“We manufactured the issues.  The Institute for Defense Analysis is nothing at Columbia.  Just three professors.  And the gym issue is bull.  It doesn’t mean anything to anybody.  I had never been the gym before the demonstrations began.  I didn’t even know to get there.” — Mark Rudd.

I have long been wanting to place up an excerpt of some kind from Emanuel Josephson’s “Strange Death of Franklin D Roosevelt“.  But the question would be what exactly — to open the book at random is to find something appropriately hullucinatory.   (Leave that to the Paultards — I don’t know why, Josephson holds the Gold Standard in low esteem as an economy of scarcity.  What does he advocate?  Apparently Father Charles Coughlin had the right idea, even if his ideas had some fatal flaw, and what we need is something called the “Yankee Plan”.)  
Incidentally, you know Smedley Butler’s alleged “Business Plot” — as told to John L Spivak?  That itself was double-agent conspiracy plot to fool the public.

Regarding “Strange Death”, I’ll flip about and go to… the geneology of Harry S Truman’s Health Care policy?

Bismarck and Marx were the guiding spirits of Nazi Germany. They had foreseen the docility of the Ger. man worker and the absolutism it made possible.  Nazism or some other form of dictatorship and slavery were the inevitable consequences of Marxism and of the “welfare” program of the “New Deal” launched by Bismarck. Its development was guided by Hitler’s “Brain Trust”, Professor Haushofer and his Geophysical Institute. The class hatred of Marx was converted into another equally absurd hatred-the Aryan. Marxist “internationalism” translated itself into Aryan “internationalism”. The war on Capitalism logically as. sumed the form of raping of other lands.  For Marx’s definition of “capital” in final analysis is “the other fellow’s property”. Restriction of the supply of labor is most effectively obtained by slaughtering workers. The philosophy of Marxism and of Nazism is obviously identical. Nazism is the active tense of Marxism. And it is but natural that Communism should take over where Nazism left off.

The first of formidable competitors of Germany that succumbed to the propagandized Bismarxian program was England.  The Fabian Society was the chief agency of the propaganda.  A few years before the World War I, Great Britain was forced by the agitation of the working classes to swallow the whole bait, hook, line, and sinker.  Thereby were set in operation forces which are now speeding the disintegration of the British Empire. Premier Ramsay MacDonald in an address before Parliament in 1929 frankly blamed the welfare, dole and health insurance laws for the insoluble economic problem presented in England by the unemployment situation. […] 

From the point of view of American affairs, even greater significance was lent to the situation when the wholly alien ideas were given an aura of respectability in the eyes of American Tories by their adoption in England.  This was accentuated by the fact that British industry was now in the same position with respect to the cost of the “welfare” program in its competition for world markets. It became of interest also to British industry that the United States should adopt an identical handicapping program.

It was not long before Sir Arthur Newsholme, representing the British Ministry of Health, began to visit this country to lecture systematically on the advantages of the “Security” and “Socialized Medicine” plans.  He joined forces with the local agitators for the adoptors of the program, in spite of the fact that it has resulted in England in a steadily rising death rate that culminated in 1938 in one of the highest death rates in the civilized world.

Russia was the next to succumb. In the stalemate of World War I

Oh, forget it.  The only interesting part of this paragraph is the word “communazi” (see it here), a sure sign that something demands your respect.
Skip to the end of the book.  We’re all screwed.  All of the prospective presidential candidates up in 1948 are Coummunazi Puppets of Rockefeller.  Dewey.  Our good friend Stassen.  MacArthur.  Eisenhower.  Taft.

For the record, the “Obama Joker” sign pictured here — which I think is being posted to align to the statement about signs coming from Larouche — is not Larouche’s.  I associate, somewhat it with Alex Jones — though the totality with which you can attribute it to him (he popularized it to some extent, but didn’t create it) is not the same to which you can attribute the Obama Hitler Mustache poster to Larouche.

The campaign season is heating up.  The primary contest pitting Nancy Pelosi and Summer Shields will happen on Tuesday.  I’ll try to muster up a retrospective montage of campaign moments next week.  In the meantime, I’m looking long and hard at his campaign website, and for the life of me I cannot see a mention of their biggest name endorsement — that of Right Wing Radio Personality Michael Savage. 

I missed this Campaign event as we speak.

Saturday, June 5, 2010 – 11:00am – 11:00pm
(A workshop and cadre school event)
11:00 -1:30 Policy Discussion with special guest Phil Rubenstein
3:00 – 6:00 Campaign Workshop with special guest Jason Ross
6:00 pm – ??? Trip out to Chabot Observatory
Wow.  Phil Rubenstein and Jason Ross?
We do , of course, have other campaign juants covered.  See:

The women, one of whom identified herself only as Ali, because “of a policy we have with the press,” claim the president is a “Nero-like puppet” backed by the same London-based financier circles who “brought us the Hitler regime and World War II.”

All part of the final push for Summer Shield’s primary face off on Tuesday.

The women working at the booth declined comment.
Comments get odd as always, but…
While I personally would rather see Obama behind bars, I wonder how these Larouche members think a Democrat majority congress would ever vote to impeach their messiah. Unfortunately, all three branches of government are aligned against the American people, as designed by the Socialist Democrat party. The chance that Obama would receive impeachment from his fellow Dems is slim to none. Over to:
Some people (Larouche party) need to find a hobby since all they seem to have to do is stand outside the post office with images of Obama with a Hitler mustache asking a president 500 days in to be impeached.

I guess they are full of confidence in the Summer Shields campaign — note that they have a campaign event on Thursday, two days after the election.  Hm.  The campaign continues in some form.  I’ll check off the chartWe’ll still have Kesha Rogers to kick around some.
Robbo says:
June 4, 2010 at 8:32 pm
She won the Democratic primary, didn’t she? For all your gutless snideness, what are you doing to change the system that has caused the whole mess in the economy and government? Kesha’s fighting to do that, and the voters are recognising it. 

Wonder how the event went.

Saturday June 5, 2010
Coffee Oasis
4550 NASA Parkway
Seabrook, TX 77586
1-3 pm

At least she’s campaign in Texas, which is better than running in France.

Wait.  The name of Kesha Rogers is reverberating around the country, as she gets compared with other candidates.  SHE IS HAVING AN EFFECT!

Pathetic? Yes.
As strange as Kesha “LaRouchie” Rogers?
Come on, Dave. Not by a long shot. Does Tim Crawford believe that we should be establishing military bases on Mars? Does Tim Crawford believe that Queen Elizabeth II is the hub of an international drug cartel?
Tim Crawford is Single A crazy. Kesha Rogers is Major League All-Star crazy.

My fellow Daniel Pinkwater fans.

What to do about the proliferation of Perfect Games

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

My initial thought on the story of the blown call — the last out of what would have been a Perfect Game for Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga — was sardonic.  “Those things are becoming a dime a dozen these days, so who cares?”  I refer to this statistic:  Over the 135 years of Major League Baseball history, there have been only 20 official perfect games by the current definition.  And Armando Galarraga would have thrown the THIRD Perfect Game this season, making three out of twenty-one games happening in the 2010 season from a period stretching back since — well, I guess the mid 1870s.

Clearly something is amiss, and I think I can pin-point the problem.  Remember the avalanche of Home runs that happened through the 1990s and into the Oughts?  I remember laughing at Mark McGwire breaking the Home Run record in 1999, and annoying some sports fans by uttering the forbidden word, seeing something that seemed clearly there where everyone else pretended not to see– “Steroids.”

So, Bud Selig has thrown us into a new Steroid Busting Regime.  Those things are reigned in.  Now, granted, pitchers can make good use of steroids — allegedly some guy named Roger Clemens — drop in the word “allgedly” to cover one’s butt.  But it’s effect does not lead toward the perfect game.

Clearly something was amiss in what has come to be referred to as “The Steroids Age” of Baseball.  And clearly something is amiss now.  The balance has been thrown off, and baseball needs to recalibrate its approach, loosen its Steroids strictures somewhat.  The Perfect Game is in danger of becoming as meaningless as a 70 Home-run season.

the Gulf Oil Naturalists

Friday, June 4th, 2010

A few days ago, The Weekly Standard website — Bill Kristol actually — broke the story — and who knows where their sources came from for this one — that Sarah Palin’s facebook page was about to be updated with her views on the situation with the Gaza flotilla and Israel.
The mind boggles.

I guess if Palin’s facebook messages and tweets are considered news, it’s a “get” when you get the information before it is posted.  Sadly, I wasn’t privvy to her next news burst, so I had to stand behind everyone else to get the news.

Extreme Greenies:see now why we push”drill,baby,drill”of known reserves&promising finds in safe onshore places like ANWR? Now do you get it?

Sarah Palin can “tweet” that with a straight face.  Though, it was basically cribbed from Charles Krauthammer.  I will give them one thing: at least they acknowledge the Oil Gusher’s existence, and problematic nature.  You would think we have come a ways from some early considerations — Mississippi Congress guy Gene Taylor, for instance, or Fox News broadcaster Brit Hume who demanded to know “Where’s the oil?”

Don Young from Alaska makes the new contrarian point of order.  “This is not an environmental disaster, and I will say that again and again because it is a natural phenomenon.”  I have the sense of “I guess” around about those parts.  I was bracing myself for these considerations, and I knew that would bring their own slant to a scientific magazine that explains oil brekdown.  Look — I am as big a fan of George Carlin’s classic “The Planet is fine” bit as anyone, and I do not cry for the fate of the Planet at the hands of humans.  Yep, the Earth will reorganize its ecosystems quite well.  Sure, all we really care about is our home-land, with consideration for  Wild Life remaining in terms of Museum Pieces.  Happy now?

It’s just that I don’t know if we can get all that excited by the prospects of building a new theme park.

The La Brea Tar Pits Company has bought the Gulf of Mexico for its newest theme park. You can’t believe the petrified bird collection they’ve already assembled for the viewing public! And the whole thing is in 3D, just like Avatar.

Pretty soon everyone will want their own La Brea Tar Pits pretty shorty, so the Gulf of Mexico might as well start the trend now!

Some days into the spill, the Wall Street Journal reported: “Wildlife rescuers are treating the first oiled bird.” It was a northern gannet, in case you’re keeping a wall chart. Then, on Saturday, the Associated Press had further oily bird news: Apparently “several birds” were spotted diving into the Gulf’s oil-fouled waters.

Thousands of crude-coated creatures will probably appear in news pictures by the time this column runs, but so what? It’s only an oily and organic substance which, by the way, bubbles to the earth’s surface all the time without human assistance.

The La Brea Tar Pits in central Los Angeles have been sucking down precious animal life for thousands of years.

With proper grooming, we might get to this sight in an eon.  Here’s the description from the title character in Daniel Pinkwater’s The Neddiad.  A good future, I suppose for Planet Earth — as good as any.

the political obituary of Artur Davis… I guess.

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Artur Davis, a man who was once considered a possible “First Black President”, has lost a Gubernatorial battle, and — counter to posts at the National Reviewhas called it a career.
His loss makes perfect sense.  He made this Telegraph list of “Influential Conservatives” and “Liberals” as a liberal.  But he was defining himself for the perceived Alabama electorate, and I have no idea why anyone would consider him a “liberal”.  Artur Davis compiled a “Blue Dog Democrat” voting record in one of the most heavily Democratic districts — which Nate Silver at 538 calculated made him the “most useless” Democratic Congress member (in terms of enacting a Democratic platform).  With polls showing that either Sparks or Davis getting creamed in the general election, the one message he was hanging onto — “Electability” — looked like a joke.

It may be that Artur Davis presented a more acute example of the Harold Ford Problem in forging some credibility with white conservative southern voters — Alabama is more so than Tennessee.  And one more thing to add to Davis — this, the case of conservative Democratic “Legacy” voters as against the current party.

In the meantime, the media crack team of political analysts give us very cookie-cutter analysis, which trips up quite quickly.

As in Utah, Pennsylvania, Florida and other states, these voters are demanding party fealty, making the political center look slippery, at least for now. While energizing spring campaigns, their passions may cause headaches for both parties in November, when independent and moderate voters will be far more plentiful. […]
Democratic voters in West Virginia rejected 14-term Rep. Alan Mollohan, although ethical problems muddied the picture there. And in Arkansas they have forced two-term Sen. Blanche Lincoln into a tough runoff primary next week after she angered union activists over health care and other issues.

Also, they voted against a candidate who voted for Obama’s Health Care plan in favor of someone to the right of the Democrat’s most conservative member, the Tea Party backed Walt Minnick, which completely throws the whole thesis of this article overboard.

Mary Stern versus Mary Starrett

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Mary Starrett leads Mary Stern in the race for Yamhill County Commissioner by four votes.  The fifty or so write-in votes — and here I’d be curious to see a list to see which cartoon character came in third — fall the winner under fifty, and thus we have a run-off campaign.

Kari Chrishom fires off this shot.:
Mary Starrett — the once-perky TV host turned right-wing lunatic fringe activist. (No, really, she founded Oregonians for Life because she believed that Oregon Right to Life was insufficiently pro-life.)

It is a curious point of reference to describe her as “right – wing lunatic fringe” for a variety of reasons — and I’ll get to the main reason in a minute.  Mostly in terms of a sort of political tactic, I refer to how I heard a spokesperson for the “Rural Organizing Project” refer to how they get beyond anti-abortion politics as they talk to rural Oregonians who hold that as a hang-up.  It moves beyond that to the basic premise of a “wedge issue” — no Republican ever wants to actually overturn Roe v Wade, really, because then it’d blow their ticket to re-election.  In this, Mary Starrett agrees completely with just about any Pro-Choicer of the cynical nature of “Oregon Right to Life”, even if such groups do have that effect in … say, weird things are happening in Oklahoma, huh? — which always seem to suggest the purely cynical way the Pro Choice / Mary Starretts look at the organizations is wrong.

But again, go down the list in that article, if her views on an anti-abortion organization isn’t on the fringe, that doesn’t mean that her views on abortion are not  — and I remember seeing that article when it was published in the Oregonian — it does suggest a pretty good working relationship with two other groups.  For the life or me, “Believers Against Child Killing” struck me as an umbrella organization for one man.  The degrees of sepereration to, say, Kopp numbers to two — goes something like: Mary Starrett — deParrie — Kopp.   As I recall, deParrie was either the last caller in or the second last caller to Starrett’s local radio show, calling in to thank her for being about his only defender in the Media he has out there.  deParrie, it should be noted, had on the website for “Life Advocacy” a blurb touting it as the “First publication to explore the doctrine of Justifiable Homocide” — or something to that effect.  But I guess that is ust the kind of thing you’d expect with the Constitution Party — which deParrie left because it was too moderate — in a political party that has some strong adherence to notions of local control and federalism, he didn’t think the Mormons  in Utah’s Constitution Party were sufficiently committed to his issue.  He died of a heart attack immediately after giving his angry speech to the party.)

Try this then.

While looking at the weather online yesterday I stumbled upon this ; did you know that at least half of the voters in Yamhill County are “Fringe Lunatics” myself included ? In a article from Blue Oregon –
Yamhill: Mary Starrett takes four-vote lead; recount is next
Kari Chisholm

I’ve posted the whole article so there will be no doubt as to what was said! So Miss Starrett from one fringe lunatic to another you have my support in the upcoming runoff!

It’s rare that a person saying they “stumbled upon” something actually “stumbled upon” the item.

Cue “Oregonlibertygirl”:

“I have a message. It’s a message from the Tea Party. It’s straight to the point and does not mince words. We are here to take our government back! ” Rand Paul
Watch out Mary Stern….the Tea Partiers have your number.
So, to clarify the situation:  Rand Paul is coming to take the government away from Jim Bunning, and Mary Starrett is coming to take the government away from Mary Stern.
Wait.  Is Rand Paul the #1 Tea Party accomplishment, and Mary Starrett the #2?

Other appeals?
What a cougar. Keep fighting the good fight.

Anyway, pushing aside the Constitution Party’s call for the — “The goal of the Constitution Party is to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations… The U.S. Constitution established a Republic rooted in Biblical law” — theocracy, and despite not being a member of the Republican Party, she became the defacto Republican candidate in a supposed non-partisan contest.

In light of various controversies — do they accept 9/11 Truthers for elected officials?  Actually the question isn’t so much that — I imagine a bit of a boomerang in my considerations for such things depending on positions being voted for — it is would large segments of the electorate who voted for her not make an issue if the liberal candidate had any alliance with 9/11 Conspiracy theories?
Also, if I recall right, she has a thing for wondering about Chem Trails.  That is arguably a hobby horse.   “Lunatic fringe” is an interesting label.

Gauging various parts of Rand Paul’s national electorate

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I like this “Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment” advocacy — another of those contrarian causes from the sort that demand we never refer to Democracy and always refer to a Republic.  At once it is a theory that if we can just get a crack at crossing out a statues and laws, we will downsize government.  The other theory at work is something along the lines of finding auxiliary causes for “Rise of Big Government” rooted out of causes that broke away from what apparently groups of Libertarians and these groups of Right-wing populists they’ve lead along view as the Golden Age of America — the Gilded Age of the late nineteenth century.  I recall this surreal suggestion cracked by Ann Coulter about a year ago — maybe two — that giving women the right to vote lead to this inexorable Nanny State.

I am reminded The latter days of the Federalist Party saw them, frustrated by the Democratic Party’s rise and strength out of their Expansionist colonies, shirked to a hold of the power and Supremacy of the Original Colonies.  The peoples seeking to overturn the thirteenth Amendment remind me of those Federalists.

But you know something?  As Rand Paul gives voice to that segment of the population wanting to overturn such things, I’m back to some questions.  It is not uncommon for people to look into the visage of a politician and see what they want to see, and we are sometimes not helped by the bellicose nature of political punditry.  Certain nostrums pop up and lines are drawn for what a Democrat and what a Republican is apt to be doing, and what a “Centrist” is doing to jump back and forth “between” the two.

Rand Paul presents a very peculiar example of this phenonemom as he trades off of his father’s name for undeserved glory.

Rand Paul, upon nomination, announced that he and his crowd were going to storm into Washington and “Take Our Government Back”.  For perspective’s sake, it needs to be noted that Rand Paul is capable of taking one small slice of the government away, and away from current Senator Jim Bunning.  Jim Bunning was last seen emerging for 15 minute’s worth of glory as a Conservative Champion for obstructing Jobless Benefits.  Is Rand Paul going to somehow differ from Jim Bunning’s terms of service?

Last week, I saw that someone had linked an anti-Rand Paul blog post of mine alongside a couple other links.  One curiously from a figure that I’ve trashed about — Webster.  And another from, which I was glad to see that they’ve swerved from their automatic position of extolling the virtues of Ron Paul to consider Rand Paul of that same “War Party” cloth.  (Thus saving Justin Raimondo the disservice of being a hypocrite.)   I do see what the bastions at lewrockwell glean to Rand Paul — whatever leads to a corporate hegenomy, I guess.  But reading through Alex Jones land and the prisonplanet website, and their full fledged support of the candidacy of Rand Paul — I guess I see a good opportunity to assess what, at the end of the day, their political strictures truly are.  What is it that binds Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Ventura, and Dennis Kucinich into one tight little package, with Ron Paul coming up in the first fifteen slots and Rand Paul the next six?  I am coming up empty.

I must be missing something about Rand Paul, he’s come out and said that he wants to keep Guantanemo open, that he supports Israel, that he would vote for a declaration of war with Afghanistan and that he’s open to a nuclear strike on Iran. His campaign was even endorsed by Sarah Palin. In what way is he good, besides simply being Ron Paul’s son?

They’re so very easy with the phrase “neo-con”, such that the term has no meaning.  It’s there that I will very easily plunk the term and say “Neo-con Rand Paul”, bitches.

Does it boil down to someone who can lackadasically toss about conspiracy theories together — discuss symbolism on the dollar bill, back over the Gold bugs of the commercial break?  Can they excuse the problems of Israel at Gaza and Rand Paul’s adherance to an “Israeli Lobby” in lieu of ripping off on FEMA?  Are they taking his words as insincere, as the commenter “InfoArsenal” is doing?  These are the questions of the political trade-offs being given, and I’ll have to watch and see.  The only thing I know for sure is we’ll see a fist pump at every positive poll and cries of bias at every middling poll.

And one last question: Are there any other Constitutional Amendments to be culled for nullifying?