How is Rasmussen polling Nancy Pelosi versus Summer Shields?

“The first day the McCarthy Committee set up on campus, 650 people signed up.  And the moment we began to act — to act directly against racism and imperialism — the McCarthy buttons disappeared.” — Mark Rudd
“We manufactured the issues.  The Institute for Defense Analysis is nothing at Columbia.  Just three professors.  And the gym issue is bull.  It doesn’t mean anything to anybody.  I had never been the gym before the demonstrations began.  I didn’t even know to get there.” — Mark Rudd.

I have long been wanting to place up an excerpt of some kind from Emanuel Josephson’s “Strange Death of Franklin D Roosevelt“.  But the question would be what exactly — to open the book at random is to find something appropriately hullucinatory.   (Leave that to the Paultards — I don’t know why, Josephson holds the Gold Standard in low esteem as an economy of scarcity.  What does he advocate?  Apparently Father Charles Coughlin had the right idea, even if his ideas had some fatal flaw, and what we need is something called the “Yankee Plan”.)  
Incidentally, you know Smedley Butler’s alleged “Business Plot” — as told to John L Spivak?  That itself was double-agent conspiracy plot to fool the public.

Regarding “Strange Death”, I’ll flip about and go to… the geneology of Harry S Truman’s Health Care policy?

Bismarck and Marx were the guiding spirits of Nazi Germany. They had foreseen the docility of the Ger. man worker and the absolutism it made possible.  Nazism or some other form of dictatorship and slavery were the inevitable consequences of Marxism and of the “welfare” program of the “New Deal” launched by Bismarck. Its development was guided by Hitler’s “Brain Trust”, Professor Haushofer and his Geophysical Institute. The class hatred of Marx was converted into another equally absurd hatred-the Aryan. Marxist “internationalism” translated itself into Aryan “internationalism”. The war on Capitalism logically as. sumed the form of raping of other lands.  For Marx’s definition of “capital” in final analysis is “the other fellow’s property”. Restriction of the supply of labor is most effectively obtained by slaughtering workers. The philosophy of Marxism and of Nazism is obviously identical. Nazism is the active tense of Marxism. And it is but natural that Communism should take over where Nazism left off.

The first of formidable competitors of Germany that succumbed to the propagandized Bismarxian program was England.  The Fabian Society was the chief agency of the propaganda.  A few years before the World War I, Great Britain was forced by the agitation of the working classes to swallow the whole bait, hook, line, and sinker.  Thereby were set in operation forces which are now speeding the disintegration of the British Empire. Premier Ramsay MacDonald in an address before Parliament in 1929 frankly blamed the welfare, dole and health insurance laws for the insoluble economic problem presented in England by the unemployment situation. […] 

From the point of view of American affairs, even greater significance was lent to the situation when the wholly alien ideas were given an aura of respectability in the eyes of American Tories by their adoption in England.  This was accentuated by the fact that British industry was now in the same position with respect to the cost of the “welfare” program in its competition for world markets. It became of interest also to British industry that the United States should adopt an identical handicapping program.

It was not long before Sir Arthur Newsholme, representing the British Ministry of Health, began to visit this country to lecture systematically on the advantages of the “Security” and “Socialized Medicine” plans.  He joined forces with the local agitators for the adoptors of the program, in spite of the fact that it has resulted in England in a steadily rising death rate that culminated in 1938 in one of the highest death rates in the civilized world.

Russia was the next to succumb. In the stalemate of World War I

Oh, forget it.  The only interesting part of this paragraph is the word “communazi” (see it here), a sure sign that something demands your respect.
Skip to the end of the book.  We’re all screwed.  All of the prospective presidential candidates up in 1948 are Coummunazi Puppets of Rockefeller.  Dewey.  Our good friend Stassen.  MacArthur.  Eisenhower.  Taft.

For the record, the “Obama Joker” sign pictured here — which I think is being posted to align to the statement about signs coming from Larouche — is not Larouche’s.  I associate, somewhat it with Alex Jones — though the totality with which you can attribute it to him (he popularized it to some extent, but didn’t create it) is not the same to which you can attribute the Obama Hitler Mustache poster to Larouche.

The campaign season is heating up.  The primary contest pitting Nancy Pelosi and Summer Shields will happen on Tuesday.  I’ll try to muster up a retrospective montage of campaign moments next week.  In the meantime, I’m looking long and hard at his campaign website, and for the life of me I cannot see a mention of their biggest name endorsement — that of Right Wing Radio Personality Michael Savage. 

I missed this Campaign event as we speak.

Saturday, June 5, 2010 – 11:00am – 11:00pm
(A workshop and cadre school event)
11:00 -1:30 Policy Discussion with special guest Phil Rubenstein
3:00 – 6:00 Campaign Workshop with special guest Jason Ross
6:00 pm – ??? Trip out to Chabot Observatory
Wow.  Phil Rubenstein and Jason Ross?
We do , of course, have other campaign juants covered.  See:

The women, one of whom identified herself only as Ali, because “of a policy we have with the press,” claim the president is a “Nero-like puppet” backed by the same London-based financier circles who “brought us the Hitler regime and World War II.”

All part of the final push for Summer Shield’s primary face off on Tuesday.

The women working at the booth declined comment.
Comments get odd as always, but…
While I personally would rather see Obama behind bars, I wonder how these Larouche members think a Democrat majority congress would ever vote to impeach their messiah. Unfortunately, all three branches of government are aligned against the American people, as designed by the Socialist Democrat party. The chance that Obama would receive impeachment from his fellow Dems is slim to none. Over to:
Some people (Larouche party) need to find a hobby since all they seem to have to do is stand outside the post office with images of Obama with a Hitler mustache asking a president 500 days in to be impeached.

I guess they are full of confidence in the Summer Shields campaign — note that they have a campaign event on Thursday, two days after the election.  Hm.  The campaign continues in some form.  I’ll check off the chartWe’ll still have Kesha Rogers to kick around some.
Robbo says:
June 4, 2010 at 8:32 pm
She won the Democratic primary, didn’t she? For all your gutless snideness, what are you doing to change the system that has caused the whole mess in the economy and government? Kesha’s fighting to do that, and the voters are recognising it. 

Wonder how the event went.

Saturday June 5, 2010
Coffee Oasis
4550 NASA Parkway
Seabrook, TX 77586
1-3 pm

At least she’s campaign in Texas, which is better than running in France.

Wait.  The name of Kesha Rogers is reverberating around the country, as she gets compared with other candidates.  SHE IS HAVING AN EFFECT!

Pathetic? Yes.
As strange as Kesha “LaRouchie” Rogers?
Come on, Dave. Not by a long shot. Does Tim Crawford believe that we should be establishing military bases on Mars? Does Tim Crawford believe that Queen Elizabeth II is the hub of an international drug cartel?
Tim Crawford is Single A crazy. Kesha Rogers is Major League All-Star crazy.

My fellow Daniel Pinkwater fans.

3 Responses to “How is Rasmussen polling Nancy Pelosi versus Summer Shields?”

  1. chator Says:

    The title of your post got me all excited. I thought someone might have actually done a poll on Nancy P. vs. Summer S. Though money isn’t everything, as the Kesha campaign proved, a recent look at the latest FEC numbers shows that Summer has raised less than 1% of the money raised by Nancy Pelosi through May 19, 2010. Not even a Michael Savage endorsement is enough to resurrect Summer from being buried alive.

  2. chator Says:

    Receipts $1,839,725
    Individual $654,160
    PAC $1,173,400
    Party $2,500
    Candidate $0
    Other $9,665

    Individual $15,808
    PAC $469
    Party $0
    Candidate $0
    Other $97

  3. Justin Says:

    $300 of those individual contributions come from Robert Beltran!

    But the grassroots are with Summer Shields, right? As we saw at the recent San Francisco protest outside an Obama fundraiser (largely for Barbara Boxer’s coffers):

    “I’ve never been political before, but I knew I had to be here.”

    These words, spoken by a demonstrator to a local television reporter, outside a $3,000-per-person fundraiser last week, at a ritzy hotel in San Francisco’s “[S]Nob Hill” district, which “starred” President Barack Obama, have been repeated by a growing number of Americans across the nation. The mass-strike process, which Lyndon LaRouche first identified in the Summer of 2009, when angry Americans turned Congressional town hall meetings into demonstrations against Obama’s Nazi health-care policy, is evolving, and maturing into a “monster,” which is terrifying the once-complacent so-called political class.

    Surely this demonstrator will be voting for Summer Shields, right?
    Generik11 says:
    The corporate media always prefers the teabaggers and crazies in the crowds.

    Just for the record, I am not a fan of either Summer Shields or Lyndon LaRouche.

    One more thing: the latest larouche wikipedia sock-puppet’s antics continues — either blocked or unblocked…
    Harde Har Har.

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