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The long awaited magazine article

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

To review, and you can start the review here:

Avi Klein, the author of this piece is a (possible or probable) Mossad Agent, and is motivated by a right-wing desire to destroy the presidential ambitions of Hillary Clinton.

… On the behest of the Bankers’ desire to stop the new Economic Architecture that a Hillary Clinton / Lyndon Larouche team will bring to bear…

… helped in their efforts with the assistance of the Irish Republicans.

Behind this article stand the slush funds of John Train.

Klein’s “sponsor” is Congressman Hall, who is livid because Larouche is exposing the CO2 Hoax — and I assume that Hall’s problem here is the same as mine which….

I myself am clearly motivated because I want to eliminate 5 billion people on the Earth, which we all know is what Al Gore’s Global Warming fight is all about.

And This blog — oh, don’t get me started. It is operated by a Star Trek groupie and Robert Beltran stalker. And we all know what that means.

FACTNet is operated by the American Family Association, and is plagued by bitter, drop-outs of a righteous cause — and their gripes are not dissimilar from gripes anyone has in quitting any job. Individual posters we can cover the problems with later.

And Molly Kronberg is a Republican, who even as Ken Kronberg fought valliantly against the Fascism of Cheney-Bush under the banner of Lyndon Larouche, donated hundreds of dollars to the Bush campaign.  And is under the control of John Train.

Okay. Now that we got all that out of the way, the motivations of the author of this piece and people way, way, way off of the periphery (me) or in the center who could offer something of substance (the ex-members at factnet) — as explained by the Larouche organization. Here is an article.

… and thus new people are introduced to the term “Riemann — Larouche Method”.

And incidentally, from the — er — Star Trek groupie‘s site, a comment of note:

Someone who should know tells me that on the few occasions when LCers or LYMers are showing up in Washington, DC now, they are handing out flyers for the 10/10 webcast that were generated on a home PC. Seems a bit different from what Chicago is apparently doing, with all that literature. It may be old literature, because the org has been pushing locals or regions to take old lit (probably trying to save the price of storage).


“Adams’ Apple”, revisited

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care enough about the comic strip Adams’ Apple to carry on a grudge-match with the artist or the strip, unlike, apparently, Nathan Sheets. (Mistyped “pondering” in the final sentence, btw.) It is a mediocre comic strip admist a sea of mediocre comic strips — which I end up reading occasionally because sometimes, when I have the comic strip page open, it takes more effort not to read a comic-strip than it does to read one.

The situation of the paricular strip I mentioned in September of 2006 was both a special case and not a special case. Understand that episode as being about the teacher’s discomfort with having to deal with the possibility of one student’s differing religious creed, and his relief when it turned out that “Whew! For a moment I thought he was one of THOSE kids raised by THAT TYPE of parent”. (Regretfully I can’t run it to “in THOSE neighborhoods.”) It is the strip that jarred me the most, but the cartoonist regularly ends up drawing up these weirdly revealing strips, ones that lead me to think “Um… That’s a YOU problem.”

The problem is I do not care enough to document the atrocities, or keep a mental rolodex. I remember that one strip, and the others that fall into that category and give me similar pause elude me due to apathy. Further, I fear that discussing the matter would get back to the cartoonist and give him some gratification of earning a weird sort of chit, anecdotal evidence that he must be doing something right — why, I can spark controversy! So I’m just left with one slightly obnoxious teacher drawing out his occasionally obnoxious thoughts in a slightly-tedious but mostly innocuous and bland comic strip, and perhaps occasionally reminding me why it’s a good thing I’m long gone from the years of K-12.

… say what?

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

I saw a Homeland Security automobile drive into a gas station yesterday. Nothing terribly interesting — white van, words “Police” and “Department of Homeland Security” on the side, complete with a logo or other, easily found with a google search.

But there was this hard to notice bumper sticker, actually pretty near the bumper. I’d wager that out of 20 random people, 19 would not notice it. Fewer still would be able to read it. The sticker was split into two sides, two colors with words in white on them — and I never caught the left side. But the right side of the sticker read…

“9/11 Was an Inside Job.”

It did not quite compute at first, and I had that sort of “Wait a minute” moment — a delayed double take, and I confirmed that as the van drove away from my line of vision. I suppose I should have taken the effort to see if the left side somehow negates the right side of the sticker, re-aligning my sense of balance back to where it should be.

(A quick look around here, and my best guess is a slight variation on the seventh box down on the left. Go figure!)

Presidential Campaign Round Up

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Mike Gravel… will not be participating in the next presidential debate.  Too bad.  I guess all I have to look forward to is a new youtube video where he stares into the camera with intent silence.

Rudy Giuliani, Mr. New York and Mr. “Look at my Yankees cap!”, made a major faux pax by saying, for the benefit of New Hamsphire primary voters — still Red Sox Country, that he was rooting for the Red Sox.  I don’t think you can underestimate the power of the sports fan in dashing about such wanton pandering.  He declares it is a matter of rooting for the American League, something akin to rooting for a piece of architecture, methinks.

Fred Thompson has been putting his audiences to sleep.  It is a really strange campaign where he is the Republican Saviour.

Hillary Clinton has been playing along with Drudge, developing a wink and nod strategy with that tedious Internet standby.  In addition, Rudy’s baseball gaffe has spotlighted her old gaffe of a few years ago where she said that if the Yankees and Cubs both made the World Series, she would alternate between rooting for the two teams.  I admit to having done such a thing before with two basketball teams I could care less about — to the confusion of the people I watching the game with — in cheering on any play that looked cool.  (I need to work up my Skull and Bones racket regarding Hillary Clinton, and line things up for a thought-bubble.)

The scandal that has been plaguing Barack Obama involves the fact that he is not wearing a flag-pin.  I will say that I would have greater respect for him in the flag-pin flack if when asked he hadn’t given a spiel about the true meaning of Patriotism, but instead had told the questioner to bug off.  Anyway, this matter may be one of those wink and nod jobs with Hillary and Drudge — Who knows?

It is claimed by the world’s most famous Crystal Stroker that Dennis Kucinich saw a UFO.  But supposedly so did Jimmy Carter.  Perhaps they can get together and compare and contrast.

If I were the Republican Party, I would nominate Mike Huckabee.  I firmly believe he to be the party’s best chance in snagging the White House in 2008.

A trip to Mitt Romney’s blogonetwork shows the Romney supporters trumpeting his Mormonism as an asset in terms of fire-fighting.  It goes along with the Mormon tendency to prepare for the rugged Apocalypse to Come.

Various Internet sites of Conservative status, redstate and free republic, have taken to banning Ron Paul supporters from their site.  “Retarded Vulture Fringe” is how redstate calls it.  Wrong critter, I says.

John McCain made fun of Woodstock at the last Republican debate, which only added to the sense that he is old and out of touch.  You don’t make Woodstock jokes, and you shouldn’t have for maybe the last 20 years.  (Maybe he can go back to the “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran” singing?)

Chris Dodd’s campaign has proven to be most useful, in setting a bar with which his fellow Democratic Senate Presidential hopefuls need to meet, currently in line with Amnesty for the Telecom industry regarding FISA misdeeds.

I don’t think Bill Richardson, John Edwards, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Joseph Biden and Alan Keyes have done or said anything interesting, and it speaks volumes about the campaigns of anyone whose name I have not mentioned.  But now that I’m thinking about it… Say… what’s John Cox up to?

bumper sticker watch

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

I saw a bumper sticker.  It read “Question Gender.”

I decided to heed the message.  So I grabbed my crotch.  Yep!  I’m a man.  Just as I thought.

… and another gander at lala land

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Okay. Got that? Good.

AND… To begin again…


Lyn held a several hour discussion with the NC/NEC on Saturday afternoon, in which he kicked off a process of discussion for improving the functioning of the organization, which cannot be
adequately summarized here. Here are a few of the highlights of the areas discussed:


We are on the edge of something worse than fascism taking over the United States–the edge of the doom of civilization itself. If these Greenie idiots, typified by Gore, do what they plan, the world’s population could go from 6.5 billion, to less than 1 b illion people. We are already in a {breakdown} crisis, and if we don’t get the United States to make a change in direction {right now}, we will have no chance to survive. That’s the test of responsibility today.

I was sort of making half-hearted and botched attempts at a response to the final comments of the long-time Larouche cult member who just wrote — what? 100 comments? — on this blog over a weeks’ span. One question lingering in my mind is where do I take this crock?

The line of questioning were stupdifying, but instructive in the way that the leaps that arrive at the questions show the beach-heads that allow someone to believe in the conspiracy of… um… Al Gore, I suppose a puppet of the synarchy of Felix Rhoyatin or the British Empire, and their environmentalist ploy of mass genocide to eliminate the Earth’s population from its current 6 billion to 1 billion — masked in a Global Warming Crusade. After a bit of thought it also occurs to me how this allows a person to see the scribblings of a wayward blogger (um… me) or the publisher of a national publication (go back to the L-PAC “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” shot at the upcoming Washington Monthly article) as motivated to attack Larouche because of a desire to STOP LAROUCHE from exposing the great Global Warming Fraud.


I think I have more or less cracked the strategum of concerns over the vacuuousness of popular culture, and how that can ensnare a few wayward youth (and onto a lineage of history). But I have never gotten around to a certain battle over neo-Mathusianism — as enabling with a straight face, what’s that line? Some combination of the terms “Technological” “Humanism” and “Positivism”. (Maybe I’ll insert it here later.) There is something here.

“Let me guess: there are too many human beings and not enough resources?” “Okay, who should die and who should live? Who will decide how many children I can have?

Surely you jest. But Larouche has provided me with the absurd basis wherein I have a short-cut in unscrambling this: Population 6.5 billion down to Population 1.billion. I don’t need to say another word. You start with some plausible-sounding enough that might catch someone (Hey! China has a “One Child Policy”!) and, as if to make sure it stops short of accidentally latching a mass movement — you go to 1 billion. (Enough wiggle room between the two lines to lead somebody along, enough wiggle room to garner some fund-raising ala “environmentalist wackos”.)

Okay. It does not take a Great Greenie to summise societies must make adaptations here and there regarding issues of population and resources and how they affect day to day life– and if forced to I’ll go into some very practical matters drawn into any Environmental Impact Statement. But Larouche believes in a sort of “Unlimited”, unencumbered by the laws of entropy or environmental impact. Or, you know, moon bases will be hegemonic for humanity and solve whatever minor problems there might come from rapid development. And fusion, which I’d summise is a solution to some matters, but has proven to be a case of “Waiting for Godot” — put it in the hands of people seriously working on it and ignore a cult and maybe somebody is progressing on the matter.

But you go from that breach — the line about everybody believing that “Earth has too many people” — to the assumption that what they are attempting to thin the Earth’s population, which allows for the manichean view that Al Gore (or whomever… Um… Jarred Diamond) and wouldn’t you know it? They are the pessimists predicting the Apocalypse SOONER THAN NOW, not us — who are, you know?…

… all with a straight face. The Dollar equals Zero right now, after all, and have entered a dark age similar to the second interval of the years… etc. etc.

I gather that one keeps the 1 billion plot hidden in seeking funds from some less-than-Larouche-nutty-Conservative arenas (as the same with less-than-Larouche-nutty-antiwar arenas in the “Children of Satan” area), but I’ve never been entirely able to figure out how those things fully work.



Somewhat puzzling moment in a Larouche “Historic Internet Broadcast” q and a session. A weird discordant note — as posted at factnet…:

[Flintstone] I’ll ask you them, one at a time….

The first one is: “Mr. LaRouche, if you stop all foreclosures, how would you prevent some people from simply ceasing to pay their monthly mortgages? Or even just cutting back some months if their money is tight? If banks can’t foreclose, how does one force people to continue to pay their home mortgages at all? The entire population could just skate home-free on their payments.”

LaRouche: What a swindle! What a phony question!

Look: The provision is—as I made very clear, and even an idiot in the Congress can understand it—the way you do it is, once a property is in a state of threatened foreclosure, you come into negotiation, and it’s a negotiation conducted under law. What’s the law? I specified it very clearly. Didn’t the idiot listen to what I said? He wants to criticize what I say, before the idiot knows what he’s talking about?

I said, we will, instead of paying the scheduled mortgage as scheduled, there will be an agreement, an arrangement, under which the person who is the occupant of the property, will pay something per month, in the form, as if of rent; until such time as a resolution of the debt can be made. The object is to keep the people in their houses. And if you take them out of their houses, and if you take the extent of the evictions which are about to occur if this does not happen, you’re going to have the United States going into a sinkhole of Congress!

Anybody who opposes this, should be considered as tantamount to a criminal mind.

Freeman: I figured that was a good warmup.

Hm. Tightly controlled as those things seem to be… who asked that one, anyways? Designed to make an example, I … guess.

On “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week”

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Just so you know, a certain synergy exists with “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week”.  David Horowitz and Rick Santorum head groups of individuals wandering onto college campuses to raise awareness of a non-existent ideological construct*.  And as they do so, any other nutjob is more open to participate and add to the discussion:

This coming week will host “Islamo-Facist” week at a number of colleges across the Country. The intent of this event is to reveal Islam in all its faux glory and deception by a litany of conservative commentators.

Since there will undoubtedly be a big outcry from Mohammed’s followers, this will be a great opportunity to counter their supposed “influence”. The colleges represented can be accessed from the following link…

So, um, everyone can find, um, Jesus now.

No word on how Fred Phelps might be able to get a word in edge-wise with the Great Debate and Challenge to Academic Orthodoxy.

*Really?  Islamo-Fascism?   Have they ever heard of of “Radical Islamic Fundamentalism”?

month aged words from Mayor Bloomberg

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

About a month ago, the story of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg commenting on “Iraq” being “like 1776” only this time “we’re the British” blipped on past us.

Which means that there would be fun-land at Free Republic.

… just as there is almost certainly a fun-land item at Free Republic defending the actions of Blackwater(*) from the words of we, the traitorous, as well the Iraqi civilians and — such as it is — the quasi – representative government of Iraq. They cannot put themselves in the Iraqis’ shoes.

What you can say about Michael Bloomberg is that he did not wimp out. The tact of the typical American politician is to praise the American troops in Iraq (you know — the British colonists of 1776), and say that if the Iraqi Government could get their act together — either we wouldn’t have to be there or we wouldn’t be in a bind. This strikes me as pandering, and after a spell I can’t help but think that a column in the latest issue of the American Conservative (**)– on stands now, online in a week or two, is probably right — in reference to a letter from Max Bacus and Jon Tester to their Montana constituents regarding Iraq with this line: they’ll both win re-elections through the same means of logic. Feel good patsyism, obliterating and obscuring core problems. And this is part of the problem.

(*) Yes, I realize Blackwater is the new Halliburton.  A catch-phrase example of some things.  Companies eating at the Regime’s Governmental teet.

(**)  Mixed bag, that.