… say what?

I saw a Homeland Security automobile drive into a gas station yesterday. Nothing terribly interesting — white van, words “Police” and “Department of Homeland Security” on the side, complete with a logo or other, easily found with a google search.

But there was this hard to notice bumper sticker, actually pretty near the bumper. I’d wager that out of 20 random people, 19 would not notice it. Fewer still would be able to read it. The sticker was split into two sides, two colors with words in white on them — and I never caught the left side. But the right side of the sticker read…

“9/11 Was an Inside Job.”

It did not quite compute at first, and I had that sort of “Wait a minute” moment — a delayed double take, and I confirmed that as the van drove away from my line of vision. I suppose I should have taken the effort to see if the left side somehow negates the right side of the sticker, re-aligning my sense of balance back to where it should be.

(A quick look around here, and my best guess is a slight variation on the seventh box down on the left. Go figure!)

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