How to relate to spam

I was walking behind a schizophrenic-sounding and very ruffled-looking man as he was talking to himself incohrently. As he opened the garbage can lid and rumbled around for food, it occurred to me that his speaking was in the exact same style as a lot of auto – spam messages, which shuffle words around into familiar sentence structures but with disjointed topics.

I do not know where to go with that. I cannot quite make the conceptual leap to comparing the purposes and processes by which your schizophrenic street person and your schizophrenic spam message** are formulated. If I absolutely had to, I am pretty sure I could, though it would probably be a little forced and untrue — an act of fudging to get two unrelated items to relate to each other.


** Which reminds me: In my spam comment box, checked because occasionally some non-spam finds its way into the section, I had to do a double – take when I came to a message “This is exactly what I was looking for when I saw the headline ’21st Century Science and Technology”. I deleted it, because it was obviously spam, because really — I don’t believe anyone is looking for under the headline “21st Century Science and Technology” the evolution of a Larouche cult periodical to a forum for 20-something year olds to crucify their parents. Call me crazy.

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