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50 – 50 split again

Friday, December 9th, 2022

Over the course of the midterm election cycle, I noticed some stories from Arizona Democrats grumbling that Krysten Synema was doing no campaigning on behalf of Arizona Democrats, their implication being something like — she’s in it for herself, and is getting the corporate money and running. The question I had was — given her poll numbers amongst her party, did the various Democratic candidates want her? I suppose there was some theoretical room for some theoretical candidate who needed a mass of Republican leaning votes, but it would have to be a damper on any “get out the base” vote on her surrogacy.

She knows the poll numbers. She won’t win a Democratic primary, so she bolts. Just as Arlen Specter did. For rhetorical positioning she can’t step in as a Republican, but I guess the party may just clear the way for her. I don’t know the politics enough to know if her path in a Republican primary is done — we have multiple conservative Democrat switchers who got tagged as socialists and dragged for party line votes in Republican primaries — but then on the other gand… Who is Trump?

What is fascinating is that she did not do this before the Georgia run-off. The “senate in the balance” may be a winning line to sway the electorate — voting as they did for all statewide Republicans not named Walker. But then, I am not entirely certain at the end Herschel Walker was in it — and if asked for such help from Sinema would have just as soon asked for a delay so he could quietly exit on election day (as against the Trump — Lake line of thinking any election that goes against them is invalid). But that is just conjecture.

Update: I initially saw a mistaken report that she was going to caucus with the Republicans. But I guess not. She is Lieberman. She did a Joe Manchhin before Joe Manchin had a chance to — and with less theoretical benefit for the Democrats on the premise — he who said if it’ll help I’ll drop the name Democrat so I can continue to oppose where I do.

Election 2022 — Larouchies eviscerated

Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

I. Debris

Lyndon Larouche’s worst nightmare realized. Boo!

Is there a market for that? Also subscribe for crude lo fi recordings of songs from my abandoned musical about Lyndon Larouche

Space Larouche channels his inner Philip Wylie.

Yeah, I am stumped on what it is I am supposed to be seeing here too. An opaque insult to be sure.

… By any reasonable reading of platforms, the Green Party sits opposed to Larouche inc with a greener newer deal than anything any Democrat has, but — Hey! They oppose Ukraine aid so why not?

By this logic: if the larouche organization funds my socialist org (7 guys. very strange and off putting. not a brain between the lot of em) i will call any old thing you wish “MALTHUSIEN

Go ask her personally.

This guy DESTROYS Daniel Burke.

slippery slopes.

My intuition says that most LaRouchites are papists and what attracts people to LaRouche and the Schiller Institute is a Catholic hermeneutics of communism. There will be a rift between Catholic Schiller Institute Neocons LARPing as “Conservative Communists” and actual communists in infrared

Feds Arrest Alexander Hamilton.

Hey I wish you all the best. I would love nothing more than for LaRouche’s cult to take to the stars and colonize… which planet again? Which star system in which galaxy? In what spacecraft?

I see no evidence that Elon Musk has destroyed twitter, but if it were the case and it meant the demise as such insight brought forth in this thread — Musk would be doing everyone a great favor indeed. See too.

Claim: Both LaRouche & Farrakhan quietly supported Trump. Correction: they opposed and then loudly supported.

Yukkety Yuk.

II. SHOUT OUT at Politicians

Finally shouting at Republicans.

Pompeo gets the “what a country” tact in. Further down the conservative “ensuing disruptions” line is promulgated.

While the relative youth engage in these shout treats and social media spats and put on social media conferences, the oldsters are put to work singing in front of the White House. And, it remains the case that the only government official who has suggested a desire to bring nukes into the equation is Vladimir Putin — who gets no tsk tsking from these small gatherings.

III. That which Diane Sare gained

Jimmy Dore endorses Diane Sare.

To be sure: When a podcast turns bad. He gets a lot of hate from silly libs, but I don’t like JD any more, frankly. I think his platform is very Gen X in that he’s not really up on things that are important. Magnus, but also platforming LaRouche guys, and being wishy-washy on guns. I just wish someone was doing opsec

A curious question on the common phrase, this applied to Sam Sedar who apparently keeps a watch on Jimmy Dore. Is the user trying to make their case for Jimmy Dore’s insignificance?

So,,, Dore is now platforming LaRouche candidates. He promotes right wing money scam cults before The Squad. How did so many fall for this con man??

So they are open about LaRouche now and just trying to pretend it’s normal

Nick Brana at next Schiller Institute meet: Awesome, now Dore’s “People’s Party” is herding people into LaRouche recruitment sessions … … … Hilarious how all these dorks hopped onto the LaRouche payroll almost overnight, really want to know where their cash infusion came from

The LaRouche Party ran a candidate this year and the “People’s Party” didn’t lol

Was really hoping the LaRouche thing would not outlive LaRouche. Do zoomers not know how insane this cult is? Every generation loses a couple dozen. See here — even now they get an older generation.

Did you know officials from around the world are meeting tomorrow to discuss how to Stop #NuclearWar? Lists a few names, none classified as an “official”.

This is how you eviscerate efforts on the left that threaten the Dems: plant a seed in activists’ minds that, if they join an upstart party, it’s futile because that party will likely link up with nutsos like the LaRouche cult, to everyone’s embarrassment. For shame, Brana.

Another thing a Diane Sare campaign gets her, even with non-existent votes, is an in with ex RT America host now podcaster Lee Camp. Looking at his Wikipedia page, it appears just a tad in his describing his show as not getting Russian censorship government or direction — or at the least it is just his personal choice in shutting down guest comments on the Russian government.

And Sputnik of Russian state media does not appear to know the insignificance of the title “ex Senate Candidate“.

IV. George Galloway Takes a Stand

George Galloway has truck with Larouche. Maybe he just hates being badgered into doing an interview, and it has no deeper connection to “suppressing LaRouche”. Pinochetista > Larouchie.

WTF is she talking about?

Working with Indira Gandhi? Didn’t she engage in a mass sterilization campaign against poor people that led to several riots?

Other figures:

McGovern is a LaRouche notable now. They tried to put me in an internment camp in California in 1986.

V. Memories

There’s a blast from the past! He was nothing if not entertaining. I used to wtch his late night “infomercials” for their entertainment value.

my grad school had a professor who was working on the side for Peter Thiel & another who was a follower of LaRouche (& taught the only class on Marx, lol!) & a Milton Friedman acolyte plus countless other neofascists (incl. one or two neoNazi grad students).

It’s 2022 and I just got asked by a young girl sitting outside of the grocery store if I’ve heard of Lyndon Larouche. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLY STILL A THING. Circa 2001, my freshman year in college, his followers were great at accosting people in the square. Later in my working years I got a great deal of joy explaining how they were wasting their lives outside of post offices.

Larouche was a real thing here in VA back in the day. Truly scary cult. A lot of bizarre.

I remember 40 years ago a LaRouche libertarian supporter yelling at me as I passed by her sidewalk display, “should we execute the drug dealers?!”. (A contradiction in terms, but never mind.)

I was brought up Republican and drifted amongst many groups left to right in college (the weirdest were the LaRouche people in Philly). What the GOP has turned into is just crazy.

I’m old enough to remember Lyndon LaRouche supporters screaming in my face because I wouldn’t talk to them. It feels like that’s where Donald Trump and MAGA are headed – the awkward zone between fringe and cringe.

There were a couple of LaRouche weirdos who, for a couple of years, set up an “informational” table outside of a Vancouver post office. They vanished a short time after he died.

the one thing I remember, after having been spoken to by a “larouche democrat” 20+ years ago in high school during some “hey kids, learn about different political opinions” event with multiple speakers, is that he wanted to build a worldwide monorail system.

I remember going to a certain number of anti-war rallies once upon a time, and you know, larouche guys would sometimes show up and want to talk about plato or something. no one liked it, but it wasn’t immediately a crisis. you don’t engage them, you just outnumber them. meh — Does not solve the query of socially conservative trade union members.

You didn’t argue with LaRouche folks on your campus. You didn’t argue with free Mumia folks. Don’t forget these lessons in college. Just keep scrolling

It’s like an evolution of the LaRouche fools you would have to juke trying to walk through Central Square have taken over online discourse.

Marjorie Taylor Greene reminds me of trolls for failed presidential candidate whack job, Lyndon Larouche. They used to follow us around, trying to create a scene, blabbing absurd, mean rubbish like the “Queen of England is a drug pusher”. David Hogg was wise just to ignore her.

In the late 90s/2000s the Larouchies were notorious for pushing their literature and loony theories on people in weirdly fanatical/aggressive ways. They even showed up at their congresspersons doorstep daily. Not sure if they’re still at it. Creepy folk

In 1998 somebody left a three-foot high stack of LaRouche magazines in the Calcia art building at Montclair State University. I had no idea who he was and I took them all home, because I had very optimistic views about how much I was going to read in the next seventeen years. They all went in the attic and stayed there, totally unread, until my grandmother moved out seventeen years later. That’s the extent of my relationship to LaRouche. He had magazines and I unintentionally prevented 90s college students in New Jersey from reading them, that’s it.

The answer to the question is ‘yes’ then.

I have been known to paraphrase this and say it to people (mostly Larouche supporters)

The 80s equivalent actually set up a card table in the Bourke Street Mall selling magazines and trying to convince people about Jewish banker conspiracies. I actually felt embarrassed for the people who fell for it this time around and should have remembered. — — — Ah the LaRouche fellas.. they were there until the early 2000s

my great grandfather was lyndon larouche and he smelled like hot dog water

one of my besties in high school was totally taken by larouche and stopped speaking to all of us because we were all in higher education, but larouche wouldn’t let him go home for his mom’s funeral so he bounced. deeply evil people, larouche had his followers fraudulently apply for SSI & then give the checks directly to him

VI. On the Road

So I’m driving into Los Gatos on a late morning, and as I’m crossing through downtown, there’s a lone boomer looking a bit like an aged, curmudgeonly Louis CK that had sequestered himself on the sidewalk with signs promoting Lyndon Larouche and Donald Trump.

Anyways, Louis on the sidewalk had “Lyndon Larouche was right!” and “Bring Back Trump!” and seemed very agitated, and so very very very out of place in the perma-bougie nouveau-riche Premium Mediocre oasis that is Los Gatos, where middle aged and boomer folks with too much disposable income waste it on very milquetoast fashion choices and bland conversations about bond markets and where to get a good eyebrow threading by someone who speaks English good. […]

To see this gaudy-ass fringe protest dullard do an intense 1000 inch stare between a Thai Restaurant and a Charles Schwab office was bizarre, but seemed like a strange distillation of the id of so many citizens right now:

Conspiratorially transfixed, paranoid, willfully daft AF, but mostly looking dangerously like the political equivalent to a septugenarian incel with a coupon for Paul’s Gun and Grenade Emporium he’s waiting to use.

Witnessed a Lyndon Larouche demonstration in front of the Middle Village post office. Really?!?!? Were they openly advocating for 432hz? (Probably or likely singing.)

I don’t get the Larouchies, I remember seeing them as a kid when my dad lived in the Brickskeller building, one of my earlier memories. They would show up in a big sound truck and everyone would get pissed.

VII. Parody Account Review

A little bit like the dilemma with The Onion, where nothing much existed beyond the headline. The lactose intolerance plot story is flat. This proclamation against Pokemon has the problem of being within Larouche literature history. The British Spanking Controversy gives the author away as being interested off of Larouche adjacent partial purveyors of the messages. I guess the highlight is THE SEXUAL IMPOTENCE OF BOB THE BUILDER — showing a knowledge of the history.

They should build a giant river that runs horizontally through America so you can get coast to coast by boat. Like this:

I’m pretty sure this is an actual LaRouche plan

viii. Maga Communists

Debate thingy.

Russia has gathered

The Larouche Movements support the war, indeed.

Definitions of left get in the way of Rosa Luxemburg’s gambit.

Bernie Sanders to Nick Brana.

Cult defined.

Note to Jackson Hinkle.

LaRouche cultists, maga dorks, patsocs, similar clowns haranguing on about “essence” while claiming they are the true Marxists, has to be one of the funniest things on this hellsite right now. Yes, yes, “comrades”, essence, a very much Marxist concept, that specific one.

Another note to Jackson Hinkle.

AND — this is such a deep cut from Lyndon LaRouche’s lunatic ideas that even his devoted cultists sidestep it cuz they know it makes them look like fringe weirdos,

I can’t imagine Nick Brana or the LaRouche Organization is cutting Jackson a big check — surfaces at their Rolling Stones meeting to bring in their audience, though.

also of the twenties, I might suggest.

Those Exonerate LaRouche accounts are so annoying I think we should dig Lyndon LaRouche up and press more charges on him

This is an example of #MAGACommunism unity: a conservative and a Communist coming together to discuss important political figures like LaRouche and to discuss the great evil that is the Malthusian depopulation agenda. We need more of this unity in order to defeat the globalists!

Curious on what “discussed Larouche” with Jordan Peterson actually means.

We need to do something about LaRouche cranks pretending to be communists, they make us all look bad

Bernie-ites: Problem is they keep falling for things like Occupy and the DSA and cosplay revolution stuff which makes them both susceptible to weird right wing anti-establishment stuff like Ron Paul and LaRouche and leads to stupid messaging like calls for mass violence a la guillotines.

It’s a front group to funnel young, edgy online communists into the LaRouche cult. (Case in point — this tik tok page only has Larouchie crap.)

John Dennis is bemused. Why do I love it that Communists for Trump endorsed me?

Lunacy abounds. A Democrat smear campaign. Dems coopted this tag to associate it with conservatives knowing their voters have been taught to virulently hate the word communism (which they know nothing about except what the CIA lied about). You should disassociate yourself from this asap!

The price of support. The most critical thing for America to do is to #ExonerateLaRouche. Trump could completely revitalize his movement just by dropping some L bombs. Curious, “New Deal Conservative” (yesterday’s liberalism) gets his comment shielded under ” offensive content”. Trump should propose to send liberals to build the World Land-Bridge. Sarah Jackman chimes in. Trump could actually win and be completely save face if he actually understood Larouche and what he stood for and embraced it. Not sure Trump thinks he has complete freedom though. He still let’s fear corral him. Probably worried about certain tapes floating around.

Trump is Stalin, Kanye is Mao. What is this bullshit?

Max Blumenthal.

Waiting until the cows come home.

the original ‘how I left the left’ speed runner — I would think various opponents of Robespierre should be considered for that title.

Socialists For Pinochet.

99% of trot sects split up right before hitting it big

Big on Spam Twitter.

IX. Finally get to Biden

Biden pulled out of Afghanistan and has decreased the drone program more than anyone could’ve predicted. You won’t credit him for that though because he didn’t put up with an imperialist country invading their neighbor.

Countering any claim to fighting for peace, Space Larouche gives us this: I believe in Stalinist free speech.

Huh. Most people who bought that mug broke it through usage a long time ago. So, the mug must just be used not much at all.

Praising Herschel Walker for — what, exactly?

The left should get their own Qanon movement going. We need to utilize the power of white suburban moms for spreading communism

that was tried already and we got lyndon larouche

I see the LaRouche people are giving Maupin his platform back, now that he’s been cured of his delusions of independence.

X. Election 2022

the enemies of mankind. Strike. A title made up of, statistically speaking, all of mankind.

Wtf why is there an entire LaRouche line on the NY ballot. Who is pulling these shenanigans and when are we getting an entire space catapult to fire them into the sun?

The LaRouche Party? Lyndon LaRouche ran for President eight times. Look him up on Wikipedia. Somebody must have collected a bunch of petitions… 

Yo who was running on the LaRouche line in NY? Didn’t really hit me until I had already scanned my ballot. I hope they were promising beam weapons.

Haha voted straight ticket LaRouche Party… Jackson Hinkle for Governor, Haz for Attorney General, Caleb Maupin for Spanktroller.. didn’t even know that was an office, Chuck Schumer for Senator really surprised he was on the ticket because.. you know

have to say, the one LaRouche candidate for senator was kind of tempting

Voted yes on the ballot initiative to dig up Lyndon LaRouche and move his bones to a “Globalist” free cemetery

Congrats to the Libertarian Party for being so incompetent that my NY ballot had more options for LaRouche (1) than Libertarians (0).

Should I vote for the LaRouche party instead of Schumer for shits and giggles?

Dear God, even death can’t stop the Larouche people!!!

When the Lyndon LaRouche cult was running candidates they did that.

Larouche should just take over the Dems at this point, I can’t think of a single Dem candidate that would be as charismatic as a Larouche one

Looking forward to the Larouche numbers later! Sending good vibes at no higher than 432 hz.

Have you seen the flyers she puts all over cars in Queens? New level of Larouche madness

Weed dealers love voting for the Larouche party due to their opinions on acoustics and the ongoing British empire

when i looked at my sample ballot to know what local candidates i had to ask my parents about, i actually laughed when I saw the larouche line

Isn’t LaRouche that techno band from the 90’s?

how the fuck did she even get so many signatures, it’s confusing me so much. The greens and libertarians both failed to get ballot access — Army of LaRouche cultists harassing people on the street, I’d assume

I signed for a guy to be on the ballot cuz he came to my job and I wanted him to leave he never even told me his name

I signed for a completely astroturfed senate candidate because I felt bad for the paid canvasser standing in the heat

NY Dems are in the pocket of Big LaRouche

There were Diane Sare signs all over Rochester and I think she had more signs than voters.

XI. Stop the Steal!!!!

Uh, Google is just a search engine. Why aren’t you checking the official tabulations from the Secretary of State’s site? Because then it wouldn’t look like there’s been a huge conspiracy to erase the tenth of a percent of votes she got. Obv.. For real, this kind of dumb BS is going to make it so that it becomes illegal to estimate.

Naomi Wolf joins the call.

Billboard in South Dakota.

Singing in Baltimore.

Jimmy Dore is a Stop the Steal guy now, but for a LaRouche candidate in New York who got 0.5% of the vote.

The one thing about Kari Lake and Donald Trump as against the Larouchies on this matter — see Trump here — Lake and Trump at least won over 40 percent of the vote.

XII. Confusion Reigns

The Lyndon LaRouche PAC, which Sare is not affiliated with, named for the fringe political theorist and former presidential candidate who died in 2019, has claimed responsibility for several similar protests, including at multiple town halls held by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Queens/the Bronx).

Question: what other cults “infiltrated” the Democratic Party? And seeing that I myself wouldn’t consider the handful of nominations of Larouchies over the years does not count as infiltration, what is your threshold for “infiltration”?

XIII. Kentucky

Shame tho, dude seemed genuinely nice from the few times I’ve seen him speak, hate it when people like that wind up being cult salesman

Jimmy Dore jumps on the train.

Time to reset on Young.

We don’t have a thing to do with Lyndon LaRouche and we did way better than that if you count the ridiculous write-in candidate the party leadership ran against us, WHICH WE DO.

On this question: How the heck did a crazy LaRoucheite get 34.9% ?

Space Larouche and Geoff Young conciliatory enough to debate the great issues of the day — Trump v Desantis.

XIV. New Mexico

Trump fan, multiple criminal, Larouchite by way of Trump — the lpac linker … Trump just announced for 2024. I stand with him. I never conceded my HD 14 race. Now researching my options. Election results: 73.6 to 36.4

Why is he campaigning for a New Mexico seat in Michigan?

XV. Individual Lunatics


The story behind Caleb Maupin’s relationship with the Larouche movement. I have zero idea where Dore is going. So Caleb first joined with the LaRouche Movement during Occupy Wall street, and this is according to his then roommate or classmate, can’t remember the woman’s name. […]. if you notice Haz, Fox Green ect all claim to not know anything about LaRouche before joining the movement 2 weeks later. Waiting on Jimmy Dore to out himself.

, an older OG comrade from the CPUSA warned Caleb about LaRoucheites and Caleb scoffed at him. Basically, LaRouche is a weird right ideology. Economically somewhat Keynesian, extremely anti-communist

Neat question for Caleb: I have a question. Lyndon LaRouche said that Walter Mondale was a KGB agent. That seems highly unlikely, and even if so, why would that be bad for a sincere Communist?

Today’s Caleb.

One use of Marxist jargon as against another use, I suppose. . Watch all of his streams, take notes, and repackage his content in order to keep people in our lame “campaign for Democrats” club. I know that the head of the CPUSA was kicked aside after endorsing Kerry. Larouche was never ousted after endorsing Kerry.

XVI. OComparisons

Haz. And BLAM!

Michael G Wolfe. Steve Buscemi. Nick Brana, People’s Party. JD Vance. Scott Adams. Tucker Carlson. Komeito. EA. Gabbard. Charles Manson, WSWS. Candace Owens, note from Cynthia McKinney. Trump’s finale. Etc extra legal optional. Farrakhan. Arizona Republican Party McCain censure. Analogue PowerPoint presentations. Washington Times. Roger Waters. Michael Tracey. TFG. Dave Troy. SWP. Kanye. West. (Racist how?) Crypto currency conspiracy theory. Black Hebrews. Reefer Madness. Chris Christie. Brendan Clifford. Herschel Walker. Baby stimgrays. Sameera Khan. Michael Avenatti. Lenny. Nader, getting the “He’s still alive?” treatment.

A response to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s connect the dots game: I heard his college roommate’s best friend’s cat canvassed for LaRouche.

The Republican Party Crackpot Gap.

Sigh. Mumia and Saab suck. i never have gotten enough on Peltier’s case to have a judgement, other than his cause always gets lumped in with Mumia’s so I automatically view it as suspect even if it might not be. Gawd, I hate this strain of the Left.

NY Post coverage of Trump speech. Larouchies have tweeted in agreeance. Etc. LPAC in particular will accept it.

Harold Stassen EXONERATED!!!!!

Just heard that Kari Lake was a Buddhist anti-war dem a decade ago. Between her and Sinema we need a total shutdown of crunchy libs from AZ until we can figure out what the hell is going on. The LaRouche movement has been doing this forever

trained my tiktok algorithm to show videos that are so surreal you feel like you’re dreaming. here’s a thread of my favorites

Will Zombie LaRouche Finally Lead the US Military Junta?

At least Hinkle is fun.

Qanon alert! Lyndon LaRouche coming back to run for vice president with Trump!

Stay classy. They literally don’t, they don’t even have a basic critique of him outside of what they heard some leftist rapist vomit in a twitter thread somewhere

what’s being called the “edgy” lefist viewpoint — the one which posts “the United States killed Gadhaffi to stop the United States of Africa” or which defends North Korean and Syrian vote margins as reflecting real democracy — did not really exist in 2003

XVII. Down Under

Australia . Train ride reading.

Mayhem at @SVA_News Theatre tonight after their “special guest” Dmytro Kozatsky gets called out for being a neo-Nazi by at least two people. Anticipating trouble, @DocNYCfest scrubbed Kozatsky’s name from its website and apparently prepared to shut down any dissent during the Q&A

Australian Citizens Party , formerly the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, is a minor political party in Australia affiliated with the LaRouche Movement which was led by American political activist and conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche. Australian Citizens Party.

XIX. Couple Points from multiple directions

This is a mid-tier use of conspiracy theory. Not good, but there are damned worse. Have it in for Jim Jatras, and find him next to various others you have it in for, and spot A notion he takes a tad more seriously I myself may muse over from time to time.

As for bad conspiracy theory — how boy —

According to Euripedes, the Pythia was an elected position among local Delphic women. Not every international institution is evil. And wonderful as Larouche was, he was a sh*tty classicist.

Broadly interesting matter of cultural import.

Say dat.

The #NachDenkSeiten ask me why I write that the once left-wing blog is “going to the right” and “conspiracy ideology”. Serious? But of course I’m very happy to comply with this request. #Thread

I summarized a few points for the

@Volksverpetzer in October. It’s not just about praise for AfD positions on the war against Ukraine, but also about the anti-democratic #Forum in #Plauen :

The #NachDenkSeiten had acknowledged the work of the forum in Plauen in several articles, but they did not go into the alliances with Reich citizens, conspiracy ideologues and lateral thinkers.

Forum leader David Thiele mentioned just a few days ago in a video “our work in connection with reflection pages”, incidentally in the same breath as a reference to a cooperation with the “Schiller Institute” of the political sectarian Helga Zepp-LaRouche:

There are a number of more things to say about #Forum in #Plauen . The editor-in-chief of #NachDenkSeiten , Jens Berger, left my question – like all other questions – unanswered. So once again: Why does the blog make propaganda for right-wing extremists?

XXI. Competitors

Why LPAC still has an in.:

Problem I have with the Larouchies is that they push the China/Russia are good narrative. They present some good information then throw this turd in the punch bowl.

See also.

Message: All dissent and opposition within the glorious worker’s paradise of China is CIA cy-ops.

On this

Kanye Messes Everything Up

LPAC all in on Trump as v DeSantis. Space Larouche continues with Trump and Ye regardless Trump just told Ye to f off.

Space Larouche doesn’t like a Ukrainian who got his country invaded and matches no definition of “nazi” that I know of. The nature of nightmares I suppose.

Kanye West is a LaRouche prop up… And the LaRouche Group/Schiller Institute is working with Russian government officials and Edward Lozansky (Malofeev Gang). Also with Roger Stone. Something may be lost in translation, but “prop up” isn’t it.

First the Black Hebrew Israelites, now the Raëlians—Kanye is speedrunning wacky conspiracy cults. Maybe he’ll become a LaRouche guy next. the happiest ending to this whole mess that I can imagine. Constant tweeting at / recruitment bid begins now.

Still aiming for Cawthorn.

Lyndon Larouche was warning against power grid terrorism nearly 30 years ago. Never thought that would ever occur, but here it is. So was everybody else warning about power grid terrorism. What the He’ll is this crap?

In a few days you can go back to just remembering his sports highlights

Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

The thing is that the discussion on vampires versus werewolves would be a mildly amusing divergence if there were any substance to the candidate otherwise. I suppose there might be something to the fact that no movie appears to match Walker’s spiel, indicating he is blurring some lazily recalled media together — but that happens. Obama once mismatched Star Wars and Star Trek. But then that is one point — Obama did so when explaining how he nor nobody could get all that they want through a congressional system — Walker … Did he have a point?