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Thursday, July 7th, 2022

I have the grand opinion that I will be able to judge the success or failure of a Joseph Biden presidency on what the next Republican president is. To be blunt, I have always taken it as a given that he would endure low opinion ratings — the only possible respite would come with a “comparison” re-election campaign at the expense of an unpopular foe —

— whoever that might be —

which could only mean a fooling from a wide part of the electorate, accepting the swallowing of hot air. A bubble then bursts.

An article passes by musing that we are in an era where the president has low opinion ratings as a given. I can’t escape the question — should this not be the case? As it were, Bush the younger had a span of high approvals in the “War on Terror”. Clinton was amicably popular with a booming economy. Obama was clipped a tad, but broadly had his times there.

And none of that was too long ago, as we settle into the view of a large base seething at “Vote Harder!” when confronted that the country’s politics are not what they so wish they were, and large numbers of people advocate things they wish were not in the realm of acceptable.

So… You wanted Roe v Wade to endure — you should have tied Ruth Bader Ginsburg down in the sixth year of Obama’s presidency and not left until she announced she was retiring…

Though it probably just results in the ever attempting to compromise Roberts dredging it to the lines of Germany’s highly restrictive abortion laws … I guess without their social welfare and health support that is the saving grace argument I see in some political panels.

… And Which country in Europe is the Green Day frontman going to emigrate?

After that part of the problem of weakness for the politician in power, at the moment I just do not see things going “well” enough to override that. To be sure, things are a lot more interesting when you poke at things — we got McConnell cursing the “Great Resignation” of labor shortage as byproduct of covid relief funds — unpack this at your leisure.

Ponder that Romneyville land with a Seattle Times endorsement of a Pence – Cheney ticket. Are these figures “Trumpian”, and if not — how do you split the difference on the reaction shots over enactments of policy objectives they have advocated? In a hypothetical world where they are the next president, how do I then rate Biden by my somewhat idiosyncratic criteria!

And what fresh hell is this little ad?

Ron Desantis apparently has “friends”, paranoid about buses. And Delaware is a curse word. If he is the next president, how do I rate Biden?