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the fas

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Yellow stickers, black font — a particular font, calling you “Phonies” and directing you to look up some name on youtube to find out why everyone secretly hates you.  Posted in swarths about.  They’ll eventually be peeled off, and then sometime when whoever runs around in the dead of night putting them up manages to save enough money, skimping off pizza I suppose, there will be another round of this with… something.

I know the font and coloring from earlier encounters with the font and coloring.  This is what counts for White Nationalist activity.  Send for more of this material at some PO Box in Idaho.  But I’m struggling for an explanation to something — in the past, when these have surfaced about, they’ve not been so coy.  They stated what the stickers are about.  This one wants you, the by-passer passing the thing, to think “Why are you calling me a phony?  I need to look this up on youtube, by golly!”  to be… shocked… in some positive polarization manner one way or the other by the hate message.