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sports are stupid

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

“For me, being a 49ers fan, Joe Montana will always be the greatest.  But I’d definitely put Tom Brady in the top 2 or 3.”

Granted, it is the case that if someone comes around and wins ten superbowls straight for some other team not the Patriots, someone will be saying “For me, being a Patriots fan…”

Simply put:  Any particular reason?

The answer is Otto Graham, by the way.
But no one will say it because no one alive really has any emotional connection / odd identification with any games he played, and everyone’s history of professional football begins in the late 1960s.
So tell me why it’s wrong and Otto Graham isn’t the Greatest.

impeach eisenhower, impeach kennedy, impeach reagan…

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Americans Now Evenly Divided on Impeaching Trump.

Oh, the poll is probably something that in terms of elections and campaigns is better is Democratic years than Republican years.

It is worth pondering the current stark division on Capital Hill.  Jeff Sessions in by party-line vote, more or less — Joe Manchin was the Democrat who crossed over.  Betty Devos with just two Republican defections to party line vote.  Is there any way out for the next Democratic administration?  Or the coming Mike Pence administration?

Voters are concerned about Trump taking away Obamacare. 47% of voters now say they support the Affordable Care Act to only 39% who are opposed. It just keeps getting more popular. And only 32% think the best course of action to take on health care is repealing the ACA, while 65% would like Congress to keep it and just fix parts that need fixing.

Ironically, had Hillary Clinton come into charge as President, the popularity of the program would not be rising so fast.

The funny thing about “Impeachment” on this short date.  It’ll be claimed that this is adding to a spectacle of American politics.  Even though, that train already left the station.

damned big game

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Trying to maneuver through the meaning of the Superbowl ads, I have this thought — as I watched a handful of games at the end of the season and a smattering of the playoffs…

… and only the last quarter and overtime of the Super Big Game…

The ad for the NFL was a groaner.  “Between these lines”.  “We have our differences, but…”.  Cut up to the football field, see the outline of geographic America.  And so the equation of patriotism as the league suffers a few lashes over the past years… admittedly from a towering height.  (It is a thing I’ve noted in ads on games over the past year.  A more concerted effort to wrap up a narrative for football than I remember from years ago.)


Meanwhile, conservative televangelist Pat Robertson couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for the Super Bowl, on “The 700 Club,” singling out Lady Gaga’s halftime performance as a highlight. “Lady Gaga did a fantastic halftime show,” he said. “If you went to sleep, you missed a great evening!” 

Actually it’s weird that Pat Robertson is praising the song “Poker Face”.  Political or not, it is just a bunch of sexual innuendo.  So… just so long as you don’t make an explicit statement that “President Trump” sucks, you’re okay with some of these moral purveyors right now.

that call to burn burn burn all art that you partake in

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Thoughts as I’m watching Ellen DeGeneres make a political point with use of the movie Finding Dory,  and asked the question.   Shall I take political cues from the didactic teachings of children’s entertainment?  Or, plenty of items floating out there whose “message”, if you pair it down to such, land on the suspect, I’d tend to want to throw a thumbs up on.

And that which I’ve mulled when I saw some conservative  argument that raunchy allusions in episodes of the tv series Friends foretell the coming of President Trump, ala the acceptance of the vulgar up from society to the highest office.

And when I’m reading a local alt weekly feature that drafts the Barenaked Ladies and the band Earth Girls are Easy in a long list of problematic band names, in what I take to be a long series of lecture articles to set “Progressive Men” straight for diversity grounding.
(I bring up “Earth Girls are Easy” due to the confusion — never heard of the band, but then again never heard of most of the bands — but know the name from a silly comedic movie — and really only know the movie because of an episode of Siskle and Ebert of “guilty pleasures” (or perhaps “Worst Movies” with Siskle picking this just because Ebert gave it a positive review).

Both getting at the same argument, really:  The “This is why people are voting for Trump”.  A culture that needs to be soaked of one variety of vulgarity or another.
A smirking comment I’d see to stories along the lines of, oh, a college paper on the White Feminine Privilege of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte.

And when I see Andre Dice Clay chime in on Conan O’brien that “Trump is stealing my act” — your line of things come full circle as he may just well be making the same argument, minus artistic culpability.