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German best seller

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

Apparently, Mein Kampf is heading Germany’s best-seller list right now.

Is it possible that Germany is just now waking up to the detailed memoirs of Norwegian Karl Ove Knausgaard?

Or is there some other Mein Kampf out there?

tweets are us

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

“Thank God for Meryl Streep.  Because she’s stopping the coming nuclear war from happening.”
I think the logic here is that Trump’s attention wanders to tweeting against the latest Hollywood celebrity commenting against him is stopping him from other acts.

Sure enough, we get the “OVER-RATED” tweet from the president-elect.

The USA Today’s “Life” and entertainment section published a piece, which by listing off the many awards and plaudits Meryl Streep has received.  To prove that she is not over-rated.  It’s a misunderstand of the word “over-rated” — by definition, she is rated very highly, and you’re charging that she should not be rated as highly (for whatever reason)…
Frankly, all it takes to be eligible to be “over” or “under” rated is to be RATED in the first place.

At any rate, the main problem with Trump’s tweet (and the problem moving forward) is that it forces one to look at the comment that inspired the tweet in the first place.  Streep took a cheap shot at football, and mixed martial arts, and has an over-rated view of Hollywood… which, last I checked, is about to throw out a whole bunch of new sequels to action blockbusters this year.

There are no heroes in this stupid twit and tweet game.  Even if, surely, Trump is the greater villain.  (Due to the role being played here.  Gad, I must have missed the George W Bush repose to Michael Moore’s Oscar comments.)

the future that can and can’t be predicted

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Back in the early 1990s, I remember this issue of Boys’ Life that included an article — I think it was part of a series — by Issac Asimov which posited future innovations in technology.  This was a device that we’re now on the cusp of — the driver-less car.

The article in question posited that this would free up people for rounds of chess.  At least that’s what the picture showed — the car driving forward, as the passengers play chess.  Presumably a typical setting for the now wholly freed passengers.

Now that the driver-less car is here, it will be interesting to see if this sparks a Great Chess Revival.

I kind of doubt it.

Kobach of Kansas and conventional politics

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Exactly who the heck is Kobach of Kansas, and how is he angling for a spot in the Trump Administration,

and why do we care when he pesters that… the exception to the rule in charging the total of a Clinton popular vote win…

But inquiries to all 50 states (every one but Kansas responded) found no states that reported indications of widespread fraud.

A line which is getting this weird new addition in mainstream news-reporting of the phrase “without any evidence”.

Gets us to… the man peddling the claim that if not for rampant voting fraud, Trump is the winner

of a vote that the ever acrebic Reason magazine proclaimed “Ban the popular vote” (As in… it’s a “Republic” not a Democracy, don’t even look at this.)

So, other than that it feeds an immigration hardliner role, what’s the point of this line?

It, I suppose, allows for a certain lack of “Magnanimous in victory” feed…

Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!

Hm.  I remember Schwarzenegger after 2004 and “Why would I listen to losers?“  Sure.  I suppose this is a thing with celebrity politicians who get the win.


everything’s looking milhouse

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  Richard Black talks to Mike Billington about the drug war in the Philippines, in support of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.  It takes “Right Wing Watch” over a month to notice.  (To be sure, it trickles through the media slowly — and the international media sometimes can’t quite spell out the difference between US Senator and State Senator.)

(Here he is on the “Ron Paul Liberty Report” regarding other anti-interventionist isolationist views.)

ITEM NUMBER TWO:  Well.  Here’s the wikipedia’s new subcategory regarding the 2016 election campaign of Lyndon Larouche.

On October 17, 2016, LaRouchePAC advised readers to write in Lyndon LaRouche and Alexander Hamilton in the 2016 Presidential elections. In the article “What We Need in 2016: — Alexander Hamilton’s Principles, LaRouche’s Four Laws”, the PAC wrote “American citizens should write in LaRouche’s name at the presidential ballot box to stand for the re-adoption of Alexander Hamilton’s economic principles, as LaRouche has reclarified them. “I’m writing in LaRouche and Alexander Hamilton, let’s get the nation to elect the right principles” will cut through the dread with which Americans are questioning each other about the approach of Election Day.” [18]

This exhortation was disseminated by PAC members through social media. No verifiable statistics have been assembled concerning vote totals.

The question is… does this presidential run qualify as a presidential run, thus making it nine, thus breaking the “eight time presidential candidate tie” with Harold Stassen that is so much a part of the Larouche legacy?

ITEM NUMBER THREE:  Helga:  But I have the most severe doubts that this question of a Classical education and the aesthetical improvement of man can be expected from this Trump administration.
Wow.  You don’t say.
I think you need a kind of spirit of ennoblement, of the sublime; and that level you do not find in any of the utterances from the Trump side. At least, I haven’t heard anything even close to that.
Read his twitter account more carefully.  It’s there.
But you have heard it from such people as Benjamin Franklin, as George Washington, as Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, and especially Lincoln.
I hear the first draft of the Gettysburg Address… famous for being rather short oratory… was even shorter, and (as Lincoln was renown for being crude in some private occasions) might just have read a lot like one of Trump’s tweet.  But that’s up for the archivists to uncover.

ITEM NUMBER FOUR:  So.  Where are we with Russia, as Obama offers his out the door retaliation and Putin waits it all out for the start of the Trump Administration?

They have Mike Gravel talking down the accusations of Russian involvement in hacking.  Because if anyone should know these things, it’s Mike Gravel, “Veteran Intelligence Dissident“!  (Hm.)

Of course, none of this stops the Larouche org from crowing over the increase in Russian might and power.

In an editorial in Hürriyet in Turkey, chief editor Murat Yetkin writes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has the most influence in the Middle East and the new U.S. Administration should work with him. […]

When briefed on this assessment, Lyndon LaRouche said it was on the mark and if we can get rid of Obama, a combination can be pulled together along these lines.

Though, sooner or later, in positioning toward here and there for increased “exposure” … we’re going to have to figure out what to do with Trump on China.

And then there’s the fight against the Real Killer.  In response to Obama’s statements, Lyndon LaRouche said, “These words are a threat to murder people of importance. This is what Obama’s stepfather taught him.” LaRouche called on citizens to “watch this guy, so that he doesn’t kill. He is publicly threatening the world. The nations of the planet are now threatened by Obama’s plan for mass killing of people.” Obama “is intrinsically a killer,” as LaRouche put it. […]

LaRouche emphasized that, “The signals are all there. Obama has made it clear. . . Obama has made repeated efforts to show his readiness for large-scale killing in the United States and other nations.” What needs to be done, is “to shut down Obama,” to prevent what he intends to do.

What the hell is it to “shut down Obama”?  And born of this is your conspiracy theories that surround any number of tragedies (tends to go toward “Gummint orchestrated it to take your guns away).

ITEM NUMBER FIVE:  Looks like the “lamestream media” is siding with “Obscure blogger” Webster Tarpley as against Melania Trump.  You can read the sarcasm pouring out here.

So what did Mr. Webster Tarpley from Maryland do to get the First Lady-elect so mad? He said mean things apparently, and spewed “false rumors.”

Sure.  So recap: 1) 70-year-old man, who up until this lawsuit has no measurable national or local influence, writes about rumors he read on the internet on his own personal blog. 2) Gets threatening letter from Charles Harder, Melania Trump’s attorney, to take down said articles. 3) Immediately complies with the request. Takes the articles down, and apologizes. 4) Then a few weeks later, gets sued by Melania Trump for $150 million for defamation. What the heck? How exactly did his barely trafficked website damage Melania’s reputation?

Things get interesting.  Sure.  They he no longer has Alex Jones as a megaphone for these things — Jones would be spreading false rumors about Clinton these days and charging for Trump — and it’s noteworthy Jones associates are hurraying the lawsuit — but he does have, oh, actual megaphones and signs he and his group waves around.

 Her attention to the website unquestionably brought him more notoriety and web traffic then the actual story itself!

Or, to put it another way

Whether a lawsuit by a future first lady against an unknown blogger is the optimal way to combat fake news is another question.

And to Rachel Maddow.

At that point, Maddow looped back to the retraction issue, eliciting a comment from Conway about how that doesn’t undo the damage. Maddow proceeded to cover her face and exclaim “My God, you guys are endorsing this strategy!” in the moment immortalized by this article’s featured image.

… You want to play “6 (or, I guess 2) degrees of separation”?  Rachel Maddow was a host on Air America Radio, alongside Mike Malloy, who once (to the howls of right wing bloggers) had Webster Tarpley on his show.  No evidence they met, though.

ITEM NUMBER SIX:  Town Hall goes back to this:  They knew the Obama/Hitler pictures actually were the work of progressive Lyndon LaRouche lunatics who show up at every political gathering

And, your EIR correspondent overseas press round-up.  (Note, it’s who cites Cheminade of Germany.)

ITEM NUMBER SEVEN:  Apparently Bill Roberts is the man to watch, if you’re watching the Larouche org’s apparatus.  We have a floundering Manhattan Project, and in light of the election cycles’ focus on the Rust Belt — all eyes are on Bill Roberts.  Expect a swing of activity and card-tables getting popped up in Michigan.