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Monday, December 5th, 2016


#1:  The author John Green is evidently the huge name in the “Young Adult novel” market.  I have heard any number of late teenagers on to 20 something years bad mouth the author as being disconnected from any high school life they know, sending  out a false message in propelling yet another variation of the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” here, treating issues of teenage depression wholly wrong-headedly there, and in general lobbing out too many trite cliches.  I can’t really understand any animus, though.  I looked through a couple of his books and see that they look horribly uninteresting — so I’m not reading them.  Which I think would be enough to solve the problem.

#2:  I wonder if there’s not a more compelling narrative they might’ve focused in on going on elsewhere in the background.  No, I really wouldn’t have wanted to spend time with the “lurking killer” here, who obviously needs to stay in the background in order retain the premise.  But maybe over on the side of our dueling protagonists there’s a Max Fischer, a Jughead Jones, a Buffy Summers … ?

#3:  Isn’t this a rip-off of Gus Van Sante’s Elephant movie?

#4:  We see the warning signs of a school shooter being established.  They also happen to be — largely — warning signs for non-school shooters.  Such as the one where the lurking killer sticks his middle finger at the girl —  more a sign of sullenness than anything else.  From there, we do end up with maybe issues and concerns in their own rights that can more productively be addressed sans the worst case scenario presumption.  So I’m wondering if maybe,You can proceed accordingly with an alternate script.

#5:  Take bullying, for example.  This does not strike me as a matter most productively addressed with the “lurking killer” angle, being the universal experience of bullying, as opposed to the mass shooting which is statistically submerged by other matters (suicide, for instance — to their credit an issue dropped in in the organization’s press releases on this ad), hence quite a burden to drop onto the bullied kid, and in fact not really an issue with quite a few of the mass shooting incidents.  If I recall right, not Sandy Hook.  (At the very least he wasn’t killing from any a group of kids he was aware of.)

#6:  Okay.  The one where he has the text message where he’s pointing a gun forward with the words “See You At School” — that’s a little clearer and cleaner.  We can proceed with that one.

#7:  I don’t know what the ad is advocating, and to whom.  Yes.  Teachers and administrators should build and keep connections with all their students.  And –?

#8:  If there’s something they want us to do about guns, could they please spell it out?  Lest the NRA chime in by saying the lesson is that Evan should be packing to take care of this situation, and also win the girl.

#9:  I remember I once leafed through and read some of a teacher’s classroom planning book from my mom.  The book was out of my mom’s teaching range — jumping from elementary school to middle school, but for whatever reason… It addressed various concerns of behaviors of middle schoolers as the hurdle through adolescence.  A case study which struck me:  this kid was not associating much with the kids in the class, and he was of the type who wore a lot of heavy metal t-shirts.  The solution proffered struck me as circular — answering the problem by restating the problem — to get the kid to relate and associate more with his classmates, you get him to relate and associate more with his classmates.  I don’t think it gave a clear answer on the problem of him wearing Heavy Metal t-shirts — the shortest answer would be to buy him a bunch of shirts the other boys in class would wear (Popular sports teams?), but I don’t think that would work.  It did seem to imply that should the other problem be solved, the heavy metal t-shirt one would end up solved as well.

#10:  I remember once, 8th grade, a kid was pulled aside by the science teacher — who, in a very sincere and concerned manner asked him to please write out these song lyrics a bunch of times.  It was from Mariah Carey’s “Heroes”, and concerned finding that hero that lies in you.  The student dutifully did as he was told, and I scratched my head alongside him in murmuring our “what — ?” for one more reason we’re waiting out the year to be done with this teacher.

They mean well.  Might do some good.  Just… a sense of claustrophobia may sneak in.

The Larouche Movement in the Age of Trump

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

An axis point of crony capitalism, demagoguery, and crass tabloid culture, the new Presidential administration takes the White House to the new-founded accommodation of the political party he over-took and may just be a natural extension of anyways, and the cheers of the “deplorable” group of a new Old Right political faction.

The gray area where Conspiracy Analysis meets Conspiracy Theory, and your Webster Tarpley wanted to bother with his Trump book — to sit aside the damned Poppa Bush, Obama, and Romney books — after slipping around the stupid “Wife is a literal whore” line to get to the 2016 election — A subterranean plot within the FBI to force James Comey’s hand in “jumping the gun” and announcing his scheduled probe for what turned out and what was always likely duplicate materials already decided on Anthony Wiener’s computer to sway the last votes long as the Russian Government  sponsored wave upon wave of propaganda disinformation and a politically inconvenient hacked email dumping from the Hillary Clinton campaign showing her duplicitous on free trade, the campaign not enthralled with the Catholic Church, and a real aversion to Dr. Who.

The Larouche connection?  Here, Dennis King posits a reformulation / new version / variation of the old “Intellectual author of the 9/11 Truth Movement” line for much of the conspiratorial mongering backing the Donald Trump campaign.

Many people who want to bring back Glass-Steagall have no truck with LaRouche (Bernie Sanders, for instance). However, is Trump getting LaRouchian ideas from third parties? His tweets have shown that he is influenced by social media of the Alt-Right, which strongly supported his candidacy, and he has appointed the most important single figure in the Alt-Right, former Breitbart CEO Stephen K. Bannon, as his Senior White House adviser. It thus would be difficult for Trump to avoid a certain amount of indirect influence from the LaRouchians, since (a) they are the most prolific and imaginative producers of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in the history of the U.S. far right, and (b) their tropes and memes have become common currency in the world of conspiracism and bigotry as a result of their aggressive courting of far right activists that began in the mid-1970s and continued for decades, often in venues ignored by the media. I say this even knowing the hostility of so much of today’s Alt-Right to LaRouche, who has been called, among other things, a “verminous space bat.”

Two popular conspiracy-oriented talk show hosts who strongly backed Trump (one of them, Alex Jones, was a source for some of Trump’s more outlandish claims–see below) also have supported LaRouche on a number of issues. I would not be surprised if, at some point, we find out that LaRouche’s internet media network did directly influence Trump’s views on NATO, Vladimir Putin, the illegitimacy of the Obama presidency, and the existence of a conspiratorial Jewish elite.

Not to be out-done, Nick Benton throws in his piece on the left / right dichotomy, the “alt right” and ends with a reference to Larouche as a “darling of the the alt-right radio talk show circuit”.  Hard to say — he made a few appearances on Alex Jones.  Jeff Rense, maybe?

It was in the 1970s, during the era of “detente” when the Nixon administration and its Soviet counterparts secretly carved up tasks for defusing the serious civil rights, anti-war and pro-labor social ferment in the U.S., a very stupid move on the U.S.’s part.
The CIA and FBI handled the expansion of the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” counterculture, and the KGB was given license to manipulate the splinter left.
The U.S. saw the KGB plan to turn the left into the right in its interest. Anarcho-hedonists siphoned off political energy with the lure of excessive sexual freedom and religious cults took their share from emotionally weakened youth who’d been cut adrift from their families by their activism.
The KGB and its East German counterpart, the Stasi, zoned in on leftist pro-socialist political groups, including the old Communist Party, U.S.A., an array of Trotskyites and Maoists and remnants of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). As a writer for the Berkeley Barb at the time, I had a front seat witnessing a lot of this.

And then on to Operation Mop-Up, and the left wing alignment to the right wing.  See too, for that matter, the Revolutionary Communist Party on the Boston busing controversy.  (Page 7.  Love the Communists at! — which I mostly know about from reading this book.)

Regarding the antics of Alex Jones and his listenership / following — during the Bush Administration, it would be composed of any number of peoples who’d consider themselves of the “left” — going on, as he did about the “Neo-cons” and George W Bush and the conspiratorial reality of 9/11.  This position could hold through a lot of the Obama Administration, but falls apart when Alex Jones embraces Donald Trump.   [Apparently not to everyone.] (Arguably paying heed to someone who paid attention to him once, and also having the fervent of ).  It is laughable — the name prisonplanet — in endorsing the candidate whose rise to power ensues a rise in prison incarceration — closer to the paranoid fantasy he’s had since the Clinton Administration of building concentration camps in the wild mid-section of America.

But where are we with Larouche now?  Curious to see during the campaign, a member floated by the factnet message board to sell the “Stop the Fascist Trump” line — replete with new Larouche PAC graphics — more confounding than the Obama with Hitler mustache but quite garishly colored.  Nothing more was heard of this campaign.  Was this something to the equivalent of cadres of the old Communist Party trying to divine the Bolshevik Soviet line (such as, oh, anticipating what was happening with the Stalin – Hitler Pact), and so jumping ahead of themselves before the line was revealed to be something else?
They appear to have anticipated the election of Hillary Clinton, and treaded accordingly — going onto Russia TV on election eve with a “pox on both their houses” attitude — and now?

A high-ranking Russian official has said there is a great deal of similarity between US President-elect Donald Trump’s foreign policy approach and that of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, expressing hope that the strained relations between Moscow and Washington would improve.
Mike Billington, a member of the Executive Intelligence Review, said in a Friday interview with Press TV that the US-Russia ties will undoubtedly improve under a Trump presidency, because he has recognized that relations with Moscow are “crucial” for “the future of mankind.”
Billington added that the American people are very united on fundamental issues such as their absolute disgust with perpetual warfare and the threat of a thermonuclear war with Russia.
The analyst further argued that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated in the election because she continued to demonize Russia in her campaign.

AND:  Not just of bilateral, but of global significance,” was the way EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche characterized the first telephone call with Putin and Trump.

For the moment.  Should the Larouche org wish to find some recruits for a new youth movement, there should be a “mass strike” atmosphere they can sell themselves as the fore-gatherers of Rosa Luxemberg for — unless they believe is best tied to align with right-wing formations like the Tea Party.

Webster Tarpley has always had a harder row to hoe.  Being fervently pro-Putin but then having to back the candidate of Russia’s choice which he has to campaign with the left-wing stance of fighting not just Trump’s demagoguery, not just his Fascism, but his Nazi-ism.  And now he has this tweet to offer to guide his future course.

Organic mass leaders let down by #Democrats are invited to contact the #TaxWallStParty to help create a meaningful programmatic opposition

It looks like we will have to look elsewhere for the Trump – Hitler.

For example, a Tea Party rally in San Francisco brings out large numbers of organized Lyndon LaRouche supporters, who carry with them reams of literature and well-rehearsed presentations. No one invited them, but in the American public square there is no way to prevent them from working the crowd. It’s their constitutional right. The public square in America, as Haaretz seems to have forgotten, belongs to everyone.
Moreover, because their message is the most extreme to be found, the media gravitate to the LaRouchies like flies to horse manure. On the evening news, it is the LaRouchies whose message is not only reported, but presented as characterizing the rally.



This public funding program would necessarily be open to any candidates who can meet its minimal requirements,” Von Spakovsky explains. “That includes fringe candidates and even felons. Case in point: The presidential funding program has bankrolled Lyndon LaRouche to the tune of millions of dollars – $ 1.5 million in 2008 alone.

And not to be outdone… When the Larouchies hit Kansas!

Presentations for the day covered numerous topics and issues relevant to independent cattle producers today. Jessica Laurin started off the day with an overview of the Veterinary Feed Directive, followed by an economic update by Bob Baker from the Executive Intelligence Review.