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get the band back together for a benefit?

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

The local news promo tells of a story about a fire at a local high school.  It burnt down the cafeteria, some athletic facilities, and some music facilities.

So we get a quick snippet amongst the “And a community rallies”, and so forth with…

“and a music legend steps in to help.”  It includes stock footage of a vintage rock concert featuring… some band or other.

I await to see who this musical legend is.

And we get, toward the end of the story, “And this has not been confirmed, but Deen Castronovo of the legendary band has offered to step in and donate equipment!”

I pause and recollect.
#1:  That’s random.
#2:  Or, maybe it isn’t.  There has to be a connection between the band member and the school or city, and… apparently he’s an alumnus.
#3:  If not for that connection, my thought is stringing to an old South Park episode where playing at their elementary school… Ronnie James Dio.  Mind you, Ronnie James Dio at a time before a certain rebound takes place.
#4:  Or maybe that certain rebound has taken place with the band Journey, and all the kids sing along with their hits of the 80s.
#5:  When they’re in concert, they’re headlining for Foreigner.  Or is Foreigner headlining for Journey?  Whatever the case, we know White Snake is third on the bill.
#6:  And beyond all this, whatever the role of Journey in anyone and everyone’s lives… one word is tripping me up as a bastardization of the English language.