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stupid questions

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

“Which Tele-tubby are?”
I immediately felt silly for asking.  What other Tele-tubby could he possibly be?”Tinky Winky.”
“That’s right…”
Nobody ever turned Poe or Lala into a gay icon… or gave them individual fame… The only teleubby that’s famous is Tinky Winky.
I also regret not letting him take a picture of him standing next to me…

some radio shock jock’s running in Mississippi

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

A curious question which bugs me about Republican Primary races such as this one.

But Mr. McDaniel was a tad tougher when he hosted a radio talk show. In one broadcast that surfaced Thursday, Mr. McDaniel suggested that he would move to Mexico rather than pay reparations to blacks over slavery, and he referred to Mexican women as “mamacitas.”
In another extended riff, he joked about female wrestlers and spoke with frustration about liberals who he said had denounced Sony for a scene in a PlayStation game in which a white woman was depicted holding down a black woman.
“The world’s gone nuts,” Mr. McDaniel said. “Well, she wasn’t holding down a gay guy.”

Mr. Cochran’s backers have for months tried to portray Mr. McDaniel as the next incarnation of Todd Akin of Missouri, Richard Mourdock of Indiana, Christine O’Donnell of Delaware and Sharron Angle of Nevada, all Senate candidates who beat Republicans favored by the establishment in their primaries only to lose to Democrats in the general election.

And therein lies the question.  Is that the argument?  Don’t nominate this buffoon, because even if you agree with this buffoon a part of the electorate will judge him as a buffoon and let in some Democrat?  Is there any chance that 50 percent plus one of the Republican primary voters would choose to vote against this challenger because they agree he’s “out of bounds”?

Mr. McDaniel has worked hard not to fit the bill, and he has portrayed himself as a Christian and a family man who is flummoxed by modern culture.

And is that a typo?  There might be some decent comedy material to garner from the premise, if you’re writing a sitcom, but otherwise I don’t know why you would want to “portray himself” as “flummoxed by modern culture”.

But in the clip, he asks how a man with a limited knowledge of Spanish would pick up a woman in Mexico. “Cómo está, señorita?” he asks. “What about mamacita? Mamacita works. You say that at the wrong place, the wrong time, you will get beat down.”
“I’m an English-speaking Anglo,” he continued. “I have no idea what it means actually, but I’ve said it a few times, just for, you know, fun. And I think it basically means, ‘Hey, hot mama. You’re a fine looking young thing.’ ”

So he hosted a standard garden variety morning zoo radio fest?

Bottom line, and why I hope the Cochran strategy is based more on “you finding him distasteful” and not “your fellow voters finding him distasteful”…

Cochran supporters have said a McDaniel victory in the Republican primary on June 3 could give an opening to former Representative Travis Childers, who is expected to win the Democratic primary. Mr. Childers won his House seat in a special election in 2008 and was elected to a full term in the Democratic wave that fall, only to be swept out by the Tea Party in 2010.
But even against Mr. McDaniel, a Democrat would have a steep uphill climb. In 2012, President Obama lost the state by 11 percentage points. 

Better than Albert Gore, the last Senate candidate for the state, but I’m afraid the problem lies less in bridging the 11 percent gap (kind of did something like that in Indiana) and in the very much race-based stratification of the vote.  So… ratchet to the right, always ratchet to the right, and then… ?

CBS prepares to nuke Nebraska

Friday, April 11th, 2014

War in the east,  War in the west,  War up north,  War down south,
There is war,  And the rumors of war.
Until that day,  There is no continent, Which will know peace.

Or so goes the Bob Marley Song, made famous again by Sinead O’Connor… and…


“CBS has just declared war on the heartland of America,” Limbaugh fumed. “No longer is comedy going to be a covert assault on traditional American values, conservatism. Now it’s just wide out in the open. What this hire means is a redefinition of what is funny, and a redefinition of what is comedy. They’re blowing up the 11:30 format… they hired a partisan, so-called comedian, to run a comedy show.”

No longer is comedy going to be a covert assault?

Redefinition of what is comedy.

Interesting to note that one poll showing a large swarth of “conservatives” irony detector not working when viewing Stephen Colbert.  In a previous declaration of war against the “heartland of America”, polls showed people having no problem with the opinions expressed by Archie Bunker.

It is interesting to note that in the same way that Jon Stewart replaced Craig Kilbourne to do the same show, in theory someone could replace “Stephen Colbert” to do the same show.

grude match pitting Peter Defazio and Doc Hastings

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Hm.  Let’s go to newsmax for this particular story.  Might find the comments in the “bottom half of the Internet” amusing.  (Though, it looks like no… just a quick snip at Obama similar to the old story about naming some sewage system near San Francisco after Bush)

Republican Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada is pushing a bill that would name a part of Frenchman Mountain, located just east of Las Vegas, after the nation’s 40th president.
The House Natural Resources Committee approved Heck’s bill by voice vote Wednesday, but not before some Democrats on the committee had fun with the issue.
Democratic Rep. Pete DeFazio of Oregon said a more fitting tribute would be to name Yucca Mountain after Reagan. Steps taken to develop Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository accelerated during Reagan’s presidency. Nevadans are overwhelmingly opposed to the proposed waste repository and members of the state’s congressional delegation have worked diligently to kill it.
“If we were going to name something after the president, it ought to be something that actually had to do with the president’s service in office, and something the president supported that was extraordinarily significant to the state of Nevada,” DeFazio said.
Rep. Jared Huffman, D-Calif., said he thought DeFazio’s amendment was “terrific” but wanted to take it a step further and name the planet after Reagan.
“We may want to consider going big with this Reagan-naming enthusiasm,” Huffman said. “I’m beginning to see some possibilities in this.”
Huffman said his reasoning was that if the planet were named after Reagan, then Republicans might be more concerned with taking up legislation dealing with global warming.
Republican members of the committee played along.
“If the gentleman would introduce legislation, I would guarantee that he’ll have a hearing on that bill,” said Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., the chairman, in response to Huffman’s idea for renaming the earth.
The committee then rejected DeFazio’s amendment and went on to pass the bill.

“Looks like those clowns in Congress did it again.  What a bunch of clowns.”


If the Republicans win the Senate, their bill just might pass.
Also… it’s notable a dwarf planet to Pluto was just named after Biden.

when the fbi visits, who do you turn to to get the word out?

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Not entirely sure what to make of this story, as when I google the name “Justin Hallman”, I can’t find it off of the axis of Russia TV / Alex Jones infowars / Ron Paul fan pages / Justin Hallman sites.

Except about here

I thought the whole thing was remarkable, myself.
As in, remarkably lame.
If I were the teacher, that video would have gotten a gentleman’s C at best, and not even because I think Ron Paul is as sharp as a pound of wet liver. I just thought it was a silly mess of a video.

Yeah.  It got an A, suckers.

So, the FBI is doing some talent scouting, claims this 16 year old, and has picked him up off a youtube video where he dismounts on the Illuminati, Occupy, and Ron Paul.

Hallman says the meeting wasn’t an informal chat, either, but even involved a proposition. According to the high-schooler, the FBIs attempted to recruit Hallman as an undercover source to scoop up more information on Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street.
“They wanted me to be an informant, to possibly put my life in danger, to help them arrest and gain intel on occupy protesters and hackers,” Hallman says in the email.

Still, I guess when you have a scoop like this, you have to bypass the traditional media  (Note today’s Oregonian has on its front page a giant non-infographic of an unlocked lock made up of 1s and 0s to demonstrate —???)

He can relax now, I am sure NSA will recruit him when turning 18, sure they pay good money, money he wont refuse, smart kids, they always hire them…

Nah.  The Kid’s never gonna sell out his principles.

One more note, the ad on the side at the RT report
grocerystoresfearhimwhy  Are Grocery Stores the only ones who fear him?




the new Oregonian: not just the death of print, but the death of News

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Pondering the new Oregonian…

On the second page, there’s a story at the bottom which tells the results of an incredibly meaningless online poll of politicians.  Apparently some GOP figures polled ahead of other politicians because of some mild online activism.

The poll doesn’t relate to how they might do in any election, mind you.  But it is indicative of the new approach of the Oregonian of “online first”, and “everyone get stuff online all the time”, and then we’ll wrap it up in the print edition.

Which the paper is “Proud Of”…

And the Beat goes on.

all about the hanford dump

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Thoughts on this?   Leaving aside the issue of politicians’ hypocrisy and whatnot…

U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings’ Central Washington district received the most federal money from the 2009 stimulus act, snagging more than 500 times as much per resident than the bottom-ranked district of former Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York.
That’s the conclusion by three economists released Thursday by The Brookings Institution who tracked how $308 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was dispersed around the nation.
But the paper says Hastings’ 4th District includes Spokane. Spokane is actually represented by Hastings’ fellow Republican, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
Ethan Kaplan, a economist at the University of Maryland and one of the paper’s three authors, said Friday the mistake was only a descriptive error and did not alter the study’s findings.

It’s like, I say when I’m from Eastern Washington, and everyone always says “Spokane?”  And the goddamned Brookings Institution does the same damned thing!

Kinky Friedman versus Kesha Rogers

Monday, April 7th, 2014

An interesting look at how the Texas Democratic party is handling the two problematic run-offs … one being David M. Alameel versus Kesha Roers for their Senate nomination, the other being Paul Hogan versus Kinky Friedman for Agriculture Commission.

We see here Upshur County – sitting with a small county party and horrible returns in the primary, are backing with a gasp of “god help us” Kinky Friedman and then pointedly rejecting Kesha Rogers.  A reluctant acceptance of one candidate, who came in second in the primary, and the other they won’t touch with a ten foot pole.


When a senior Democratic Senator, Diane [sic] Feinstein, goes after Obama on the floor of the Senate for interfering with her committee’s investigation of Dick Cheney’s torture program, one has to wonder, who or what, is Obama really supporting? Will the Texas Democratic Party now attack Feinstein as ‘not a real Democrat’?

The answer is no.

All of which gets us to perhaps the stupidest fact check — KESHA ROGERS IS TOO A DEMOCRAT– since… maybe since uncovering that Chris Christie lied about Scooby Doo.  Yes.  Kesha Rogers meets the technical definition of being a member of the Democratic Party, which roughly means that she checked the line for “Democratic Party” on her registration form.  What the hell is this fact check?  Look, leaving aside the Larouche factor, charges of “Not a real Democrat” or “Not a Real Republican” are pretty boilerplate in party primary campaigns.  The Republican Incumbent just beat back the charge of “RINO” — Republican in Name Only — from a cartoonish congressman with a cartoonist definition of what it means to be a “Real” member of his party.  But such thing have to be brushed back … David Alameel … not my preference on the list of candidates, but has to be your preference now.

The Dallas Democratic Party tweeted today, “We hear Kesha Rogers is in town today. Friends don’t let friends vote Kesha Rogers in the Primary Runoff.”
Do we really want this ‘nut’ in the Senate? Texan voters…S.O.S…

Finally.  A lingering question I’ve had on the big Democratic Party primary … how did Kesha Rogers do in her home base, the county where she won two congressional nominations?  The answer is… not all that much better than statewide

The main conclusion I’d draw from this is that people seem to have gotten the message about Kesha Rogers. None of the districts had any surprises. Even in the African-American districts, where one might be concerned that Roger’s name could earn her some votes in a low-information race, she scored only 27%, not much higher than her 20% overall. Straight up against David Alameel, she got about 35% in the African-American districts. I was already feeling pretty good about the runoff, and the data here reinforce that.

Cool!  (More impressed is this person than both I and he.)
So, if it’s not Harris County… just is where “Kesha Rogers County” in Texas?  She’s moving around the boondocks

Rogers spent the day Friday on Judson Road near Burlington Coat Factory raising awareness of her campaign and talking to voters — many of whom pulled over because of photos bearing the image of Obama with a mustache much like the one warn by the German dictator Adolf Hitler. (As opposed the mustache warn by late 18th century Austrian explorer Adolf Hitler?)[…]
Among Gregg County Democrats, Rogers pulled in 49 percent of the vote. In Harrison County, her “Impeach Obama” campaign attracted 41.68 percent of the Democratic primary vote. She secured 31 percent in Smith County, 23 percent in Upshur County and 25 percent in Rusk County.
And what crowds!
After standing on the roadside, Rogers met with about eight supporters in Panera Bread for an informal meeting.
It was not attended by any leadership of the Gregg County Democratic party, a trend Rogers has seen commonly across the state.
Too busy meeting with Kinky Friedman.

Kesha Rogers, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. John Cornyn, will meet with supporters today at Panera Bread in Longview.

Democratic outsider seeks FDR, JFK role in leadership“… The march from FDR to JFK continues apace.  Ignoring the history, making up your own.  And so too we continue the march into right wing radio, whose predecessors would have been joining in with Larouche to assail JFK…   Is Mark Dankof’s America YOUR America?  Probably not.

And here’s your disappointing Democratic Representative of the Moment:

 Lauren Roblez, a senior political science major from Midland and president of TSD, said the candidate running for U.S. Senate supported by the LaRouche group, Kesha Rogers, is not at all a representation of the Democratic Party.
“The group runs their candidates under the Democrats,” she said. “Kesha Rogers is part of this leftist organization that wants to impeach Obama, that’s, like, their main priority. They want to bring back JFK style policies. The National Democratic Party does not affiliate themselves with the LaRouche candidates.”
This is like a representative of the parodic view of Democratic opposition to the Kesha Rogers candidacy.  “Bring back JFK style policies”… uh huh.

“And you’re saying that President Obama is moving at the direction of the British,” said Rabb.  “Yes, he supports that,” said Rogers.
Words fail.

OK, I can listen to Kesha a lot longer than I can listen to you know who but she does come back to British Imperialism and didn’t she mention the truth about 9/11? I did not know that Larouchians are also Truthers (or is that optional?) I will take Ms. Rogers over the current batch of extremists who haunt the Democratic Party but I think she would wear thin quickly.

Meanwhile, in Illinois… with 435 Congressional districts, and a lot of one party districts, we will end up with congressional candidates from the major parties like this one (and for that matter Kesha Rogers — differing interpretation that that seen by global research), which will result in some schadenfreude.  Meet Susanne Atanus, candidate in Illinois.  The schadenfreude (response to this schadenfreude) is a tad misplaced, as explained here.

The party spotted the problem with Atanus and tried to denounce her, just as the Texas Democrats tried to keep LaRouche cultist Kesha Rogers out of the runoff in this year’s Senate race. They failed.
Ed Kilgore, responding to some of this, makes the right point.
There are so many GOP elected officials and major candidates for office espousing such views that who needs to run the risk of being accused of inflating a marginal wingnut?

Meanwhile, the other big “fact check” in the campaign contest… Kesha Rogers’s is pumping up Alameel’s Republican background, factcheck cries out.  It’s in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

Onto the Jeff Rense Show, and not taking the particular gripe of this person too seriously (Larouche is a disinformationalist agent for the Zionist Conspiracy), still worthwhile this analysis of things said.

8m – Claims Cheney covered up 9/11 that Saudis did with British backing
20m – Said European Union is a colony of the British Empire
28m – Said the only thing stopping Obama going to thermonuclear war are generals around him
29m – Rense asked about Biden taking over, but LaRouche said forget about him, it goes beyond personality
31m – Says the British Empire is the new Roman Empire – says it was designated so when we (U.S.) went to war against them
32m – Said it’s a fact that most U.S. presidents were agents of the British Empire
33m – Said President Wilson was a wild Ku Klux Klaner
34m – Said FDR was a good president
38m – Said we can defeat long period of death of civilization if we pass Glass-Steagall and have a thermonuclear fusion project

Yeah, well… we also see this from Henry Makow
According to a report by Lyndon Larouche’s Executive Intelligence Review, the ADL is a lobbying and intelligence arm of the Rothschilds. THE HOLOMODOR (LITERALLY “KILLING BY HUNGER”).
Big figures in Jeff Rense’s universe.  (And then there’s this  response.)
Larouche and David Chase Taylor from truther should be sent off to a deserted island and both could try to scare each other day night with their ridiculous theories.

It is amusing the generational churning… see FDR turning into JFK.  Everything goes to pot no longer with Roosevelt’s death and the rise of Truman over Wallace, but with Kennedy’s death and…

Join Jason Hartman for an interesting interview with Harley Schlanger, the Western States Bureau Chief for the controversial and interesting LaRouche Pac. Harley defines the purpose of LaRouche Pac, describing it as based on the intersection of philosophy, history and science, looking at economics as physical processes and not just monetary. Lyndon LaRouche stands for a sovereign state in the United States and has been warning of the smoke and mirrors politics that have been going on since the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Lyndon Larouche hated Kennedy in the 1970s.  I don’t know when he started hating Bertrand Russell.

Harley Schlanger… also on Dr. Deagal.   2014/03/26…  As he was in February when this was posted
It does sadden me though when Mr. Larouche calls for Rand Paul to be thrown out of office over his statements on Bill Clinton. We need all these different groups to unite to combat the autocrats.

ITEM NUMBER THREE: Diane Sare kicks off new run.

In the 5th District, seven-term U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett will run unopposed in the Republican primary and face one of two Bergen County Democrats in Roy Cho or Diane Sare in the Nov. 4 general election.

Well… she can’t poll much worse than she did in her 2011 gubernatorial bid.  It is a horribly corrupt state… she has things to work with… too bad the message gets entangled in with some British Alliance.

The big question… will Diane Sare snag the big “Mark Quick” endorsement for the third straight campaign cycle?


Rodina co-founder and Rogozin’s erstwhile rival for its leadership, Sergei Glazyev, most recently served as Putin’s man in charge of developing the Customs Union—the alliance with Kazakhstan and Belarus that was also to include Ukraine. Like Rogozin, Glazyev has attracted the sympathetic attention of far-right kooks in the Unites States—in this case, Lyndon LaRouche: in 1999, LaRouche Books published an English translation of Glazyev’s book, “Genocide: Russia and the New World Order,” with a foreword by LaRouche himself.
But Rogozin and Glazyev are mere peons compared to self-style “traditionalist” intellectual Alexander Dugin, a writer and professor at Moscow State University. In his New Republic article, Snyder identifies Dugin—“an actual fascist”—as “the founder of the Eurasian movement,” the ideology that provides the foundation for Russia’s expansion into Ukraine.

So, here be the news…
West bans Russia over own economic woes: Analyst
Mark Billington.
EU bans on Russia fuel tension in Ukraine: Analyst Bill Jones, with the Executive Intelligence Review from Washington, 

Lawrence Freeman on “Exclusive Interview” with Lawrence Freeman.  He ponders on the role of George Soros in geopolitics…
Michael Billington ‘Western policies may lead to thermonuclear war’
European nations and US are in the worst financial collapse in the history – political analyst  as   The Voice of Russia talked to Lawrence Freeman, Executive Intelligence Review magazine African Desk
Cheney pushing for regime change in Iran: Jeff Steinberg.  (Blink.  Who cares?)

Turkey ups support for militants as Syria forces make new gains.  Bill Jones made the remarks during an interview with Press TV on Tuesday.
“US Destabalizing World” says Lawrence Freeman.
The Citizens Electoral Council continues to make friends and influence.
I got a “newspaper” in the mailbox yesterday from the Citizens (sic) Electoral Council of Australia. It’s a real hoot. The headline is “World Financial Collapse Looms, British Empire Prepares Nuclear War”.
It’s very similar to the wonderful US paper, The Weekly World News, my favourite headline from which is “Man Goes to Hospital For Nose Job, Comes Out With Pelican Beak”.
There needs to be more of this.
My wife looked at me like I’d grown a second head, as I laughed along with a narrative that detailed CEC’s “blowing the lid off” an global conspiracy to pass legislation allowing banks to steal money from people’s bank accounts, ah la the Cyprus bank levy that was mooted in May 2012, and managed to finish at the reason for this mad plan was that the British Crown had “invariably under a ‘green’ cover” proclaimed its intent to reduce the worlds population from 7 billion to 1 billion. Evidence offered to support the claim was the aims to eliminate the Murray Darling Basin food bowl and Australian agriculture generally.
Epic Derp. Great stuff.
Would be more hilarious if they didn’t get 10,400 FIRST PREFERENCES for House of Reps seats in the 2013 election.
Cover price was $2 – who in their right mind pays for this?!
got one yesterday.
Apparently the revolt in the Ukraine against the corrupt psychopaths was carried out by Nazis with the support of Western Europe.
Meanwhile, apparently we’re on the verge of nuclear armageddon, and the CEC has maps showing where the Chinese nukes are going to land.
I made a special trip to the recycling bin to get rid of it.
Nawww. So I should’ve have thrown it out?
I saw the headline on the front page about the Nazi take over of Ukrained and chucked them BOTH in the recycle bin – yes, I got 2 of them!
Indeedy doody. It’s interesting to see that there are some of them in Australia. I suspect that they might be the loonies putting up the chemtrails posters.
Let this be an object lesson for all of us in why school funding needs to be increased.



Cliff Kincaid does it again!  He attaches the drive to legalize marijuana to a half-assed assassination murmur  to Alex Jones to Webster Tarpley to Lyndon Larouche … and… hm.  You know… the first time I noted Cliff Kincaid in a focus on Alex Jones, when he attached him to Lyndon Larouche through Webster Tarpley, there was a reason to include the “Webster Tarpley” dot… Larouche had not been on the show a frequent guest yet.  That’s changed… No reason to bring Webster Tarpley into the picture at all anymore.

In other randomness:  Silver bugs? Conspiracy theories? Pope and Mafia? Starting to sound like Lyndon LaRouche.

 Lyndon LaRouche discusses the likely “Asian 9/11″ plot behind the missing Malaysian flight 370… Only a little sillier than what’s been postulated in the hours of meanderings on CNN, I suppose.  LaRouche: Malaysia Air 370 Likely a British-Saudi “9/11 for Asia”… Then again, maybe not.


Read Larouche’s homework from 1939.  Well… why not?

Penned by Lyndon Larouche… some fantasy fiction and recent history ret-conning…
Some years back, former President Bill Clinton had urged me to assist John F. Kerry’s effort to win the U.S. Presidency; but, by October of that election year, I had begun to deeply regret that venture.
And yet right up to the election day, there they were… blaming Bush for vaccine shortages… and indeed right past the election day, there they were… urging John Conyers on in the whole “Recount” issue.
And etc.


crazy tourists from back east

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

“Walla Walla?”
“We should go to Walla Walla!”
“Where’ Walla Walla?”
“Oh, Eastern Oregon.”
“What’s in Walla Walla?”
“I just want to go because of the name.  Hey!  There’s  a Boring, Oregon!”
“Huh?  Is it dull?”
“It’s like all of Eastern Oregon.  We passed a sign … ‘Taxes Paying for Your Abortions’.  And…”
“Oh, Weed.  Everyone goes there just to get that ‘High On Weed’ shirt.