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Will Kesha Rogers Kick Ass, or Get Her Ass Kicked?

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Figure out yourself the latest Kesha Rogers wikipedia page edit.

Tuesday is Primary Election Day in Texas, and the main statewide primaries are pretty well settled.  The Republicans have Greg Abbott, the Democrats have Wendy Davis for Governor.  On the Republican side of the Senate race, John Cornyn has easily withstood a Tea Party challenge from some wacky Republican Congress critter who has amused liberal bloggers for a while now, and who won’t have him to kick around anymore.

This leaves the Democrat’s Senatorial bid.  David Alameel and Kesha Rogers are favored to go one or two, with Alameel the putative Democratic establishment pick amongst a bunch of other “no names” by simple dent of being a self funder.  And so the thing we’re looking for as Tuesday’s election results come in.


Six possibilities.
Kesha Rogers Kicks Ass if one of the following three happen:#1:  Kesha Rogers wins 50 percent plus 1.  She is now the Demcoratic nominee, dragging down Wendy Davis’s already dicey chances.  We’ll have her to kick around until November.  To jump around various radio stations with the name “Freedom” in it, some Tea Party groups, and various supermarket parking lots.  And herein lay one question I have:  Will a nomination finally get Kesha Rogers onto the Alex Jones show, or is this just reserved for Lyndon Larouche?
It is the thing that… I doubt they can persuade (that’s not what they do) enough voters to support a millionaire dentist from Dallas named Alameel.
#2:  Asteroid strikes Earth, ending life as we know it, and thermonuclear war breaks out, all proving Lyndon Larouche was Right.
#3:  Rogers wins 50 percent minus 1, and comes in first, setting up a run-off against — probably Alameel — and now the Texas Democratic Party has to be a little more nervous than if…

Kesha Rogers Gets Her Ass Kicked if…

#4:  Kesha Rogers comes in second with Ahmeel (probably) coming in with 50 percent minus 1.  The difference between numbers 3 and 4 are largely psychological, but my gauge on Kesha Roger’s chances of winning a run-off are that it hinges on those fears of “Republican cross-overs” in what is apparently a semi-open process… since there is no major Republican statewide primary race that’s close, there might be a smidgeon of “dirty trick” minded voters, in addition to a smaller smidgeon attracted to that whole “Impeachment Crazy” thing.  My confidence on the improbability of this concern actually happening rises as Ahmeel approaches 50 and Rogers slings downward.

Well, as long as she doesn’t crack 50%, I’d suggest we all remain calm. For all its constraints and limitations, the state Democratic Party has managed to get the nominees it has wanted in the last three Senate primaries.

#5:  Ahmeel wins 50 percent plus one.  Ladies and gentlemen, your self-funded Democratic loser in November.  On the night after the election, the Rogers Campaign and the Larouche Movement blame “Voter Fraud” or something of the sort ala “The Boston Vault” which supposedly torpoedoed Rachel Brown’s primary campaign against Barney Frank.  But then She moves on to one or more silly debate disruption movements, but nothing more.
It is the thing that… “That poll was, to put it bluntly, nonsense,” a spokesperson for Alameel’s campaign,Suzie Dundas, told The Hill. “Our internal results are showing us doing very well.”  May turn out to be much ado about nothing, and the poll that spawned the bit of hysteria is a little curious and caveat filled.

#6:  Ahmeel wins 50 percent minus one, one of the other candidates comes in second, Rogers drops to third or worst.  This is actually the best option, I think, as it will suggest that attention paid to Rogers by the media and Party actually had an affect in ruining “Kesha Rogers Mania”, waking up a sleeper of a situation.  And it’d set up a decent primary where the voters get to decide what they want representing their party.  My best guess on the outcome, however, is number 4, though I wouldn’t be surprised at #3… meaning we’d have Kesha Rogers to kick around a bit more.

There are STILL LaRouchies around?!? My skin just started crawling!

Hm… “The Texas Democratic party 30 years ago was directly in line with what Kesha stands for,” Overton said.
Rick Perry was a Democrat back then.  And Lloyd Bentsen was Senator.    So there you go, Larouche is Rick Perry / Lloyd Bentsen Democrat, according to Larouche / Kesha Rogers figurehead Ian Overton.

spotting the media bias

Saturday, March 1st, 2014


timemagazinecoderedcover   The Right Wing is going to accuse Time Magazine of “Liberal Bias” for having a cover story suggesting that the “nightmare” of Healthcare dot gov is getting “fixed”, with a glossy personal story about the team coming to rescue to save it.

The bias I spot here is the same as the ever was… in the past, seen in the tendency for the news magazine to throw out a bunch of white background… but it works with any color, see here… red.  Catches your eye on the new-stand or computer screen.  And it gets more and more irritating.

Then again, they may be suggesting that the Obama Administration is all a bunch of Commies.  So goes Time Magazine’s right wing bias.  Turning into Fox News.