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my little pony and its fanbase of male geeks

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

My Little Pony has a male fanbase.

Makes some sense.  Supposedly the GI Joe was created by a man who feared little boys were secretly playing with their sister’s Barbie Dolls.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Bronies are not gay. One might be hard-pressed, sure, when seeing college-age guys wearing pink wigs and furry faux tails walking into a convention center—as this writer saw, outside what turned out to be BronyCon 2013 in Baltimore, an event that drew over 12,000 people—not to look for some LGBT connection. But the vast majority of them are indeed heterosexual, according to scientific studies of the fandom. (Yes, there are major Brony studies, but more on that later.)

The gay thing would be easier to take for… this, I suppose…

Some among the Internet mom squad reacted too, the mental juxtaposition of their six-year-olds sharing a giggly fondness for Princess Celestia—Alicorn pony and co-ruler of the kingdom of Equestria—with an equally arduous 22-year-old bearded man being too weird to take.

The Ponies?

“If you just stripped the ‘My Little’ off it and just called it ‘the Ponies,’ it would be even more successful,” he said. “It’s kind of like watching a Pixar movie, in that it’s got humor for adults, and morals in the stories that a kid can understand. And a lot of throwback to old movies like ‘Star Wars’.”

And three two one…

Some say it’s a trend toward “neo-sincerity,” he observes—a post-ironical appreciation for things because of their purity, even sentimentality, because it feels good. In 1993, author David Foster Wallace described the ethos in part as arising from those “who eschew self-consciousness and hip fatigue.” MLP provides life-lessons, humor, and great animation. So just enjoy it.

Can one ironically appreciate neo-sincerity?

The comments section gets us into the problem of stunted adolescence and how this is works with Obamacare and (oddly enough, considering the nature of the magazine’s isolationist Conservatism) a lack of a military draft.

Is the audience mostly male, or is it just that the hardcore interactive fandom is? I’m certain that there are plenty of fans in the target demographic (5-11 year old girls), it’s just that kids that age do not usually create cross-country organized communities.

Isn’t the Internet changing that?

This is about the most extreme indication of the decline of Western Civilization that I can think of. I can only hope that the devotee who claims to be a Naval Officer, and the devotee who claims a Drill Sergeant is a fellow devotee, are both lying. Another depressing thing is that there are so few dissenting voices in this thread; I think most of the few conservatives around here were so repulsed by this article that they didn’t want to associate with it to the extent of even clicking on it.n


What is truly odd, troubling and creepy is the small-c conservative fandom surrounding Ayn Rand: a hateful shrew who was a militantly anti-Christian atheist, died a lonely woman, and was buried in a casket emblazoned with a dollar sign. Yet no so much fanlove for C.S. Lewis–a devout Christian and writer of many fine ‘children’s’ books, who penned these oft-misquoted words:

Yes.  My Little Pony is the new CS Lewis.

Chris Christie and a bridge

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Chris Christie is someone I can never quite pull the lever on for “Never Going to Be President”.  Oh, I can list the reasons he can’t.  And we can see the way his political virtue will prove to be a double edged sword, and what his downfall will be.  It’s always been a question of when that will happen, and if there would be enough of it to fall out before an election.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

And currently we see this classic image motif in the media.  The photograph of the politician.  Under Fire.  Close up at his press conference.  Lips tightly parsed.  In the middle of some serious shifting of speech.   This image is next to either a bullet point of various messages, a time line of events, or a pull quote.  And the pull quote that jumps out at me here is…

“Christie: ‘I Am Not A Bully”…

Memo to all politicians under fire: do not use this sentence construction.  You are evoking Richard Nixon.  You do not want to evoke Richard Nixon.  (Unless maybe you do?)

Leaf through the letters section of the major national papers.   Two classic tropes jump out… One:

The medium more interesting than the message.
Once again, a prominent political figure and his staff are undone by malfeasance revealed by email. It is unbelievable to me that in today’s sophisticated social media world, people still believe that they can safely communicate — especially when plotting mayhem — over the Internet. Perhaps the real scandal here is in the shared stupidity of the “Bridgegate” gang.

No, sorry.  Too clever by half.  The real scandal is the scandal.  If they were able to hide it better that would be a kind of “hm”.

And then there’s the “Equivalence” or “Realpolitik at work”:

Isn’t this the way of politics: reward friends and punish enemies? It’s old hat, whether it be a New Jersey governor or the president of the United States, who has been known to hand out plum ambassadorships and other goodies to top fund-raisers, while perhaps using the Internal Revenue Service as his bludgeon on political foes, as some Republican critics have charged. That’s how the world works. Are you shocked? Is anyone?

He hedges a bit here with the “IRS-gate”, perhaps not knowing if he should admit there was no there there.  The ambassadorships line is a little amusing.

Of course, the other two reasons Chris Christie might not be President — Henry Kissinger tried to push him to run in 2012, and since when is Henry Kissinger a King maker? … and … Republicans blame him for Obama winning because he was overly complimentary to him during Hurricane Sandy.

One text message sent to Wildstein on the day of the lane closures referenced mass school bus delays. “Is it wrong that I’m smiling?” the message read.
“No,” Wildstein wrote.
“I feel badly about the kids. I guess,” the person, who is unidentified, texted back.
Wildstein replied, “They are the children of Buono voters.”

Funny thing:  There weren’t all that many Buono voters.  Which is one of the ways this was an especially amazingly petty act.  (Not that a close race would make it psychologically more sensical.)  Then again… what the hell was Nixon doing with George McGovern with Watergate?

No more Elizabeth Cheneys

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

What went wrong in the Elizabeth Cheney for Senate campaign.

A strange request for Elizabeth Cheney to now take the Conservative Lead on Gay Marriage, and thus… ur… disassociate herself from Conservatism as it exists in the Wyoming Primary Candidacy she just attempted?

What does this mean?

It means about the only major Primary contest against an incumbent Republican Senator that’s bringing out some weird entertainment value is Steve Stockman taking on John Cornyn in Texas.  And here’s what we’re getting from that one.

“John Cornyn is using a shell group to spend amnesty cash to demonstrably lie about Steve Stockman,” said Ferguson. “It’s exactly the same thing they did to Ted Cruz.”

There’s such a thing as “Amnesty Cash”?
Basically we’re going to be seeing Steve Stockman buzz flash the terms “Ted Cruz” and “amnesty” for Pavlovian response.

chilling look at things to come

Monday, January 6th, 2014
Item number one:  2014 Prediction:
Lyndon Larouche will die.  This will result in a pretty massive shake-up in the organization, where the bulk will decided to carry on while disassociating themselves from the publicly disreputable figure of Lyndon Larouche.  Thus will be born the La Moose Movement.
Kesha Rogers will shock the political establishment by winning the Democratic nomination and than the general election for Texas governorship, (after making a last minute decision to switch races) drawing a coalition from equal parts Occupy Movement and Tea Party movement, and a contingency of Theodore Roosevelt enthusiasts.
She will immediately be considered possible presidential timber, as she wins mass public approval by following La Moosian principles.  Eventually, Hillary Clinton — seeing her as her only threat for stopping her mad rush to the White House — will buy her out of running for office by agreeing to run on a program of Moon colonies and Glass Steagall.
The one possible blemish of Governor Rogers’s record will come when she corroborate and pushes the Obama Administration to implement a Waco style assault on a bizarre sectarian political cult in rural Texas, which had come to issue increasingly alarmist and assaultive Apocalyptic missives.  The assault will be highly controversial, and will push the likes of radio host Alex Jones to issue a clarion for Americans to arm themselves and prepare for the Final Battle against the One World Government, but most Americans will decide the assault was a necessary, if sad, evil, and any political figure in Texas who tries to make political hay about the attack ends up coming across as shrill and catering to extremists.
Upon further review, the apocalyptic missives will turn out to just be re-hashings of old Larouche pronouncements.
See by brodrik94 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:53 amLyndon LaRouche has issued a pointed warning: The final collapse of the comprehensive worldwide monetary method is just months away, and the window is quickly closing on the final, greatest chance to avert a international plunge into a Dark Age that will make Europe?s plunge in the 14th Century look mild by comparison.
See amusingly…  1. There is no Weather Underground. They are defunct. Your comparison is like asking which is worse…The LaRouche Campaign (also defunct) or the Tea Party.
Heh.  There will be no challenge to Hitlary from the middle as there is no middle any more. Any attack from the left will have to be so far out that they will look silly…like a LaRouche…though Bloomberg might register as a democrat for a run….
Item number two:  JFK Assassination — the Freemason Connection, as exposed by the Larouche Movement.
The Super Crook of the Masons, now burried in a wall of the DC Mason Temple. It appears he started the KKK, and JFK was trying to put an end to KKK type problems in the South with Federal Troops sent into places.
Corrupt General Walker was fighting JFK on these matters, along with his corrupt Ala. Governor Wallace.
Even HL Hunt promoting George Wallace and Curtis LeMay about a week before JFK came to Dallas.
During the 1992 presidential campaign, Lyndon H. LaRouche and his vice presidential running mate, the Reverend James Bevel, launched a mobilization to remove the statue of General Albert Pike from Washington, D.C.’s Judiciary Square. On February 1, the campaign drew an angry attack from freemasonic leader C. Fred Kleinknecht, who attempted to defend both Pike and the Ku Klux Klan from LaRouche and Bevel’s attack.
This one comes back every so often.
Item number 3...  And it is… Press TV.
West interruption of Africa, doctrine of genocide: L. Freeman

Otherwise don’t complain when a LaRouche PAC member is the only person posting usable information about the Volcker Rule. Top.
Harley Schlanger on the SGT Report.  The debate this is sparking.
also agree with what he said about the fact that the American People have to be the ones to deal with Obama and bring him down. Any military take over would be a complete disaster. It would lead to a definite civil war, and huge loss of life. History is full of too many examples of why this is a bad idea. Our military is no longer our “Military”. We have a military industrial complex and a group of banksters controlling the military.
.A younger generation now carries the torch of anti-collectivism forward. It
was young acolytes of right-wing fanatic Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. who created
those Town Hall protest placard images of Obama morphed into a Hitler avatar
with a little extra mustache and hair. The irony here is that LaRouche is an
actual neofascist who has spent his career calling everyone he despises a
fascist. LaRouche has more pages of content on Wikipedia than most U.S.
Presidents; and fanatic fans spent years trying to keep the term “fascist”
off of LaRouche’s main entry.
Item number 4... factnet review of a laouche clip
The Larouche/Jason Ross video clip is simply astounding to watch.
Jason gives an impassioned 4 + minute intro about grain shortages for Larouche to enter and resolve for the universe. For the first next 40 or so seconds you will hear Larouche build up to mass death and chaos. In WTF moment, Larouche seems completely oblivious to whatever Jason was doing and now has to tame the Solar System. This is comedy gold with poor Jason and Grandpa Simpson er Larouche. The camera pans back and we see Jason sitting as Larouche looks down and at Jason .

Barbara Boyd’s corgi has more freedom than Jason Ross at this stage of his life.
I found that clip by accident after my local paper had a business section blurb about the record wheat harvest. I googled Larouche and food shortages and out of a bunch of choices, I clicked that one on. I really was looking for him to go off on food harvest shortfalls as he does every year.

Item number five... PO Tour

Dateline Canton  In Canton, I twice accosted Lyndon LaRouche people outside of the post office after they shrieked some nonsense about Obama, and I told them they should be ashamed of themselves for having posters of the president doctored with a Hitler-like mustache. Freedom of speech is paramount—but so is human decency. Both times the young woman at the LaRouche table turned into a blubbering mess.

Dateline Venice

Venice Mayor John Holic said the group did not require city permission to demonstrate as long as it was not blocking the right of way. But because the LaRouche backers set up a table to gather signatures, a permit may have been required. Holic was checking with the city’s code officers.
The mayor said he did not condone how the group delivered its message.
“I was very much an activist myself in college,” he said. “But I think you can get your message across without disrespect. This is disrespecting not only the president, but also the office of the presidency of our nation. That kind of approach does nothing to help deal with the real issues we face.”
[…] Jim Stalnaker, a supervisor of a Venice medical lab, also joined the cause.
“I’m against the policies of the current president,” Stalnaker said. “I think Obama is going to influence my job and my family’s health in a bad way. His executive orders are what I don’t like. He chooses to change or amend laws whenever he feels like it.”

Dateline Bonifay

Signs with President Barack Obama’s image marked with a Hitler mustache and insisting on his impeachment garnered a lot of attention as representatives from LaRouche Political Action Committee positioned themselves on the corner of State Road 79 and State Road 90 on Dec. 11 to rally supporters in favor of their campaign to impeach the president.
“The Obama administration is supporting the most criminal institution in the world,” said Rick Lopez, Political Consultant with LaRouche PAC. “His agenda is to cripple America. His agenda must be stopped; he must be stopped.”
Lopez said Bonifay was on of many stops on their nation-wide campaign.
Why is the comment section on the Nativity article disabled. I don’t know what is more stupid, his actions or his excuse. This clown should be fired

Dateline DC:

Ah, they’re just modeling the look they think we all should have.
I’ve had some contact with people like this. We use the same language, same words. But the meaning we attach to those words, and the assumptions that accompany the meanings, are quite alien to me . I’ve tried to understand, but I obviously have a mental defect that prevents that.

Dateline Seattle
I asked one of them “so, what’s up with the signs?” “We want to impeach Obama for being like Hitler”, the young man answered. That was rather obvious. But I figured they were saying the Obama Administration has totalitarian policies. So I asked “how is Obama totalitarian? Does he put big blimps up in the air with a picture of himself that say ‘Obama is watching you’? Does he put the same picture in public buildings and whenever you walk by, the eyes follow you?” More relevant to Hitler and the Nazi Party, is Obama trying to build a master race of half-Kenyans as part of a eugenics campaign?  […]
I am not an Obama supporter (I voted for Jill Stein back in November, 2012). However, I still think it’s quite a stretch to compare Obama to Hitler. It sounds like the Hasty Generalization fallacy to me.

He was a socialist in the 1960’s. He’s more of some strange free market conspiracy theorist right wing weirdo type these days.
Larouche is no ?socialist?

“Lyndon B. LaRouche… the only man George Bush (H.W.) feared enough to put in prison!” :O
Lol, I bet some of those posters from 20 years ago are still plastered around town.

It’s bizzarro world stuff that I haven’t paid detailed attention to. Years ago I read one of his pamphlets on international finance and he absolutely mangled Rosa Luxemburg’s work into some weird propaganda against the British. I guess he’s extremely anti-British for some reason. Thinks they’re trying to recolonize America or something along those lines. Strange stuff.

Item number Six Kesha Rogers Campaign blips

Five Democrats have filed to run against him. In particular, Maxey Scherr is a lawyer in El Paso. She says that Cornyn is under Cruz control.
If you like Lyndon LaRouche you will want to vote for Keisha Rogers. Not my choice.
Even if the Democratic nominee does not win in November 2014, we can make Republicans spend more money defending Cornyn.

[new]  Yeah, Keisha Rogers is a real JOKE (2+ / 0-)

You can definitely tell all Lyndon LaRouche supporters and candidates are cuckoo when they want to impeach President Obama and put a fascist label on him with a Hitler mustache.  Seriously, they’re just giving ammunition to Alex Jones and his conspiracy show.
And it’s even more disgusting that this isn’t the first time a black candidate running for Congress, at least on the liberal end, would spew loads of B.S.  I was living in San Francisco in the Richmond district back in Fall of 2010 and there were two supporters passing out literature on write-in Democratic Congressional candidate Summer Shields who oddly enough praised the Democrats for the Affordable Healthcare Act but still think Nancy Pelosi had to go.  The campaign literature had Barack Obama’s face with a Hitler mustache and I took the literature and promptly threw it in the trash.
By the way, Summer Shields only ended up getting 24 votes.  Yes, 24 votes in just San Francisco, which is Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional District.  He may have been a write-in candidate but in San Francisco, if you’re a write-in candidate with Nancy Pelosi not retiring, there’s absolutely no chance in winning, PERIOD.
I never understand these LaRouche supporters.

teen-age groupies trying to clog internet sites and polls with our rock-star leader who is something of a Constitutional Lyndon LaRouche.

Daily Paul supports… kinda.

heard she was running, should be interesting. Imagine if she wins her primary, and Stockman or Stovall wins the GOP primary. Arguing about who wants to impeach Obama more.

And the public is… “doesn’t make sense to me.”

Item number 7  What the Haters are saying

Storm Front 
It greatly disappoints me that Larouche supports Gerry Adams and Nelson Mandela.

Laconics … on how the Jews were out to kill Truman.
Only thru LaRouche speeches/articles did I discover how widespread the Brass’ opposition to nuking was. & Time Mag archives show that

And… on Larouche support for Clinton.
Heh, no though I think she’ll get nomination & probably be elected. Hillary smart enough to know crooked ways of Jews/PTB but is super-ambitious & has at least a touch of psychopathy. She see Bill making train-loads of $$ & wants a piece of that pie. LaRouche, while not exactly defending Clintons, has said ~’they had potential but blew it’ ie Bill let himself get embroiled in Monica stuff & PTB used it to force him to end Glass-Steagall, the major disaster of late 20th C.

France.  for a comedian on trial for anti-semitic hate speech.
LaRouche once mentioned, some 20 yrs ago IIRC, that France was one of the world’s most corrupt countries. I guess he was right, Jew .

Was reading a LaRouche article about history of Chinese philosophy ie humanist/orderly Confucians vs mystical anti-science Tao Humans are 

Tomsupfrontnews” is always… complete and utter crap, but here, for the record, is how the Larouche backing of Nader by way of Fred Newman was a Larouchian plot to elect George W Bush.

Daily Paul reads the Larouche literature.

My favorite Commies! LaRouche people like Webster Tarpley whine when we call Obama a socialist. They call him a fascist.
True maybe, but they all seem to follow the Commie Manifesto.

Subscriber to the Newsletter!  To me his grasp of history and his ability to link everything together, with his talent in explaining it in a relatively simple manner is impressive!   Uh huh.  No one bites.  (Puts up the Central Connecticut State video.  Damned you Professor Mezvinsky for the invitation and validation.)

Interesting Question… Is there anything a hot woman can say that will make men not want to fuck her?  (If that’s too objectionable, go ahead and mentally prettify it in whatever way you want.)
“I don’t know why more people don’t listen to Lyndon LaRouche”

Free Republic discusses
LaRouche? Seriously? How can they spare time from pursuing the Queen of England’s drug racketeering?
I never knew that hatemonger was active outside the United States.

That review, which I just read, uncovered something I didn’t know “Spengler” aka David P. Goldman was at one time a Larouchie.

Larouche is another worshiper of the exponential growth equation…just another follower of the just think positive ignore negative algorithm.


Saturday, January 4th, 2014

The President is always simultaneously the most admired and hated man (so far all men) in America.  And the gallup poll shows us

In a fill in the blank slotting, the previous administration of the other party retains a good deal of support.

And the previous administrations of the current party?  Apparently Bill Clinton doubles up Jimmy Carter.  Might not be enough numbers to dig into the demographics.  I assume the Carter supporters maybe weren’t around there, or maybe were around and ditto Clinton and whatever Republican support he’s getting in his two percent.


oddly overheard.

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

“Oh, I LOVE Tom Friedman.”


John Cox update

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Say.  What’s 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate John Cox up to?

He wants the California legislator to have 12,000 elected officials.

Divided into different districts which vote on to the state house on different manners and

Political pundits agree.  “Good way to get nothing done.”  Probably about Cox’s point.

John Cox is on his way to becoming the next Mike Gravel…