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suggestion for Iran’s new official slogan: “minor discomfort to America”

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Time for a new slogan?

As Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, steers the country away from its confrontational posture toward the West, he is inevitably calling into question the bedrock anti-American ideology of the Islamic republic. That is turning the revolution’s leading slogan, “Death to America,” into a political battleground.

“These three words are the blood of our ideology,” said one of those leaving Friday Prayer, Mohammad Jahanbi.


He said he had been a political prisoner during the reign of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and was a veteran of the bloody eight-year war with Iraq. “We must hold on to ‘Death to America’; otherwise, our revolution will be lost.”

Sometimes Revolutions need to shift into its bureaucracy management stage.  They need something less hardline than “Death to America”.  I don’t know… how about… “Minor Discomfort to America”?

The issue gained prominence recently when the personal Web site of former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a pragmatist who is close to the new government, published his older memoirs. Mr. Rafsanjani had indicated that the founder of the Islamic republic, his mentor and revolutionary comrade Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, had once hinted that “Death to America” could be eliminated if the conditions were right, just as relations could be re-established, if needed.

Mr. Rafsanjani was immediately attacked in hard-line newspapers, and state-run television broadcast a long program countering his claims, accusing “some” of insinuating the idea of duality in the stances of Ayatollah Khomeini. Mr. Rafsanjani issued an apology.

“Some are saying”.  Classic passive voice avoidance.

After all, some have said, “Death to America” could be eliminated from the revolutionary discourse just as surely as “Death to the Soviet Union” was a generation ago.

Theoretically,  “Death to the Soviet Union” would be their ideal precedent.  Unless the purpose is the intonation of the phrase in and of itself, in which case… they could get by with it no matter what the shifts in relations with America happen to be.

Mr. Rouhani’s government has announced that it wants to conduct a public opinion survey on the advisability of its outreach to the United States. But it is unclear if this will happen, analysts say, because it would lay bare the ideological divisions in the Islamic republic.

A similar poll conducted in 2003 showed that 70 percent favored establishing ties with America. There was no follow-up, though, because the pollsters were jailed for several years.

Hm.  Lest ye think “Well, that was Ahmadinejad” — my first thought — no… actually it would be Mohammad Khatami, the reformist who was later the candidate backed by the “Green Revolution” struggle.

In the Islamic republic, support of “the people” is often cited by all factions.

Yeah, just like the United States.  And everywhere.  With that sprinkling of “Real America”, even if it doesn’t correspond to “The People” as a whole.

But with the animosity toward the United States, things can get complicated. 

An older man, wearing a black skullcap, a sign that he had been on the pilgrimage to Mecca, dragged a plastic poster showing Mr. Obama decorated with Stars of David and the word “oppressor.” As he was about to throw it on the fire, one of the young organizers of the demonstration stopped him.

“Don’t burn this,” he said. “We paid for this poster with public money. We need to use it for a very long time to come.”

No.  Only a few more years.  But by then the chant will change to something else.

And then there’s

Rouhani’s political mentor, former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, said that the familiar slogan should no longer be chanted at events such as Friday prayers at Tehran University.

In a speech Tuesday, Rafsanjani repeatedly was interrupted by opponents bellowing anti-American chants.

It doesn’t say if they picked up on my “Minor Discomfort to America” suggestion.

talking truth to power on the house floor?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

The first Senate vote — your 16 nos — basically your obligatory filibuster statement to get a requirement of 60 votes.

Cornyn, Crapo, Cruz, Enzi, Grassley, Heller, Johnson (Wis), Lee, Paul, Risch, Roberts, Rubio, Sessions, Shelby, Toomey, Vitter

And the second vote, here are your 18 nos — a vote not to raise the debt ceiling, a vote for a default .

Coburn (Oklahoma), Cornyn (Texas), Crapo (Idaho), Cruz (Texas), Enzi (Wyoming) , Grassley (Iowa) , Heller (Nevada) , Johnson (Wisconsin), Lee (Utah), Paul (Kentucky), Risch (Idaho), Roberts (Kansas), Rubio (Florida), Scott (South Carolina), Sessions (Alabama), Shelby (Alabama), Toomey (Pennsylvania), Vitter (Louisiana).

Not voting, but he would have been in this roll call had he been available — Inhofe of Oklahoma.

Analyze this list to the cows come home.  Cornyn and Scott are in that second slot and not in the first.  Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama go for the Big “Two fer”.  And your “purple to blue” state cohorts are Grassley of Iowa, Heller of Nevada, Johnson of Wisconsin, Rubio of Florida, and Toomey of Pennsylvania — which you can parse out with Rubio’s national ambitions and the rest…  a bunch of “huh”s.

And I guess this is the inglorious House Vote on the matter.  We see the rare breaking of the Hastert Rule to get this passed — so it is a vote with a united Democratic vote and a minority of Republican votes bringing about a majority.

A curious twist on this vote comes in about here

A stenographer staged a bizarre performance on the House floor near the end of the debt ceiling vote last night, ranting about Freemasons before she was quickly dragged away by security guards.
Moments before House members passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling, a woman later identified as stenographer Diane Reidy approached the microphone at the Speaker’s Lobby in a trance-like state and began to shout.
“He will not be mocked, don’t touch me, he will not be mocked,” Reidy ranted, adding, “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God, it never was.”
Officials begin to remove Reidy as she screamed, “It never was, had it been, it would not have been….the Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons, they go against God, you cannot serve two masters.”
“Praise be God, Lord Jesus Christ,” she added.
Reidy also reportedly said “A House divided cannot stand — you are all sons of the devil!”
According to Rep. Joaquin Castro, the woman “had a crazed look” on her face. “It was very disturbing for the members of Congress,” he said.

And I link to Prison Planet and post the concluding paragraph…

“For that one short tiny moment we actually had some sanity and bravery on the House Floor!”joked Daniel McAdams, labeling Reidy “the last sane person on Capitol Hill.”

With the question… how do I know Daniel McAdams is joking?
Reading the comments in the prisonplanet article… I don’t think they’re joking.  And into the comments… there are indeed those people who believe she was just speaking Truth to Power.

Looking over this facebook page...

Bet she was preprogrammed “mkultra” to do that. After this, she has to be fired. Poor woman.
I mean why was she escorted off of the floor? Same reason snowden is a wanted man….. Its illegal to tell the truth in amerikkka
She was either given a “trigger word” or the ok to spill the beans because their are those who want a peoples revolt in america
Anybody see the white haired guy talk to her and then nod his head to her?, right after that, she stopped packing up or moving her shit, and strutted up there and spoke!!! HE SAID SOMETHING TO HER!!!
I think she watches RT

And now we move into the conspiracy matrix.  Who is that gray haired guy who whispers into her ear?


So, speaking with conviction is crazy now?
They were waaaaay to quick to label this as something more than someone who is finally fed up with the BS in politics.
They don’t want us getting any ideas to do the same.
I think she is the spark….
Everything she said is ABSOLUTE TRUTH and believed by at least 75% of Americans (if not more). They are afraid of what she said and the power behind it, as they should be! A reckoning is coming…AND THAT RIGHT SOON!
The media will drown her out before Sunday rolls around. She’ll be no different than the guy on the street corner hold a sign reading “the end is near”.
Thats what they are hoping for… BUT, people are seeing through their lies! Those who are chosen are being awakened!

Anyway… God told her to do this… and some people are saying that this is what “They” want you to believe.

trolling a small Indiana town

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

I.  Barack Obama resists Bill Clinton’s Call to become the New Hitler
In 2011, a man by the name of William Jefferson Clinton — the last Democratic Party President before Obama — who the Lyndon Larouche Movement spent a decade throwing their support toward and who himself signed the repeal of Glass Steagall and still defended this move until a couple years after the Financial Crisis of 2008 — said that if he were in President Obama’s shoes regarding a possible government shutdown in brushing up against the debt ceiling, he would not hesitate to invoke the Fourteenth Amendment unilaterally moving the debt ceiling from the equation to avoid default, and let this issue go on to the Supreme Court.
Surely a controversial move, and one Obama pointedly rejected.  I understand Clinton’s logic: there is some entanglement of contradictions in the demands of the executive branch in executing the budget requirements passed by the Legislative Branch, and we see here a “damned if you do; damned if you don’t” line — crudely expressed by some of the Republican Party’s more ignoble characters like Louie Gohmert in calling for Obama’s Impeachment upon a possible Government Default.  The “14th Amendment Option” garnered a number of advocates, as well as critics — see the libertarian magazine (might as well add Koch Brothers benefactor] Reason blog post against a New Yorker article.The historical analogies tossed around by advocates come to Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt… you can even throw in Herbert Hoover, quite frankly.  And we see the Reason blogger shake his head.
But herein comes the Larouchies with a more predictable, for them, historical analogy, in responding to a column advocating something Bill Clinton once advocated, as published in Bloomberg — which makes it in their eyes the defacto opion of Michael Bloomberg — who the Larouchies has already exposed as… a Sanarchist Monster or something?

In a commentary called “Bloomberg View,” entitled “Default or Breakdown,” the Bloomberg wire service implicitly encouraged President Obama to impose a dictatorship, if he cannot bend Congress to his will.
This is not a party conflict, the author said. “Without a long-term agreement between the antagonists—a proposed six-week reprieve from the debt ceiling would merely postpone the endgame—President Barack Obama may soon face a choice between safeguarding democratic governance on the one hand and protecting financial stability on the other. If this budding, bumbling crisis comes to that, disaster is all but guaranteed.”
The argument precisely mirrors that being used in Europe, to impose technocratic governments to “save the euro,” and the argument for “emergency rule” demanded by fascists in the tradition of Hitler’s legal guru Carl Schmitt, et al.
Bloomberg also has the precedent of Hitler in mind. In an article printed on Monday, under the title “U.S. May Join Germany of 1933 in Pantheon of Defaults,” author John Glover claims that the U.S. would be the first major Western government since Hitler to default. They note that Hitler’s default on the Versailles debts in May 1933, “helped cement [his] power base following years of political instability.”
Do Obama’s controllers have this precedent in mind for him? That can’t be ruled out—but must be stopped.

An interesting twisting of his opinion.  Damned if Obama does, damned if he doesn’t.  Note that in the case of this partisan brinkmanship, had Obama “blinked” and gone for the last minute dealings of the Republican House, we’d have more “austerity”.  Also, Glass Steagall and NAWAPA are nowhere to be seen.
It’s worth noting, as always, that by the logic of the Larouche Movement, Bill Clinton is Hitler here and Barack Obama is an anti-Hitler.

And some more fantasy fiction from the org, which is mildly entertaining.  A prominent Democratic Party insider has confirmed that President Obama’s true colors have now been unavoidably revealed in his deal with Congressional Republicans to enact murderous austerity cuts under the guise of solving the government shutdown and debt-ceiling crisis. The source freely acknowledged that Lyndon LaRouche’s longstanding warning about Obama, which had been dismissed by many as “over the top,” were now proven totally correct all along.
Mm hm.  I like this last sentence.
Obama was fully on board with this murderous program from the outset, and had no qualms whatsoever about ripping up the Constitution and turning Congress into a bunch of guilty bystanders.
All Glass Steagall all the time.   Unless it’s NAWAPA, or Nuclear NAWAPA.
Then there’s this:

It’s not just the “death panels.” All aspects of Obamacare, and of President Obama’s entire economic policy for that matter, are intentional genocide. The reason they will kill people, if he is allowed to get away with it, is because they are intended to kill people. They have been so designed by Obama’s masters on Wall Street and the British Empire.
Congressmen now letting themselves be roped into going along with these policies, are hereby put on notice. They are participating in intended genocide, and they will be held so accountable.

Held accountable, how?

II.  Behold!  The Greatest Wikipedia Sockpuppet Farm Ever and the struggle to defeat it.  Also, a behind the scenes of the Russian Online Commenting Army.  Yes, this is kind of how stupid the Internet can get sometimes.

Interesting list here.

Classical Music gets snobbed by the larouchies… and the question of “huh?”  While searching Youtube for an idiot’s guide to diatonics and chromatics, I was sidetracked by an explanation of ‘Bach’s guide to composition’, produced by LPAC-TV.
Fascinated by the gravitas of the man doing the introduction, I did a search for LPAC-TV, and, finding their home site, had a wander round and found the gentleman in question…
Lyndon LaRouche is a significant part of everyone’s lives, whether you personally know him or not.
That’s quite a claim. So too, it seems to me, is this…

 Obviously, the popularity of performances of great music according to the Classical tradition shared among Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Franz Schubert, for example, has fallen off greatly since the famous generation of the “white-collar” breed called “Baby Boomers” was plummeted into its adulthood. The question to be considered here, is whether, as Rotstein implies, it is Classical music which has failed, or, is it the presently hegemonic setters of public tastes who have failed disastrously in the role of art, as they have also failed, not only in both science and economy, but with a Sophist’s minimal respect for even bare personal integrity in the domain of ideas?

Has anyone come across LPAC-TV or Mr Larouche before, or elsewhere? Should I be worried that he is a significant part of my life, even though I don’t know him personally (nor even impersonally: I’ve never heard of him)?Lyndon LaRouche is quite a famous character and one of the more colorful fringe political figures of our time. He’s a total crazy…unless, of course, he’s right!

Music is tangential: “LaRouche and his wife have an interest in classical music up to the period of Brahms. A motto of LaRouche’s European Workers’ Party, is ‘Think like Beethoven’; movement offices typically include a piano and posters of German composers, and members are known for their choral singing at protest events and for using satirical lyrics tailored to their targets. LaRouche abhors popular music; he said in 1980, ‘Rock was not an accidental thing. This was done by people who set out in a deliberate way to subvert the United States. It was done by British intelligence,’ and wrote that the Beatles were ‘a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division specifications.’ LaRouche movement members have protested at performances of Richard Wagner’s operas, denouncing Wagner as an anti-Semite who found favor with the Nazis, and called a conductor ‘satanic’ because he played contemporary music.”Lyndon LaRouche’s biography at wikipedia was the site of one of the earliest major edit wars of wikipedia. A supporter of LaRouche who went by the username Herschelkrustofsky (as well as a host of other accounts) fluffed the pages about LaRouche with much praise for his unusual views while various other wikipedians attempted to stop him or balance the praise with large amounts of negative information. Herschelkrustofsky was eventually banned.
It will be interesting to hear who knows about him here as that was one of the questions debated at wikipedia about just how famous he is and if his biography is out of proportion to his significance. I have only heard of him through wikipedia. You can get a sampling of the work behind the biography here  but much of the edit war is hidden now by wikipedia’s inefficient archive processes and deliberate “oversighting” of material.
It may be that wikipedia is the fairest, most balanced depiction of the man, due to it being heavily edited by supporters and critics alike but being unaware of the bitter fight behind the current article will give a distorted view. How much is wikipedia offering a political platform for a relatively minor fringe figure is a question worth asking, and not just about LaRouche but about a lot of their articles.The name Lyndon LaRouche rang a bell..
Googling him seemed to produce the word “cult” (with an L) a lot…
Then I saw it: ah yes, those posters of Obama with a Hitler moustache.

III.  THE MOST VIRAL Larouche Related Story of the Year: a moving picture in an Indiana Town amuses a nation for 15 seconds or so.

The CVC sign, on a sign utilizing this  this new fangled “moving pictures” technology, in the backwater town of Kendellville, Indiana.  So it is… :

The advertisement, on a sign at the Cornerstone Plaza in Kendallville, was purchased by Lyndon LaRouche’s political action committee and flashed the message: “Impeach Obama”. The sign owner, Roger Diehm, told Fort Wayne media outlets the sign was pulled down Tuesday because the time purchased by LaRouche’s group had run out, not because of any controversy.
Telephone messages seeking comment were left with Diehm Tuesday. The message on Diehm Construction’s voice mail directed residents to register complaints at LaRouche’s website. Diehm told The News-Sun that any political party can buy space on his sign about 25 miles northwest of Fort Wayne.
Kendallville Mayor SuzAnne Headshoe, a Republican, said she was glad the sign was finally down Tuesday afternoon.
LaRouche is a regular presidential candidate who leads a fringe political group. LaRouche supporters mixed in with tea party protests in Washington a few years ago carrying similar signs showing Obama with a mustache. Their efforts then drew backlashes, which many tea party leaders said were misdirected at their groups.

TO the comments:

I probably would stop shopping at the mall, but on the other hand the crazies are right about the Glass-Steagall act.
If I were a business owner in that plaza, I’d be pissed. That stunt could permanently drive away customers and hurt my bottom line. These businesses need to find a place, another plaza, that wont irritate customers by airing personal vendettas.
You underestimate the hatred for Obama in Indiana. The Right Wing nut-jobs, KKK and Religious Right Bible thumpers are running the place. They’re more likely to get more business from the tea party people just to show their disgust with the President. I don’t live there, but I’ve spent a lot of time there with relatives.
LaRouche and his followers are nuts. President Obama and Democrats, especially Elizabeth Warren, have been interested in reinstating Glass-Stegall and getting the Wall Street gamblers’ hands off the money of bank depositors, BUT Republicans have not been interested and have even blocked any attempt by Democrats, and Obama, to enact legislation reinstating Glass-Stegall. So, if this racist billboard is an indication of the “reasoning” of LaRouche and his followers, then they’re nuts, and just as dangerous as the Tea Party Republican nuts.
Notable, interesting characterization:  this is from out of state funding by east coast tea baggers. this does not represent indiana!
LaRouchies aren’t members of the GOP. LaRouche is kind of, sort of a right winger (he’s certainly anti-Semitic), but he’s mainly just bugfuck insane, as are his supporters.
I liken them to Westboro Baptist. I’m not sure LaRouchies have any purpose other than self-aggrandizement, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they follow a similar business model of deliberately provoking people and then suing afterwards.
Living in a large city, I’m accustomed to seeing their setup especially in tourist areas. The only thing puzzling to me about this story is that they’ve apparently branched out to suburban Indiana. Suburbanites are going to have to do some brushing up on their crazy politicos of the week if they want to avoid future incidents like this.

Notable, Mayor characterizes her town:  “All the hard work we put forward as a community to change our image; to be a positive, growing community, and then a sign like this appears,” said Mayor Suzanne Handshoe.
“It just undoes everything we’ve been doing,” she told WANE-TV.  I’m curious to know the backstory of these comments.
Notable, group explains the supposed purpose of the sign:   Members, who oppose modern banking and believe Obama is helping to spark a Third World War, said they were in town for a conference and bought the space “to make their presence known.”
Kendallville sits in a conservative area of Northern Indiana, where Mitt Romney won 2-to-1 against Obama during the 2012 election.
Hm.  which Hitler, according to one story, copied from the actor Charlie Chaplin.
More.  Before anyone says GOP tea-tards, LaRouche is a registered democrat and has run eight presidential campaigns often seeking the democratic nomination. He’s a total crackpot, but he’s not a Republican.

Notable Ever since Bluto told us that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor …..
President Obama should NEVER be compared to Hitler…he should be compared to Stalin!
Hm.  The wrong people are furloughed

Dizzying youtube comments.

More. Drawing a Hitler-style mustache on the president is common among LaRouche’s supporters.
Raw Story Report, reposted here.
Odd racist statement here.  I knew the mustache was fake. No corn rolls
Democratic Underground posting.
WANE story.
Notable  Group members tell NewsChannel 15 they were in Kendallville over the weekend talking about the process of impreaching President Obama and what their group is about.
“There to stir the pot and let people know that there’s a political fight that’s going on, that’s going on in D.C. and extends out to the regions of the country,” said Bill Roberts of the LaRouchePac.
Notable:  Our news partners at KPC News reports the sign was taken down Tuesday because it was up longer than it should have been.
NOTED HERE:   The owner of a controversial sign that carried an image linking President Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler said Tuesday the image has been removed from a Kendallville shopping center — not because of a controversy over the image, but because it was scheduled to come down.
The image and a related message from actually was scheduled to be up only Saturday and Sunday, but was left up a day too long, said Roger Diehm, owner of Cornerstone Plaza at U.S. 6 and S.R. 3.
Comments:  Awesome! Somebody tells the truth. Freedom of speech is a Constitutional right. Liberal progressives only like free speech when its against the conservatives or Christians. I’m not fond of LaRouchePac but that is the most truthful sign I have seen in a long time!! Good for that plaza!! I’m shopping there tomorrow.
This forum gets a Bush — Hitler signage wrong right about here.
Not the first time some whack job /group turned a president into Hitler. Move did it with Bush. Is this any different?
Rejoinder:  no.  They didn’t.  That was 2 submissions amongst thousands to a video submission contest (to bash Bush in 30 seconds), which were quickly deleted after the Republicans raised hay about it.  Given partisan rancor, it’s amazing that there were only 2 entries of that type.
Is Lynden LaRouche still around?  I thought he died.
AND “The New Civil Rights Movement” posts a couple key links.
CVS’s Facebook page, which has more than 1.2 million “likes,” and allows customers to write their own posts, has been bombarded with dozens of angry requests to have the drug store giant remove the video, which is not directly under their control.
Frankly it’s kind of spotty the amount of comments on the issue.
In an online poll via KPC News, currently 16.7 percent of readers chose the “It reflects my views” option, while 50 percent said, “It reflects poorly on Kendallville and the merchants.”
Noted, an article with some embarrassing mistakes — Larouche was not convicted of mail fraud in 1998.  Also, their petitioning had nothing to do with the sign being taken down.
NOTED:  LaRouche is certainly not a member of the far left! This article is so far off the mark I can’t even begin…There are upwards of MILLIONS of Americans who swear allegiance to the Tea Party. The LaRouche cult can’t even field more than about 10 or so members in all of New York City. Hardly comparable. Whatever political ideology you attempt to ascribe to LaRouche’s lunacy, it’s all a big waste of time because LaRouche’s group is not really a genuine political organization at all but a cult that shams it’s members out of their money and lives.
NOTED:  LaRouche conned my mom out of thousands of dollars with predetermined contribution amounts for his presidential runs, along with the exorbitant costs of his printed rants. The family attempted to sway her from this mentally unstabled individual for years but she was adamant he was a great forecaster of the future. This man is dangerous.
Does he really think that impeaching Obama is the short path to single payer?! His sign plays right into the Tea Party’s hands. How stupid can he be!
More  LaRouche? Oy vey….. I thought those idiots were long gone.
I expect this kind of bullshit from LaRouche cockroaches.
My question is: who was the clueless one in the mall management who approved the content of the sign? There are standards of decency; why were they ignored by this genius? Somebody should get reamed if not fired over this one.
AND.  The sign was paid for by the LaRouche Political Action Committee. If you want to fall down a rabbit hole of extreme political shock value, feel free to research them some more.
LaRouche? Still??
Daily Mail, interesting to note it seems to be front blocked by cult supporters.  LaRouche’s critics have called his world perspectives fascism and conspiracy theories.   One way to describe it.
AND.  FYI, Lyndon LaRouche is crazy.
When the story gets picked up by the Huffington Post, you know it’s quasi-big and diverting 15 seconds of a lot of people’s mindspan.
I don’t mean to be a critic, but if that’s supposed to be a “Hitler Mustache” on Obamas face it’s not very accurate. It should be a little wider. They need to learn how to photoshop this properly.
International coverage, of sorts.
Ironically a description of the basic business process of the Larouche cult.
Where does a person get 500 hundred of these posters? I’m going to the Gun show in Cedar Rapids and could make a lot of selling those as targets 😉
LaRouches meds apparently never kicked in.He is still a sick puppy and may need to visit a new vet.
We see that a like minded “Patriot” “Tea Party” group chimes in with complimentary comments.   Odd comments directed at the mayor for her comments.
See if we’ve go anything here, besides false claims that their advocacy did anything to get the sign removed.
And CVS is owned by a JEWISH family from what I hear? Would he have sold signage to Westboro Baptist Church too just to collect the money?
Some Larouchies show up in my town occasionally with the same nonsense. I tried to have a conversation with them about their opposition to Obama but they don’t understand the basics of how the government works or the democratic process. Don’t waste your time like I did. You won’t get it back.
Great work by KBL! No surprise that LaRouchePac is behind the sign, but who agreed to putting it up? Someone connected with the mall must have thought it was OK as an ad.
Some Larouchie bell-ends show up in my town every now and then with the same sign. I flip them off without a second thought.

I may as well note, once upon a time the Larouchies claimed that this confrontation with Ezekial Emanuel “went viral”.    We see that the cult is trying to shill it out now, to the lunatic outpost response of:  You give me a LaRouche inspired Youtube clip with BS about how ACA is going to kill everybody. And yet you seem to be wanting LOP readers to take you seriously?  Sorry, try again!   Nah.  You have to get an insult from Barney Frank or have a moving picture in a small town in Indiana for people to care about you for a few seconds.

But the rhetoric worms its way to World Net Daily.  Hitlercare versus Obamacare.  Sure, sure.  Incidentally, the answer to this query… How do you respond to the fact that the death panels were originally exposed by left wing FDR style democrats like Webster Tarpely and Lyndon LaRouche and EIR ( executive intelligence review ) ?
Your denial is legendary here.


Ian Overton gets some buzz.

Any student of European history would be lining up to take these guys round the back of the building and smack the living sh1t out of them…the level of stupidity, mendacity and distortion of reality on display here is somewhat jaw-dropping.
These folks are everywhere. I was curious and stopped in on their table outside a local post office and left with some hand-outs and a serious headache. Studied their handouts when I got home. Some conspiracy level: expert stuff.
People like these should be MADE to live in concentration camps, FORCED to live in fear day after day for years, be treated as sub-human etc. THEN they can moan about living in a democracy & their President. They make me SICK.
“How dare they compare something like this to the horrors of the holocaust, in retaliation we should make this person suffer the horrors of the holocaust” Oh the irony…
Yes, Chris Bueno, because using logic and reason has worked SO well with them. Instead of whining about Moi, try whining about a group of people who enjoy the many rights and freedoms they have under a DEMOCRACY, yet they compare their elected leader to a FACIST DICTATOR. It spits on the memory of ALL those who’ve suffered and died under fascism. Live in the REAL world Chris.
Oh, I’m pretty sure Hitler would not have extended health coverage to non-Aryans.
Obama’s policies, from gun control to ownership of the mainstream media propaganda machine, are taking us down the same road that was taken in Nazi Germany. Educate yourself and wake up; stop taking the easy road and swallowing the lies.
Everyone’s Hitler. it’s the American Politico insult of choice- just like using “Doodie Head” on an elementary school playground. Unless there is actual genocide happening, then the situation is likely NOT the Holocaust and the person in charge is likely NOT Hitler.
It’s actually possible to be dumber than a rock.

Holy shit those people are ignorant.
“He’s earned his mustache,” member Ian Overton said. “It’s not a gas chamber, but it’s an economic policy. If you’re dead, you’re dead.”
I’m not the biggest Obama fan, but that is just dumb any way you slice it. I feel like no one has pride in the ocuntry anymore.
LaRouche’s people used to hang out at my college and tried enticing us with signs like “Rock Music Causes Impotence” and other well thought
out statements.
That stuff is as old as Hitler…  (photos of politician-Hitler images)

Dateline Olean:  The stand, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, was operated by Chris Sare and Michelle Fuchs of Bogota, N.J., who said they were in the Olean area to share information on the administration of President Barack Obama with the public. The stand had posters containing images of the president sporting small, Hitler-esque moustaches as well as signs that stated “Impeachment or Dictatorship, Will You Fight?”  Mr. Sare said he and his partner are staying with a friend in the region and plan to visit other area communities.  The group’s platform asks for the removal of President Obama, claiming he is an “agent of foreign influence in the White House.”Mr. Sare noted the group is opposing President Obama and his policies in cities throughout the country.  “The frustrating thing is that Congress is so gutless. The population is ready; people have had it,” Mr. Sare said.

Dateline Corsicana: Two supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, who was an ideologue and presidential candidate in previous decades, set up a protest station Monday at the Corsicana Post Office.
Tom O’Connell and Craig Holtzclaw spoke to passersby about the Glass-Steagall bill, impeaching President Barack Obama. Glass-Steagall would recreate the firewall between the investment banks and the local home-lending-type banks.
“The solution is not getting mad at Chase-Manhattan or getting mad at Obama,” explained a passionate Holtzclaw, a LaRouche PAC Organizer from Houston. […[ 
LaRouche is 91 now, and attracting a new generation of followers, young people like O’Connell, Holtzclaw said.
The group opposes bombing Syria, which they believe will lead to an international thermonuclear war between the U.S., Russia and China, and generally the end of the world.
A new Generation…

Dateline North Coast: Tatro said that the signs convey similarities he and other LaRouche supporters see between Obama and the fascist dictators of the 1930s, like Hitler. He said the drone strikes used by the Obama administration against terrorist targets and Muslims are akin to the mass killings of Jews and others by Nazi Germany. “Instead of putting Jewish people into the gas chamber, we’re drone-striking them,” he said.   Nancy Dixon, of Amherst, said she had no qualms about pulling over to sign the petition, which urges Congress to take up an impeachment resolution introduced by U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C. “I think he’s the Antichrist, and I did before he came in the first time,” Dixon said of Obama. Sarah Mismas, also of Amherst, said she signed the petition to impeach Obama because she has concerns over the possibility of military strikes in Syria and Obama’s failure to address the nation’s problems. “They always promise change, and I didn’t see anything,” Mismas said.

Dateline Boston Area: 9:41 a.m. Caller reported that LaRouche PAC would be practicing free speech until 3 p.m. in the area of Pleasant Street.
1 p.m. Caller reported LaRouche PAC had set up table on sidewalk on Smith Street.
1:30 p.m. Caller reported that his daughter had called him to say there was an “Impeach Obama” sign at the post office. Caller was advised that LaRouche PAC had been moved to public space across from the post office.

Dateline Somewhere or other
Yesterday two people (A Black Woman & A German Born White Man) were out in the street by my home protesting BO (calling for impeachment & support for of Glass Steagall)…..this is all being generated by the Lyndon LaRouche Political action committee. I gathered up the information they were passing out & then googled LaRouche ….quite a character. His premise is that the world is being taken over by an oligarchic system with the UK as the primary catalyst. Then he has other conspiracy theories….but the good thing is that he believes BO to be a puppet for them & he will work to get him removed from office.
I dont know this guy but boy oh boy, he is really out there politically. Does anybody else have any info on him?
Without goggling him, I remember this clown from Presidential elections in the 60s. He was a radical combination left-right winger depending on the issue. If I am not mistaken, he spent some time inprison. I would have thought this guy to be long dead from the way he looked when I was a kid.
Nope but he is real old. But somebody is funding him….probably to be a pain in the arse to BO.

LaRouche is a commie.
Is he…..give me evidence to support that claim. Personally I believe that BO is more driven to Socialism than LaRouche….and because he is actively attempting to get BO impeached, I regard him as more of a patriot than a Commie (who would follow the present administrations directives).
What I find fascinating is his using the British Monarchy as a straw man catalyst to his claims of Oligarchical rule. Does he really expect educated Americans to believe that the UK has an agenda to kill 7 Billion people? Understandably that is delusional.
But because he (LaRouche) feathers in frankly believable world events into the story (like the Koch Brothers reaching, the reductions of funds for NASA, BO’s use as a puppet for some higher agenda etc) he gains some level of credibility to young & old alike wanting to know what is happening to their world, why its disintegrating before there very eyes. The man has a platform/ perhaps a far-out one but one none the less. Does he have broad appeal, well there again he sites that he wont, that only the intellectually awake will be the only ones to wade through the political minutia to discover the truth…..and of course, the truth is the story he & his team is promoting. You do indeed have a fraction of the population striving to believe in something & you gotta admit, nobody is trusting of anyone in politics today……thus the LaRouche Platform is actively posturing.
I remember passing through many U.S. airports in the late 70’s, early 80’s. LaRouche had booths promoting FEF– fusion energy foundation. Hari Krisna and Jane Fonda booths were in close proximity.
Fusion lost out to fission which has turned out to be a nightmare in terms of energy and bombs. Fusion was promoted as much safer; but it is not as lucrative in the arms race. Albert E. would be proud.
Lyndon is 91–probably only running for the bathroom, not politics.
Wear a tin foil hat if you are within 100 yards of any of them.  They are birthers; 9/11, JFK, RFK, MLK inside-job-conspiracy folks that fear global banks and Monsanto.
Yes I know….. but it is discerning that they actually have activists pushing this. What a land of opportunity the America is…..every wing-nut comes here to live.
The fascist movement labeled him a communist. The neo-socialist-communist movement labeled him a neo-Nazi.
The truth is, he is stark-raving bedbug crazy. He has no real philosophy. He seems primarily to be for Lyndon LaRouche, and enters into politics for one purpose, and one purpose only: To make money, even though he is probably deeply committed to his wild-hair, bug-eyed political “concepts,” which really amount to nothing more than confused and irrational political and economic theory. When LaRouche starts something, the nutballs come out in force and send him buckets of cash. Nice way to make a living, I guess, if you don’t mind being a running joke in American politics for 30 years.


Diane Sare, makes an important announcement from Weehawken, N.J., site of the duel between Patriot Alexander Hamilton and Traitor Aaron Burr.
Hm.  Otherwise we have her playing classical music for the masses.
The Sare for Governor campaign intervenes at the first gubernatorial candidates “debate” between Chris Christie and Barbara Buono.
And … no one noticed.

The big news… of sorts… an Endorsement!  Former independent candidate for Essex County Executive and Freeholder Marilyn English endorses Diane for governor and exposes the illegal foreclosure epidemic plaguing New Jersey and the nation.

Wait.  Who?  Worth taking a look at her electoral history.

Essex County Executive ; 2010

(I) County Executive Joseph N. “Joe” DiVincenzo Jr.   113,457 (75.20%)
Herbert D. Glenn   32,885 (21.80%)
Marilynn M. English  4,529 (3.00%)

Essex County Freeholders At Large; 2011
(I) Patricia Sebold  52,128 (18.29%)
(I) Blonnie R. Watson  50,368 (17.67%)
(I) Rufus I. Johnson  49,508 (17.37%)
Peter Campisi  48,581 (17.04%)
Adam Kraemer  20,891 (7.33%)
Reuben Torres  20,371 (7.15%)
James Boydston  19,668 (6.90%)
Marilynn M. English  2,589 (0.91%)
Write-In  131 (0.05%)

The question.  When Marilynn M English runs for something else.  Will Diane Sare and the Larouche Movement endorse her campaign?  And to what end?
Curious to see what the Haddonfield Rotary talk is all about, I google it in.  The auto-search brings up “Haddonfield Rotary Oyster Supper”, which indicates that if you want to make an impression —  you better be there at the Oyster Supper.

In other voting opportunities — hm.  David Icke beats everyone.
And in Germany… Scandalous Fraud Against the Voters The author is the national chairwoman of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement.

And a silly silly primary candidate:  So this would be the equivalent of a LaRouchie running as a Democrat? From the errors on his card, that sounds about right.


You can find nice people in most movements (except maybe LaRouche Democrats–I’ve somehow never encountered one who was a pleasant .
How many years did we see LaRouche on the ballot?
 Libertarians, Constition Party members, and even some of the Green Party. As well as the LaRouche Democrat faction of the Democrat Party.
The Koch Brothers and Lyndon Larouche?  Huh.  Thank you for posting this! So glad someone is exposing these fascists. I just realized that Lyndon larouche is a real human. I thought that name was a joke from a cartoon.
Ann Coulter Forum posts lunatic item here.  Lyndon LaRouche was the name I was trying to remember. He had a paper that predicted doom and gloom and told about our money being based on trust and that it could become worthless.
I’m looking forward to moving back to a more liberal area of the state after residing in this overwhelming “red” county that didn’t have a single Democrat in any of the local races. I’ve done my best to report the local news from the events at the Blue Bell creamery to the LaRouche crazies at the post office along with being an active participant in several other groups on DU.
Alt dot trotsky gets more commentary.  Side issue here Larouche was after the 5th International many decades before Workers Power.  Sounds like Larouche when he would talk about “blue bloods.”) DT: But it IS the “founder ethnicity” – distasteful though the phrase is for a newcomer.
He’s a LaRouche guy and, while I don’t care a whole lot for that organization, it’s the most thoroughly documented and heavily researched book.
The OP’s hilariously low-effort regurgitation is twice as dumb as the typical LaRouchepamphlet and only half as entertaining.
In the late 70’s’ an ignorant AP wire service writer wrote a bizarre article falsely connecting Lyndon LaRouche and his violent (Socialist) Labor Party with us peace loving Libertarians and convinced many people that LaRouchies.
Is Alex Jones the new Lyndon LaRouche? FSogol, 23 min ago, #4. Line New Reply You never see the two of them together, do you?
9. What else do you expect from the stupid? He’s probably a Lyndon LaRouche douche.
It also helps to be familiar with all the usual suspects, Jordan Maxwell, LyndonLarouche, Alex Jones and the Illuminati
I  remember liking the idea once. Then as i looked deeper into it on the national level it became more and more obvious that they were mostly tools. That and the fact that the the local examples were mostly a refuge for people who would otherwise have ended up in the LaRouche society or the KKK or some other ‘old south’ theo-fascist group was enough to kill any interest.
Debating Early Christianity as Cult
When I first discovered the checklist of cult characteristics on the web, I used it to identify two cults who were active on my university campus and came close to recruiting me. They were two reputed cults–the International Church of Christ and the Lyndon LaRouche movement–and the checklist fit them both. I am not sure what methods were used to identify the patterns, but it seems to have the backing of scholars who study cults for a living. We all have our individual opinions of what we expect cults to be, but it is unlikely I would have identified those cults if I had used your list instead. Your list seems to come off as more of a list of guesses, based on maybe the news or fiction or popular beliefs?
Courtesy of nutjob Lyndon LaRouche … LOL. Wow … Made a link on thr iPad! curtkram.
You know what I miss about Virginia?
You can keep your Tea Partiers and Rondroids and Greens and Socialists; give me a good ol’ fashioned/crazy LaRouche campaigner with some pamphlets. That shit is timeless.
i can’t take the larouche cultists seriously but all i had to hear on npr on my way home as they were reporting the Yellen nomination is that Obama’s first choice for fed chairman was Larry ******* Summers. nuff said/**** this ****
(Geez. I was joking.. but I was on the phone with a friend and after I typed that, I lost signal and started hearing this weird sound like an old fax modem. Holy shit. Linden Larouche was right!)
Say hello to Lyndon Larouche. If you happen to pass by the moon, let us know if you don’t see any evidence that we really landed there.

Also, you can’t boot politicians out of a party. We’re not a European parliamentary system. Democrats own Lyndon LaRouche and Cynthia McKinney and don’t really have a choice in the matter. And it’s not like they ever booted their segregationists, they just respectfully waited for them to die or retire. They suffer no penalty from black voters for honoring those segregationists even today. Fulbright scholarships anyone? …

Hammy, we feel your pain, brother. If only the founding fathers had created some way, some mechanism for the people to throw off the yoke of a cruel despot like King Obama after, say, four years of living under his boot.  Why did the founding fathers forsake us!?
The founding fathers did not foresee the King winning reelection by using voter fraud and by using the IRS to suppress the votes of his “enemies” (his words, not mine).
Hammy, it’s official. You have passed out of the atmosphere and are now floating in space. Say hello to Lyndon Larouche. If you happen to pass by the moon, let us know if you don’t see any evidence that we really landed there.

The Venus Project.  What is it?
Didn’t the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist movement go their separate ways recently? That’s what I’ve heard at least.
Formally, they did. But they’re still saying virtually the same.
TVP is a utopian movement that doesn’t really have a really good plan of action(one of the steps towards the completion of the project is to create a amusement park showcasing how cool it would be to live like that). Plus it’s anti-working class power, instead it would rely on engineers and scientists to organize everything while we’re just their playthings. I like to think of the movement/Jaque as sort of a 21st Century advocate of the philosopher king but instead of philosopher it’s a scientist.
Lyndon LaRouche is also quoted there – the leader of a dangerous cult that peddles racist lies day in, day out. Zeitgeist’s idea of the ruling class…

I‘ll take investigative analysis over propaganda disseminated by the British Royal Society (continuation of The Lunar Society/Hellfire Club) any day. Yay, history!
“The first Hellfire Club was formed over 50 years after the Royal Society.
The RS was in the 1660’s, the Hellfire Club was 1720’s.
“Yay, history” indeed.
ETA: Had to look up the Lunar Society…they were a further 50 years after the Hellfires were formed.
That sounds like something Lyndon LaRouche would come up with.

VII.  “International Reception” Media Notices.

Interesting to see the Che Guevera image to these EIR interviews on Press TV.
Genocide Policy Continues in Africa, says EIR to Press TV.
The Dr. Deagle Show, 2013/09/25 with … Harley Schlanger — as noted at alt dot alien dot vistors.
US unlikely to invade Kenya — says Lawrence Freeman.  No shit.
Lawrence Freeman, an editor at the Executive Intelligence Review magazine, based in Baltimore, Maryland, in an interview with Voice of Russia produced his account of the hostage tragedy in Kenya. According to Freeman, Kenya has to realize that the scale of what’s happened is bigger than simply fighting Al-Shabaab and “it is going to have to be a whole different understanding of what is behind it, and that is going to require a change in thinking from their counterintelligence capability”. And here
Press TV:  The US policy toward Syria has never been “thoughtful,” says Jeff Steinberg, senior editor of Executive Intelligence Review.
Link to Thom Hartmann’s forum again.
Kendric Ward gives his larouchian pick in the Examiner.
Semi Viral — “Obama Lost his ability to Govern” on Press TV.  Comments there steer toward Israel.  More here.  And the inevitable  Comments on “Never had it to begin with“…
Press TV has conducted an interview with Lawrence Freeman, Africa Desk at Executive Intelligence Review, from Washington, about the poverty and malnutrition throughout the world, particularly in Africa.

Some relevant citation history for court challenges on ballot access:    An example of this might be Lyndon LaRouche, who often runs candidates in elections without disclosing their true affiliation. 


Debating what to make of the new Iranian President and his recent posturing.  Outrage that he may actually not be a Holocaust Denier.   Not exactly. The American newsmedia Jews appear to be making Rouhani appear good by twisting what he said, and the Jews in Israel are filing protests saying don’t believe him. Ever watch an Abbot and Costello movie?
Plus now Benghazi being erased & Obama emerges as skilled Real-Politik peacemaker.  Greasing wheels for Hitlery vs lame field of Repub puffed-up cryptos?  Hitlery the gal you want to sell Super Austerity bail-ins. LaRouche used to like Clintons just a bit but now gives Hillary zero attention. IE it was bad that she got screwed by Obama getting Jew Bankster nod in 2008 but she sold out afterward. Webcast time! Typical questions asked, typical for the most part responses given.

Smack down on this.
Leftists discuss an Assad supporting National Socialist group from Greece, more dangerous than “Golden Dawn” — but probably not, just some tiny impotent right wing chest thumpers:  If you think that calling them pseudo-autonomists was an endorsement of their politics, you must think I endorse LaRouche every time I call him etct.

And this in history:

KAVALER: Do you think it’s an honest attack and fair comment to say that Henry A. Kissinger is not a Jew but a faggot?
LAROUCHE: That, in the context, that is a fair comment.
KAVALER: You said that about Henry Kissinger, didn’t you?
LAROUCHE: That’s right.
KAVALER: Do you think Henry Kissinger is a faggot?
LAROUCHE: Yes, I believe he has the personality of a faggot, yes.

And back to Laconics.

BTW re deserts, LaRouche has pushed the massive NAWAPA plan that would among other things bring mass amount of water for western US agriculture, “making the desert bloom”. JFK was for it, yet another reason to get rid of him. The sort of project Wall St & Jew “Libertarians” routinely ridicule.

Doc Hastings is demanding answers: why, oh why were the Federal Parks closed when we shut down the Federal Government?

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

The big news out of Congressman Doc Hastings on the matter of the shutdown has been that he has kept his mouth closed for as long as possible.  Eventually we do see that he is interviewed in local media, and I see that he keeps some kind of half hearted standard line — “Republicans just want to talk“.

From there, we see that from the chairman perch Hastings has in the Congress, he is basically required by partisan mandate to do this.  Hearings.  Into the government shutdown of parks.  Why, or why were these Parks barricaded?  And shut down?  With people — people who are very photogenic — bursting about to get into them.  Retired veterans coming to see monuments honoring our veterans.  Shut down out of these parks.  During a… um… government shut down.

Hastings, the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, charged the Obama administration has unnecessarily closed parks and barricaded parks to make the shutdown as painful and visible as possible.
“The actions of the Obama administration have sullied our great national park system,” Hastings said.

Yes, this is called “Political Grandstanding”.  The further implications of this charge come in with a thread I’ve seen from the very start of this from Republicans — “The public will turn on Obama and the Democrats if they are seen making political points off of this” — which, in the case of this whole fiasco, the problem here is the Democrats would have to go out of their way not to do this.

Meanwhile, here’s moveon dot org.   Apparently they ran into the office of Doc Hastings Whatever pointless exercise they feel they have to go with, I guess.  From there we get this letter to the Yakima Herald, none of it I particularly believe…

Doc has reinvented himself as a tea party hack, tone deaf to the concerns of his district, uninterested in orderly governance

No, if this were really the case he would have been shouting from the rooftops instead of remaining as mum as possible at the outstart.  [Update: further evidence, of sorts.  Doc Hastings joined the assortment of “Republican Establishments” to get the Debt Ceiling raised and the looming default stopped.  In other words, he’s secure in his position and not worried about a primary from the right.]

The comments are amusing.

Martha, if you don’t like Doc (and I am not a fan) instead of publicly whining, get someone with half a brain (D or R) to run against him. 4th district Dem’s haven’t ran a serious candidate against him in a decade….

No.  Bluntly put, publicly whining is the only way to go.   That and keep your distance from your minority party perch.  Though, I would be curious to see if Hastings would retire if his party slid back into the minority.

amusement. jersey.

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

So I suppose the question of the day.  For the next 15 minutes of flimsy political oriented diversion.   Is it a scandal if a politician sends text messages to a stripper… and there’s nothing particularly sexual in the comments?  Oh, who knows?

In a profanity-filled assessment of the race delivered via phone Thursday, Rick Shaftan, a senior staffer and key strategist on Lonegan’s campaign, suggested voters would be turned off by Booker’s “odd” behavior including Twitter messages the Democrat sent to a stripper, that Shaftan described as “strange” and “like what a gay guy would say.”
“It was just weird. I mean, to me, you know, hey, if he said, ‘Hey, you got really hot breasts man, I’d love to suck on them.’ Then like, yeah, cool. But like, he didn’t say that,” Shaftan explained. “It was like kind of like, I don’t know, it was like what a gay guy would say to a stripper. It’s the way he was talking to her. It’s just like like there was no sexual interest at all. I don’t know. To me, if I was single and you know like some stripper was tweeting me, I might take advantage of the perks of the office, you know?”


At a press conference, Booker said his communications with Lee were simply proof he spends substantial time on Twitter “listening to people and engaging with people no matter what their profession.”
However, in the interview with TPM, Shaftan said it was impossible Booker did not take notice of the topless pictures Lee regularly shared on her Twitter page.
“This is strange. It’s just weird. … It’s like, ‘I don’t know who she is. I don’t know anything about her.’ Get the fuck out of here dude. You can’t follow her Twitter page and not know she’s got those great breasts. How do you fucking not know?” Shaftan said. “It’s just too odd and people they just wonder, like, who does this guy really want to work for? Who’s he representing?”

Again with the goddamned breasts.  You know, frankly I don’t believe Shaftan.  You know what the political fallout would be if Booker had tweeted … er… what he suggested he should have?  I think the New Jersey Democrats would be obliged to try to pull a Frank Lautenberg on him.  Not only that, but Shaftan would not be backing him up on this one.
Maybe Cory Booker’s just trying for that sweet spot of ambiguity about his sexuality.  He sees it’s working for him politically.  The perfect way to do this is by sending perfectly asexual tweets to a stripper.  At the very least it’s making his opponent nuts.

Shaftan didn’t stop by mocking Booker for consorting with a stripper on social media. He also said Booker’s Hollywood fundraisers, predilection for pedicures, and comments Booker made that he is unconcerned about speculation surrounding his sexuality gave Lonegan ample fodder.

In other aspects of this debate… the comments that is getting a lot of play from the big debate.

In one notably feisty exchange, Booker, the mayor of Newark, said Lonegan, a conservative activist and former Bogota mayor, would want to gut environmental regulations, using the polluted Passaic River as an example of the need for them.
“You may not be able to swim in that river, but it’s probably, I think, because of all the bodies floating around of shooting victims in your city,” Lonegan shot back.
“Oh my God,” Booker said.

Oooo…. Burn?  I guess.

Something I’ve been watching a bit closer of late (have had this blog’s rss feed streaming and smirk now and then for a while)… the weird alternate reality of how things play at the “Daily Paul”.  See here.  Lately everyone has been “ON FIRE“.  It’s not even worth going past the headline.  So we see Lonegan “powned” Booker, and oh isn’t that “bodies in the river” comment a laugh riot.   But we also see the place that cheers on Ben Carson for “telling the truth” about how “Obamacare” is the “worst thing since slavery“.   (Not a stance taken by the Huffington Post.)  And your agreement to Ted Cruz at the Value Voter Summit in claiming that the protesters were “paid Obama operative“.   (Powned again?)  Interestingly, previously they sighted Ted Cruz as a possible neo-con plant.  (I note that a posting about Elizabeth Warren doing good received little but derisive comments, despite the fact that the message in posing it would be little different than the spirit of posting a link to “Rand Paul: Liberal hero”.)  And this is your place to go for celebration of the Big Truckers rally for the Constitution, or something

And interesting to note… as speculators ponder the meaning of the coming New Jersey election.

Cory Booker is all but certain to win the New Jersey special election for U.S. Senate.
But as polls show Republican rival Steve Lonegan tightening the race, Booker is getting an uncomfortable reminder that he will have to campaign hard to defend the seat just a year from now, when he’d be up for a full term.

Meh.  Reportedly Booker’s gambit was always to slide through this one and assume he would have to campaign more vigorously next year.  Assuming he doesn’t actually lose, you do have to wonder… so what?

And, three, two, one

Rick Shaftan, a top adviser to Steve Lonegan, may not be known to many outside New Jersey and New York political circles, but he went viral today — and it cost him his job


heralding the coming 6 day* delay to fiscal armegeddon

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Your note of sourness of a longtime Republican Congressional figure who has announced retirement.

He also discussed their hold on Speaker John A. Boehner. “He withstood the pressure for a long time,” he told the Tampa Bay Times last week. “He finally has agreed to the outspoken minority of his conference. And they’re pretty much in charge right now.”

And then there’s the inevitable “tea leaves partisan angling messaging”:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said in a statement that Young’s departure “should serve as a wake-up call to Speaker Boehner and House Republicans: If they continue to cave to the tea party’s radical demands and threaten the country’s financial stability, they will see even their own members jump off their sinking ship.”

Sure.  Sure.  But mostly… HE’S BEEN IN THE HOUSE FOR 22 TERMS.  Or… 44 Years.  Since 1970.  Back in the the Richard goddamned Milhous Nixon Administration.

So, your notes from the “Congressional Shutdown“.  On the supposed “Republican Hopefuls of 2016” front:  Marco Rubio is “repairing the damage” to his grassroots conservative base caused by pushing through Immigration Reform by standing next to Ted Cruz a lot.  Bobby Jindal is “repairing the damage” to his grassroots conservative base caused by penning editorials challenging the party not to be “the stupid party” (which I thought might have already been accomplished by penning more editorials that were flat out stupid) by not joining other governors calling this shutdown insane.  And Chris Christie is trying to capitalize on how the act is dragging down the poll numbers of Washington Politicians in general even as it plummets Republicans in specific by using a new anti-Washington hash-tag in his daily tweets.  Jeb Bush is doing the same tut tutting as Christie is, just not on twitter.

As for Congressional actions.  Interesting to note the name of the 18 Republicans Boehner allowed out of the “all 232” who Obama invited to meet with.  But more interesting to see who the twenty-six Democrats who are set to attend a bipartisan event with the group “No Labels”.

Looking over to the website, and with these 26 Democrats joining 24 Republicans, this appears to be the spearhead  of the brilliant “keep the shutdown going for another six days* but don’t default” idea.

I’m curious to see a list of these politicians, but a google search isn’t bringing up anything.

So.  We are at that point where the Daily Show with Jon Stewart does the “meta” thing, where the correspondent just breaks off the talk with the Republican Representative and explains why he can’t go through this highly predictable bit.  (The rest of the piece is pretty much null.  Best to leave it at the point of exhaustion.)

The game marches forth.

“Finally, the White House has invited congressional leaders to talk,” Hal Rogers, R-Ky., said in a statement. “I am hopeful the president is serious about finding a deal that results in meaningful spending and entitlement reforms, judiciously extends U.S. government borrowing authority, reopens all federal agencies, and paves the way for the enactment of future appropriations bills so that this lurching from crisis to crisis can be put to an end.”

Ye know.  Long term problems and this issue… are only made crisis by this initiative.   Or, cue Tom Coburn who calls for the “Managed Catastrophe“.

And the beat goes on.

* Yeah, I know. 6 weeks.  Same difference, and it’ll be lost in the meantime.