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I had been placing my bets on when we’d see that “What’s the Matter with Portland” headline.

Monday, May 20th, 2013

All indications are that tomorrow, the city of Portland will join this list of “Communities which have rejected Fluoride since 1990“, thus pushing out a new wave of the headlines ala the new “insert the name of geographical unit” unit of “What’s the Matter with — “?

For this list, a top 40 city would be quite a coup — somewhat thumping all these (and let’s toss out Australia and Canada for the moment) largely small towns.  Albuquerque being about the best comprarble unit for comparisons sake, and that figures.

Apparently a whole swarth of Nebraska had a big Fluoride overthrow party on Election day 2008.  And Utah in 2002.

I take it as a theory of a tribal sense of politics that if we could just transplant a bunch of those Nebraskans and Utahans and have them running around the city actively opposing Water Fluoridation, as well as calling for — for instance — Obama’s Impeachment over Benghazi and waxing poetic about never ever having their guns taken away from them– Portland would end up voting for Fluoridation.

As it were… we get this:

While there are surely conspiracy theorists and anti-government militants among the ranks of today’s Clean Water Portland, the organization’s spokespeople and supporters generally do not express the conservative rhetoric (such as invoking “socialized medicine”) that defines fluoride opposition elsewhere. Such tactics would never work in this liberal city. Instead, opponents rely on attachment to the environment and natural health care, as well as the current mistrust of pretty much all institutions.

“We have many better alternatives that people aren’t speaking about, including Obamacare’s federal dollars to support the state for low-income oral health,” says Barnes, of Clean Water Portland. “What is alarming to me … is that [fluoride includes] known contaminants … I don’t think it makes any sense to add more contaminants to our kids’ water.”

And then you can count on the Wall Street Journal to dip about for “local color”.  Because we need the opinion of The Decemberists to balance the opinion of the Dandy Warhols.

Pro-fluoriders have their own rock-band supporters. Among them, apparently, is Colin Meloy, member of Portland’s revered alternative band, The Decemberists. “How can you hate on the GOP for being creationist science deniers and then go on about how vaccines and fluoridation are poison,” reads a January post on his Twitter account, which is linked from the website In April, the account tweeted disdain for the anti-fluoride documentary, “An Inconvenient Tooth.”
Decemberists Manager Jason Colton declined to comment on the tweets and said no member of the band wishes to discuss fluoridation. Mr. Meloy couldn’t be reached for comment.

In a few days we’ll get that mass of responses about the public and what they wanted and I’ll be reminded that everyone is a situational populist and and a situational elitist.  I’ll muse about a connection between this vote and the fact that the Church of Scientology claims they want to turn the city into the “First Scientology City”, because I do believe in connecting the dots.

Michael Billington claims 80 Tables a Day; Craig Isherwood Spams Australia into Oblivion; org insults NRA

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

 ITEM THE FIRST:  The Webster Tarpley Report

For those following the latest on the “Tarpley connects the dots on his old mentor” front.

MEANWHILE, over at “WORLD CRISIS RRRRADIO”, Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley’s weekly doomsday programme, THE DEAR LEADER gets stapled to the CIA once more: 

And what has LaRouche to say about the Boston bombings? Who is responsible for Chechen terrorists? According to LaRouche, the British and the Saudis! Of course! … Watch out for disinformation out there.”

This particular program apparently sparked one hell of a storm at the blog of Sibel Edmonds, the Boiling Frogs Blog.  Here’s the abuse Webster Tarpley gets when he just starts calling everyone CIA agents.

 James, Eric and Sibel are my favorite people on the Web, so that’s a mark against on of my, used-to-be-also, favorite, Webster Tarpley. Maybe it’s time for Webster to fade away in the fog of obscurity.

Eric, I can’t express how much more I value your analysis than Tarpley’s, to whom I can attach some choice adjectives but won’t bother, and for whom I have even less regard now that he’s decided to attack BFP and induce you to expend valuable time and effort. He’s just another broken clock and I feel confident in continuing to ignore him.

What funny “Wedge issues”. and I certainly don’t agree with them about everything, from nuclear power to Issac Newton, and especially their culture Nazi attitude about the degeneracy of all non-Classical music forms, but I find it is not difficult to reserve my disagreements about these matters by considering them as “wedge issues” and to work with them on the basis of our common political objectives.

Note: bookmark Sacramento Assemblyman Republican Tim Donally, and see about reaction to literature dumped on him.

More on the Tarpley Larouche Relationship, and people’s attitudes toward the two.
Webster Tarpley also has long-standing ties with the LaRouchies.
I’ve had my own dealings with the LaRouchies, and I have a pretty good sense of what they are.
The LaRouchies often get genuine insider intelligence, and then filter it through Lyndon’s lens.
So, their material always needs a health warning and facts should be checked and corroborated independently wherever possible.
Just as reading an MSM “security correspondent” report should be undertaken with a critical eye.
Cut outs deserve serious attention.
There are nuggets glinting in the shit.
Ultimately, Tarpley at his best is far superior to LaRouche at his best.  [Hm… Don’t know if I agree or disagree with that.]

Tarpley cut his ties with the LaRouche organization a few years back after a nearly 30 year stint with that oufit, if late Tarpley has been very critical of Lyndon on this radio broadcasts. The Larouche cult must be tied into many other intelligence services, but they do come up with important information from time to time. Anything that they provide in regard to the CFR, et al is more than you could ever get from frauds like Chris Matthews, “The Wolf Man”, and Tom Friedman who is at about the bottom of the barrel. Of course reading anyone needs to be done with a jaunduced eye.

IMO Tarpley is a superb historian and I deeply admire his ability to synthesize social theory and philosophy. Had I been around in the early Larouche days, I know I would have been drawn to their camp given the anti intellectualism of much of left at that time. I think in the beginning I think they had alot of good ideas. A refreshing change from the “more Mao than thou” crowd which still infects the left today. Even though I admire his work greatly, I find myself scratching my head at conclusions he draws, like when he suggest programs to colonize Mars (1st Obama book) Im like “huh??”. My favorite is the book on Romney “Just too weird…” [That one’s a curiosity… why release a quickie book on a man whose about to drop from public view?]  He’s also a great rhetorician. I love listening to him speak. It seems no matter how long he is away from La Rouche, he still can’t seem to drop the culty inflection “ITS GENOCIDE….” [Ha.]  He drops the words genocide and fascism a little too freely. I love watching the Old Tarpley and other LaRouches speeches from the 1970s and 1980s on youtube. I find them very entertaining….

Yeah, you can always just grab both of them and do the same thing to both of them.  See here:  this has been covered extensively by both the LaRouche Show, and World Crisis Radio by Webster Tarpley, this weekend. Both are worth spending two hours every weekend, even when they are occasionally in error ….  Occasionally?

In other Intelligence News… a blast from the Past.
In one intriguing 1986 document, political activist and perennial longshot presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche makes a mysterious cameo:
Changed: [Redacted] alleged plot to assassinate president Ronald Reagan during the New York statue of Liberty celebration July 3-6, 1986.
This communication is classified “secret” in its entirety.
Title marked changed to more clearly state the the substance of this case. Title formerly carried as “Libyan terrorist activities: IT-Libya: [unreadable] Muammar Qadhafi, Lyndon Larouche: International terrorism, information concerning.[…]
The purpose of this teletype is to report the resolution of captioned matter as unfounded.
I don’t know of any connection between LaRouche and Libya. This was shortly before the politician’s headquarters was raided by the FBI as part of a fraud investigation, but I can’t imagine that’s related.

ITEM THE SECOND:  CRAIG ISHERWOOD Commits CEC to Spamming the Living Daylights out of Australia

Question:  I keep getting emails from the CEC and of course I have tagged them as spam for ages, but out of curiosity I looked at the latest […]I take it that the CEC is in league with Gerry Harvey and Pauline Hanson maybe? Who is funding these idiots?

Answer to the question:  Other idiots is the correct answer.  […] They get funding from conspiracy nutjobs the world over.

The left sees them as far right, the right sees them as far left. That’s because they are so freakin insane that they are impossible to categorize. This is real alien anal probe, nazi bases on the moon, secret tibetan tunnel type conspiracy weirdness. Old Liz wanting to kill 6 billion people is on the saner side of their spectrum. Which runs from insane through freakin insane to WTF, seriously, WTF?

 The Big Scoop on the Spam-a-lot nature of this org.

The CECA are as mad as cut snakes. A couple of examples: Citizens Electoral Council v. Ross Garnaut and their handout The New Citizen at the recent Melbourne Community Cabinet “Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have openly, repeatedly proclaimed their intent to kill some six billion human beings, in order to consolidate permanent, worldwide British imperial rule.”
They got my email address somehow too but I let them in because about 1 in 20 are so over-the-top crazy there’s more laughs than First Dog – and that’s saying something. Even if Prince Philip and his wife are not really functioning, active war criminals, I’m pleased Craig and his crazies are keeping an eye out on the far right flank.
Like clockwork, CEC are on the ball today, landing this in my in-box at 4.29pm:
“Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood has today given a half-hour interview to LPAC-TV in the U.S., on the history of the British Crown’s green fascism, and the CEC’s political fight in Australia to defeat the green agenda.

This ugly bunch has been doorknocking businesses in Fyshwick, Canberra. Schtick is about bringing back the Glass-Segal act, er, why campaign in Australia for US legislation? Then they drop off New Citizen – yep, they’re mad as cut snakes.
The Citizens Electoral Council has been accused of harvesting email addresses or buying them from third parties, as people who have never provided their details to the fringe political party have received numerous emails and the occasional phone call from the group.
The claims highlight the fact that registered political parties don’t have to abide by some laws on spam, or the “Do Not Call Register” rules.

The CEC is based in the inner-northern Melbourne suburb of Coburg and was formed in 1996. It was briefly de-registered by the Australian Electoral Commission in 2006. […]. In the 2010 federal election it secured 0.06% of the vote.

Melbourne IT consultant Kelvin Eldridge says he received several emails titled “Wind ‘power’ is a fraud” from the CEC in the lead-up to the last federal election. ”I requested that I didn’t get their stuff, but they still sent it. I previously rang the organisation, and if I recall correctly they used a third-party mailing list,” he said. ”I didn’t provide them with my email address, and I suspect it was harvested in some way. The CEC could also have purchased a list from someone containing hundreds of thousands of email addresses.”

Moreland Socialist Alliance councillor Sue Bolton regularly receives spam from the CEC. “Every time I look at my junk-mail box I have some from them. Even when I click ‘this is junk mail’, it keeps coming.”

Bolton has no idea how the party got her email address; “I’ve never signed up to them”. She said they phoned her about a month ago. “It was a cold call. I think it was something to do with the elections. They asked if I wanted to find out about the Citizens Electoral Council. I didn’t know how they got my number.”

CEC media spokesman Robert Barwick dismissed concerns: “They are just internet junkies having a cry about their in-boxes. You can tell them that from me if you’d like.”

He says he “can’t explain” how people kept getting emails after asking to be removed from the mailing list. “It’s a minor stuff-up. We do not want to send emails to people who don’t want them. If they request to be taken off our email list, we take them off,” he said. […]

CEC leader Craig Isherwood has twice contested the safe Labor seat of Wills, which has been held by ALP stalwart Kelvin Thomson for 17 years. In 2010, Crikey reported Thomson had complained to the AEC after the CEC posted unauthorised electoral material about him around the electorate.

Thomson declined to comment on the CEC’s email campaigns as he “doesn’t intend to give them any attention or publicity”. “The CEC are a frightful organisation which makes all manner of outrageous and unsubstantiated allegations. I therefore do my best to ignore them,” said Thomson.

 And more notes on the CEC.  In addition to being a mass spam movement, also just a convenient way to knock Lord Monckton, I have seen.:

Political demagogue Lyndon LaRouche is the most colourful of the conspiracy theorists. Here’s his take on the anti-nuclear movement:
“This utterly depraved, dionysian cult-formation found its echoed, more violent expression in late 1980s Germany, where the anti-nuclear, fascist rioting reached near to the level of outright civil war …”

Australia’s Leslie Kemeny (think Lord Monckton) agrees: “Radical green activism and global terrorism can form dangerous, even deadly, alliances. The ‘coercive utopianism’ of radical greens, their avid desire for media publicity and their hidden socio-political agendas can produce societal outcomes that are sometimes violent and ugly.”

Kemeny believes the anti-nuclear movement is “supported by immense funds from affluent right-wing interests” and is also tied to the “political left”. Go figure. With such a grab-bag of extreme − and extremely contradictory − views, Kemeny might be considered a good candidate for Bob Katter’s political party … but he’s already joined Fred Nile’s.

It comes down to a lot of this:
Why on earth would anybody pay the slightest bit of attention to what Lyndon La Rouche thinks about anything at all?
He’s little more than a self-deluded and alarmist cult hero with some very shady supporters.
The fact that the clown Bananaby Joyce is on the same wavelegth speaks for itself.


 Hm and Hm.

President Birch Bayh (Democrat-Indiana)/Governor Mario Cuomo (Democrat-New York) -31 (47.7%)
Congressman Jack F. Kemp (Republican-New York)/Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. (Republican-California) -26 (40%)
Party Chairman David Bergland (Libertarian-California)/Dr. Mary Ruwart (Libertarian-Texas) -2 (3.1%)
Mr. Lyndon LaRouche (Independent-Virginia)/Mr. Billy Davis (Independent-Mississippi) -4 (6.2%)
Ms. Sonia Johnson (Citizens-Idaho)/Mr. Richard Walton (Citizens-Rhode Island)

That’s a sizeable percentage… FOUR.  FOUR PERCENT.  Wow.

Then there’s the big matchup of Thatcher versus Larouche.
Point:  LaRouche  I prefer my leaders with a little bit of crazy.
Counterpoint:  Thatcher.  I like my leaders coherent.


The “Occupy Wall Street” forum has for some time been sight of a larouchie introloper, throwing up unwanted larouche links.  (The animus goes back a ways, as we see here.)  Today we see a bunch of new links going after them.

HERE we see the larouchie trying to convince the left wing activists that this advocacy of NAWAPA is so very “Green”.

Behold!  This brilliant logic of the Occupy Wall Street Larouchie introloper:
Considering that he was cut off, I would guess it was because “they” didn’t want the people to hear what he was saying.
It sounds like his speech didn’t make sense to you, I have some friends that same the same about his website. I’ve been reading it for quite a while and am aware of the background, so it mostly makes sense to me.

He then goes on to defend the harsh actions taken against Pussy Riot, by siphoning up a “What if it was a synagogue?” card, which leads into a sort of extremism he doesn’t appear willing to admit to.
(Trumpeting Glass Steagall as the “Nothing More Important Right Now” is kind of interesting… this would suggest a dropping of all other topics.  I see they’re hugging the Pope right now as a means to get to Obama’s Impeachment.  Never heard the pope speak up about Glass Steagall.)

Other boards see something rather… “WOW”:  Anyway, these are serious allegations. Even more serious than being accused of voting for Lyndon Larouche.

A great article describing why Lyndon LaRouche is considered a sociopath by the world’s intellectual elites.


We start with the Hitler report.
Dennis Small has an LPAC article on the troubling youth employment figures worldwide  global economy entitled “The British Empire’s New Concentration Camps”.   Xlcer at factnet cites this recent statement, easily lost as I don’t particularly read this stuff, from the cult leader himself:
“The one operation that I know is going on,” LaRouche said, “is London’s Hitler-style coup in the U.S. They are preparing the gas ovens for Americans.”

You know, while we’re on the topic of Hitler, let’s plow over to what the Stormfront forum has to say.

LaRouche to the rescue! But the king of Holland just married a South American. He part of the problem?
WW3 is not on the foreseeable horizon because there is no benefit to the ‘super’ powers to a declared war, if there were it would have happened by now.

The inevitable moment in any Presidential Administration has arrived, when we now get the discussion of the Obama Nixon.

So… I note that Larouche has been on the matter of “Impeachment” from the vary beginning.  For… well, whatever turns up, basically.  So we have now a glut of this.

It appears the US Federal Court is taking these charges very seriously.I thought that there was no way Congress would have any backbone and would either delay or ignore any proceedings against Obama.
There are forces at work behind the scenes that most are unaware of. Yes he is Commander IC but many many military lifers detest him. There is a push in place that some would call a coup but the timing has to be right. I don’t think he makes the end of second term , he will be impeached.

Notable as we start to add up the new “Impeachment” murmurers… like, this congress critter along with a couple others

And we see it in this snarky list of the past few years of cries for Obama’s Impeachment

Larouche isn’t even listed.

Yeah, I know.  That’s just the way they like it.  Because they’re driving up to NRA meets and trying to siphon off money off political outrage.  And we see a number of gloms onto some statements by Bob Woodward and ignoring other statements of Bob Woodward… and where were the Larouchies during the Clinton era in quoting “Pulitzer Prize Winner” George Will on the matter?

It is bottom line time. Well in the real world you would need to have real charges against a President and not the fantasy charges that can survive the light of day or reality that are so popular here. If you are using the word socialist, communist, facist, NWO, police state, UN, Muslim, Kenyan, nazi, welfare state, gun grabber, CIA plant, illuminate, lizard people, aliens, mind control, clone, UN, satanists, tyrant or anything else along those lines then your charges are only valid in fantasy land. Obama, unless he does something worth impeachment will serve out his Presidency and someone esle will run and win in 2016. Then we will have yet another impeachment thread about that President accusing him of all the above once again. And so the cycle will continue.

If you think the impeachment of Obama will pick up steam based off anything this clown says I do have a bridge to sell you at a reasonable rate.


Within a century following the American Revolution, the United States had become the most productive nation on the planet with the highest standard of living. It’s now time for Americans to reject the genocidal policies of Queen Elizabeth and her puppet Obama, and return to the principles of physical economy so well understood and developed by Alexander Hamilton.

Diane intervenes at a Town Hall in Camden chaired by Mayor Redd who is trying to ram through a takeover of the public schools by Christie/Norcross. Christie wants to destroy public education in order to keep the electorate stupid enough to keep voting for him and his partner Obama.
Yes.  Noisy “Interventions”.  There’s a euphemism in that terminology.

And here we see a Parsippany Town Hall Meeting.  A Candidates forum in Keyport.  Sponsored by “Stop New Jersey Corruption”.

ITEM THE SEVENTH:  THE POST OFFICE TOUR REPORT: with a cameo by both Hitler and Nixon

Something I’m pondering about the fact that Senator Harkin of Iowa’s (good) placing a Glass Steagall bill in the docket.   Harkin is set to retire, and it’s simply more likely that it’d take a future Congress to get this bill passed.  The probably next Senator from Iowa is Bruce Braley.

Yeah, Lyndon Larouche is totally insane.  Best thing you can do is ignore him.

Dateline Orange County… Discussing the Holocaust with the Larouche Movement
I went up to a lyndon larouche booth and got a similar spiel when i started explaining why I didn’t feel they were correct they got all pissy and said if I wasn’t interested in listening to them (which I did) or donating (which I wouldn’t) then I should leave because other people needed to hear their message. I then asked if they could explain the larouche political movement and what they thought about the, theory of hegemony, interesting to me was that they actually knew how it is defined but had no idea what it meant.
I also asked why they felt the need to take images of our potus (whichever one was in office as they really don’t care) and make them up to look like hitler. The response was priceless, because they act like him, of course I couldn’t let that pass and I proceeded to provide a historical perspective of the holocaust to which each person in the booth said, in unison, there was no holocaust, I then provided additional historical detail and then one of them said, even if it happened it wasn’t as bad as we are told.

Realizing each of them (2 boys and a girl) were probably in their late teens or early twenties made me very sad the rest of the day.
So if the holocaust didn’t happen or wasn’t very bad, why compare U.S. Presidents to Hitler? I mean without the holocaust what made him so evil?
Obviously you never saw his paintings.
In any case, WW3 will be a Black Swan event. We won’t be able to foresee it, it will be a total surprise to most people, and it will drastically alter how humans interact with each other.
So it was you in the booth

Interestingly enough, go to ITEM THE FOURTH for the other side of larouchian hitlering.

Dateline Jackson County.
“We are a political action committee leading the campaign to impeach Barack Obama so that we can rebuild our nation,” stated Billington. “Step number one is to dump Obama, followed by restoring Glass-Steagall, a new credit system, and last we need to restore NAWAPA.”  WHAT ABOUT FROGS? And from there we go into a blah de blah,and this creepy statement…

“We are building a network of people who are interested in being patriots, saving our country and rebuilding our nation,” said Billington. “We’re just asking people to provide some contact information so we can get back in touch with them.”

But here’s what I am interested in…

Billington added, “We have about 80 tables like this one out every day around the country. We normally have a table out at a post office from the time it opens at 8 a.m. until it closes at 4 p.m.” […]

The number is 80?  Is that true?

Dateline Destin

Reaction from the public appeared mixed — with some offering support and even money to the pair, while others challenged their beliefs. Longtime Destinite Evelyn Drowne told The Log “This is the most disgusting thing in politics I’ve seen yet.”

The protest also ignited a verbal firestorm on The Log’s Facebook page.

Guice told The Log that they usually target post offices because they are centrally located within cities and typically get a lot of foot and vehicle traffic.

Before stopping in Destin, the duo stopped in Fort Walton Beach and other surrounding areas.

“We don’t know where we’re going from here,” said Mathis.

LOL! These fools were outside the Mary Esther post office this past Friday and appeared very lonely.

Dateline Canaan:

laronixosalutenixon-resigns_1974imageMostly I just want to know why this Larouchie is giving us the Nixon Salute.
“We’re going all over the place, and today it is New Canaan’s turn,” said Matt Guice, a member of the LaRouche Political Action Committee.
Guice and fellow member Frank Mathis stood outside of the New Canaan Post Office with several signs sharing their messages against Obama and other political stances. The two also stopped people walking and driving by in hopes of drawing support to their cause. They also want more people to contact U.S. Rep. Jim Himes to back their beliefs.

 Dateline NRA:  Day 2 of NRA show done; got lots of new clients, won guns in a raffle, saw 20 sad antigun protesters, saw kids dressed as ninjas pretending to protest and annoying the protesters, and the Larouche idiots made them all look like geniuses. Drinks with Magpul & Tactical Taylor at a cool dive joint.
What were the Larouche people doing there? They are usually pretty entertaining.
Fun fact worth noting: The maker of the “printable gun” — who has gotten a good deal of media attention and attention from the likes of Chuck Schumer — and where his Alex Jones appearance has been quoted from in the mainstream media — was on Alex Jones as the headliner with Larouche.  Is this worth something?  I don’t know.

And Indeed:  Over the past few years my local post office has had sporadic LaRouchie protests out front, and the postal clerks I’ve talked to still had no idea of what the LaRouchie beliefs actually were, they were simply “the crazies”. My response to being handed the New Federalist was to “fuck off”, as much as I believe Cheney to be a cyborg, and Obama to be a sophist, they are no worse than any other human scrotum who has held their respective offices. Fuck Lyndon LaRouche and his wannabe Scientologist followers.

Dateline Houston

Anyone taking MetroRail to the Offshore Technology Conference this week probably saw Craig Holtzclaw setting up his own booth alongside the Reliant Center stop.
While the booths inside Reliant Park spared no expense— bringing in either real pieces of equipment or elaborately detailed models — Holtzclaw’s booth was decidedly low-definition. […]
Holtzclaw said he worked the National Rifle Association convention in downtown Houston last weekend, too.
“We got a better reaction at the NRA,” he said. “There are some very savvy people there. They are very connected to what LaRouche is saying.”  [How dare you insult the NRA like that!]
But he said he has had some people request more information as they left OTC, too.
“I signed up a yellow dog Democrat,” he said.
That’s a dying breed in Texas these days, and especially rare in energy circles.
But Holtzclaw shrugged it off.
LaRouche attracts all kinds, he said, “as people are looking for alternatives.”

Dateline Hell. Representives of the LaRouche PAC were out distributing literature earlier today on West 32nd Street/Broadway (Manhattan).

Dateline Sunnyside, Queens, New York
POINT:  “We’ve had all kinds of responses, nothing bad,” Scialdone said. 
COUNTERPOINT:  “I found them to be quite obnoxious,” said Carol of Forest Hills, who was in her old neighborhood to clear her P.O. Box. “I was surprised at their aggressive nature. It raises my blood pressure.” Passing motorist Allan shook his head at the picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache and said: “It’s a democratic state; they can do what they want, right?”

WHY MUST John Scialdone and Jeff Rebello TURN THIS Post office table set up into a CAULRDON OF LIES????

sunnysideimpeachobamarestorelarWhile Scialdone and Rebello said they experienced no problems presenting the views of LaRouche’s political action committee, Post Office Supervisor Danielle said that this is not always the case. “These guys [other LaRouche reps] come six times a year and we’ve had to call the NYPD several times because the arguments have gotten out of hand. The policemen calm the situation down, but that’s about all they can do.” […] 
 Passing motorist Allan shook his head at the picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache and said: “It’s a democratic state; they can do what they want, right?”

They have shown up once or twice a year at that spot for many years. They are typically very insulting, and in ways that have nothing to do with their stated aims. They also mark up the street with chalk messages.
They are not the ones marking the street with chalk.  But I hate them as as much as everyone else.
Because I don’t see them around the time there are writings on the sidewalk.. I figured they are not linked, but now that you mentioned it, it may be them…
Are these guys still alive?

Dateline Charlestown  “Who Are These Nuts?”

You may have seen them in Charlestown when they were camped out for a couple of days near the Post Office.  I saw them a few days ago in Westerly on Route One. […]
I had far more frequent run ins with what I called the LaRouchniks when I worked in DC. I’d get a call from someone claiming to be a journalist who would do a quick and sloppy interview with me. Later, I’d get misquoted and then get listed as a “supporter” of some crazy LaRouche campaign and then had to spend time undoing the mischief.
I got pretty good at spotting LaRouchniks early in conversations and trained my staff how to spot them, too. My standing orders were to cut off all conversations as soon as the caller admitted they were connected with LaRouche.
LaRouche has found reasons to want to impeach almost every US President since he started his “movement.” In 1973, he wanted to go after Richard Nixon not because of Watergate but because he claimed Nixon was aligned with the Communist Party USA (again, don’t ask).
[Interestingly, they did a jump to support Nixon during the Watergate hearings, and carried on that Nixon had been set for a fall by the Kennedy cabal and etc.  I may as well state this next paragraph isn’t quite accurately…]
He opposed Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II. I’m not sure if he wanted to impeach Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter – he probably did, but I didn’t find any direct evidence. 
[This seems accurate enough.]  From watching LaRouche and his followers off and on for around 30 years, I think LaRouche uses any and every angle he can to hook new cult members. He spins yarns that contain a germ of sense wrapped in a puzzling mix of nonsense.
[I don’t think this is accurate, but there is a bit of funny business going on in certain spots.]  Within the LaRouche organization, there is his own anti-anti-LaRouche program to try to bring former followers back.
And then the bottom line:   On the other hand, if you’re one of those folks who hate Obama and find the LaRoucheniks’ Obama-as-Hitler posters compelling, by all means, sign their petition.  Be sure to list your home phone and e-mail on it because then you can count on years of pleasant conversations with the LaRouche folks as they add your phone number to their call list.   Don’t be surprised to see them publish your name as one of their supporters.

Dateline Fairfield
The impeachment drive is sponsored by a PAC bearing the name of Lyndon LaRouche, who has mounted a fringe candidacy for president several times and whose political movement has sponsored thousands of candidates for other offices.
Question:  Is this true?  THOUSANDS?
“What Nixon did wasn’t anywhere near what this guy is doing,” Schubert agreed. “Even Woodward and Bernstein, they’re even coming out saying, `Whoa, what are you guys doing going after reporters?’ ”
Also iterating that Obama isn’t Nixon.  At least, as a whole.
“In the Nixon White House, we heard the president of the United States on tape saying ‘Use the IRS to get back on our enemies,”Bernstein said a day earlier, about the IRS scrutiny of Tea Party groups, “We know a lot about President Obama, and I think the idea that he would want the IRS used for retribution, we have no evidence of any such thing.”
And the Support for LPAC’s Impeachment drive… because of… um… the recently deceased president of Venezuela?
Evelyn Toros of Trumbull said she was driving to the local UPS Store on Post Road when she saw the booth and made a U-turn. “I think they should have one of these at every corner,” she said.
Toros said Obama should be removed from office based on “a combination of everything.”
“We do not need a president that bows to Chavez, that kisses the rings of the emirs,” she said. “This is America. Protect our borders. My family had to come through Ellis Island.”

More here.
LaRouche is a convicted felon whose conviction for credit card theft put him in prison, who in their right mind who hook up with this criminal’s group in order to impeach Obama, do a bit of work, there have to be other misguided people looking to do the same without the stink of LaRouche on them.

I’m sure the other L-PAC, “Liberty Pac”, will get around to it.

BEHOLD!  The Rebuttal!
If you do better research you will find out that was the skull and bone members Bush who set Larouche up to put him in jail. Prescott Bush also helped to fund Hitler and killed Kennedy. They are now working to bring America down to hell. And the Americans still not know who are their enemies.

Dateline Middleton
When Brown claimed President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill was “a Nazi policy,” Frank drew laughter by responding bluntly: “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” The video went viral, even prompting the Cuban state newspaper Granma to publish a response by Fidel Castro. […]
Citizens are permitted to stage such gathering on public rights-of-way, but they are not allowed to block pedestrians. Those in Middleton last week brandished an array of signs, ranging from images of FDR to multiple pictures of President Obama.
Clark gave those who took umbrage a smile and a wave, but other members of LaRouche were more prone to verbal sparring with Middletonians.
While passersby accused them of everything from being unpatriotic to blatant racism, one LaRouche member shot back that Obama – who residents in the City of Middleton supported strongly in both elections – is “helping the Al Qaida terrorists.”
While the bulk of their message revolved around government bailouts of risky Wall Street investments, they also called for Obama’s impeachment, warned of an impending World War III, and asked for the FBI to “come clean” regarding its handling of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the accused Boston Marathon bomber who died shortly after the attack.

Wait.  They have civil libertarian concerns about the young man, who Alan Dersowitz describes as in popular opinion on how his court case will proceed “He’s accused of placing exploding nails in front of an eight year old, and that will trump everything”.  That’s okay so far as it goes, but… just kind of randomly tossed in here.


Most of my information on modern English economics come from a clique of La RoucheEconomists who were running for Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Please note I treated your claims with all the respect they deserved. Trying to play the dirty reds have corrupted you card doesn’t work on me by its nice to see your argument devolve to claims of communist influence. Blame Nazis and the Larouche democrats and you sir shall have a trifecta.


Isn’t that Lyndon LaRouche? LPAC is either LaRouche PAC or the Lesbian Super PAC, and while I may be wrong, I don’t thing the speaker is a lesbian nor is his masturbatory activity one a lesbian would enjoy.

Also, the uploader’s “about” is not to be missed, especially if you’re a TROLL.
LaRouche, or LaDOUCHE, amirite???
I wonder where he filmed this. My guess is either church, elementary school, or garage.
Lyndon LaRouche is a crazy person who has run for president about 20 times, so I’m sure that his garage has a pretend press conference section. I bet he spends a lot of time there, with or without cameras filming him.
I’m surprised it took him almost 11 minutes to begin blathering about his conspiracy theories regarding the Queen of England.
Wow, you’re not kidding with that “long speech that goes nowhere” tag.
Sample passage from 9:55: “When this case…some authority other than the congress was required to initiate the action that was required. And what I heard, from the reading of the conditions of the charges…of the conclusions of the court…those conclusions were all in correspondence to the requirements, and I go into the…his first term, the president’s first time in office, as also to the second. So there was every reason that reason would demand that this president should be impeached under those circumstances.”
That’s barely even English, much less a political critique.
I decided to keep listening until he actually accused Obama of doing something wrong and the first time is at 13:55 into the god damned video when he accuses Obama of violating the War Powers Act by intervening in Libya. That’s what you were building up to all this time? Somehow I doubt the public shares your sense of outrage that our air force flew a few low-risk sorties against the crumbling Gaddafi regime, Lyndon.
And after that it actually becomes more unhinged. At 16:32 he accuses Obama of literally beating up Hillary Clinton to silence her. In the last two minutes he makes a couple vague accusations about birtherism and campaign funding from foreign drug lords.

Mocking Charles Johnson:  The LaRouchies are really, really out there. Even weirder than Ron Paulians.
Agree or disagree with some points made here, but at the end we do go back to this: I might add that the LaRouchies are a core component of the 911 Truth movement.

An interesting response to Robert Lauten on this issue — which, from the outset I’m inclined to support the blogger’s position
It’s not “Class Warfare”.
Liberty requires that people govern themselves.
When people act like animals, then governments need to step in and make rules.
No Yow May Not Shit In the Fire Ring, or Burn Trash, or Burn Toxic Matial, etc.

All those things were already illegal, LaRouchie. Go back to your post office with your Obama = Hitler sign

Chris Matthews mocked as “Going Full Blown Larouche”. (See Strauss.)

Face of Boomers notes the Larouche boomer fixation.

Insult indeed. You most likely learned what you know from watching Glenn Beck or reading pamphlets that you got from Lyndon LaRouche supporters.

Phish fans  relay the cia fbi dulles grateful dead conspiracy, revealed by larouche in 1977.
“Dude, pass the bong” indeed.

The LaRouchies too, but at least their crap was weird enough to be entertaining (“Francis Bacon was a Dutch secret agent! Jean-Phillipe Rameau destroyed the tradition of western music!” (I am not making either of those up.))

WHY?  Because according to eminent politician Lyndon LaRouche, Queen Elizabeth is a major drug dealer.


Harley Shclanger on Dr. Deagel on the 24th.

Press TV has interviewed Douglas Degroot, with the Executive Intelligence Review from Leesburg, about the recent death of a French soldier killed in Mali.

Press TV has interviewed Lawrence Freeman, Executive Intelligence review from Baltimore about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.  (The issue simply being… US foreign policy destruction.)

What Carl Osgood of EIR asks at a press conference with General WIERCINSKI.  China sees the threat of the US.

How about this: “Money is nothing. Money is not the economy.”
Words of doom, or words of redemption? They’re the words of Michael O. Billington of Washington, D.C., a card-carrying member of the Larouche movement, which does not believe that money makes the world. If you do not believe in money, can you believe in banks, credit and debit, in GDP and GNP? […]
What is the future of Europe, granting there is a future Europe? Is the euro to blame? ”Of course it is,” said Mr. Billington. But why should we care? We’re a tiny Third World archipelago in another continent. He stressed, “No country is safe, this is global.” If no country is safe, then no currency is safe either.
Only one gentleman, a European, spoke up to disagree with some points of the presentation. When I looked around the room, I did not notice anyone else appearing to be overly worried or anxious or about to lose sleep that night.

Comes now “Save The Nation,” born on April 22, 2013, with Butch Valdes as father and midwife. For years a pedigreed radio commentator who’s also a certified public accountant, Mr. Valdes is the Philippine voice of the Larouche movement, which means he is very much and strictly, or exclusively, a conservative thinker in the realm of economics and finance. For him no sleight-of-hand tricks, no window-dressed data, especially when these are unveiled by government officials using smoke and mirrors to convince a gullible public.
Mr. Valdes was surprised that “so many” of his listeners showed up to witness the birth of Save The Nation at an auditorium in UP, and considering how diverse and disparate their backgrounds were, he was even happier at how readily they approved the Three Principles: 1. Nuclear power is the only viable energy source for now. 2. Agriculture aided by science is how to grow the economy. 3. A moratorium on foreign debt is the way out of the poverty trap.

From that old SGT Report.

Funny this:  Funny thing, Huffington Post had a new headline about man expanding beyond Earth this morning quoting Stephen Hawking. LsRouche has been talking about this for a few years…  Just goes to show who gets news coverage.

Press TV, and Press TV again.  US Wants Russia to Back Down on Syria; and US Drills in Provocation Against Iran.

Demanding the Truth 9/11 Blog brings up May 4th episode of

The damned People’s Voice is a curious validator of…

Glass Steagall on the Radio Reporting.  And see too something with Michael Kirsch for the Holistic Survival.

Hm... Though I do not agree with the LaRouchePac on a Hamiltonian Credit system.
As a Libertarian I believe a Free Market economy backed by Silver coinage would be ideal to protect the integrity of peoples money.

What are ya, a damn Larouchie? Lmao. No.. If I was I’d be telling you all about an impending thermo nuclear attack.

Loudon  Progress asks the question “What happened to the Larouche supporters?”, a rhetorical gambit to knock a local political figure.

If you’re wondering what happened to the whacky Lyndon LaRouche supporters who promoted Nuclear Fusion in the 1980’s and infiltrated and nearly destroyed the Loudoun Democratic Party, their former spokesperson, Christina N. Huth, is now writing  letters of support for Dave LaRock.

John Train comes back in discussions here, complete with link to youtube clip of Bob Dylan supposedly claiming to have sold his soul to Satan.

And… Hm…  And so we get to Linden LaRouche.  Is he another politician also?  He was on a radio show recently.  I didn’t listen.  But Dick Eastman did; and Eastman wasn’t impressed at all.  Unless all these would-be political hopefuls get back to basics, begin the slow process of educating the general public on these core issues about money creation and usury, our decline will continue into oblivion.  World War III is at the door; and only an extra-terrestrial intervention will save mankind from destruction.

The final word:
Well yeah but the democrats would trample your grandmother if they thought it would give them a political advantage.
And the libertarians would trample all grandmothers….
And the Greens would trample their grandmother, but not the on the grass….
And Statehood would try to trample their grandmothers… but they wouldn’t have the votes to begin the trampling
And the LaRouchies ARE your grandmother.

AND…  Where do I sign up for my LaRouche PAC newsletter and helicopter beanie?


Inevitable dog days of a Presidential Administration

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

We’re at that point in a Presidential Administration where we see that mushrooming of scandals.  With minor quibbles, the body of this article is about right if not the headline — “Two Scandals Deflected; One Persists” — scandals are not based in reality per se and partisan wrangling will have a way of persisting in all three cases, but the facts of the matter are that in a Real World only one of these things should amount to things…

For a better headline for the same points made — try Jim Fallows right about here.

… and it’s the one that probably won’t.  What we get in the land of Internet commenters escapes to a surreal non-reality just as the “matters that are but trifles” — observe:

The AP has been on the wrong side of history, sucking up to, and carrying water for, the communist oppressors in the White House. See how they repaid you? Lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas.

I think Benghazzi hasn’t really jumped out of its partisan blustering of people who’d hate Obama no matter what.  But The IRS — Tea Party story deserves a bit of a thwacking right about now.  Considering this whole lot of new tea party organizations, roaming that shady gray area of threading needles in terms of what constitutes partisan politics and doesn’t — “educating the public”.  It is a case in a subjective world where if one is not bending forward to look into them, one would be bending backward to avoid looking into them.  Nonetheless, it’ll feed some persecution complex and what we’re stuck with is a whole lot of high horse pleadings of “Imagine a Republican White House looking for words like ‘Choice'” —
The most thing is if we were to take this scandal to the worst degree in the most feverish imaginations of the Right wing opposition to Obama — the amusing retort of sheer cynicism is “Proud White House Tradition stretching back to Roosevelt”…

The great thing from a sheer observer perspective, take away any partisan leanings, and I always like it when these tropes come along.  Every Presidents needs to be compared to Nixon.  And what I’m always looking for is the “Looking in the Mirror and seeing Nixon” cartoon.


Similar, of course, to…

Well, a Bush looking in the mirror and seeing Nixon image I can’t find right now.

Interesting to note, many a pre-Nixon White House journal shows that Presidents walking about the White House portraits ruminating over them at “low points”.  My guess is after Nixon made it iconic, trascribed in Woodward and Bernstein’s “Final Days” — Presidents don’t do that anymore.  (Innocuous in and of itself, but given new layers of meaning.)


your stupid ass doc hastings update

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

All right, because I see people land on this site when looking for Doc Hastings…

“Doc Hastings voting record”…

Well, right now, he’s organizing a team of congress critters to examine the Endangered Species Act.

And which species we might as well knock off the list.

I imagine he’d want to shorten the list as far as he could.

Special note on the congress critters he’s working with here.

Members of the Endangered Species Act Working Group include:

Rep. Doc Hastings, R- Wash.

Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R- Wyo.
Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev.
Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah
Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga.
Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md.
Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Mich.
Rep. James Lankford, R-Okla.
Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo.
Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas
Rep. Steve Southerland, R-Fla.
Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Pa.

Rep. David Valadao, R-Calif.

Not particularly bi-partisan.

All right.  Now I can slumber on this topic for another month.

The Latest from Whidbey Island.

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

I see from my blog’s search terms that …

Orange Lights have hovered over Whidbey Island.

And thus we have this picture of this town yokel pointing into the distance.  Presumably into the direction the orange lights were.

“We’ve seen a lot of stuff, but this was the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen,” said Dick Johnson, a retired civil engineer.

Orange lights!

“The first thing I thought was Area 51 moved to Whidbey Island,” he said.


“I know what a helicopter sounds like; thump, thump, thump,” he said. “This was no noise.”

While he’s more inclined to believe the lights were some sort of top-secret military project, as opposed to a flying saucer from outer space, the experience was more than a little startling.

Well.  Okay.

A Whidbey News-Times reporter also visited six different homes around the Johnsons’ house, but none of the neighbors reported seeing anything out of the ordinary that night.

Several did express disappointment, however, at being left out.

“I wish I’d seen it,” Tim Oliver said with a laugh.

A 23-year resident of the community, he also has a great view of the water and often observes marine and air traffic passing through the area. Oliver said he’s never witnessed anything that might fit into the extraterrestrial category, but planned to redouble his vigil following the Johnson’s encounter.

“Now I’m really going to be looking out the window,” he said.

This is, of course, that “X Files in the background ” ‘Could be; could be not” feature story angle of the mainstream liberal media your ufologists are complaining about in terms of how these things get covered.  It gets worse for the Johnsons…

Another neighbor, who asked to be identified only by her first name, was home Saturday evening but said she also missed the excitement.

“That would be cool if it was (a UFO) but I didn’t see anything,” Janice said with a smile.

While being interviewed, another neighbor drove by and Janice eagerly asked if she had seen anything.

The driver replied that she hadn’t but expressed the same excitement over the possibility.

Anyway, those wacky X Files theme song playing in the background tee hee stories bring us back to “Chinese lanterns.”

And we have another photograph of the man here.   His hand is moving to a different location.

“This is not something I was imagining,” Johnson said. “I was sober, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke pot. … I definitely saw what I saw.”

“I’d swear on a stack of Bibles,” he said.

And now everyone who saw something is forming a support group of “No.  We saw something”.

“They looked to me like hot air balloons released just for fun,” Shimek said.

All right.  I’ll keep you posted the next time I see Whidbey Island circulate in search terms.

Shouting new things into the bullhorn at this year’s Bilderberg Meeting

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Just some basic commenting spam that filtered through, interesting so far as it goes, and linking to an at least legitimate in so far as it plugs out content  conspiratorial website — selling Rothschild t-shirts or something.

Leak News: We work for major news companies but our boss is preventing us from publishing this information on Tv. They are high ranking luciferians from the devil worshipers cult illuminati also known as the Bilderberg Group. This is a fact: There is an ongoing civil war in America. The illuminati have killed Aaron Swartz and more than 38,000 people in America in 2010. Their deaths are disguised as suicides. Many Americans are awake now, Americans are buying guns hunting to kill all children of members of the illuminati living in multi-million dollar homes all over America to end their evil legacy. KKK members are luciferians from the illuminati. People listed in the forbes billionaire list are high ranking members of the illuminati. The Bilderberg Group have alot of their children here in America living in multi-million dollar homes. Tell all your friends, it’s now time to KILL them all to save humanity.

CNN is AFRAID to cover this story.

Anyway, the word on the street is that the Bilderberg Meeting this year is all about turning over the keys of World Domination over to google.

The secretive Bilderberg Group is currently undergoing a major transformation that will see it and other high profile networks merge under the banner of Google as the elite accelerates its plan to consolidate its technocratic agenda.

Could be worse.  Could’ve put into the hands of facebook, right?

In other interesting spam comments, and I’ll save this message (though definitely the links.)  It’s… poetry?  And oddly referential to Bilderberg and their designs on things.

Immutable Gods from the sky, strong and domineering, they will all kill town, a fly ash
The shame of ancestors, the ancient Great washed white god king roared.
The other everyone family monks excited, have to cry.
The ancient Great manifest, without beginning the Great was still alive.
Washed humiliation town to kill everything.
Babel stage, a great roar, many people were moved to tears.
Shining the Gods once again landed repression to the fallen kings the nine Swire Xiongshou, ashes, ancient chariot collapse.
Fallen King of the presence of strong, can only be issued soon unwilling roared, but unable to resist, and that eternal, Huang Jinsheng Guang Town kill everything.
List of God relentless pressure drop the Swire generation invincible giant Decrepitation, blood is evaporated to dryness, and then reduced to ashes

Body of eight hundred and twentieth chapters Zodiac arrives
King of falling dead
As strong as he has only issued loudly cried out in horror, on the spot in the sky stage exploded, the blood instantly evaporated, to be a fly ash.
Screams continued, another into dust
Gods one, the gods into submission, which is the legend of the year, and now it is flying out of the reckless waste mountain, the town kill KING sweeping.

This is a shocking picture of heaven and earth, there is no force can stop it, trails of ancient kings imminent demise, sage king Bounty, is expected to become even the presence of the Great Sage was also ruthlessly denied.
This is the cry of panic, from the ancient king, if it would have been unthinkable during weekdays, anyone in the world can kill them, but by no means let them fear to such a degree.
However, at this moment, everyone panic, spirit trembling trembling, it is difficult to move
This is the ancient Great atmosphere, can do no wrong in their induction, the mind is no hint of resistance, too strong, very terrible, you want to bow down to go.

Finally, to withstand the ancient kings, his legs felt weak, worship on the spot on the channel table, do not really want to kneel, but a Supreme coercion dictates.
Such a breath sky high, than the wide sea, breadth and depth than the star field, so that they almost despair, there is no trace of the ability to compete.
Oh, how could this be?
Some KING lived long years, and have worship the supreme war fighting Shenghuang of Swire Dynasty, only induced him to breath.

Ancient Great, someone is really dead, they we’re through.

This fear quickly spread, Swire far
ministries all erect, and then the whole body trembling, they also felt a kind of power and influence.

This is what a terrible scene, KING kneeling on the ground, and bowed toward the Road dazzling list of God, think light on the people tremble.

In other news… there are new meetings of the Rich to shout into the bullhorn toward… but, a little curious here… why does Bill Gates have to be referenced as “Mansanto linked”, like he isn’t “linked” to other things?

dress rehearsal for a big production from the scientologists

Friday, May 10th, 2013

They’ve been setting it up for a while now — but well, here we go…


… and comedy gold in the comments section of the Portland Mercury here.   I’m curious about the “Tony Ortega” question.  This the equivalent of  the larouchers shouting “Dennis King!  High Times!”

All right.  So I walked across the block a few times to have a looksee.  I take the trees to be placed all about to stop too much “look seeing” — this has the look to it of a grand production for filming and not really a grand scene in and of itself.  The guy on the stage, in the snippets I heard from him — referenced Saucerful of Secrets and someone working with Donna Ross.  I guess this may be, like, a personal narrative on how the power of Scientology saved him from Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd — (or how psychiatry destroyed Syd Barrett and someone working with Donna Ross)?

It had the feel to it of a rehearsal for a larger crowd expected later, but would have worked as an informal speech to an empty crowd.

On the corner across the street is a man with a cardboard sign.  This is a common spot for “spare change?”, so I imagine the sign might read a variation of “Why Lie?  Need money for Ninja fighting beer” or whatever the current cleverness is right now.  But nope.  The sign reads something… relevant?

Fluoridation?  … No?
Scientology? … Yes?
What about Benghazi?

No, I don’t know what it means either.
And he’s having a conversation with someone, a bit irate over things.  The sign seems a bit too cryptic for any real passion on it, but to each their own.  From what I can tell from the back of the sign, which I see has something about the Fight against Ignorance, it might be actually pro-fluoride and anti-Scientology, or something about looking to actual real issues as opposed to Fluoride and Scientology.  (Where this lands him on the issue of Benghazi I do not know.)  Anyway, he appeared to say to the man arguing with him that he was stuck in 6th Grade logic — and I just moseyed on away.  And past the camera crew in the center of the big production (a Potemkin Village it be.)  And past what I supposed were “Sea Org” security, or am I boffing my Scientology knowledge?

… and, looking about.  Hm.  Is this anything good for Yakima?