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New Republic versus National Review

Friday, October 14th, 2011

New Republic, October 6, 2011:
Ken Burns, Lynn Novick PBS documentary: Prohibition
Mansanto for “Improving Agriculture dot com”, with photo of a bunch of Indian children
Ford Mykey “Lets you Limit how fast teens drive and how loud their music is”
Boeing, 2 Pages, “Enduring Security” Today Tomorrow Beyond
FLAME “Why should the US fund the terrorist group Hamas?”
Nuclear Energy Institute:  “Planning for highly unlikely events…”

National Review, October 17, 2011:
Boeing, 2 pages “Enduring Security” Today Tomorrow Beyond
Chevron, 2 pages “The world needs more than oil.  We Agree”.
Great Courses series “The Wisdom of History”
Donors Trust.  “Avoid the Pitfalls of the Fords and Rockefellars.” Investing in your beliefs
Stauer Diamond
“WOW computer” Designed for you, not your grandchildren
Ave Maria Mutual Fund.  “Smart Investing and Catholic Values”
New York Mint:  $100 Silver Proof
Stauer Diamond
FLAME “The promised land of milk and honey? Could it have been?  Could the dream still come true?”
Stauer Diamond
Hammacher Schemmer (1/3 page ad) Negative to Digital Picture Converter
Human Life’s Foundation 9th Annual Great Defender of Life Dinner (1/2 page)
Wyoming Catholic College (1/2 page)
Atlas Network Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner (1/2 page)
National Review 2011 Post-Election Cruise (3 pages) [because everyone’s going to be jacked up by the Kentucky gubernatorial results!]
Vienna versus Chicago, Clash of the Titans: Mises v Friedman book
Sprint Wireless


I’ve long figured that the corporations advertising in New Republic are doing so with an eye toward public relations against liberals reading The Nation, though the duplicate Boeing ad is interesting.  I guess the messages poke into the National Review — Chevron is about more than oil.  There is an odd convergence in the “Mutual funds that value your values” which converge with the basic message of ads found in The Nation, a type of message I do not see in The New Republic.

R3volution and that

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

On the Events Calendar for you.

FRIGHT NIGHT—If you’re looking to have the poop scared into your pants, you have two choices tonight: FrightTown, the annual big-budget, block-long haunted house at the Memorial Coliseum, and Ron Paul’s Rock the R3volution Tour at Mt. Tabor Theater. One features people dressed up in ridiculous costumes, screaming incoherently, and the other… wait. WSH
FrightTown, Memorial Coliseum, 300 N Winning Way, 7-10 pm, $20,; Ron Paul’s Rock the R3volution Tour, Mt. Tabor Theater, 4811 SE Hawthorne, 7 pm, FREE

Bah de dum!

I would add that the Ron Paulites are so cool, they spell “revolution” with a “3”.  Because that’s just how they roll.

All right.  I’m curious.  Curious enough to look it up, and we have a facebook page for you.

No snippy comments about their write-up in the Mercury?

notes from the occupation: the larouchian edition

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Hm.  an interview with Walter Jones.  I haven’t had a chance to hear it yet, but :  Note to congress men:  yes, you do interviews with a lot of different organizations, and frankly I want congress members to go on a lot of different sources, up and down the spectrum.  But please Avoid this one.
Also you should have asked why they’re still pestering about Glass Steagall when, according to them,  the deadline for Glass Steagall was July 4.

Alex Jones thinks it is all about the Fed.  As does Ron Paul.  But this is puzzling.  Alex Jones says “I agree with Larouche” –but  doesn’t mention Glass Steagall.

Larouche was on the Alex Jones show again.  This one was the shortest one yet.  With the least amount of reverberations that I see.  So the Larouche Movement has gotten him where they want him, tapped down to a new normal.

Oh geesh ~ anyone but Lyndon Ladouche. Lyndon is a known mental patient. He is a man so deluded and paranoid (especially over Obama) and out of touch with the basics of reality I’m not at all surprised he would turn up here. Way to go, Alex, way to dumb your audience down further.
BTW is Alex transmitting from the base floor of a Motel 6?
Lyndon Larouche passes gas that is smarter than you….
The best chance of prosecution of these criminals rests with the de jure Republic – republicfortheunitedstates (dot) org. If the military switches sides and backs the de jure Republic over the de facto corporate government, you would have instant enforcement and then these clowns in DC would be looking at prosecutions and convictions.

And now, reaction from Obama Hitler poster making an appearance on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show, after video of Hank Williams Jr calling Obama Hitler.

The liberals dress up and bring out their Nazi gear. It’s their tool to try to discredit conservatives.
Conservatives just don’t do that.  (ah-choo.)

Beware the Provacauters:

I suspect your true views are far right wing ones. and you are here to try and deceive us while stiring the pot.
I agree that he is far-Right….  I wonder if he is a Paulist…..
If I had to hazard a guess  I’d go with a LaRouchie
OOOH you might be right   I guess I am thinking this is “American” from MondoFront who I believe was saying that he was liking Ron Paul. But yeah, he might be a LaRouchie.
In event I suspect that you are right and that he is acting the Provocateur.
I encounter LaRouchies all the time at Fox Nation   where some of their conspiratorial bullshit almost fits right in, but not quite.  It’s so uniformly shrill it even stands out in that place.

It is true that Larouche started the Hitler comparison to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. the tea party embraced the imagery as did most right wing blogs, news, and other pundits. It is nice that some people are able to uncover this and expose the idiocy that occurred with the health care debate.

I wish I had taken a picture of their table at the 9-12-09 rally in Washington when they were trying to pass out those flyers and signs. No one was taking them.

2) Like I give a darn about what a LaRouche Douche says.

LaRouch is a twisted form of eventual communism because it attempted to use the rhetoric of the right as well as the left to support/hid their far left goals
Thats why they say they want to get rid of the “left-right” spectrum……because they attempt to use it all Once they convince people therer is no left and riight. all their confused logic seems correct..
Funny thing is that this LaRouch guy seems more intelligent, better spoken, with a better grasp of the issues, and seems more reasonable than nearly anyone in the media, let alone the OWS kids (whether you agree with him or not). And yet the OWS kids, the media, and the Democrat party are all considered to be somehow “Main Stream”.
How many LaRoushies are left?
A half dozen?
LaRouchies make PaulBots seem sane and rational. When Bush was President, they were marching around with Bush/Hitler posters. Anyone who isn’t Lyndon LaRouche is Hitler.
Our local teaps really discourage anti-Obama signs to keep the message focused on Congress and fiscal policy. Of course the media took a photo of the one nut job birther sign. And a Larouche sign. (Obamahitler). Otherwise, our 99% are pretty normal

This is all hinged off of:  Hank Williams Jr says he’s Sorry for Comparing Obama to Hitler.
The Obama/Hitler stuff is principally Larouche nutbags, and I don’t even know where those kooks fit on the political spectrum.
Yeah, I once compared Bush to Hitler.  When asked if I was serious, I said, “Hm.  No.”  My corrolary to Godwin’s Law is for an allowance for brief flights of hot rhetoric and inappropriate humor.  The Larouche org fails the test where Williams passes, somewhat.

Here’s Perry911 for Ron Paul goes to bat with Larouche video — the big 10/8 Historic Address.

And… In the same way, communists, UFO conspiracy theorists and followers of Lyndon LaRouche are very non-partisan, but this doesn’t tell you anything terribly flattering about their ability to think for themselves.


Note from the Campaign Trails of the Kesha Rogers Summer Shields Rachel Brown Dave Christie Diane Sare and that other guy Campaign Hustlings:

Dave Christie, in Washington State, embarrassing himself.

Occupy Austin:
A profile of Kesha Rogers.
While no representative currently in office has adopted or been elected on the LaRouche platform, many have voiced support for the establishment of more stringent regulations and reforms. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) has introduced legislation (HR 1489 aka the Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011) to restore Glass-Steagall-like regulations, which, according to the LaRouche PAC, has garnered support from 45 house representatives in addition to a large number of unions and municipalities. Rogers says that by supporting the passage of Glass-Steagall, the supporting members of Congress are indirectly and passively supporting the impeachment of the President.  […]
HR 1489 does not include any other aspect of LaRouche’s plan, nor does it suggest or even allude to the impeachment of President Obama. As stated on Rep. Kaptur’s website, HR 1489 does, “ [repeal] certain provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and revives the separation between commercial banking and the securities business, in the manner provided in the Banking Act of 1933, the so-called ‘Glass-Steagall Act’. The affiliations currently between certain entities would be required to be dissolved.” […]
Kesha Rogers is a Houston resident who ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2010 and plans to run again in 2012. She has been an activist with the LaRouche PAC for 7 years, and will marry a fellow LaRouche PAC activist in 3 weeks.


Dateline New York City:  From a Revolutionary Communist Point of View, the Humanitarian Socialist Party:
Unless one is well versed in the historical process of fascism, it is hard to spot a real Marxist revolutionary as opposed to a fascist masquerading as a revolutionary. Some openly endorse anti-Semitism but those are the very few, others like LaRouche for example endorse Democrats, or communists who hand out newspapers with dead Russian and Chinese leaders on the front of them. Supporting any of these characters would be tantamount to national suicide, no wonder the American people have resorted to backing anarchists, at least with this scenario we can remain in a state of flux while the American people have an opportunity to sort out the real radicals from the fakers set up by the perverse regime in order to divert revolutionary zeal.

Internal debates from the Occupy Movement:  I have repeatedly been confronted by irate people that accuse me of working for or with people like George Soros, Lyndon LaRouche, the FBI, CIA, US State Department and/or the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration. Let me be 100% clear here, all of these accusations are F.A.L.S.E.

As these things go, you shift through this and get… good, great, and not good.  The Larouchies are the most annoying part of this thing.

Dateline Los Angeles:
What about being on message? At the encampment, there are communists next to Ron Paul supporters next to vegan activists next to those LaRouche people (who always seem to show up) — even a couple of union guys. I’ve always called this liberal “micro-cause-ism.” Will they stay on point? “We’re not focused on the thing that’s not causing the problem,” says Aichele. Message cohesion is not the rigged system they’re rallying to change.

Dateline Ann Arbor, Michigan.  oooh.  Ouch.  Amusingly, the Occupy protesters were joined by perpetually incoherent Lydon LaRouche-ites, apparently the only protesters there who did not want President Obama reelected.  […]  Yet the only Obama critics at the protests are the space-case LaRouche supporters–the overwhelming majority of these attendees support his reelection. When LaRouche-ites begin to seem rational by comparison, something is wrong.

Hm…  Also found here.

Our article will also point out, below, that what increasingly seems to be a controlled movement is in a sense a LaRouchite one. That’s because the economic analyst Lyndon LaRouche is excellent at analyzing what is wrong with the West from a free-market perspective, but his solutions are all statist ones. He is a big proponent of FDR, for instance. See more on this parallelism at the conclusion of this article. But back to the Post. […]
Editor’s Note: Is Occupy Wall Street a LaRouchite Movement?
As we pointed out yesterday, the elite-controlled Adbusters magazine is behind Occupy Wall Street, along with pseudo anarchist David Graeber. They are the ones that provided the pseudo anarchist “direct democracy” meme, lifted at least in part, it seems, from Muammar Gaddafi’s little Green Book.
But the movement goes back farther than that, to Anonymous and David DeGraw and AmpedStatus – groups and individuals that were agitating for Wall Street demos as early as March of last year.
We’ve had questions about Anonymous in the past and we have little idea of exactly who David DeGraw is in terms of his real background, though we’ve mentioned him before. We do know the current Occupy Wall Street movement is modeled in part on the Arab Spring movements that are evidently and obviously controlled by the State Dept., CIA, AYM, etc. That doesn’t mean DeGraw is part of such controllers, of course. […]
Correct. But, ahem, given Max’ clout in the in the alternative media (compared to Lyndons) – I’d suggest “MaxKeiserite” instead of “LaRouchite”

Karl Rove, for one, identifies the problems with the Occupiers as against the Tea Partiers.  One is the existence of the Larouchies in the Occupiers camp.  Funny, that Karl Rove.  He Refuses to identify the Larouchies at the Tea Party as on par with the Occupiers.  A disclaimer:  despite my cynicism in this thing, and mixed opinions on matters, I don’t think it’s a secret which “camp” of the two I hold more sympathy toward.

Karl Rove probably hasn’t had a chance to catch Edward Spannaus on Iranian Press TV describe the Occupy Movement in… Larouchian terms:

So I think what we’re looking at is what the German revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg, termed the mass strike, in which, in a revolutionary period, you have large numbers of people who will take to the streets, who will take to protest and are often spurred up by a wave of activity and political ferments.  […]
This is why, to my mind, the single most important demand of the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations is the restoration of Glass-Steagall.  […]
So that is the first step and of course if Obama’s not fired by then he’ll quit in disgrace, because Obama is completely committed to stopping Glass-Steagall.  […]

Interestingly, the single most important demand for Alex Jones is to “end the fed”.  Actually, to tell the truth, if I had to rank my number one item out of “Occupy”, it probably would be “restoring Glass Steagall” — a tangible goal against a sea of both tangible and intangibles, of which Obama is not the figure “Standing in the way”.  BUT then again… let’s hear it from Helga:

On Sunday, the 11th September, led the ensemble of the opera in San Francisco to commemorate the attacks of 11 September 2001  September 2001 before an audience of thousands in Golden Gate Park to Mozart’s Requiem.  Activists of the LaRouche movement before and after the performance distributed a leaflet, which conjured up the spirit of the past – was the headline: “What would Mozart say to Obama? – “ – Back kick to save your soul! ‘” […]
Consider now Obama as a Leporello, who slavishly serves his master, hoping that it would give him according to “reward”.  Do you think that would be too far-fetched?  Remember how Obama crawled by before the Queen England and their recognition was begging for his slavish service to “save” their bankrupt banks and financial institutions with trillions of dollars, while America’s elderly, the sick, the unemployed and poor cast onto the scrap heap.
Waiting for the Larouchies to run into the Occupy parks and wave the “What would Mozart say to Obama?” signs.

Dateline Minnesota:  The discussion is so orderly and focused on process that it took me 15 minutes of observation on Tuesday to realize they were discussing something rather explosive. Supporters of the controversial political activist Lyndon Larouche had propped up a giant poster of President Obama with a Hitler mustache. “So we’re the Tea Party now?” one passerby quipped.

Because the 9/11 Truthers — permanent fixtures along with Larouchies.

To be fair to the OWS, these Ron Paulites are an organized vanguard group  like the LaRouchies and are catching even much better organized rightwing  groups off guard. The Value Voters Summit this weekend was a prime  gathering of evangelicals
think comparisons to the LaRouchies deserve to become a stock simile.

“Turnabout is fair play”.
At this point the Left starts pounding the table and shouting about Larouche Democrats and their habit of putting a Hitler mustache on Obama. Mostly so that you won’t hear the part about “Larouche Democrats.”

Jonah Goldberg:  Note: That’s not some random nut job pulled from his Lyndon LaRouche desk or tricked-out refrigerator box/time machine. That’s the communications director for the whole shebang, and his goal is to overthrow the government.Now, he’s not advocating violence or dictatorship. No, he just wants the government to work on the same non-hierarchical, consensus-based, extremely deliberative form of direct democracy that they’re using down in Liberty Plaza. How that would work for some 300 million Americans remains a bit of a mystery.

The Larouchian role in the proceedings as always:  I am actually pretty supportive of the anti-globalization movement, and no, that’s not what I am saying. the term “International Bankers” has long been known (and may be one of the best known) as a term that is used to mask “The Jews that run the world” thought pattern. Lyndon LaRouche was using it as a “Dog Whistle” in the early ’70’s and you can prolly date it back to as far as the English Civil War (making reasonable decisions about language and it’s usage) if you really wanted to.
The Constitution protects free speech, even unpopular speech. The Constitution makes it possible for people like Ball to make erroneous claims that attribute disgusting left-wing Lyndon LaRouche messages to right-wing conservatism.

The “Occupy” Movement as conspiracy for Global Elites — thesis described as larouchian.

Ralph Nader popped up next, although Ralph has already crossed the electoral Rubicon between “A Campaign of Liberal Outrage” and “Lyndon LaRouche.

Workers World Party:  The protest was politically inclusive and welcomed diversity. But when a right-wing group, followers of Lyndon LaRouche, tried to sing some patriotic songs, Aron Kaye, a longtime activist in New York, went up to them and told them, “This isn’t your demonstration — get lost!” They must have believed Kaye was speaking for a majority of protesters, as they did lose themselves.
See too:  here.

Dateline Minnesota:

TeaPartiers crashing the joint? Of course not.  LaRouchies, the Westboro Church of political gatherings. They’d steamed everyone up, but they were trying to find a common ground. You want Glass-Steagall? We want Glass-Steagall! You want an end to the Patriot Act? So do we! But everyone had a problem with the Hitler mustache. I think reductio ad adolpho is the stupidest type of political placard, and just because the other side did it for eight years doesn’t mean it’s time for them to get a taste of their own medicine. (But still. Snort.)
A few people in the crowd got heated, because the Obama-Hitler poster was harshing the general mellow, and a facilitator quickly entered to defuse the situation. Behold: the kindergarten approach to quietening a crowd. I’ll give them this: it works. If embed doesn’t show up, watch here. It’s short – in fact I suggest that you hit the link.

(Post recommended by this Phelps watcher.)

Decent crowd, but it could have passed for a folk music festival aside from the Paulites and a small contingent of Larouchies.

Dateline New York City:  Local supporters of perennial presidential candidate Lyndon Larouche formed their own economic group. “I saw a disorganized rabble turn into actual working groups,” one participant commented. Veterans of the New York City protest 

Susan, I don’t know either, but I am pretty sure there are many other “nice” options. Ron Paul and La Rouche are of course “charming” possibility?/reality?

Why is the Lamestream media not showing this image of a protester wiping his ass on a police car like they did the Obama Hitler signs at tea party gatherings?

The “free school” has books available, and open time slots for people to expound on topics ranging from the history of the Fed to civil disobedience to whatever the LaRouchies devoted their five minutes to.I

It was mostly the usual suspects, for sure, but it was still great to see Our Side finally get off its ass and into the streets again. Despite all the talk about Teabaggers beginning to get involved, I only saw the usual smattering of LaRouchies and Paultards, who were largely ignored except by those in need of cheap laffs. Also, much to my delight, I spotted one — count ‘em, one — 9/11 Tr00th freak in the crowd, his sign still demanding that someone “Investigate WTC 7″.

It may grow over time (as long as the LaRouchies don’t scare away too many people).

I have not been entirely on top of what’s going on, but I did hear that the LaRouchies have landed, as they do whenever there’s a large gathering. That, I would imagine, is the source of the anti-Semitism and homophobia.

Dateline Los Angeles:
What would  a protest like this be without a LaRouche table? We should colonize Mars.

Despite all the talk about Teabaggers beginning to get involved, I only saw the usual smattering of LaRouchies and Paultards, who were largely ignored except by those in need of cheap laffs.

As with any large gathering, there was no shortage of dissonant groups: Code Pink had a large enclosure in the center of the square, meshing its notorious anti-war message with a call for a halt on foreclosures. Towards the back, a band of LaRouchies had gathered to hand out literature explaining why President Obama is a lot like Hitler.

dateline San francisco:  I don’t think they ever left, though.

 He laments with a laugh that the only people here with pre-made signs and leaflets seem to be the LaRouchies. Jeremy Batterson is leafleting a dozen feet away. He’s got a big sign that says “Bring Back Glass Steagall,” the Depression-era

They basically try to latch onto any major protest that takes place and try to make it their “movement”. It’s like the damn LaRouchies.

Dateline Seattle:

I said I had just been reading about Anwar al-Aulaqi.

The guy on the left went on: “He was an American! He hadn’t done anything! OBAMA KILLED HIM FOR HIS THOUGHTS!”

I said, “No, I think he killed him because he was an al Qaeda operative.”

The one on the left said, “He hadn’t done anything!”

I said, “Except advise the Christmas Day bomber to wait until he was over Detroit to detonate his underwear, so he could kill as many innocent Americans as possible.”

“For his thoughts!” the one on the left went on, not listening. “YOU COULD BE NEXT!”

Considering I have no plans to join al Qaeda, I’m not that worried. The light changed and I crossed the street and bought a smoothie.

The Larouchies could get together with Fred Phelps, and Charles Mudede, and form the perfect Trolling Machine.

Out of all the fucking douchebags I have to deal with walking the sidewalks of Seattle, these people are by far the worst.
Also, SAME GUY, from 2009:
Sieg Heil 4-ever, you cwazy, cwazy LaRouchie
I love these protesters. Theyre bracketing the LaRouchies and  calling them on their bullshit. They made my afternoon brighter.
I love these protesters. They’re bracketing the LaRouchies and calling them on their bullshit. They made my afternoon brighter.
The LaDouchies look annoyed. It’s delicious.
Wait– El Douchies are nuts but he’s got a sign saying “Restore Glass-Steagall”, which is not nuts. This is disconcerting.
I miss the tents and the tar and feathering of the LaRouchies

Dateline Houston  They hated the British, Enron, and thought you were a loser if you didn’t sit around with them and listen to mozart. Don’t even think about wasting your time with a band. I would say they are a borderline cult.

Fun to see the Lyndon LaRouche wing of the Democrat Party has found a catchy moniker to pull in the media.

In my eyes, it wasn’t a left protest, more like Ron Paul/La Rouche crowd.

Dateline Baltimore
Jeremy Bat­ter­son is leaflet­ing a dozen feet away. He’s got a big sign that says “Bring Back Glass Stea­gall,” the Depression-era law that sep­a­rated deposit tak­ing banks from invest­ment banks and insur­ance com­pa­nies. Promi­nently near the bot­tom of the sign is the name Lyn­don LaRouche.
“He’s been against this all along,” Bat­ter­son says of the per­pet­ual pres­i­den­tial can­di­date, con­victed tax felon, and self-proclaimed inven­tor of the Strate­gic Defense Ini­tia­tive. He hands out not one but three leaflets. They are full of ref­er­ences to “the bank­rupt British impe­r­ial finan­cial sys­tem,” a “fixed exchange rate credit sys­tem,” and “the orig­i­nal United States Hamil­ton­ian credit system.”

I’m not sure about these Occupy protests yet. They are pleasing on first blush if only because finally people other than the tea party are in the streets. Drudge focused on protests in 5 cities early Sunday, then doubled back to link to an Alex Jones rant condemning the protests.  (Those kids aren’t Ron Paul Robots! Those kids have never even heard of Lyndon Larouche!) The blow back had begun apparently .

They need to tell the LaRouche piggybackers to get lost –THEY’RE THE ASSHOLES WHO HANG POSTERS OF BARACK OBAMA WITH A HITLER MOUSTACHE –

Larouchie steps into climate debate and…
Sorry, I thought I must have been reading the Onion or something, you know… Lyndon LaRouche?… Charles Darwin a fraud & third rate intellectual?
Fulford are Lee Emil Wanta, the EU Times, Sorcha Faal and Russia Today (RT television: a KGB connected outlet that puts out a lot of truth in order to sucker in conservatives with periodic disinformation–much like Lyndon LaRouche)
Please don’t let Lyndon LaRouche see this post.

Always in good hands with “Photo courtesy Larouche Campaign.”

Alice Wolf blames Chris Christie for solar panels:
My intention is to be a la Rouche democrat.  Mr la Rouche has a terrible opinion of liberalism, he explains that it is the idea behind fascism.  If that is correct then hopefully not.  The green movement the environmentalists have good ideas but the manner in which they wish to see them put into practice isn’t powerful enough to sustain an enmormously growing world population very easily.  Also, to deny nuclear power means that we have to give up space exploration which would be tragic.  However, thank you for even reading my comment, I think  NO QUARTER is truly awesome.    THANKS AGAIN BEST REGARDS IN THE WONDERFUL NAME OF JESUS
She’s everywhere, ain’t she?

Ulsterman UPDATE.  The “White House Insider”.  Confirming the Larouche storyline, and sending messages “From the Inside” to… this and that.  Yep.  Obama.  Crumbling.  He’ll be deposed any minute now.
And so it goes…

I agree with Lyndon LaRouche that the President of the United States is clinically insane and we are in deep trouble.
The failure to launch the measures needed to push President Barak Obama into expulsion from office brings the trans-Atlantic financial system ever-nearer to a total breakdown of the present system. […]  The order of the day, is not to “try,” but to succeed. The order of the day is to neutralize the power of Barack Obama and the Hitlerian fantasies of Dick Cheney, and do that in time to enable not only the realization of Glass- Steagall, but to supplement the reenactment of the original Glass-Steagall with the […]  Only the appropriate measures to remove Barack Obama from office stands between you and the Hitler-like seizure of power which was planned by the same Wall Street, House of Morgan breed, which had been attempted as a fascist takeover against President Franklin Roosevelt.

Alice Wolf is the FiredogLake Larouchie. As is Westerner:
 It may not occur, but LaRouche is warning of this extremely dangerous threat of coup d’etat by the British and when he says British he isn’t talking about the Beatles.  Sure he is.


The Bad Old Days, and the Lyndon Larouche Legacy:  Was there really a time when a Lyndon Larouche Larouche could nearly pass draconian quarantine legislation, and when much of the population wanted HIV patients

Fourth, Alice fought with the community to support people with AIDS, particularly in fighting against California’s LaRouche Initiative, (Proposition 64, 1986), which proposed to quarantine people with AIDS. Like the Briggs Initiative a decade earlier, the LaRouche Initiative was an attack on our community that failed, and also became an organizing point for our community to rally together. Alice was a veteran organization that helped organize politically to stop that attack.


Losing the Larouche Cryonics Movement somewhat:  Amazingly, Bhat has shown that the standard view of the solar system is wrong. This is unbelievable yet real stuff. Incredible. Beyond my ability to put into words… so I’ll let Dr. Bhat do it here… download the pages and read them with me over the next month. I’ve send a copy to Rolf Witzsche who is slightly resistant at this point but open. Larouche people are not even open… which makes me suspect them of collusion now..

 Funniest line of the week:  My first impression of the Larouchies was that they were the heroes of campus.
Interestingly enough, that’d be Point.  Here’s Counterpoint:


Cultivating weed in your college pad or dorm room is dumber than volunteering for LaRouche, and riskier than joining the Boston Church of Christ.

But then there’s this as a runner-up.  Because one ends-time prognosis deserves another!:

Even Lydon LaRouche says in his message from October 8, 2011 that we are in the final days and even hours of the world system as we have known it. I do not agree, at least hope some of what he sees coming will not be as violent as he predicts; but I totally concur that this is the time when everything will come to a head. It is, after all, the final 7th day in this 9th wave.
happy final day of the 9th wave to all 9th wave followers

LaRouche normally makes some good economic sense but his obsession about “British” plots is quite tiresome. We all know that the financial-democratic matrix is made up of a Judaic Anglo-American élite but LaRouche still thinks he is in 1776 against King George III’s redcoats. The USA is the empire now!

I used to think LaRouche made some sense, also his wife thingy talks a lot of sense.
But this speech is currently to me a huge disappointment, full of historic inaccuracies and simply nonsense.
Charlemagne for example, was first frankish ‘roman’ emperor, but rome had long split up. In a way, the EU is a succession. Trying to paint him as an anti-roman hero is really not fitting. first and foremost Charlemagne fought bloody campaigns and wars against the other tribes, such as Saxons, like his grandfather Karl Martell fought saxons, frisians and Bavarians.

is this one of those joke interviews?
or is it possible that this guy is an insider and that this is done just to see what the reaction is?

Weird thing about that “even Larouche”.  He’s been saying this for the last 50 years, so… what?

LaRouche added that this is a 1923 style collapse on a global scale and the political leadership of America is acting like the ‘dumb’ Germans from that period. “They have not learned nothing from that lesson. Nearly everyone in leading positions today has flinched and backed off from the necessary measures. They are not prepared to defend civilization. The system is over.”, LaRouche concluded.

One person who reminds me of HWA is Lyndon Larouche, who has been predicting the complete collapse of the world economy for at least 40 years now. When we did have an economic downturn in 2007-8, his followers claimed this as ‘proof’ of his ‘predictions.’ HWA’s ‘prophecies’ include the wonderful ones from the mid-50′s, that Hitler was either 1) not dead, but holed up in the Antarctic with ‘secret Nazi weapons’ or 2) dead, but about to be miraculously raised from the dead by the Pope. No wonder PCG, UCG, LCG etc. get upset if you look up back issues of Plain Truth, Good News etc. Just like Larouchies don’t like to be reminded what ‘Lyn’ said back in the 60s & 70s.

Yeah, here’s the Landover Baptist Church — parody by the way.


BUSO election results are in, and:

Actually, the BueSo is politically insignificant. The election results are available nationwide at approximately 0.1 percent and also local successes can not show the organization. Yet it manages to show presence in many cities in Germany. Also in Bochum, is regularly represented on campus and in the inner city with little stalls. On self-painted billboards share the world with her party members (see Introduction). Sometimes amusing, sometimes frightening or scary stupid, what is there to read. The hobby-horse of the party’s financial crisis. Years ago, warned BüSo top guru Lyndon LaRouche before the collapse of financial markets. In recent publications, the gloating over the apparent confirmation of their theories is hard to read and reminds you feel young, proud to announce that you have known a particular band long before they are “cool” and “hot” was.


real quad-fecta there.

Monday, October 10th, 2011

One of those things about the Republican Party is that this thing is catered to.  The “Values Voters” Conference.  And it seems to be just one of those things after another after another And what happens when one of these things is held?


Following the Values Voter Summit in Washington and preceding the Bloomberg/Washington Post Republican debate on Tuesday, the presidential race leads the Sunday shows this week.
Gaining strength in the polls, Herman Cain will appear on CNN’s “State of the Union” and CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Rep. Michele Bachmann will also be on CNN, as will Newt Gingrich on CBS, and Rick Santorum joins “Fox News Sunday.”

A Quad-fecta if there ever was one!  Like, if we had a Democratic thingy and the Sunday morning shows the next day brought on… Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel.

Supposedly Cain and Gingrich are “on the rise”.  Bachmann is re-entrenching by going hard at the “Values Voters”.  Santorum — I got nothing for you.

Hey!  Another debate coming up!  “Make or break time” for Perry!  Huh.

Scenes from the Occupation

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

#1:  “I’m gonna get drunk, then go to the protest, than get drunk again.”

I don’t want to paint the whole gambit as that, but there is a bit of that surrounding it.  I want to like this thing more than I do.  But I watched a swarth of it.  What I saw was one sign after another pointing this as a Left Wing self parody.  There was a whole swarth who did not not seem to be taking the thing seriously — it was along the lines of the Jon Stewart rally except pointed toward

“I AM Keeping Portland Weird”
I don’t know what to make of “4 Day School Week”.  Is that a sort of… pro-4 day week in line with, like the push for the 30 Hour Work Week, or is that protesting potential budget cuts?

“Free Mumia”… and then we’re stuck in…

#3:  “I like my political movements to be … specific about things.”

Yeah, I know.  It’s unspecified nature is by design.  Thy”re building “room” for “things” and “stuff”.  But…

And I see this guy.  He is dressed up in the Guy Fawkes costume.  And he has a sign.  And the sign says… “!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”
I couldn’t agree more!

Dr. Wertham was Right!

Friday, October 7th, 2011

The sort of unofficial history of the Comics Code Authority is that after its enactment, the comic book industry moved to the direction of… well, something like this:


DC Comics has been reprinting these items for the past few years in 500 page volumes.  Black and white news-print.  About what you’d want with these things — because, Really: do you need high quality reproductions of the Adventures of the Superhero team composed of  Super-Horse, Streaky, Krypto, and Super-Monkey?  Whatever else you can say about them, they probably beat their new iteration for DC Comics, post- Comics Code Authority… which… um…  Er?  Huh.

Maybe there’s just no real way to make these comics make any sense when your object is to release mass product issue after issue, with the Comics Code or without it.

And maybe the Code didn’t have any affect of superheroes, as witnessed 1946 Captain Marvel.

The Comics Code Authority is now the domain of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  Which means they will now use it to ironic effect to in merchandise when such and such a municipality raids a comic book store for selling porn to adults.  It is interesting, because I half-suspected the Code had fallen into the realm of public domain, if only with the sort of parody intentions that the CBLDF is apt to use it.

tagline occupy…

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Once in a great while, “Portland Indymedia” becomes something worth shifting through.  We’ve reached one of those moments.  Yes, everybody, it’s the Left-wing convergence where left-wing activists convene and … largely just annoy Middle America…

They represent the 99 percent.  It’s just that much of the 99 percent doesn’t know that.

Occupy Portland.

Receiving a lot of hits right now from local police stations.  Getting airplay from talk radio personalities.

And for every guy who has his explanations together, you’ll get a bunch more who don’t.

It is worth digging apart the disparate elements in this — somewhat inchoate protest movement.  And to slide into the parcels that may or may not be worth a look-see:  Alex Jones’s website is a tad schizophrenic, and pulling the “good part” over toward “Ron Paul: ‘The Federal Reserve is what they’re protesting”, while admonishing any liberal parts of the protest — “Protesters say that the Rich should pay ‘their fair share’ of taxes'” as mouthing Obama talking points.  Which is interesting, because I don’t know what other means there is in addressing the other story highlighted on the page: a new impoverished Sesame Street character.

Equally “may or many be worth a look-see” in terms of how germane it is to the minds of the protesters: The American Prospect blog considers electoral implications for the Democrats and whether this is the “liberal” version of a Tea Party.  Well… its electoral channels are a lot fuzzier, a lot of people around these lines quietly voted for Obama in 2008 but didn’t want to admit it to their radical friends.

As always… stay tuned.