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GOP Front-runner News: Romney’s smartphone and Tea Party members trumpet Rick Perry’s Bilderberg Participation

Monday, September 12th, 2011

An interesting comment made by Mitt Romney recently that shows that Mitt Romney is not about to be turned into John McCain, who during the 2008 campaign claimed to not use email.  These days, everyone is staffed with twitterers, which is unfortunate — I do not know what a John McCain twit promising “Snooki” that he would hold the line on tanning salon taxes adds to our political discourse.

The Techno-Future vision of political figures tends to dry out in a hurry on any inspection.  Obama has integrated the office of the White House’s functions online more fully than any previous president as, frankly, any president residing at this juncture would have to do.  What he gives us is a salamander graph that charts well on yahoo trending charts, and a campaign apparatus that continually spams anyone who made small donations in 2008 well past the point where the small donor has become disillusioned with his presidency.

“President Obama’s strategy is a pay-phone strategy and we’re in a smartphone world,” Romney said. “What he’s doing is taking quarters and stuffing them into the pay phone … [and he] can’t figure out why it’s not working. It’s not connected anymore, Mr. President!”

Y’know, if Mitt Romney really believed the rhetoric — first he’d rid the nation of all its remaining pay phones — still used somewhat — then he’d do something radical.

You know that 59 point jobs plan he unveiled?  It should be available nowhere else except downloaded via the smartphone scanning image.

And you see that “Believe in America” podium and Job slogan in the background?  Ditto it.

In other Front-runner news… a “Tea Party Nation” supporter urges a vote for Rick Perry because…

Well, the Bilderbergs have invited him into the club.

“I find Perry’s Bilderberg attendance to be a net positive, because:  “His views and thoughts are held in high regard by these most powerful people. You would prefer one who’s views are held in low regard?
“He is entrusted with important secrets, whatever they may be! You prefer one who cannot be entrusted with secrets, or invades the privacy of others?
“He holds influence that can affect the world at large, inside and outside of this country! Or, do you prefer the Great American Apologist’s approach?”

The name is Vern Shotwell.  I suppose we can say that the Tea Party means different things for different people.  This may as well just strip out the facade of it all.

They welcomed John Edwards in 2004.  Cover all their bases — Edwards is never going to return there.  Beyond which, being the governor of a large Oilarchy is probably enough to warrant being tapped on how “things really work”.

Tarpley versus Celente for 9/11 Truther Supremacy. Larouche sidelined.

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Happy Birthday to you… Star Trek.

I am a bit surprised not to see more 9/11 Truth droppings in regards to Larouche.  Maybe I’ll have to wait a day to see this percolate.
On the eve of the 10th anniversary commemorations of the 9/11 atrocity, LaRouchePAC-TV posted a blockbuster video which rips the mask off […]
Different time, maybe:  I do think 9/11 Truth was a big “in” in getting youth recruits during the Bush Administration.  As these things do, the 9/11 Truth bits continue to float about in chunks.  This pops up again, dropped in, from the Larouche “got it figured out” finale of 2009:

Elements of the story have already been reported in EIR, and Larouche instinctively pointed to the true nature of the operation, in a now-famous radio interview that he gave to the Salt Lake City-based syndicated radio host Dr. Jack Stockwell.


Eight months before the September 11, 2001 attacks, Lyndon Larouche forecast that the United States was at high risk for a Reichstag Fire event, an event that would allow those in power to manage through dictatorial means an economic collapse or something.

This is notable

Obama’s Thursday speech was a negative, blaming, angry, rant…enough to once again raise Obama’s inherent disability under the Twenty-fifth Amendment.  Lyndon LaRouche, among others, calls for his immediate removal from office.
I’m going to be hearing Herman Cain speak today and if I have a chance to ask him a question I will ask him the BIG # ONE QUESTION!!!
Because there are several 9/11 Truther comments that follow (nobody biting on Herman Cain?) , as well a Birther Summit item on the sidebar — just to get the big doing do of Bush Administration in with the big doing do of the Obama Administration.

How many secrets stayed secret there? Idiots from the far right of Lyndon Larouche to the far left of Rosie O’Donnell need to shut up about this one. There were a lot of casualties associated with 9-11.

Well, more officially than “some person with a blog”, it’s 9/11 Truth from Senior Iranian Diplomat
“The first stage of this interaction was the attack on Afghanistan. Some researchers, by relying on lots of evidence, believe that America itself is the cause behind the event[s] of 9/11. LyndonLaRouche, a former American presidential candidate ..

And we have an interview with Perry Clark here, the top elected Larouchie in the United States.

But no matter how true Perry Clark’s heart is, facts are facts. He has plenty to say about the condition of the working class in Louisville that should be heard, but the more he talks about LaRouche and Hitler and controlled demolitions, the less credibility he’s bound to have.

Hey.  This is interesting dissenting view.
 We know about LaRouche and his zionist-apologist whackos vis-a-vis 9/11, but who is this imbecille Farrell??

Henry Makow:  According to a report by Lyndon Larouche’s Executive Intelligence Review, the ADL is a lobbying and intelligence arm of the Rothschilds. If Abe Foxman is an indication, anti-Semitism is caused by the behavior of certain Jews.

In other news… NAWAPA Is the Only Viable Solution… except for Glass Steagall.



Diane Sare, LaRouche Democratic candidate in New Jersey, delivered this address to a joint town hall meeting held along with Rachel Brown in Brookline, MA on August 31, 2011. We play her address in full as part of today’s New Presidency series. Diane speaks about the emotion needed to muster the courage to fight a war, using quotations from US history.

Wow!  Diane Sare and Rachel Brown teaming up!  Could this be a preview of the 2016 Presidential ticket?  But again…

LaRouche and the LPAC Basement Team warned you earlier this year that we are now in a period where you are going to need more than a weather man to tell you which way, and why, the wind blows.

Is calling it the “Basement Team” just a means of making sure nobody takes it seriously, so they can continue to act “in the shadows” (ala Dick Cheney)?

Another interpretation takes the form of a video clip on the LaRouche Political Action Committee web site. Presented by Oyang Teng of the LaRouche Basement Research Team. Suggesting these experiments have proven the fallibility of current climate models, he says that, “…rather than revise current models, it’d probably be better to scrap them altogether and rebuild climate science on a whole new basis of actual experimental work.”


Wikipedia Comedy Gold!
Silly things the Larouchies tried to insert into wikipedia.
Extremist to Leftist.  Conspiracism into “Opposing”.  And most impressively and hilariously.
“conspiracy theorist, fascist, and anti-Semite, and have characterized his movement as a cult” turns into “threat to mainstream views”.
Maybe he’s referencing this:
5 Dangerous Presidential Candidates“.  He’s number 3.
Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown Central Iowa
The British Monetary System is dead. […]  The reason that most people do not know of this is that Mr. LaRouche is not allowed public press. Isn’t that a shame in this country of freedom of speech. All of this could happen at any moment or it could all be lost, we need our country back.
Really.  Free Speech issue that everyone ignores him?  Okay.

“Resident Anthropolist” wiped out the entire list of “connection with other groups”.  And shortened its current ideological placement.
Jayen466 did quite a wolloping through the field of “History of Harrassments”.
(cur | prev) 12:15, 11 September 2011 Jayen466 (talk | contribs) (112,117 bytes) (→Harassment of politicians: rmv unsourced (and redundant))
(cur | prev) 12:14, 11 September 2011 Jayen466 (talk | contribs) (112,270 bytes) (→Harassment of politicians: rmv Kissinger, Stevenson already mentioned above)
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One more item.  For Webster Tarpley, a piece of bathroom graffiti.  It adds nothing to World Culture, and is very crass and low-brow, so we know it can’t be a Larouchie:
 Tarpley is also widely known within the conspiracy community for his unusually large penis, standing a tall 13” when fully erect, beating Gerald Celente by a mere 0.1”.

Yeah, this looks like a good competitor for wikipedia.
Looks like it produces a better larouche article, at least.


The wikipedia battle pops into full view in the dailykos comments here.  I particularly the reference to the “Nasty Duckling”, which is an apt quotation that the Larouchies tried to get rid of a while ago.

POST OFFICE TOUR COVERED BY DAILY KOS DIARIST… receives triple digits of response

I tried again.
“How many people died in the holocaust?”
I figured he’d be able to regurgitate something like that.
“Um, Two hundre mil….”
I didn’t let him finish the answer.  I probably should have.  I asked him a different question.
“How many people does Lyndon Larouche say died in the holocaust?”
“I don’t know.”
I didn’t make an argument for Obama, nor did I argue against the offensive imagery in the sign.  I stayed there for at least an hour.  I asked them to tell me why Larouche thinks Raisa Gorbachev attempted to assassinate him in his home. 
Q.  What do they get taught in “Camp Larouche?” A.  “Dump Obama”
It was pretty obvious what they are taught.  They are taught that their bread and butter is going to be senior men.  Every time they see a man who is older than 60 walk out of the post office, they immediately accost him.
“Are you ready to dump Obama?”
Maybe they get a bite.  Maybe they don’t.
My strategy was to get them to advocate for a candidate.  They couldn’t.  They simply don’t know anything about the insane man who is earning money off of their ignorance.
I asked them to justify their support for their guy.  I asked this over and over and over.  I can be really annoying, just ask my kids.
Eventually, one of them just said, “He’s not going to win! Okay!”   I thought that was  pretty good “get.” I made sure that other people were aware of his opinion.
He tried to film me.  My job requires me to stand up in front of crowds of 300 people and do public speaking with Q and A being a main part of the job.  As he filmed me, I repeated facts about Larouche.  He tried to act as if I were afraid of him.  I was slightly agitated, but not overly so.   He eventually stopped filming.
He insisted that I was breaking the law by being in his space.  As you no doubt are aware, by making their advocacy public, they are open to as much criticism as I can possibly dish out.  I let them know this fact.
“I’m calling the police!”
He tried to compare the harassment he was receiving to the scenario of a single woman who is being targeted by someone.   I told him that the current scenario would make more sense if the woman were a Democratic Party representative, and she was standing there making arguments for the Dems, but was unwilling to answer any questions regarding the political positions of those Dems.
He asked me to leave. I told him that I’d leave when I felt like it.  They had come to my neighborhood, and I was doing what any right thinking person should do.  I was protecting my neighborhood from them.
This is the best part of all.
He called the police.  I told the guy that what he did was an unfortunate mistake.
1.  “Not only are you wrong about free speech,” I said, “but you also made it so that I am forced to stay here!  I can’t leave when you’ve called the police.  That would be irresponsible!”  (In this case, 1.  is plenty.  2 is not required.)
So I waited.  They failed over and over and over.  I asked them if I could have some of their newsletters.  They refused to share them with me.  I asked them about the magazine they had.  They told me that it cost 5 dollars.  I looked at it.  It said, “5.00 contribution.”
I guessed that they weren’t able to sell it, because they would break some campaign laws.  I told them that it was probably a legal error on their part to tell me that it costs money to purchase.  I told them, “Really, I could just take that, right?”
He told me that I was being an asshole.  I agreed.  I told the one with the beard, “Yes, you’re right, I’m being an asshole, but being an asshole is not illegal.”
Eventually, the police came.  The officer huddled with the Larouchies.  The Larouchies complained that I was interrupting their discussions.
I noticed afterwards that the police had parked their cruiser in front of the “Huge Meat Sandwich” store up the road.  I can only assume that they weren’t all that interested in the Larouchies, but more likely they wanted a sandwich.
The officer walked over to me.  He clarified that I was interrupting them.  I was fully confident that what I was doing was within the bounds of the law.  The officers confirmed that.
I felt like rubbing it in a little bit, so I made sure to clarify a couple things for myself and the Larouchies.  I asked how far into their space I could go.  I asked if it was necessary for me to have an official looking table to act as a counterprotest.  No, of course not.
The police went to get their sandwiches.
In the entire time I stood there with the Larouchies, they were able to get one person to fill out a form.  Whether they would have gotten more, or whether that guy actually signed it as a statement of support for them, because I was harassing the larouchies…  I don’t know.
Here’s what I said before I left them to their own devices:
“Well, it looks like you’re failing pretty well all by yourselves, so I’ll let you guys at that.”


In “Breakfast of Champions,” Kurt Vonnegut has a great sentiment:
“Bad ideas and bad chemicals are the yin and yang of madness.”
In the context of the book, the bad chemicals are already going on, and it’s just the one bad idea that is needed to motivate someone towards horrific actions.
Bad chemicals are going to happen.  I figure it’s my job to do my best to mediate the number of bad ideas that are available for public consumption.  Or, at the very least, it’s important for people to see that any bad idea will have direct opposition.

. If one talks to them; the first thing they say is, vote for larouche and he’ll legalize marijuana. My response always is; “how bad do you think I want to get high”?

I note that alongside the Holocaust denial stuff, he denounces jazz (that crazy jazz music!) as a dangerously “Aristotelian” influence on impressionable young minds. Who knew that jazz was an insidious tool of “the oligarchy?”

I agree with you, but that’s not why I applaud your confrontational stance with the Larouchies rather than liken them to the Christians and champion their contention with you. I don’t like the Larouche supporters because they are a bunch of sneaky, opportunistic jerks who do nothing except piss everyone off with their claptrap. Everyone with half a brain knows that Larouche himself is a nut job, but we could easily ignore him were it not for the annoying persistence of his delusional supporters.

My local Democratic organization is infested with a squad of these cretins who attend the meetings, but don’t shell out the money to join. We have to tolerate them because it’s a public meeting, but we don’t let them address the group! One of our bylaws is that you must be a member to speak.

The other weekend a local Jewish fellow who happens to have an African-America wife just snapped and began bellowing at the LaRouchies, telling them to take down their damn signs.  Quite an uproar resulted.  Eventually someone a half-block away called the police who came in and calmed down the local citizen.  The LaRouchie’s response?  They hung up another Obama as Hitler poster.  It had worked for them, so they were playing to their strength.

Are those young zealots paid for their Saturday morning efforts?  or are they really the morons they appear to be?  Is there no way to get them off public property?

I  once actually read LaRouche’s book on pitch and it is the oddest combination of numerology and some sort of music-of-the-spheres morality tale about tuning.  Of course, the fact that A=440 is an accepted industrial standard and that changing it at this late date would be impossibly expensive does not even come up in his fat, pretentious, utterly insane book.
Goodness! And I just went out……..and bought a very nice (used) Moeck Rottenburg Alto, Ebony hardwood…. A=440Hz. Was I really serving Satan?!?! Who knew?!?!

Wow! Dude takes his classical music seriously.
The same article goes on to note that by Larouche’s account, Vivaldi doesn’t have the “fundamental emotion,” whatever the heck that is. Presumably, those sun-dappled Italians were insufficiently weighty for our Platonic hero. Maybe Bruckner was more his speed.
Plato believed that music was overtly dangerous, and must be regulated by the state. He was worried that certain modes would be too decadent, and insufficiently warlike; their use would corrupt the good citizens of the Republic. I’m guessing that that’s the derivation of Larouche’s ideas… such as they are.
So Plato was more of a Def Leppard fan instead of maybe Iron Maiden.

They freak when I take their picture.   At first they maintain their standard welcome face, but their eyes start to wiggle when I hold up my cellphone.

The LaRouche organization is actually only a fundraising scheme. They exist only to funnel money back to LaRouche. The point of those Obama as Hitler posters is to capture some pocket change from the Obama haters. If they could make money using Obama as Jesus posters, they would use those.  I know, because I have some in-laws who are hard core LaRouchies.  I think I’d prefer wingnut in-laws, actually.

a nasty duckling who grew up to be a nasty duck.

I saw the idiots outside of our post office. (Here in Marin County, ferchrissake, like, get a clue!  There are hardly any places in the whole country more “blue” than here.  Duh.)  There were two of ’em, like your encounter.
I didn’t see the “Obama as Hitler” sign until I got out of the car.   I stood staring at them for a long moment (about 20 yards away), and they starting fidgeting expectantly, like, either I was coming to talk to ’em, or to “harass” ’em.  They couldn’t tell which.
I was so itching to go and do what you did, otto.  But I went on about my p.o. business.  I stared at ’em again when I came back out, and they started fidgeting again, looking back at me.
I sat in the car on the curb for some long moments, trying to decide if it was worth it to me to go “engage” ’em.   While I pondered, an attractive, petite senior came up to ’em and started talking with ’em.  I couldn’t hear the conversation, but I was two-thumbs-up when I saw her step back to take their picture with her cell phone.  (Musta been a Kossack! 😉  They seemed uncomfortable with her photographing them, but they tried to be stoic about it.   I could see her angling to make sure she got the LaDouche sign and the Obama-as-Hitler sign in the photo with ’em.  Tee hee.

Way back in 1972-3, LaRouche ran “National Caucus of Labor Committees” or NCLC.  They were nominally ultra-leftist.  In Washington, DC, they targetted co-op bookstores popular as left-wing projects in those days.  I was involved in one near Dupont Circle.
They sought to seize control of the bookstores and convert them to fronts for their organization. We resisted and ejected the NCLC stooges (multiple times as they kept returning).
On my walk home from one such “struggle session”, I was jumped and beaten senseless by the NCLC accolytes dressed in black.
The degree of thought control the LaRouchian establish over their pawns is criminal and dangerous.

Past experience with Larouchies myself. At Washington National, the table was up and the pitchguys and gals were singing out about how Real Americans ought to Feed Jane Fonda To The Whales!”, one of the then current Larouchie hot buttons. So while i was waiting for my plane, i pulled out a magic marker and the cardboard back from a legal pad and made a little sign that read “Feed Lyndon Larouche to Jane Fonda!” and vamped up and down in front of their table, which for some reason got the three of them mad, so the young lady started calling me filthy names. and on the front of their table was the then-latest, pre-Giant Hydropower Thing slogan, “Nuclear Power is Safer Than Sex!” So I just had to ask the young lady whose identity was apparently under stress, “When was the last time you had sex with a fast breeder reactor, and which part was it you were particularly involved with?” good thing my plane was called before the police had to get into it…

Sounds like one of my numerous run-ins. But usually they tell me the police they will call is one of their brothers-in-law or something. They tried physical intimidation once, pushing up nose-to-nose with me, but I guess me backing away and flipping their table over went into the hive-mind as not a productive way to go for them.
Anyway, they never came back to my post office after that.
The funniest things are LaRouche saying “Well, I warned President Kennedy that..” and posters of himself pasted next to Dr. King, as if he was connected with them.

His grinning zombies were handing out these extraordinary brochures in Boston in the early 1980s, all full of railing about the gold standard and beam weapons.  He seriously was advocating not just the Star Wars program, but beam weapons in space.

These guys are so annoying, wherever they pop up. I even saw them in Germany a couple of months ago and was horrified. They looked so normal and nice, and the signs didn’t say anything about Lyndon LaRouche, but when I walked up to talk to them they were just as nasty as their American counterparts. It’s like they’re a magnet for all the obnoxious and mean-spirited people of the world, and I’m just glad there aren’t enough of them to ever gain traction.

At first it looked like a totally homegrown movement to protest the Euro and reintroduce the Deutsche Mark. I was curious.

P1070757But when I walked by the table again later and a guy waved me to come talk to him, it turned out that their nice sounding People’s Solidarity Movement ( was just a front for hawking the LaRouche cult.

P1070897It took about 10 minutes of a progressively deteriorating conversation until the LaRouche name was dropped, and not surprisingly, that’s when he got absolutely nasty and started calling me names.

I read the article at your link about Larouche’s support for NAWAPA.  He seems endearingly indifferent to an Canadian input in this idea.  Maybe he knows it wouldn’t be supportive.  Heh.
The reason he selected the plan that already existed is only because it’s less work than making a new one.
He knows that it stands absolutely no chance at happening, but he needs something to say he’s for.  Otherwise, he can’t manage any donations or sucker people to work for him.

Last time I saw a trio of Larouchies was at a John Edwards (yeah, I know) event in NYC. They started asking him dumbass questions about the Bilderbergers and all that crap. Me and a couple of other people started hooting them down, but I have to say that they were damn near as good as Fred Phelps and his lot. One guy in particular with a black belt in passive-aggressiveness was just begging for a beatdown, and I was about to oblige him when I managed to get ahold of myself and realized what was happening.

Over here in the 26th LD, we had them show up to our March Dems meeting, where they wound up in the same discussion group as the Kisap County Dems’ chair. As you can probably imagine, another verbal takedown quickly ensued. There were three of thm and one of him, and they kept trying to interrupt him, which was another mistake, because he called them on rudeness in front of everybody, then skillfully attacked and dismantled everything they said. You do not mess with the Kitsap County Chair 🙂 .

“They’re getting paid”.

I guess that explains something.  On the other hand, you can have the same sort of discussion with e.g. Trotskyites, who are emphatically NOT getting paid and have no more understanding of what they’re advocating.  They’re just agin what’s happenin’ now.

Cliche, but it must be all about getting back at your parents.

I love a political conversation and good-spirited eye poking as much as the next guy; but I have too little tolerance for outright idiocy to waste time on the Larouchies.  I just know I’d quickly devolve into “you guys are nuts!” territory if I started up with them.
You give me incentive, however, for maybe giving it another try in the hopes of getting the police called.  I love dealing with the police on a courteous basis when I’m on solid ground legally.  Even the young and inexperienced rookies seem to have a passing understanding of what the Bill of Rights prevents them from doing.

They occasionally set up outside Trader Joe’s
which is two doors down from the P.O. here. When I have the energy to do more than yell “Morons” at them, I make sure I mention how old he is and his criminal past. Loudly. You might want to make that part of your script.

As a presidential candidate, LaRouche has to file quarterly reports with the FEC.  They’re a hoot!
Every quarter since July 2008, he has sent them exactly the same 3200-plus page report, changing only the covering period and filing date.  In it, he says he has $6,253.76 cash on hand and $1,218,817.34 in debts.  Most of those debts are zero-interest loans from contributors, which have been carried over from … wait for it …
1 9 8 4    !!
Surely more than a few of those lenders are long dead.  Every quarter, he also details the very same never-paid charges for office rental, ad buys, telephone, canvassing, attorneys, and so on.

In earlier years, the reports were photocopies of a huge pile of hand-written pages.  Before 2008, he also reported on “expenditures subject to limitation”, which totalled $3,847,912.14 for many years.

[NOTE:  those links are PDFs]

Wish I could do what you did  but I don’t think I could maintain a straight face long enough.

ah, larouchies.  meatspace Internet trolls.


Crazy going mainstream is the story of this generation, but more dangerous when crazy goes undercover. I saw the Larouchies at the health care town halls in Rhode Island, and they were playing up to the Tea Party people big time. Middle aged white people were carrying around the Obama/Hitler magazines as if they thought that image was just fine. So many are ready to cry Nazi every time they get a parking ticket, perhaps the discourse has been polluted beyond saving, and the people really believe that Hitler was infamous for declaring that no one should be denied health care for being poor.
Otto noticed that the Larouchies were tacking right with the older folks, and left with the younger ones. Same can of worms- different branding. […]
But some of what I see on the left-wing sites is so hateful in a personal way, and came on so early, that I suspect chameleons like Lyndon Larouche as a source. Extremes tend to go full circle and meet at the fringes. Not all the left wing anger, even when over the top and personal, is insincere. Some of it, though, is coming from the extreme right and other ideologies, packaged to appeal to lefties and progressives.

At one Town Hall I confronted a young black man who was carrying a stack of magazines with the Hitler/Obama image. Did that man know anything about Black History, or about WWII and the real Hitler whose atrocious regime lives on in the memories of people yet alive? Would the good people of Warwick, who sat in that Town Hall fanning themselves with Larouche’s magazine have signed on as allies of Larouche if they knew anything about the man?

I’m deep in end of life issues and government health care these days, seeing my father through Hospice. The nasty accusations that talking about mortality is the next step to ‘death panels’ is such a destructive lie. Without government health care, my parents, like millions of Americans on Medicare, would face a financial crisis as well as a health crisis. And during the debate, the loudest voices were spreading wild rumors from unclear sources, to the benefit of business as usual.

We used to encounter Larouchites on airport patrol at O’Hare( we checked west coast and southwestern flights for illegal aliens early mornings)in the early 70′s.They were obnoxious to put it mildly.
They occasionally would find out where people lived if the person gave them a hard time by tracing the plates(easy back then)and harrass them at home.
One afternoon I came home from an early shift and my wife had a wman in the house explaining an anti-drug “community”program-something about the name of the group rang a bell-I asked her flat out if she was a Larouche supporter and when she said yes,I threw her out(not physically).It was a snaeaky approach in my opinion.
One prominent Larouhite turned out to be a former member of Rockwell’s American Nazi Party-one Roy Frankhouser from Pennsylvania.

I saw one of their tables at a rest stop in New Hampshire when they were on some conspiracy theory that witches were hexing the nation. I wanted to go up to the guy and wave my pentagram at him, but my husband held me back. Just as well, there’s no reasoning with them.
But where they find disciples–that’s what I’d like to know. The crew at the West Warwick town hall were a bunch of nice looking kids, and they were actually singing some classical music quite beautifully as they handed out their hate literature.
Flinging around Nazi accusations not only debases our current politics, it disrespects all the living and dead who suffered that history.

Remembering different political activists.  Mr. Boneberg, a hippie from Buffalo who briefly lived on a commune, served as executive director of Mobilization Against AIDS, one of the first such activist organizations, and became something of a political firebrand. He remembers the divisive issue of whether to close the bathhouses, which had been considered “core institutions” of the city’s gay culture, at the epidemic’s height. He was a leader of the successful campaign to defeat an AIDS quarantine ballot initiative proposed by Lyndon LaRouche.

Whoever wins in the Anthony Weiner race, this perennial candidate will be missed.  If I could, and the Prohibition Party was not running a candidate, I’d resort to Plan B: write in “The nice lady who helps my at the Stop N Shop.” She has been a candidate in more races than Eugene V. Debs, Harold Stassen, Lyndon Larouche.


Webster Tarpley:  He is a former Lyndon Larouche Democrat and almost all of his recommendations are right out out of Larouche’s playbook. I’m talking about the global maglev train system, moon & Mars colonization, 1000 hospitals etc – all Larouche’s ideas…

Va. court to consider whether to toss incest conviction of former King confidant who has died  Bevel was the architect of the 1963 Children’s Crusade in Birmingham, Ala. At the time of Mills’ abuse, he was working closely with the Virginia-based organization of political extremist Lyndon LaRouche.

Dr. Deagle and Harley Schlanger
Steinberg on Iran TV


Who’s he being compared to now:

There is no way to describe this comment but to call it as it is: totally bug-eyed crazy. Crazy that you can smell. Crazy with its own ZIP Code. I don’t care what Ron Paul polls he has no more business in a GOP debate than Lyndon LaRouche has in a Democrat debate.

 Lyndon Larouche called, and he’s not even sure why Huntsman got so much screen time.

The Guardian criticizes Obama:  “New Deal Or No Deal
Paul, for his part, subscribes to the fringe view that recessions have nothing to do with aggregate demand at all, but rather are caused by structural misallocations of capital: there’s actually plenty of money lying around, we just can’t find it. Mainstream economists on all sides of the spectrum give this theory about as much credence as they do Lyndon LaRouche’s theories on the Queen of England’s control of the international drug trade.

It might could be the LaRouchies that Hoffa is worried about. It never hurts to be clear.

I guess one difference could be that Ron Paul can hide the crazy a lot of the time, whereas LaRouche’s nuttiness was always on full display… ;).


. Yes Ron Paul has his good points but he is not the only one, and having acolytes dissing everyone else makes him look too much like Lyndon Larouche. StudyLarouche if you want to understand why acolytes are

Then there’s the example of Lyndon LaRouche, a certifiable mad man who ran for president as a Democrat many times, yet had ideas that were not at all in keeping with Democratic Party principles or platforms. LaRouche made Rick Perry look like a wise, progressive, and thoughtful man. But, hey, LaRouche called himself a Democrat, so we should all believe him. Just like we should all believe that the conservative, GOP-leaning sheriff of Milwaukee is a Democrat, just because he always runs on that ticket, just because that’s the best way to win a MIlwaukee County race for sheriff.

I’d kinda like to have a good time again. Seriously, where is Lyndon LaRouche when you need him? Not that he’d be much help, but what the hell, can’t quantify crazy…
  see too.


Not racist, and here’s a list of presidents and presidents I’ve criticized who are white…  Must be a Harold Stassen supporter, as he’s not on the list.

Rick Perry — Fred Thompson and Barry Goldwater’s Lovechild – Throw in the seeds of Pat Robertson and Lyndon Larouche into the mix as well.
!) Compare with Ron Paul supporters at daily kos:    (LaRouchies by zonk”
and all the other sick fucks who congregate around the fusionist movement) are so widely accepted within libertarianism as to be published at, while the global warming denialists of the left, the LaRouchies
Ten Douches who can beat Barack Obama.  Number 4.  Still being beaten by Harold Stassen.
This is a different Larouche, right?
LaRouche, along with the charismatic movement, and some Baptists believe in the seven-year end time tribulation. A secret rapture, etc. 


Something I’m puzzling over a tad.

Although an autopsy found that there was no third party involvement in his death last Friday – Lepper was found hanging in his Warsaw office – an investigation is currently under way into the circumstances which led to the suicide.

So, this political figure in Poland killed himself.  A Nationalist figure, achieved some measure of success, than fell out of favor and had corruption issues.  I wouldn’t really care, except …

From the Larouche Movement:  Using as a pretext the so-called Lepper issue (which falsely claimed that Andrzej Lepper, the leader of Samoobrona, was politically built up and financed by the Schiller Institute.)

Wikipedia:  Polish newspapers have reported that Andrzej Lepper, who leads the populist Samoobrona party, was trained at the Schiller Institute and has received funding from LaRouche, though both Lepper and LaRouche deny the connection. [10][11]

Strikes me as probable, though I’m guessing something like — the Larouchies latched onto him and claimed his success as steps toward Larouchism, and they found each other useful here or there.  Something like that…

Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said in an interview with that … […]  It was the only chance to learn about strange international connections Andrzej Lepper. Z Instytutem Schillera The Schiller Institute (pro-Russian think-tank, which was linked to Self Defense “- ed) on the one hand and the various communities in the East szemranymi the other – said the head of the MFA.

The links with the Institute of Self Defense Schiller wrote, among others. “Polityka”. “Politics.” Co to za instytucja? What kind of institution?

It was the only chance to learn about strange international connections Andrzej Lepper.  The Schiller Institute (pro-Russian think-tank, which was linked to Self Defense “- ed) on the one hand and the various communities in the East szemranymi the other – said the head of the MFA.

The links with the Institute of Self Defense Schiller wrote, among others.    IS opinion about what the U.S. has sent one of the central trade union “Solidarity” (IS then wanted to establish contacts with “S”, the unions offered trips to seminars to luxury hotels in Brazil and in the exotic islands).

– Schiller Institute, a bizarre and dangerous group, like all organizations associated with Lyndon LaRouche’em (his head – ed.)  Often try to conceal their true nature. . Present themselves as defenders of workers, and strive to damage the nascent democracies in Central and Eastern Europe – they wrote.  As a result of the letter “S” IS rejected the proposal.

It seems that it IS agentura Moscow circles that do not want entry into Polish, Czech and Hungary to NATO and the EU – said in 1999, the informants’ Policy. ” W Unlike the “S” IS Lepper constantly worked and frequented her seminars.

Make sense of this last item what you may.
It moves on… Will Helga Zepp get media coverage now?
Euro-Critic Wilhelm Hankel on German National Television … which reflects the growing unrest in the country on the euro issue—a breakthrough that should, however, be followed by another, even bigger one: a prime-time television appearance of at least several minutes by Helga Zepp-LaRouche.


No, I can’t figure out what the Glass Steagall Resolution has to do with Larouche either.

Dateline Outside the Bank
Who the hell is this guy? His cult was singing and parading outside the bank yesterday holding signs depicting Obama as Hitler (in this town, I’m surprised none of them got their asses kicked). Not only that, the loons with the posters and fliers were actually grabbing people as they entered the bank; security and the police were called after mom was the 4,785th person to complain. I didn’t see the aftermath (I kinda wanted to see if they’d claim the right to free assembly); on my way home the singers and sign-carriers were gone but they were still yelling at people from a table with a PAC banner (which they had been forced to move closer to the alley).

His platform is apparently “Fuck everyone, especially the Jews. Please excuse me while I scream in your face from 2 inchs away about you being a faggot until you, quite rightfully, beat the shit out of me so I have an excuse to sue you.”

Picture the WBC but without the religious slant and even more batshit insane (if it’s even possible) and you have LaRouche.
“Cult” seems to be the best term as anyone with an IQ above room temperature and an ounce of rational thought wouldn’t give the loon the time of day.

Dateline One Horse Town with a Dairy Queen, Illinois

Here they were again—those advocates for Lyndon LaRouche, a man and a woman intent on giving out pamphlets, taking in signatures, and talking to anyone who’d listen.  There were about five people listening yesterday, engaging in what seemed to be supportive conversation.
My daughter and I stared open-mouthed at President Obama’s mustachioed face.  Was it my imagination, or had all the color been washed from his skin?  How had he turned such a palid, mein kampf gray?  It’s amazing what a stubby black caterpillar of facial hair can do to a person.   Something had happened to Obama’s eyes too.  I’d never seen them so glazed and vacant, so empty.
I got out of the car.  My daughter stayed where she was, cracking the car door.  I could feel her watching as I walked past the stand, the little crowd.  As I passed I heard a man’s voice, one of the crowd:  “Just get big shotgun, that’s what I say.”  People laughed. […]

I held out my hands—stop.  The man stopped.  He was keeping the required distance from the post office steps, too, I suppose.
I said, “I respect your right to freedom of speech, but what you’re doing here is spreading hate.”
The man smiled.  His smile showed teeth.  “Thank you for sharing that,” he said, as he turned away, leaving me standing there, sweating in the heat.
We were both so civil.  The man used such a nice verb—I shared, he shared, we shared.  So why was I so shaken?

Dateline Jackson, Florida:

The women had a flyer on six “LaRouche Democrats,” and on a Wednesday event in Jackson at the community college Potter Center.

“The crisis we face today is beyond a mere financial crisis, it is a crisis that threatens nothing short of adding mankind to the list of species gone extinct,” the literature said.

Rachel Brown and Diane Sare, LaRouche candidates for U.S. Congress are hosting a town meeting and classical concert at the Brookline Main Library tonight. From the event page, “The only way to reverse 40 years of economic and cultural insanity is to spark and foster the human creative spirit, which in the past made this nation great.”

Dateline Hollywood Eaglerock

However, Fred Coronel, an activist from Glendale, used the town hall session as an outlet to express his rage over the mere existence of the super congress.
Coronel shouted across the auditorium that Becerra was “playing games” with the public by participating in the super congress. Coronel also adamantly declared that the super congress was “unconstitutional.”
He was dragged out of the hall by several LAPD officers, after refusing Becerra’s request that he not interrupt the town hall’s question and answer session.
After the meeting, Coronel stood in front of the New Open World Academy and distributed campaign literature for the LaRouche Political Action Committee, a group formed by perennial presidential candidate Lydon LaRouche.

Will they ever produce another Rachel Brown Moment?  Only time will tell.


Did I miss anyone? GOP Race to White House

Friday, September 9th, 2011

It’s sometimes important to back up to the real presidential process.  Running back to 2004 and the Democratic nomination, there always felt something kind of synthetic about Dean’s collapse —and remember, the intra-party organization that ran negative ads against Dean was funded by Clinton stalwarts.  “Americans for Jobs, Health Care, and Progressive Values”.  I suppose you could say that if Dean couldn’t withstand fire from the Clintons, how would have he withstood Bush?  It’s an interesting conundrum of our curious political system.

It’s a little dicier to suggest that what was fully going on was getting Kerry nominated to keep ensure Hillary Clinton 2008.  The clearer issue was to maintain fund-raising control of the Democratic Party apparatus.

The 2008 presidential nomination from the Republican vantage point seemed as much a punt as anything else, even more so than Kerry being nominated by the Democrats in 2004.  Though, I suppose, Romney did well by not winning the nomination.  And so we enter 2012.  Romney versus Perry.  Perry gets applause lines for executing a lot of people.  WEEEEE!  Romney shuffles through, deliberately, waiting for the fracus to die down.

There were eight presidential candidates on the stage at the Reagan Library.  The culling has commenced — the media framed it as Romney versus Perry.  And maybe it’s just as well.  Michele Bachmann‘s campaign — IMPLODING, you say?  They say.
Oh well…
Michele Bachmann Overdrive is a concept, and the concept is to have a band that captures the spirit of Michele Bachmann by being somewhat ill-prepared, not really up to the challenge ahead of it but going full speed ahead,” Mike Sager said.

The round-up from the NYTs and Washington Post dutifully fills out the bottom of their columns with quick snappers for candidates 5 through 8.  The gist of the liners

Newt Gingrich came out swinging … against the media… claiming the debate was too debate-y — media is creating riffs.  Sometimes this an apt criticism — but at its highest level, a debate showcase like this is supposed to sharpen the distinctions.
What is the point?

I have this theory about Jon Huntsman, Jr..  He is helpful in Mitt Romney’s campaign, as he provides Romney a centralizer — Romney needs someone who is perceived as “to his left’ in the race so that the Republican Party won’t feel that let down when they eventually nominate him.  So it is Huntsman — Romney — Perry.  Huntsman is guaranteed media coverage, even though his road to the White House settles on something like — winning every single Independent vote int he New Hampshire primary.  The process is ludicrous:  see “Politics and Eggs“.

Rick Santorum is sick of being called a bigot, and having the full thrust of political campaigning against him coming from outside any Republican rivals and coming out of the “Gay Jihad” against him.  It won’t really get any better.  For whatever reason the media decided that his showing at the Iowa Straw Poll allowed him to “hang around a while longer”.

Herman Cain is campaigning on the Hoffa rhetoric non-issue that has gotten Fox News — conservative radio– blogoland hot and bothered.  Puzzlingly enough, HNN has an article putting him in historical perspective, next to Henry Wallace — because they both had jobs dealing with food?

Ron Paul supporters are the worst, part three hundred.

Meanwhile — off stage:  Thaddeus McCotter claims Musicians should be worried that Obama wants to take away your Guitars.  It’s how far the the Regulatory State is reaching these days.  Buddy Roemer made an appearance on Jon Stewart — anywhere he can find, I suppose.

Roy Moore may actually be making himself useful, though its a curious reasoning.
A trial is scheduled for two sidewalk counselors in Montgomery, Ala., who were charged with trespass when they stepped around a water jet that operators of an abortion business had aimed at the public sidewalk they were using.
Judge Roy Moore, former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is arguing through his Foundation for Moral Law that it’s an abuse even to cite the men.
“The law is being abused to silence these men protesting the deprivation of the right to life, which is one of our unalienable rights given by God and recognized in
the Declaration of Independence by our Founding Fathers,” he said.

Fred Karger‘s campaign charges along its path of … clever stunting.

Ron Paul and Rick Perry battle for The Reagan Mantle

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Yes what was exchanged should get out there.  But this a tad hyperventilating on the “Conspiratorialists Love Ron Paul” corner.

Ron Paul issued an ad against Rick Perry, focusing on the horrors of his past — back when Rick Perry was a Democrat, he was head of the Texas campaign for Al Gore’s Presidential bid of 1988.  I suppose Rick Perry’s response of tit-for-tat might be effective, if Ron Paul were somehow legitimately a possible nominee for the Republican nomination.  He found the letter Ron Paul wrote walking out of the Republican Party — and into the Libertarian Party candidate for President.

I want to totally disassociate myself from the policies that have given us unprecedented deficits, massive monetary inflation, indiscriminate military spending, an irrational and unconstitutional foreign policy, zooming foreign aid, the exaltation of international banking, and the attack on our personal liberties and privacy.

Ron Paul’s one problem was, in attacking Perry, wrapping himself in the banner of Ronald Reagan.  Which doesn’t quite make sense, even absent this letter Paul has consistently charged Reagan as a failure to his cause of limited government — had the heart in the right place at times, but came up empty, etc.

But it did bring about the interesting side-show at the Republican debate… sideshow, I say, because mostly the media coverage was out to focus on Romeny versus Perry (more than 90 percent chance the Republican nominee will be one or the other.)

The attacks kept up even during the commercial breaks — and not just on stage. Mr. Paul had paid to run an ad during the MSNBC broadcast attacking Mr. Perry, pointing to his support for Al Gore’s presidential bid in the 1980s, including twice calling the governor a “cheerleader.”
“Al Gore found a cheerleader in Texas named Rick Perry,” the ad announcer intones.

Perry tries to nit and pick what his 1988 campaigning meant.  He comes up short, somewhat.  The one thing he tags to was disowned by Gore’s political re-positioning.

Perry tried to play up Gore’s more conservative side when asked last week about the endorsement in an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity.
“Al Gore appeared to be the most conservative — a strong Strategic Defense Initiative guy — and frankly, we thought that he would be the most conservative Democrat,” Perry said. “You know, we were wrong.”
In fact, Perry has repeatedly pointed to Gore’s support for the Strategic Defense Initiative, which is also known as Star Wars. But as ABC’s Michael Falcone points out, before his presidential campaign, Gore hadactually disowned his support of the program.

Gore deserves an odd look-see itself:

As this example shows, mining Gore’s record for more conservative positions is relatively difficult because Gore wasn’t terribly conservative back then. Sure, Gore was more moderate than he is today, but he was still someone with a foot in both the more elite East Coast Democratic establishment as well as in more rural Southern Democratic circles.
The Almanac of American Politics — a.k.a. the Fix’s Bible — in 1990 described Gore as a “generally liberal” senator who was “closer to traditional Demcoratic big government views than other Democrats, notably Michael Dukakis” while more hawkish than his party on foreign policy issues.

Har de har har.  Actually this presents a problem of political definitions — see John Edwards in the way a Southern post civil rights era Democratic politician someone was somehow simultaneously “right” and “left” of the national political party.

The other sideshow battle — Jon Huntsman versus everyone, and take it away with regard to Rick Perry and…


Perry’s a Rove Scientist on Climate Change, persecuted by the Inquisition, and …

strange sightings

Thursday, September 8th, 2011


I saw a man wearing a Ryan Leaf jersey last week.

His face looked in one of the later-steps in the progression “Faces of Meth” images — maybe close enough to the middle image to create an ounce of doubt.  Something figures, though, perhaps:  maybe it was cheap and available at a thrift store.

Find one, and wear it ironically to your NFL Fantasy League Draft Party.  Though you’d probably be stuck — can you be ironic in such a setting?

This makes me wonder… google “Ryan Leaf jersey” and what do we get?
But, I’m finding myself wanting to send Tim Tebow a Ryan Leaf jersey.
Interesting to note — I believe Tim Tebow’s jersey is a top-seller.  Even though he’s a back-up quarterback, questionable on his starting abilities.  With Tebow, it’s the “Jesus” factor that wins out.  Michael Vick is another top-seller — that too has the “Jesus” factor in it.

What jerseys make you laugh when you see people wearing them …  Then I saw another guy wearing good ol’ Ryan Leaf jersey.
I finally saw my first Ryan Leaf jersey last Saturday.  I knew it was out there.  Someone walked in front of the picture where you could read “Leaf” on the back.  Sorry.

Maybe it was Ryan Leaf himself that I saw?  (Sports Illustrated seemingly wanting to pad their “Jinx” stats.)

Welcome to the new NFL season — and remember the story of Jon Kitna and the feel good 2007 campaign with the Detroit Lions.

the crisis on american democracy

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011


Dateline People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, from their Korean Central News Agency.

Pyongyang, September 5 (KCNA) — Americans are becoming increasingly discontent with the economic policy pursued by government.
According to the opinion poll announced on September 1st, most of the respondents expressed their dissatisfactions with the government measures, 66 percent with the deficit and 62 percent with the unemployment.

It was easier for Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy to amass “Unity”, even against rumblings of discontent from the populace and a deep recession in the later 1950s, due to the problem of how things would play in the enemy Soviet Union’s Pravda.  Today we don’t have all that much concern with Kim Jong Il and the KCNA playing our period of massive Discontent.  I guess it’s a sign of the limitations for our external enemies.

The dire problems faced in our governing body.  Chuck Hagel castigates his Party, yet again, probably pining for the days of the Bush Administration when he first castigated his party.   Hagel is fast becoming either an adjective or a verb.

And you have Congressional staffer Mike Lafgren doing the same, on grounds that are familiar.

It’s odd to hear this from a not-too-unconnected functionary of the Republican Party.

…………………  More fundamentally, Lofgren argues that today’s Republicans believe they are better off if government as a whole is shown to fail, not just this Democratic Administration. Republican hard-liners might seem to have “lost” the debt-ceiling showdown, in that they wound up even less popular than the Democrats are. But in the long view, Lofgren says, unpopularity for anyone in Congress, including their party’s leaders, helps the Republicans: “Undermining Americans’ belief in their own institutions of self-government remains a prime GOP electoral strategy,” because it buildings a nihilistic suspicion of any public effort, from road-building to Medicare to schools. (Except defense.) As I say, read it for yourself.  ……………………….

Yeah, and then there’s…

One thing that especially resonated with me about Mike’s piece is the importance of “low information” voters. The mainstream media absolutely fails to understand how little attention average Americans really pay to what goes on in all forms of government. During our 2008 race, our pollster taught me (hard to believe it took me 24 years to learn this) that the average voter spends only 5 minutes thinking about for whom to vote for Congress. All the millions of dollars of TV ads, all the thousands of robo-calls and door-knocks, and it all comes down to having a message that will stick in the voters’ minds during the 5 minutes before they walk into the voting booth. 
The media likes to call this group “independents,” which implies that they think so long and deeply about issues that they refuse to be constrained by the philosophy of either party. There may be a couple of people out there who fit that definition, but those are not the persuadable voters campaigns are trying to capture. Every campaign is trying to develop its candidate into an easy-to-remember slogan that makes him or her more appealing than the other guy. Actually, because negative campaigning is so effective, they are more often trying to portray the opponent as more objectionable (“I guess I’ll vote for the crook because at least he won’t slash my Medicare”).

See too
 In responding to a question on the “entertainment component,” Pawlenty quipped, “I thought about shooting sparks up my butt.”
Blah Blah Blah… “Sock it to me”, blah blah blah  “Tippercanoe and Tyler Too”, blah blah blah Jonathan Swift’s commentary, blah blah blah Roman “bread and circuses” — without the bread.

Y’know… a random thought.  If things maintain at “Hell”, one might be able to bring those casualties back to Biblical Precepts being thrown out — gay marriage and all… hm.

Back to the Korean government’s press…
Cuba’s moving upward, right?  Efficiency is Job 1!

117 268 000 kwh of electricity was saved in Cuba till August 30 this year. This is equivalent to saving 2 700 tons of fuel.
This was made by the paper Granma on September 2.


analyzing beat slang

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Now a more general withdrawal, from experiencing altogether, is expressed by the omnicapable word “like.”  E.g.g, “Like I’m sleepy,” meaning “if I experienced anything, it would be feeling sleepy.”  “Like if I go to like New York, I’ll look you up,” indicating that in this definite and friendly promise, there is no felt purpose in that trip or any trip.  Technically, “like” is here a particular expressing a tonality or attitude of utterance, like the Greek uev, verily, or on, now look.  “Like” expresses adolescent embarrassment or diffidence.  Thus, if I talk to a young fellow and give him the security of continued attention, the “like” at once vanishes and is replaced by “You know,” “I mean,” “You know what I mean,” similarly interposed in every sentence.

The vocative expletive “Man,” however, has different nuances in different groups.  Among the Beats it is used diffidently and means, “We are not small children, man, and anyway like we are playing together as like grown-up.”  Among Negroes, it is often more aggressive and means, “Man, now don’t you call me boy or inferior.”  Among proper hipster it means, “We are not sexually impotent.”  So far as I can hear, it never means acceptance of the speakers as adult males, nor does it have the ring of respect or admiration (Mensch), as a woman or hero worshiping boys might use it.  When the interlocautor is in fact respected or feared, he would not be called “man.”  (Perhaps “boss”?)

“Cool,” being unruffled and alert, has the same nuances.  In standard English a man “keeps cool in an emergency.”  If there is always an emergency, it must imply that the danger is internal as well as external:  the environment is dangerous and feeling is dangerous.  As spoken and enacted by a young Beat, maintaining a mask-face and tapping his toe quietly to the jazz, it means, “I do not feel out of place, I am not abandoned and afraid, I am not going to burst into tears.”  In the original Negro the nuance is rather, “I’ll stay unruffled and keep out of trouble around here; I won’t let on what I feel, these folks are dangerous.”  With the hipster, the jaw is more set and the eyes more calculating, and it means, “I’m on to your game, you can’t make me flip.”  In general, coolness and mask-face are remaining immobile in order to conceal embarrassment, temper, or uncontrollable anxiety.

To make a remark about the language as a whole as used by the Beats:  Its Negro base is, I think, culturally accidental; bu the paucity of its vocabulary and syntax is for the Beats essentially expressive of withdrawal from the standard civilization and its learning.  On the other hand this paucity gives, instead of opportunities for thought and problem solving, considerable satisfaction in the act and energy of speaking itself, as is true of any simple adopted language, such as pig Latin.  But this can have disadvantages.  One learns to one’s frustration that they regard talk as end in itself, as a means of self expression, without subject matter. […]

Let us now go back to the jargon.  The supreme words are “crazy,” “far out,” “gone,” “high,” “gas,” “sent.”  These mean not in this world but somewhere, not rational but something.  “Flip” is generally used with enthusiastic self-deprecation.

When the crazy or far-out moment can be maintained for long enough to be considered a something and somewhere, it is “groovy,” that is, one is like somebody else’s phonograph record.  One is “with it” or “falls in.”  The “it” or the understood “where” is not, of course, definite, for pure being has no genus and differentia.  “Swinging with it” is the condition of passing from here and now to the heightened experience of “it.”

Contrariwise, it is bad and painfrul to be “nowhere,” to “fall out” (take an overdose), or to be “drug” (dragging).

The way of being-in-the-world, that is, is to be either cool and mask-faced, experiencing little; or to be sent far out, experiencing something.  However, since the cool behavior of these usually gentle middle-class boys looks like adolescent embarrassment and awkwardness rather younger than their years, one wonders whether ordinary growth in experience would not be a more profitable enterprise and ultimately get them much further out.

A possibility that has interestingly dropped from Beat culture is the exploitation of shared athletic or wildly physical agitation, which belonged grandly to the old jazz-for-dancing and revival meetings.  This is certainly an important truth in Mailer’s proposition that jive is energetic, in words like “go” and “dig.”

(To the jazz-for-listening one is not supposed to respond overtly by more than a quietly tapped toe.  It can then by hypnotic or a hearth fire.  As music it remarkably thin grue (no doubt I am tone deaf).  For the performer, of course, it provides the deepening absorption of any simple improvised variations, plus the solidarity of the group.) […]

To repeat, Beat is not a strong position and it can hardly work out well.  The individual young man is threatened either with retreating back to the organized system or breaking down and sinking into the lumpen proletariat.  Nevertheless, culturally there is a lot of strength there; let us try to see where it is.

Considered directly, their politics are unimpressive.  They could not be otherwise since they are so hip and sure that society cannot be different.  Explicitly, they are pacifists, being especially vocal about the atom bomb.  The Bomb is often mentioned by themselves and other commentators an explanation of their religious crisis; but it’s not convincing.  Their own diatribes seem to be mostly polemical self-defense, as if to say: “You squares dropped an atom bomb, don’t you are criticize my smoking marijuana.”  In the play The Connection this is openly stated as a defense for heroin.  On the whole one does not observe that the Beats are so concerned about nuclear weapons as many mothers of families or squares who have common sense.  One of the Beat spokesmen wrote a long dithyramb about the Bomb, of which the critic George Dennison remarked:  “He seems miffed that people pay attention to the atom bomb instead of to him.”


–Paul Goodman
Growing Up Absurd, 1968

And his review of On the Road — Appendix E — is, like, the Greatest Thing Ever, Man.

One is stunned at how conventional and law-fearing these lonely middle-class fellows are. They dutifully get legal marriages and divorces. The hint of a “gangbang” makes them impotent.  They never masturbate or perform homosexual acts.  They do not dodge the draft.  They are hygienic about drugs and diet. They do not resent being underpaid, nor speak up at all. To disobey a cop is “all hell.”  Their idea of crime is the petty shoplifting of ten-year-olds stealing cigarettes or of teen-agers joy riding in other people’s cars.  But how could it be otherwise? It is necessary to have some contact with institutions and people in order to rebel against them. It is necessary to want something in order to be frustrated and angry. They have the theory that to be affectless, not to care, is the ultimate rebellion, but this is a fantasy; for right under the surface, obvious to a trained eye, is burning shame, hurt feelings, fear of impotence, speechless and powerless tantrum, cowering before papa, being rebuffed by mama; and it is these anxieties that dictate their behavior in every crisis. Their behavior is a conformity plus royaliste que le roi. […]

The style of life resulting from all this is an obsessional conformity, busy-ness without any urge toward the goals of activity, whether ideal goals or wealth and power.
There is not much difference between the fellows “on the road” and the “organization men” they frequently exchange places.

I ate another apple pie and ice cream; that’s practically all I ate all the way across the country, I knew it was nutritious and it was delicious of course. (Page 15.)

On other occasions, they eat franks and beans. More rarely hamburgers, malted milks, of course. That is, the drink-down quick-sugar foods of spoiled children, and the pre-cut meat for lazy chewing beloved of ages six to ten. Nothing is bitten or bitten-off, very little is chewed; there is a lot of sugar for animal energy, but not much solid food to grow on. I suppose that this is the most significant observation one can make about On The Road.