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Sunday, January 18th, 2009

There is a direct cause and effect relationship between this and this.

Two things:  #1:  “9 Days until I assassinate Obama” is, it would seem, more properly stated as “6 days until I am arrested”.  #2:  The first and third of the three emoticons — the Kool Aid man and the cheering smiley face — seem a little bit out of focus to the topic.  The second one, chainsaw-wielder, seems about right.

The plot, I guess, was that if he assassinates Obama — controlled by the Jews — than he will become King.  Interesting.

The next 8 time Presidential Candidate joke candidate?

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

I’ve rolled back into the supposed Larouche Wikipedia “Wars”, and caught sight of an item rather emblematic of the nature of the “wars”.  Right about here.  Leaving aside “Don’t Lose that Number”, the peoples “Marvin Diode” and “MaplePorter” were subsequently banned due to the preponderance of the evidence leading to them being identified as sock puppets for the banned “Herschel Kurstofsky”, which also seems to be the case for the more immediately deleted “NathanDW”.  So it is a battle between someone suffering multiple personalities and Dennis King.  It is with such that strain the demands for the wikipedia guideline “Assume Good Faith”, a rule that within the compounds of wikipedia editing on topics where a small group have a vested interest in how the item reads, asks you to turn your brain off and give the largest benefit of the doubt that might be applied — witness the exchange between Will Bebank and leatherstocking.  (And, by the way, have you taken the leatherstocking challenge?)  Today, leatherstocking and macwhirr hold onto this ship, continuing the tradition of countless tedious people jabbering away in boiler rooms across the country — oddly enough able to produce the out-of-print “Railroaded” book cited by a previous sock puppet.  The effect is interesting: notably the LYM article is a joke and the mini-boiler room patrons seek to make it an even bigger joke, and a different sock puppet has taken the opportunity afforded by a momentary absence from the moderator Bebank and the decidedly anti-Larouche King to change the lede for the Larouche article so the lede does not reference Larouche as the commonly held through our culture anti-semitic fringe cult-leader (again: Have you taken the Leatherstocking Challenge?) — never mind its already compromised with the Larouche cultists “wildly diverging viewpoints” statement.

Next I note that one “Ian Overton” is organizing a meeting using this Obama Campaign Internet networking tool as well the Internet netorking tool of “Community Organize”. where Overton will lead a “dialouge with the” quote-in-quote “Institution of the Presidency“, since — as we see here, “We are running the only worthwhile conspiracy that exists.
Everything else is just a process of plunge into Hell.”
  To unpack the “Institution of the Presidency” would mean to weave back into the conjectures of the Larouche Movement and its combination of imaginings and itchings, not seen by the outside world because we cannot grasp at the square root of two… or else, you know, the need to rationalize the great “miscegenating around” spiel

Who is this Ian Overton?  It just so happens that he is a leader of the Anchorage LYM, stating to Lisa Murkowski that “if you are a decent human being, you won’t vote for Hitler” — meaning, Samuel Alito.  Residing in California, he leads the Anchorage Larouche Youth Movement.  A botched attempt at getting their stamp on at the start of a “grassroots Radical” anchor in Alaska — indymedia spot here.  And now he’s in Berkley.  From this one would excused for thinking that the LYM are essentially itenerent preachers, never putting down roots, riding around in a beat up old car from place to place.  Around the age of 16, plenty of people read Jack Kerouac — On the Road and the Dharma Bums — and get a hankering for the open road.  It tends to die down, but I guess lingers in some people — some people are Euclidian at heart, I suppose.   But this leads to the intriguing question:  Is there currently an Anchorage LYM cell, or have they all picked up stakes and moved to California?

Meantime, the lingering question — what after the death? — expressed in blog comments sections whenever someone makes a passing joke reference — may be answered here:

The LYM are told they are to replace the ‘boomers’. Harley and Phil have been saying for some time that after LaRouche dies they will skip the ‘boomers’ and have one of the LYM run for president. Harley Schlanger is grooming Cody Jones but there are a couple of others who are fallbacks. 

CODY JONES FOR PRESIDENT!  Or, you know… Jason Ross… or Rianna St. Classis… Sky Shields?  Hell!  A person can dream!  Ian Overton might just be the dark horse candidate for the role of 8-time joke presidential candidate, stepping into the leagacy shoes of his great hero.  But… not so fast:

The idea of telling Cody Jones that he will be the next presidential candidate is an inflated cheap parlor trick. Lyn did that with several National Office NCs and members when he ran in 1976. He began to refer to several people as cabinet choices or appointees in a Larouche Administration. If anyone has New Solidarities from the 1976 campaigns you will see an article by “Bob Dreyfuss, Sec of State nominee” for example.

Ian Overton for Imaginary Illusionary Science Advisor!  Or, perhaps sometime in the future, he can ride The Nation Cruise along with Naomi Klein.

This does, however, put into stark relief the dreams of the current membership and the cast who largely wandered off during Larouche’s prison sentence.  Dreyfuss never had presidential ambitions — that was reserved for Lyndon.  Lyndon gone, Cody Jones can now rise to that level, right?  Right?  Right?  And, as we see, he’s already gotten his foot in the electoral door.member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee (I think I lost the article I meant to post).  And with a man already concerning himself with the issues that concretely affect everbody’s life.

Finally, before I exit this door, to plunge myself in this Insanity next week, I post, for the record, a link to the words of one Noam Chomsky on his brief thoughts and brief experience on Larouche, complete with the “howiecopywriter” response that Chomsky is in on a Grand Tavistock Institute Conspiracy.  Tavistock Institute.  Where have I heard that name?
Well, that’s that for this.  I’ll plunge myself back into this madness in a week.

The Delirious Transfer of Power

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

A Press Release from Krispe Kreme:

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (NYSE: KKD) is honoring American’s sense of pride and freedom of choice on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer on this historic day, Jan. 20. By doing so, participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide are making an oath to tasty goodies — just another reminder of how oh-so-sweet ‘free’ can be.

To which the “American Life League” (Isn’t that an insurance company?) responds with hair on fire:

The next time you stare down a conveyor belt of slow-moving, hot, sugary glazed donuts at your local Krispy Kreme, you just might be supporting President-elect Barack Obama’s radical support for abortion on demand – including his sweeping promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as soon as he steps in the Oval Office, Jan. 20.  […]

“Celebrating his inauguration with ‘Freedom of Choice’ doughnuts – only two days before the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to decriminalize abortion – is not only extremely tacky, it’s disrespectful and insensitive and makes a mockery of a national tragedy.

All very puzzling.

OH.   I see what the problem is.  The American League Life has misunderstood the phrase “Freedom of Choice” to involve Abortion, as opposed to the meaning of affirming the durability of our Democratic Governance on the transfer of power in having individually chosen to cast a vote for Barack Obama, or John McCain, or Ralph Nader, or Alan Keyes, or a write-in for “Mickey Mouse”, or to not bother with this at all lest you miss “Wheel of Fortune”.

Well, look luck with that one.

In other news, this man has scoured into the depths of Internet commenting to unveil the long list of commenters on the Internet commenting over the Internet the Internet commenting from rabid partisan commenters on the Internet doing some commentary over the Internet * demanding an apology as Bush has not declared Martial Law and is transitioning his power, willfully stepping down to make way for the next Oligarchical Puppet Leader.  I will remind “Warner Todd Huston”, if that is his real name, that there’s still a weekend.  He still might unlease the Army against Obama and arrest all the Obama Chanters over this weekend.  Yessir.

(* Just, I assure you, as the place I plucked this from and whatever source s/he used probably used plucked about for this blog post.)


Friday, January 16th, 2009

Something that starts with the word “Clear” has purchased the “citywide wi-fi cloud” rights, from out of the ashes of the previous agreement that Portland had with some other entity and which proved to be a failure.  Their marketing campaign apparently consists of cupcakes, a metaphor wherein sprinkes are thrown about and swirled onto the frosting — that is the wifi on the city.

So Clear Something set up a display at the end of the Park Blocks — you know the spot if you’re around here, kitty – corner to the Scientology Celebrity Center.  There were three giant plastic cupcakes encased in glass.  The third one had confetti blowing in the air, with some confetti attached to the frosting.  I rounded the block, not wanting to see whatever their presentation was but wanting to find out the answer to a single question.

The answer was no, they were not actually giving away free cupcakes.  Which doesn’t make too much sense for a Cupcake Campaign, does it?

The Theory of the CORE

Friday, January 16th, 2009

By way of Improbable Research comes David Robert Leffler’s successful attempt in flooding world media regarding the proven method of bringing about Peace, from the “Invincible Defense Technology Command Center”.  The articles are all the same, particular cause of concern — which act of Violence and Terrorism — are what vary, so click at random to learn what he (as well John Hagelin) has in mind, and see if you can follow this:

Violent extremism is a human problem requiring human solutions. The underlying cause of extremist social violence is accumulated social stress. Therefore, to protect their nations effectively, the armed forces of both India and Pakistan need first to reduce the collective societal stress in their nations.

A new technology of defense now exists that can accomplish this goal. It is based upon the latest discoveries in the fields of physics, neuroscience, and physiology. Ultimately, it is based on the discovery of the unified field of all the laws of nature-the most fundamental and powerful level of nature’s dynamics. Extensive research has confirmed its effectiveness. This new technology is easily applied, highly cost-effective, and can prevent disruption and attack from within the country or outside the country.

This approach is known today as the Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). It has its roots in ancient technologies of consciousness, revived in modern times by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a non-religious approach to peace. These technologies of consciousness directly access and harness the unified field on the deepest level of human experience-pure consciousness itself. Extensive scientific research indicates that this approach reduces collective societal stress, eliminates extremism and thereby snuffs out war and terrorism. Over the past three decades it has been quietly and successfully used by members of many faiths to defuse and eliminate conflict.

The approach involves the creation of large groups of peace-creating experts practicing Invincible Defense Technology together. A Prevention Wing of the Military consisting of approximately 2% to 3% of the military of each country could easily achieve this goal. These special units in both countries would be trained in the technologies of consciousness revived by Maharishi-the Transcendental Meditation ™ and TM-Sidhi programs-and would practice these techniques in large groups, twice a day. Extensive research shows that the size of the group needed to reduce social stress in a given population should exceed the square root of 1% of the population size. India would therefore need to train approximately 3,350 soldiers and Pakistan approximately 1,288 soldiers as IDT experts.

John Hagelin (and this blog probably mentions the defunct Natural Law Party more often than any other blog you can point me to — you know, Joe the Plumber was a member of it) was a presidential contestant in the 2000 election (as well 1992 and 1996), so we came this close to having this as our Defense and Counter-terrorism Policy… however close a 0.08% vote total can be considered here.  All this time I had thought that the “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Affect” was what happened when The Beatles returned from India and started the unravelling process of breaking up.  Or it might have been the principal behind Abbie Hoffman’s attempt to Raise the Pentagon.

But the basic theory of a CORE dedicated beyond all redoubt — hardcore if you will — moving the world, what is at once the basis of cults — how to convince yourself of wielding power and significance to the outside world, also how one Trotskyite Movement splinters into many Trotskyite Movements and retains irrelevance to any life anyone you know is leading (Boring from Within without), and I guess behind any social movement (including the basic theory of popular support for those Islamic Terrorism Groups which actual counter-terrorism intelligence is trying to screw apart) — plays itself out in areas completely unrelated to the practice of having the square root of 1 percent of a population of a violence scarred area sitting around and chanting the “Oms” to World Peace (otherwise known as Transcendental Meditation.)  Circulating today is video of Rick Warren urging a crowd to be like the crowd that turned out for Hitler, Mao, and Lenin — most directly, oddly enough, Hitler.  I would think he might want to cite — I don’t know — Jesus and his Disciples, but what do I know — maybe he thinks Jesus has been too much co-opted by weasles.

An Illuminated and Fully Informed Opinion on the 42nd (don’t let them fool you, Grover Cleveland wasn’t two presidents) President George Bush (Not to be confused with his father also of the same name)’s Farewell Speech, complete with a framing of Historical Context which will grant this blog post an acknowledged Superior Light of Reason and will profer all previous opinions you might have had meaningless, thereby demanding a reprisal of previously held notions on not just this farewell speech, but perhaps the nature of Existence Itself.

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I liked Ike’s better.

Vladamir Putin Frightens Children Again

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Here’s an interesting proxy battle between Russia and the Ukraine, on the surface level over natural gas trade agreements but at a deeper level about geopolitical posturing, which you’re probably not paying attention to.

MOSCOW — The feud between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas prices and transit fees has left large swaths of Europe without heat. Yet, what is baffling is that the dispute has always seemed overly technical and easily resolved, if there was the slightest desire on either side. After all, both countries stand to profit from selling fuel to Europe.
The latest agreement collapsed Tuesday, in a familiar cacophony of complaints and countercomplaints, and again over a seemingly trivial issue. With European Union monitors along the pipeline to make sure that Ukraine did not divert any gas for its own use, Russia agreed to resume shipments to Europe.
But rather than repressuring the Ukrainian pipeline system for exports, Russia’s gas monopoly, Gazprom, ordered a single test shipment to see if it would pass through Ukraine to Europe, through a pipeline that was being used to supply the Ukrainian city of Odessa. Ukrainian authorities refused, saying they did not want to cut supplies to their own people, and Russia again halted shipments — not, some experts believed, reluctantly.
Political experts say that neither side is motivated to settle the dispute, because it has never been about the stated issues. Instead, it has been a proxy for far more fundamental and insoluble matters, particularly Ukraine’s 2004 turn to the West in the “Orange Revolution,” which deeply shook Russia’s nationalists.

All very alarming and intricate, but none of it concerns me too much.  What I want to know is…

When and how did Vladimir Putin’s right hand turn into a Fin?

Yes We What?

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009


Yes, Pecan
Yes, We’re Tan
Yes, I’m Stan.
Lves Reanne.

Can we destroy Barack Obama as a cultural artifact already and just make him president for these United States?  Because Barack Obama the Cultural Artifact has always kind of annoyed me, and I think like the economy it’s going to get worse before it gets better.