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Saturday, March 26th, 2005

1. How do you feel about drugs?
The Libertarian National Socialist Green party endorses a “do what thou wilt” policy toward individual lives, and in that context has no statement on drugs; however, individual members use them frequently and report that drugs are still excellent.


The Germans landed on the Moon as early as probably 1942, utilizing their larger exoatmospheric rocket saucers of the Miethe and Schriever type. The Miethe rocket craft was built in diameters if 15 and 50 meters, and the Schriever Walter turbine powered craft was designed as an interplanetary exploration vehicle. It had a diameter of 60 meters, had 10 stories of crew compartments, and stood 45 meters high. Welcome to Alice in Saucerland.

In my extensive research of dissident American theories about the physical conditions on the Moon I have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is atmosphere, water and vegetation on the Moon, and that man does not need a space suit to walk on the Moon. A pair of jeans, a pullover and sneakersare just about enough.

Everything NASA has told the world about the Mood is a lie and it was done to keep the exclusivity of the club from joinings by the third world countries. All these physical conditions make it a lot easier to build a Moonbase. Ever since their first day of landing on the Moon, the Germans started boring -and tunneling under the surface, and by the end of the war there was a small Nazi research base on the Moon.

The Implications of Nazi Animal Protection:

Putting aside for a moment the veracity of calling Hitler a vegetarian, let us consider some claims that have been made to that effect. Sociologists Arnold Arluke and Boria Sax wrote a very interesting article (Anthrozoos 5(1):6-31; 1992) that describes the familiar-sounding rhetoric that leading Nazis used to support vegetarianism. For example:

“On one romantic date, his female companion ordered sausage, at which Hitler looked disgusted and said: ‘Go ahead and have it, but I don’t understand why you want it. I didn’t think you wanted to devour a corpse… the flesh of dead animals. Cadavers!'”
This is a strange declaration for a man who some claim, without direct evidence, to have a preference for sausage.

If Hitler’s date did have sausage, it might account for the counterclaim cited by Hitler’s biographers (i.e., Rynn Berry) to the effect that He was not vegetarian. However, an account by Hitler’s chef that he prepared sausage “for Hitler” may be mistaken and misleading if the sausage was, in fact, consumed by Hitler’s female companions, as it obviously was on this one occasion.

Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, noted:

“The Fuhrer is deeply religous, though completely anti-Christian. He views Christianity as a symptom of decay. Rightly so. It is a branch of the Jewish race… Both [Judaism and Christianity] have no point of contact to the animal element, and thus, in the end, they will be destroyed. The Fuhrer is a convinced vegetarian, on principle. His arguments cannot be refuted on any serious basis. They are totally unanswerable.”
Irrespective of whether Hitler, Goebbels or other leading Nazis were, in fact, devout vegetarians, their self-serving rhetoric, claiming the moral high ground, is consistent with that which has appeared from time to time on In that newsgroup, we have seen omnivores characterized as “barbarians,” “animal-killers,” “murderers,” and so forth. Clearly, many contemporary vegetarians regard themselves as ethically superior to omnivores.

3. Do you want to take over the world?
World federalism, or the concept of a single world government, has seemed attractive to noted intellectuals over many years of human history. The LNSG supports moving toward world federalism as long as tolerance for individual difference and local jurisdiction is preserved according to culture, with the rationale that a world government would focus humans together toward finding a future in our universe and would eliminate the overhead of local governments and military. Our culture is that of human nationalism, a species committed to improving its own intelligence and asserting its rights not just on earth but in our environment wherever we can go. The exponential growth of intelligence is argument enough that we as humans should not fear but embrace and develop all that is complex, fearful, ambiguous and exciting in life so that we may build more comprehensive, dynamic, and self-perpetuating structures for our descendents.

All of which is gone from the website of today. I don’t know what this is. I don’t know if this is serious or not. Today’s website looks pretty dead serious (note that the “Fate Magazine” – esque material, such as the Nazi Moon Bases are gone, replaced with links to — say — “Overthrow Magazine”.) Was the “Libertarian National Socialist Green Party” handed off to “New Management” that took the organization (such that it is) in a whole new direction?

It’s all so very confusing.

An America United

Friday, March 25th, 2005

“I find it opportunistic to use the death of someone like Christopher Reeve — I think it is shameful — in order to mislead the American people. We should be offering people hope, but neither physicians, scientists, public servants or trial lawyers like John Edwards should be offering hype.

“It is cruel to people who have disabilities and chronic diseases, and, on top of that, it’s dishonest. It’s giving false hope to people, and I can tell you as a physician who’s treated scores of thousands of patients that you don’t give them false hope.” — Bill Frist; October 12, 2004

Michelle Malkin doesn’t let the “facts” get in the way of uncovering a liberal media bias in the Terri Schiavo Affair.

Capable of saying “Mommy” and “Help me.” And of “getting the feeling she’s falling” or getting “excited,” in her husband’s own testimony, when her head is not held properly.

Apologies to The Rick Emerson Show, who took this from somewhere else, but this debate over such matters all goes back to:

Let’s look at the polling data: over here.

“Do you think this case ought to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, or not?”

“Regardless of your preferences in the Schiavo case, do you think it is appropriate or inappropriate for Congress to get involved in this way?”

Appropriate: 27% Inappropriate: 70% Unsure: 3%

“Do you think the political leaders who are trying to keep Schiavo alive are more concerned about her and the principles involved, or more concerned about using her case for political advantage?” Options rotated

Schiavo/Principles: 19%; Political Advantage: 67%; Both: 4%; Other: 3%; Unsure: 7%.

I saw a poll result that shot up to over 85% somewhere. The poll result brought to mind the polls showing that, circa September 2001 — by god, a massive majority of Americans support a military mission into Afghanistan! Which means, Tod Koppell and such media figures should be prefacing interviews and spotlights on the likes of Randall Terry, Pat Buchannan, John Edward (!!!), and Michelle Malkin with the same sort of disclaimer they provided, say, an Arundhati Roy:

“Some of you, many of you, are not going to like what you hear tonight. You don’t have to listen. But if you do, you should know that dissent sometimes comes in strange packages.”

Let’s get back into the groove here, people!

Media Descend Upon Nazis

Thursday, March 24th, 2005

There’s something kind of absurd and funny about various news reporters becoming registered posters at the forum “”. (The forum and website for, I might remind you with a giggle, the “Libertarian National Socialist Green Party“.)

wilgoren Mar 22nd, 2005, 11:54am » Did anyone on this forum have any direct personal contact with Jeff Weise, who posted as Todesengel and NativeNazi? If you have any private email messages from him saved, or knew him directly, we would love to hear more about him so we can present the fullest, fairest portrait possible in The New York Times…please get in touch, Thanks!

Butcher Mar 22nd, 2005, 12:28pm Do you know Jeff Weise? Or do you have any personal/private messages from him. He discussed issues in this forum apparently using the names Todesengel and NativeNazi. Please reply to to forward any messages you have in your ‘saved’ folder. Or send me a note if you would like to meet with a reporter in the Red Lake, Minnesota area. Thanks….

forum Mar 22nd, 2005, 1:17pm I’m a reporter for The Forum newspaper in Fargo, N.D. I’d like to interview anyone who knew Jeff Weise, who posted as Todesengel and NativeNazi. Please contact me at if you’d be willing to talk to a reporter and willing to provide your name.

From there, we get a bunch of posters cursing the “lousy jew run media”, and about what you’d expect from such a group… and a thread set aside to explain how this news-worthy group is going to handle the media. (Watch for an appearance on the Alan Colmes Radio Show this Friday! Ignore and laugh at WilGoren! Etc.)

By the way, paragraphs 1 and 2 should be switched here.

He created comic books with ghastly drawings of people shooting each other and wrote stories about zombies. He dressed in black, wore eyeliner and apparently admired Adolf Hitler and called himself the “Angel of Death” in German.

His father committed suicide about eight years ago, and his mother is in a nursing home after an auto accident, according to news reports.

Paragraph 2 being more causitive and important in explaining what went wrong with this kid, paragraph 1 showing the symptoms (both of being deeply troubed — ie: the Adolf Hitler part, and of being perahps simply a disaffected youth — ie — the part about zombie stores — Zombie Writing evidentally becoming the new cliche, to sit alongside “Marilyn Mansion fan” and “Wears Black”.)

I think I’ve reached the conclusion here.

Libertarian National Socialist Green Party

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005

Libertarian National Socialist Green Party.

You know, back in high school — Junior and Senior year — when I was fond of creating little jokey junk in my TI-82 calculator, a source of bemusement for me was to slide various contradictory elements together.

Thus, I have a profile of a fictional person who was the “First African American president for the Ku Klux Klan”. Pause. Press “Enter” on the calculator. “Organized the most massive Mass – Lynching in KKK History”. Pause. Press “Enter” on the calculator. “Believed to have committed suicide on that date.”

Ba De Dum.

“Ran For the Presidential Nomination for the Stalinist Totalitariarian Nazi Death Party” Pause. Press “Enter” on the calculator. “Lost” Pause. Press “Enter” on the calculator. “Was the leader of the ‘Moderate Wing’ of the Stalinst Totalitarian Nazi Death Party, advocating an increase in school lunch assistance programs, favoured affirmative action, and favoured a slightly lower tax rate, than the rigidly ideological members of the party.”

Ba De Dum.

Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. I can’t run with those jokes too far, because… well… someone out there would be apt to take them seriously:

The old site was about as PC as is conceivably possible for a self-proclaimed Nazi organization. Since it was anti-racist and didn’t really promote even ethnic nationalism it was inconsistent with National Socialism aside from being postmoral and biocentric (“nature before humanity”). This pissed off a lot of the neonazi morons and confused just about everyone else. At that time the “party” and website probably was for the most part a sort of esoteric joke of [Craig] Smith’s. Not that it was unserious but more that it was taking the piss out of modern politics. That element remains in the party name and symbol but the ironic posing of the old site seems to have taken a back seat.

And before you know it, it’s an actual real honest to gosh political party, that’s either taking itself seriously or continuing its farce.:

such as it were.

The wheels turn round and round.

The Tom DeLay Factor

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005

Something I posted erstwhere: Bill Frist is trying to figure out how to win the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. Tom DeLay has an Ethics Controversy swirving over his head, generally fended off in the background — mostly due to the power he wields. And you throw Senator Nelson of Florida, D, on the spot while you’re at it.

As though to prove my point about Tom DeLay, we find this nutty quote, shades of “Vast Left Wing Conspiracy”.

“One thing that God has brought to us is Terri Schiavo, to help elevate the visibility of what is going on in America,” Mr. DeLay told a conference organized by the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group. A recording of the event was provided by the advocacy organization Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

This is exactly the issue that is going on in America, of attacks against the conservative movement, against me and against many others,” Mr. DeLay said.

Mr. DeLay complained that “the other side” had figured out how “to defeat the conservative movement,” by waging personal attacks, linking with liberal organizations and persuading the national news media to report the story. He charged that “the whole syndicate” was “a huge nationwide concerted effort to destroy everything we believe in.”

It’s a curious charge for perhaps the most powerful member of the undoubtedly most powerful Party to be throwing out… that those mean (and, I might add, powerless) liberals keep sniping away… despite everything. (I mean, Don’t they realize they lost an election?)

I am confused as to what story DeLay is referring to that the instruments of vindictive vilous hate are persuading the national news media to report. Something on the order of David Brooks’s column? I don’t know.

Into the Darkness

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

After Louis Helder was apprehended for pipe-bombing mail-boxes across mid-America, the website to his band became public, and the number of downloads to the bands’ song rose from a trickle of one or two every few days to tens of thousands… the number of downloads paving away to money earned meant, likewise, a profit margin that went from $0.00 to an average of maybe $25 per day for a duration of a week… until Louis Helder’s 15 minutes of fame ended. (The band, I’m guessing after a quick decision to disband, made the comment on their now-well commented ‘guest board’ — “We’ve disabled this guestboard. For obvious reasons.”)

(Likewise, every band named “Apathy” had a sudden influx of hits, and a disclaimer “We are not that Apathy”.)

A morbid curiosity to see whatever the two mass murderers at Columbine High School stuck up online lead me, sometime in the summer of 1999, to find a bad Vertigo Comics-inspired 20-something’s writings, someone who unfortunately had gone to the high school several years prior, had nothing to do with any “Trenchcoat Mafia” except for a fondness for wearing trenchcoats, and nicknamed himself “The Trencher”… today, for what it is worth, it’s a right-wing blog…

Do a quick google search for the Minnesota news story of the moment. Not surprisingly, “NativeNazi”‘s, profile on the “” forum is gone.

As has the entire forum. All that is left is the google cache. So, I bring in a sort of perverse interest, some of the writings and discussions for “NativeNazi”, aka something else that will be obviously the same individual. The question I have is this: How many Master Races can there be before the words of Almighty Hitler are perverted beyond repair?:

Jul 18th, 2004, 3:55pm
Breeding out the purity in all races is not the way to go. Not the way to go at all. I disagree with you on that, as well as your idea to create a “master race.”

The absurd gets absurder.:

Title: Re: Native American Nationalists?
Post by Todesengel on Apr 19th, 2004, 11:41pm
Hmn, after a recent discussion with some misinformed people I had to ask you guys, why are people so close minded?

By the way, I’m being blamed for a threat on the school I attend because someone said they were going to shoot up the school on 4/20, Hitlers birthday, and just because I claim being a National Socialist, guess whom they’ve pinned?

Post by atem on May 2nd, 2004, 11:12am
This is a time in which nationalists are demonized. Much as “terrorist” indicates “someone who disagrees with our global empire,” so does “nationalist,” but the complexity of separating that term from “patriot” will confuse the general population, so they use simple words like hate, Hitler, bigot, ant-semite, etc.

Post by Todesengel on May 26th, 2004, 2:27am
You encounter a lot of hostility when you claim to be a National Socialist, but because of my size and appearance people don’t give me as much trouble as they would if I looked weak. I already had a fist fight with a communist not to long ago over me being what I am (I also won), but it was worth it. I don’t try to hide what I am from anyone, if they’re going to start something over it then fine, I’m not backing down; Nor am I hiding. I try not to be aggressive in most situations, I’ll use force if I have to, but I’m not about to go out and pick a fight. I’m mostly defensive, I’ll defend myself if someone tries something but other than that I’m a peaceful person.

But the school threat passed and I was cleared as a suspect, I’m glad for that. I don’t much care for jail, I’ve never been there and I don’t plan on it.

Either way, I was wondering if there was a way to become a more active member, besides posting on this board I can’t really think of anything else to do. I could do some recruiting, but a lot of the people I socialize with are against Nazism whole-heartedly, I managed to sway a few opinions in the favor of the movement none the less, and there is also a few of my “friends” who only like Hitler because they think Nazi’s are “cool.” Which I agree with, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t as serious about it as I am.

Any ideas?

I may young, but I’m willing to help.

Jul 20th, 2004, 4:17pm
Anymore Native American NS’s? Not right now, though I’m thinking of recruiting a few for the party once school starts up again.

About the wannabe’s, I call them “n-iggers,” since technically that’s what they are. Native – Iggers, though I tend not to use the term so much in public for obvious reasons.

Right now I know about two people on the Rez who share my beliefs, but they don’t share them entirely.

The teachers at my school are all white (besides the Ojibwe language teacher) , yet the times I have brought up that Native Women and Black men, or White women and Native men shouldn’t be together to keep their blood pure, I’ve been called a racist. When I bring up the point that our tribe (the Ojibwe) is mixed a lot and is in need of more pure bloods, I get the same old argument which seems to be so common around here. “We need to mix all the races, to combine all the strengths…” ect ect. It gets old real quick when you hear the same argument over and over.

They (teachers) don’t openly say that racial purity is wrong, yet when you speak your mind on the subject you get “silenced” real quick by the teachers and likeminded school officials…


Jul 19th, 2004, 11:33am
Apparently a lot of people have never heard of a Native American National Socialist, which surprises me.

I think most people on this Reservation would respond well to the racial question if it was disguised.

For example, if I asked your average teenager on this reservation: “Are you proud to be Native?” The answer I would get is, “hell yeah dawg.”

Now for some reason, I would find myself asking “if you’re so proud to be Native, then why do you walk, talk, act, and dress like an African American?”

But I always refrain from doing so.

The only one’s who oppose my views are the teachers at the high school, and a large portion of the student body who think a Nazi is a Klansman, or a White Supremacist thug.

Most of the Natives I know have been poisoned by what they were taught in school. The basic “Nazi = Bad, Jew = Good. Defend Jew at all costs.” You get the idea, the public school system has done more harm then good, and as a result it has left many on this reservation misled and misinformed.

But you are right about us Natives having a lot of pride in our heritage. I own my share of “Native Pride” shirts and sweaters, and I see many more in school, yet they are still outnumbered by your basic Rap culture paraphernalia.

I haven’t given too much thought to the way our land would be divided or how it would work, so thanks for bringing it up.

What ways has the Jewish power affected us in General? Ever since the Jewish post-war propaganda has been taught in our school systems (on reservations), a lot have been brainwashed into thinking purity is wrong, at least that’s my take on it. I can’t help but notice how many pure blooded Natives there are left since…

Sorry if I didn’t answer some of the questions in the ways you had hoped, but I’m a little tired right now. I’d be happy to field anymore questions you may have for me though.

At any rate, our collection of Nazis of various ethnicities come to this discussion:

Post by spiritinblack on Jul 14th, 2004, 9:00am

“Libertarian National Socialist Green Party – Politically correct Nazis? These Libertarian Green Nazis are either the strangest conglomeration of diametrically opposed political ideologies of a political party I have ever seen — or one of the most wry political practical jokes found anywhere on the net (I’m not certain which conclusion is correct, but I strongly suspect the latter). This party purports to be comprised of atheist, peaceful, pro-gay, pro-drug legalization, anti-racist, environmentalist Nazis who acknowledge the Holocaust likely occurred (but are neutral as to its justification) and oppose the government sponsored killing of Jews, Christians & gays and the disabled. The LNSGP “rejects Judeo-Christian moral standards, victim mentality political behavior, capital-centric value systems, and authority.” While membership is open to anyone regardless of their race or sexual orientation, individuals who openly profess a belief in either Judaism or Christianity are denied party membership. Articles, platform, FAQ and graphics. Worth a visit — even if only to decide for yourself if this is a joke or if it is serious. In the past — and as an indicator that the LNSGP is probably a practical joke — the LNSGP’s site had sections dedeicated to claims of participation in a public service project named the “Jewish Community Brothership” (to “Communicate the modern interpretations of Nazism and its implications for Jews in today’s multicultural Reich”) and some links to very bizarre “news” articles (example: “Nazi Moon Bases Established in 1942″).”

[I don’t understand this. Why must be the LNSG be considered as a joke? People any thoughts on this? Btw, is there any chance that the LNSG will have a candidate to run for president?]

Title: Re: About the LNSG
Post by gasto on Jul 14th, 2004, 10:33am
that´s pure BS…people like that should be ignored…

Title: Re: About the LNSG
Post by NativeNazi on Jul 14th, 2004, 10:52am
I have a feeling the only reason the party was picked apart so thoroughly was because of the use “National Socialist” in it’s name, and I also have a strong suspicion that the owner of the site may be Jewish, but I’m not that good with last names so I can’t be 100% sure.

The discussion continues, as our hapless Nazis of various ethnicities decide whether or not this political party is real, and decide that we can’t let the idea be a joke…

It gets boring from there

Native American Nazis… Maybe “Mein Kampf” was too difficult for the kid. We need a “Mein Kampf for Dummies” edition…

Steve Forbes, Joe Lieberman, Bill Frist, and Terri Schiavo

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

When Joseph Lieberman proclaimed the Delaware Primary as the starting point of his 2004 Democratic Nomination Comeback, he was met with a certain amount of laughter and derision (“JOE-Mentum”, indeed!) But, it should be noted, that he was actually evoking the 1996 Steve Forbes campaign.

Steve Forbes, of course, didn’t get too far after winning Delaware, except a brief moment where he was ahead of Bob Dole and the indefatiguable Pat Buchannan in the polls. But, after watching, to one degree or another, four primary seasons I’ve come to the odd conclusion that whoever the party bosses want in will pretty well be the Party nominees, and there’s nothing anyone out here can do about it. Thus it’s Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, George W Bush (and not John McCain), John Kerry (not Howard Dean). Hillary Clinton is coming up, and I don’t know who the Republican Hierarchy wants yet.

Steve Forbes’s platform was a narrow one: Just implement a Flat Tax, and all our nation’s problems (those that we see and those that nobody sees) will be solved. It was a platform that attracted its following — (cult following? All politicians’ followings are cults.) — amongst a set of the public that believes whole-heartedly in the Wall Street Journal editorial page and considers the scribbling the “Laffler Curve” on a bar-napkin one of the Great Moments in American History.

Bob Dole pushed back Steve Forbes. Pat Buchannan hang around a while. Lamar Alexandar made bitter comments about how he was surging in New Hampshire (where he came in third) before Steve Forbes’s money drowned him in the next round of primaries. And nothing noticable came out of the whole mess.

In the next primary season, Steve Forbes realized that he could not win the nomination on Economic Righteousness alone. Thus, he remade himself into someone who particularly cares about Abortion and various Right-wing social causes. It didn’t really get him too far, and you really can’t just jump onto a cause without any past moment to consider — look back in the back issues of Forbes Magazine and list for me all the editorials hailing School Prayer or Excoriating Homosexual Marriage, and I’m guessing that it will be a pretty short list.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist must be trying to figure out how he can possibly win the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primary right about now… because, really, you do not want to have to rely on winning Delaware. He’s a politico of little charisma and not much personal charm (And, I might add, used to kill kittens*).

Establishing Pro-Life bonafides is Job #1 for him right now.

*I feel obligated to point out Bill Frist’s kitten-killing past with each and other mention of the man.