an alternative universe with different laws of physics that allow for such things

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  It Can’t Happen Here, But It Can Happen There.

Always looming question out there:  I believe that Lyndon La Rouche, the renowned conspiracy theorist stood for the American presidency on a couple of occasions. What if he’d won?

Here’s the Alternate History where Lyndon Larouche gets to be president.  It’s a doozy — the post Nixon Presidents are Gerald Ford and John Schmitz (short duration), Lyndon Larouche (1 term), John Anderson (1 term), Gary Hart (2 terms), Ross Perot (2 terms), Ralph Nader (1 term), Howard Dean (1 term), Sarah Palin (now in her second term).  I find it difficult to see how the nation’s psyche can be repaired with two wholly criminal lowlifes in such close proximity (that’s Nixon and Larouche), and they seem to make a mistake by identifying the president elect as president in 1976.
I note the most interesting items in this whole mass doesn’t concern Larouche, but altogether you can compare with that historical chronology presented by Larouche… currently peddling an organizational history of predicting Nixon’s Impeachment — oddly enough.  The most interesting parts of this whole mass don’t really concern Larouche, but here’s the Larouche parts.

1976  Democratic candidate Lyndon La Rouche appeals to liberals by nominating Shirley Chisholm as Vice-President, the first female and first African-American nominated to a presidential ticket in American history.   President LaRouche appoints David Rockefeller as Secretary of the Treasury.
1978:  Michael O. Billington (US Labor Party-NY) is elected to the House of Representatives from the 24th NY Congressional district.  North American Labor Party (NALP) launches claims that the British government is trafficking drugs through the Cayman Islands into Canada and the United States. Tensions mount between the United States and Great Britain, as President Lyndon La Rouche accuses the British government of drug-trafficking, specifically accusing Queen Elizabeth II of leading the narcotics trade.  President Lyndon LaRouche signs political agreements with Rhodesia and South Africa for nuclear technology, tacitly for the purposes of “industrialization”.
1986:  The Patriots for Germany party (formed by Former First Lady Helga Zepp-LaRouche as an offshoot of her husband’s U.S. Labor party and extremist wing of the Democrats.) gains a majority in the Bundestag. Janice Hart and Mark Fairchild, “LaRouche” Democrats, are elected of Secretary of State for Illinois and Lieutenant Governor of Illinois, respectively.
1988:  Jacques Cheminade, a leader of the European Workers Party (another LaRouche organization), is elected President of France. He lost reelection, but will return to office in 1995. Former President Lyndon LaRouche (D/ U.S. Labor-NH) is convicted on charges of mail fraud and tax fraud. He is sentenced to 25 years in federal prison and denied parole.
2005: Outgoing President Nader (G-CT) pardons former President LaRouche, causing the political “shit to hit the fan”. LaRouche is not invited to Dean’s inauguration, and will not set foot in the White House again until President Palin’s invitation for a photo-op (believed to be out of spite for the “sane” Democrats).


So…Odds of dying from an asteroid strike: 1 in 74,817,414.
Interesting note from the “Larouche Irish Brigade”:  Representatives Rush Holt (D-NJ) and Donna Edwards (D-MD) published an op-ed in today’s Washington Post, calling for increased funding for Near Earth Object (NEO) detection. […]
Unfortunately, the two congressmen seem limited by Beltway pragmatism, and only call for detection and then disaster- planning, not any aggressive science-driver program to eliminate such dangers, of the sort coming from Russian circles around Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin. “Congress should continue to invest in day-to-day disaster planning,” Holt and Edwards write. “We should make the investments necessary to track near-Earth objects and prepare for disasters of all kinds.”

Ironic.  My non-chalance at the asteroid event — happens every five years an asteroid hits the Earth; Russian Land Mass is the largest and they’ve had three since the dawn of the last century — ends up closer to the “Beltway Pragmatism” of the two congress-critters cited by Team Larouche in their Race to Save the Planet.  Meanwhile, my thoughts over the history of the Larouche org brings me back to this…

Deep thought:  It’s chilling to think, had this same thing happened at the height of the cold war, say during the Cuban Missile Crisis, or the Reagan Era high alert deal, the counter strike missiles could already be landing. Mushroom clouds blossoming all over, on at least thee continents, and civilization as we know it would be ending, right now.
And forward to this:  Russian MP blames Meteor Shower on a US Secret Arms Test.

And in other Science News:  Larouche talks science.  Opposes Sense Perception.  Pro Neotic Capabilities.  Makes nonsensical argument against Evolution.

 ITEM NUMBER THREE:  Norton Mezvinsky Will Not Be Making an An Appearance on FACTNET to Defend Alliance with Larouche Org.

Just a guess.
Just to side-step some odd business here, I’ve removed various ad hominem slurs.  (Note:  my explanation for this poster’s reference to “Uncle” is simple:  because his most noted appearance in the news commentary was as the “Crazy Uncle” not invited to Hillary Clinton’s wedding, a right-wing publication noting his — er– alliances with Larouche.)

International Council for Mid-East Studies Event.   Our buddy Norton Mezvinsky … Hosted by Dennis Speed and Kesha Rogers, featuring Helga the Zepp, Mezvinsky, Sean Stone, the good-natured Rep. Walter Jones via video remarks, and many other luminaries.

Interestingly, I don’t see the Speed, Rogers, Zepp, and Jones right off.  I assume I’d have to dig to find them, and I’ll assume they’re there.  The people mentioned on the front page there get us the co-publisher of the American Conservative, (which currently has a piece on its website claiming Obama’s environmental jobs policy as in the lineage of Henry Clay’s American System.  This is by means of opposing it by the by.)

I’m less interested in Mezvinsky than with Representative Walter Jones — who tends to be off the stage with these things.

Other “vindicators”… We see Bill Jones against the CIA director appointee… on Iran’s Press TV.  Press TV has interviewed Lawrence Freeman with the Africa Desk of the Executive intelligence Review about this issue.  Bill Jones of Executive Intelligence Review rejected recent “stories” claiming that President Obama’s pick for CIA director, John Brennan, was opposed to the U.S. drone war campaign overseas.  Feb 13 appearance by Harley Schlanger on Dr. Deagle.

… And yet… LOL! The freaking article is from the so-called Executive Intelligence Review, a mouthpiece rag of the certified whacko Lyndon LaRouche. Zimmer owes people an apology.
 So, Zimmer not only lied about this; he also based his lies on Lyndon LaRouche. Typical!


Yep!  Here it is.  The grand Diane Sare town hall meeting.  Diane Sare… campaigning for Governor of New Jersey… with a Town Hall meeting in Connecticut.
It is interesting to note the opening montage, which puts her in the center box… and Larouche on the side box.
And the classy bar with Obama and Christie… “Partners in Murder”.  It’ll be interesting to see the vote percentages in Novmeber, I suppose.  Will she ever stick the Democratic candidate (thought to be a lost cause) in the mix?  These are the matters that animate the mind when considering the Diane Sare gubernatorial campaign.


Dateline Arbutus
What a mixed bag of nuts they were. It was like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” mixed with the Occupy Movement with a little bit of Westboro Baptist Church sprinkled in. There were the Lyndon Larouchies, the anti government protestors with their signs comparing the President to Hitler shouting in their bullhorns some Spiel about how they need their guns “to fight tyranny”. Then there were the Fudds dressed up in their best camo for the occasion. There were a bunch of people holding up pictures of dead fetuses.( I don’t know exactly what dead fetuses has to do with gun control). The best were the Alex Jones/Infowars people screaming in a bullhorn about how “the Government is spreading mind control drugs from airplanes” and something about “Top Secret FEMA concentration camps”. There was some woman screaming at the building yelling “O’Malley killed my mother!”.

Today at the local Post Office, a couple of young gentlemen set up a table and a couple of signs on the sidewalk outside. Inside you could here people hollering all kinds of opinions about gun control. One women said she felt the sign was evoking violence. One of the pictures showed Obama as a gun toting terrorist. The other pictures had Obama with a hitler like mustache. There was also a picture of Franklin D. Roosevelt, but no one seemed to notice. I had a daring idea. Go up and ask. Guess what. They didn’t have anything to do with gun control or violence of any kind.I saw the same people outside the Schererville PO last month. I asked for a pamphlet and it turns out they were Larouchies.
Today at the local Post Office, a couple of young gentlemen set up a table and a couple of signs on the sidewalk outside. Inside you could here people hollering all kinds of opinions about gun control. One women said she felt the sign was evoking violence. One of the pictures showed Obama as a gun toting terrorist. The other pictures had Obama with a hitler like mustache. There was also a picture of Franklin D. Roosevelt, but no one seemed to notice. I had a daring idea. Go up and ask. Guess what. They didn’t have anything to do with gun control or violence of any kind.

DEBATE TIME:  Who would you rather spend five minutes with on the street corner: aLaRouchie, or a representative from the Church of Scientology?
HeMateMe: I’d rather be irritated by a Moonie than threatened by a scientologist.
Abdel Irada: Personally, there’s nothing I like better than listening to the catchy chanting and clashing cymbals of Hare Krishnas.

DATELINE… ?  Before I left the post office I asked them if they wanted to pose for pictures near their table and they were willing. However, while taking the photos the funniest remark came from the lady in the picture who told me to hurry up and snap the photos–like they actually were doing besides wasting time making a futile protest.
I was courteous with them and asked if either of them had an e-mail address so I could send them the photos, but they didn’t respond. Gosh darn!
Meanwhile, being the nice guy that I am, I made certain to wave to the nuts when we drove away from the post office.
So here for the enjoyment for my friends at DU are my photos from the Brenham, Texas post office. Please forgive the quality of the photos since they were taken from a cell phone.
I didn’t know much about the LaRouchies and was at an anti-war protest in downtown Salt Lake. This sweet old lady came up to me and started talking to me about the upcoming presidential election (and Democratic primary). I was just starting to support Howard Dean (even though I couldn’t vote) and she mentioned Lyndon LaRouche as an alternative. I hadn’t known who he was, and she proceeded to tell me he was an FDR Democrat. Well, dammit if that didn’t sound good!
We spoke for a bit and then eventually, she had me take home some literature. No big deal. She then asked me to sign up for more information. That was a big deal.
When I got home, I was speaking with my grandma and asked if she knew who Lyndon LaRouche was…she rolled her eyes and then basically tore him down as a fucking nut and his supporters nuts. Well, little ol’ me, naive little Drunken, didn’t know any better and wouldn’t you believe it – I had given out our home phone number to these loons.
Six years later, they still called my house every few weeks to ask if I wanted to attend one of their meetings. I would tell them every time I was not interested and to stop calling … but they never did. Even today, though I don’t live in that house anymore, my mom still receives phone calls from ’em. Needless to say, my mom has never let me forget that.
Bunch of crazies.
I love the way that the LaRouchies look at me when I bring up LaRouches’ prison time.
On some board, I remember seeing LaRouches’ prison number. I remember something to the effect that the LaRouchies know this number and do like people bringing it up because it is disrespectful to Lyndon LaRouche. I have not been able to find that number but if I get that prison number I am going to make up some buttons (I have my own button machine) and pass them out for people to wear in front of the LaRouchies. I can even have a contest with my local clubs to see who has the best design but I willing to bet that Susan Bankston (aka Juanita Jean) will win. If anyone on this board can find that prison number, I will make and send them some buttons with this number
We ignore them at the Texas State Democratic Convention.
They have their tables and their propaganda, but all the delegates and alternates ignore them. Put our hands up to shield our faces as we walk by. I saw it at the 1980 state convention and every one since then.
We hope if we ignore them they’ll go away. But they never do, dammit!!
was at the state convention and I saw her wandering around and I saw their booth outside on the street in front of the convention. Keisha did get to speak to the labor caucus and tried to speak to another caucus before she was thrown out.
Restore Glass-Steagall? Great idea.
Stop WW III by impeaching Obama. Isn’t it possible that Obama could lead us into WW III with Chinese?
I don’t know what NAWAPA is so I don’t know if I could support that.
I guess that it is possible for any president to lead us into WW III with the Chinese. However, I am unaware of any push by the Obama administration to take this course of action and I doubt that the Chinese are willing to risk offending one of their largest customer bases.

Dateline Danville:  Hi! Take a moment. We’re impeaching Obama,” Jenny Burns cheerily called out to anyone within earshot of the table […] Linda Burger of Danville became so enraged at the defaced posters of the president she ripped one off the table, carried it into the  parking lot and crumpled it up while engaging in a spirited conversation with Burns, who was in pursuit. […] Burns said she and Allen were working for LaRouche, […] but said they “are not supposed to talk to the press.”  […] “You’re right on target,” the man told Allen as he approached the table. “He’s a bad person, absolutely the worst person I’ve ever seen. He’s not an American. He is absolutely a socialist. He doesn’t even look presidential. You know what I mean. Think about it.  “But I’m not putting my name to anything. He’s the kind of guy who would come after me. He’s got people around here that would take me out,” the man said as he made a slicing motion across his throat.  [I’m sure the Stormfront poster below knows.]

Dateline Springfield:  “if we fail to get Glass-Steagall, this is going to result in the biggest depopulation in history, meaning that millions, possibly billions, are going to die.” […] “We’re definitely expanding. […] LaRouche laid out Friday night in his webcast that we’re at a point where the bailout that’s been going on by (Ben) Bernanke is at the point where it’s causing hyperinflation. The system is about ready to blow.” […]
However, the LaRouche PAC has an even grander plan than unseating the second-term president. They want to see bipartisan government eradicated all together.
“People join with LaRouche because of his accuracy at forecasting, but also because they’re patriots. People are joining us across party lines and our movement is absolutely expanding worldwide, particularly in the United States, because people are tired of the two-party system,” Vullo said.


All I know about Larouche is that when I was a child, he made me miss the A-Team when he bought all those blocks of time on TV in order to talk about Moon Bases.

Little Green Footballs picks up a Card Table Tour event… Simsbury … Winsor, Connecticut redux.

Does The Mainstream Media = The Matrix?. This piece of doo-doo also appears on Alex Jones PrisonPlanet and InfoWars. Believing Jones is a lot like swallowing spew from Lyndon LaRouche.
Low, a bitter pill for statist shills like yourself.

ITEM NUMBER SIX:  Hear about Obama’s Looming Idictment?

It’s the Marlbough Research Group that’ll bring us Glass Steagall.

Prison Planet Forum:   I agree.  Forget the birth certificate stuff.  LaRouche and his associates may be onto something else that may be more damning to him……unconstitutional acts.
The Lunatic Outpost:  I have several issues with regards to the LaRouche organization and their policy positions. Still a worthwhile resource to examine/explore.
Alan Keyes endorses the premise of Obama wanting to kill off the population.

Bill Jones on Iran’s Press TV.  No, it’s not “buckling under”… that would be more comforting.

Discussion here:  2:30 in and it’s just a load of gibberish. Does he ever mention anything pertinent?
N o, not to mention the fact that a sitting President cannot be indicted or brought under criminal prosecution ( all this presentation does is show that there are nut jobs in any extremist group–both left and right wing
How do you find this stuff James? Is this on Public Access in your area or something?
At bottom, Every president since Roosevelt has been a pawn of british royalty. This clown has run for president eight times. You’d think he’d get the message.  James, if you want any credibility, it might not hurt to cite sources that have some credibility of their own. LaRouche has zero, or maybe less than zero.

Glock Talk:   Now the first thing that hits you is: “Lyndon LaRouche’s campaign is still sending up reports?!” I know, right

BTW, yet another major story not getting any coverage on the corrupt MSM.
Lyndon LaRouche? Seriously? You quote a convicted criminal.
My cursory perusal of the LaRouche case smells of a set up in order to shut up.
But I’ve only heard this from the Larouche guy. Where is the evidence that these accusations are true?
don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone other than a larouchie call him “highly respected”
I didn’t know he was still alive. Growing up, I recall him running in every presidential primary (as a democrat), including while in prison. I never saw him win anything & never heard anyone who saw him as anything more than someone on the fringe. eventually he quit running & I haven’t anything from or about him in more years than I can track.

Rocky this is differnt from the La Rouche thing! That is in Federal Court. This is in front of the Supreme Court now. Will they do anything probably not, but differnt case in fact Orly has several case going in many different courts!

And so… Trying to Occupy Occupy Wall Street.  Trying to tee the tea party.  The Beat Goes On.

Hrm.  9 ) Alex Jones shows what a fine spokesman he is for the pro-gun movement by completely losing his mind during an interview with Piers Morgan. If the dude feared Brits any more, he’d be a LaRouchie.


Q:  What happens when A neo-nazi talks explains Larouche?  Answer:  COMEDY GOLD:

The LaRouche report has items of interest, which always ignore race & demographics in favor of technical speculation.
As I understand from a former “LaRouchey”, “Lyndon H. LaRouche” is a false name used to cover up his real jewish name. As I recall, his first name is Markus, not Lyndon, but I forget the last name.
“LaRouche” may have something to do with his Red, Trotskyist past when he headed “The North American Labor Party”.
Around the 1970’s, he & his kosher-commie cronies, including Nancy Spannaus et al. put on business suits & suddenly called themselves “conservatives”, much as their fellow jew Reds became Zionists & then “neo-cons”.
LaRouchies like to call jews, such as the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger & others “Nazis”. Spannaus called me a “Nazi”, so by her definition, that would mean I was jewish, just like her!
The word, jew, is taboo in LaRouchie vocabulary. Apparently, they do not exist. […]
What the LaRouchies mention about dwindling oil resources & the deterioration of the U.S. inventive & skilled labor force, along with its basic infrastructure, is true, but their ‘solutions’ still advance the pollution & depletion of our environment on behalf of infinite population-expansion. That’s where their jew-cultism sticks its head out of their verbal smokescreens.

 Though I also note this:
I doubt this indictment will have any consequence. Else we’d have heard of it instead of getting only a single unsourced mention on an obscure blog.
Personally I don’t even mind Obama that much. He may be mixed but he acts like such a stereotypical nerdy white guy that I kinda see him as one, if he had saner political opinions, that is.
Sorry, I don’t believe it.
It just doesn’t have the ring of plausibility.

 Moment o’ randomness
Brian  Quincy Hutchings”  is Al Gore’s recycled Dingleberry of AGW Relativity.  Brian was originally Lyndon LaRouche’s roach that  morphed into Mr. Potato head “Spudnick”, then  rasterspace” & “tensegriboy” & is now a brain-fossil on 

Wayne LaPierre equals… Reminds me of Lyndon LaRouche (LaDouche) in the goofy aura he projects.

Point:  [Libertarians] I’d take them over the tea-partiers
Counterpoint:   I prefer to take neither. If that’s an option.
Further Counterpoint:  What? No love for LaRouche?

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    I had to search “Krishna” to see what you’re referring to. Linking to wonkette.

    DEBATE TIME: Who would you rather spend five minutes with on the street corner: aLaRouchie, or a representative from the Church of Scientology?
    HeMateMe: I’d rather be irritated by a Moonie than threatened by a scientologist.
    Abdel Irada: Personally, there’s nothing I like better than listening to the catchy chanting and clashing cymbals of Hare Krishnas.

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