Michael Jordan on his 50th birthday

I saw that ESPN was running a “Top 50 Michael Jordan highlights” retrospective this weekend.  Which I found interesting, because… I take it that they’d use any excuse to run old Michael Jordan highlights — should certainly provide ratings over anything else they might show — but they do need an excuse, however flimsy.

Apparently it was Michael Jordan’s birthday.  And, yep, that does seem good enough.

Behold.  An alternate history time-line.  Full of lots of wonky topsy turbsy stuff.  Lots of names out of the political graveyard and sports graveyard here — Calls for Impeachment of President Gary Hart over a sex scandal.  (har har har.)  Here we see Jordan leading the Baltimore Orioles to a World Series title.  That’s his brief minor league baseball career, you will remember.  I think I’d go ahead and wave that one and have Jordan lead the Washington Wizards to the NBA Title with his second comeback.

… Which gives me this thought.  If I were doing this retrospect of highlights.  I’d just, rather randomly, toss in a home-run from his baseball career.  Maybe around number 30.  At about number 20 I’d show this one weird shot he had at the buzzer — regular season game against the lowly the Nets, which was an air-ball (just “willing the Bulls to defeat” — or a take on “Casey at the Bat”).  The other 48 slots would be your basic Jordan highlight reel, which ESPN surely got to.

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