Nebraska and Massachusetts… who’ll lose the next general Senate election?

Looking for a sacrificial lamb, or other, candidate for the Democratic run in 2014’s open Senate campaign.

Bob Kerrey sent a twitter that he’s not running.  Yeah, I think he’s come to the end of his electoral rope with his last bid.  So we get this, from the daily kosians?

There is, of course, one Nebraskan who could conceivably run as a Democrat and win—a conservative with success in the private sector, a long record of service in Vietnam and in the Reagan administration, and two terms in the U.S. Senate, including a 2002 reelection bid when he won 81 percent of the vote.
That’s Chuck Hagel, and perhaps Senate Republicans should think twice about blocking his nomination for secretary of defense.

As amusing as that scenario is… and as much as it would be to have him thumb the nose at his current Republican Party detractors… let’s hope as hell no.  The Democratic Party has enough trouble centering itself.  The problem with this bid is… it does sound annoyingly plausible.

Note… No one has mentioned this — certainly Johanns has not — but I wonder if his steadfast support for Chuck Hagel, his fellow Nebraska Republican, to be the next secretary of defense was a factor in his decision.

Actually that’s the first thing just about everyone thought.  Because it’s the last vote pertaining to anything recorded.

I don’t suppose there’s a Jim Rogers type out there who’ll take the plunge and carry the day to a kooky Senate bid?

That’s Nebraska.  Let’s see the situation up there in Massachusetts for the sacrificial Republican lamb, to take John Kerry’s old seat.

Your candidates:  Gabriel Gomez.  And Republican state Rep. Dan Winslow.  Sean Bielat, who ran against Barney Frank and than against the new Kennedy.  Some analysis from dailykos (pre Bielet, I note):

to the extent there is one, the MA GOP establishment seems to prefer Gomez, because, opines local analyst David Bernstein, Winslow once served as chief counsel to Americans Elect, the third party splitter movement that may well have hurt Mitt Romney more than Barack Obama had it been successful. Of course, it wasn’t successful, and it didn’t matter in the end anyway, but that sort of disloyalty may well have cheesed off Romney’s remaining Bay State partisans. Indeed, Romney’s old lieutenant governor, Kerry Healey, has endorsed Gomez. Nothing like seeing old scores settled when the stakes are so small.
Want to know something even funnier, though? In a follow-up post, Bernstein discovered that Gomez donated $1,000 to none other than Alan Khazei, who ran for Senate against Scott Brown before Elizabeth Warren got into the race back in 2011. And on top of that, in 2007, he also gave money to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign! So this is the guy the GOP wants as their standard-bearer?

Er.  I gots nothing.

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