Boring from Within

Sometime ago, somebody or other referred to a particular negative political ad as a “New Low”.  The ad was a take-off of Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” ad, which made me wonder — “How can this be a new low if it’s been done before?”

I tend to view these comments from Noam Chomsky in the same way.  He has never seen anything like this before.  And we’re lucky previous charismatic figures that this nation has gone over, in similar circumstances as today, during his lifetime, were all crooks sowing the seeds of their own downfall.  He negates himself.
Cripes!  The Birther Phenomenon isn’t even new.  Warren Harding was accused of being a “negro”, and Franklin Roosevelt was a Jew named “Rosenbaum”!

Anyway, it looks like Obama survived Larouche’s stupid Assassination dread.
Then again, what is this fantasy?
The crash of the world system is a fait accompli, and the European events are just playing out with a desperate denial for the moment. It’s the same kind of thing as Weimar: it’s a denial of reality, because they’re afraid to face reality.
It points up the extent of our responsibility. “We have to be the strong people,” LaRouche said. “There are no others available.”

(If I could get find with any ease the “Larouche with a Hitler Mustache image”, I’d link to it right here.  The best I can do right now is this.)
I posted that last link in part because I am having trouble finding something from Howie G’s constellation of blogs this week.  A reference to Noam Chomsky. A  reference to the “Tea Party”.  Most importantly, a reference to Alex Jones.  So we almost have something of a Larouchie response to the recent “Jones – Tarpley – Larouche infiltrating the Scene” commentary from Kincaid and Deweese.

In consideration of the “Tea Party”.  An interesting “Moment Of Truth” has just come upon us.  Immigration!  And with that the “Reason Magazine” someones depart, and we find out that the “Tea Party” means different things to different constituents.  A bit more mixed, I would think, is the “Daily Paul” blog — and the comments there show considerable division.
Last week, I made note of Larouchie signs being kicked out of a Tea Party event (I can link there because it’s at the top_ — perhaps a bit sympathetic people kicked out — well.
You’ve lost your “Tea Party”.  Or some of them, at least.

Obama as a Joker — incidentally — while it originated with this artist (who disdains the “Socialism” that was affixed to the image), it was popularized in part by Alex Jones — and really, you can see how.  Interesting to note — two images that accompany this Maccleans article in its print edition: the “Obama Joker” thing and the Obama with a Hitler Mustache — and the “larouchepac” url wasn’t even clipped out! The National Review blog, meanwhile, snubbed Larouche by citing the “Obama as Heath Ledger” instead of Obama with a Hitler Mustache in their cry of unfair double standards and unfair focus on inflammatory signs.
Somewhere within the scope of Tea Party History (or perhaps “Pre-History”, if you affix its origins to when Freedom Works effectively bought it out), was the Ron Paul “Money-bomb”, evoked by “V for Vendetta” and its reference to Guy Fawkes.  “Remember the Fifth of November” — donate money on that day.  The Republican Party has carved it out (and the Time blogger has left out the film’s source material).
A round about trigger back to Alex Jones.  Confused though he may be.

Okay, so Howie G is no longer giving me a back-ways reference to the mainstreaming of Alex Jones.  He does give us some good little ret-conning.


Chator:  According to LPAC, the next EIR, will feature a piece of historical revisionism which centers around LaRouche’s SDI proposal, as the missed opportunity from the 70s and 80s that has lead to the present nightmare. Yes, I did find it a bit odd that in the latest DWTT campaign show, Matt and Leandra dug up an “old school” LaRouche campaign video to make the point that the world has been sliding downhill since the Reagan administration axed “Lyn’s” SDI proposal in the mid-80s, which you can hear him calling “my baby”. I remember in the late nineties, it was JFK’s assassination that was responsible for the present mudslide into economic disintegration. I guess that theory wasn’t appealing enough to the space-obsessed, LaRouche geeks in LYM. So Lyn has thrown them another bone.

Blegh.  Another bit of Historical Re-invention:
4. Finally, although this is 10 days old, mark it down: On April 13, 2010, Lyndon LaRouche announced that the Queen of England pushes dope. Not only that, but he declared that anyone who denies it is “worse than a Nazi-like liar.”
I mention this only because we old-timers all remember the hilarity generated decades ago by Lyn’s running around insisting that he had never said that the Queen of England pushed dope, and that anyone who said he’d said that was a Nazi and a liar.
This was, of course, after Lyn had run around saying that the Queen of England pushes dope, and that anyone who denied it was a lying Nazi.

South Park.  I was discussing on an Internet message board the matter of the New York Islamic lunatics who threatened Trey Parker and Matt Stone — they would meet the fate of Theo van Gogh – after South Park dared to mock the fury over images of Muhammad.  A line of interest:
A wild claim is starting to percolate on the more paranoid sites that the originator of this warning was actually a one time jewish settler of the west bank…
What?  Is it second nature?  Always a Zionist Jewish Plot, isn’t it?  While it’s a dime a dozen and you can toss anywhere near this cult and land with this one, I’ll go straight to…

Lyndon Larouche on 9/11.  What notches him his recent (mis-leading) title of “Intellectual Author of the 9/11 Movement”.
OR… Executive Intelligence Review with… well.

As for the other Richard Cohen, I can tell you something about him. He is opposing John Hechinger, the incumbent, and the chairman of the Hechinger Co. Cohen is 37 years old and works for the Executive Intelligence Review, a journal published by Lyndon LaRouche, an extreme right- wing figure. The Journal advertises a reprint in which it reveals that “associates of Henry Kissinger, Swiss financiers acting in behalf of the Nazi International” and others are planning to “rebuild Solomon’s Temple” in Jerusalem. This Cohen is also not qualified to run for anything.  (The Candidate With My Name, Washington Post, April 30, 1984)
No, you mean the Masons.
The Pope’s Masonic Jewish Zionist government.
Just google “rebuild Solomon’s Temple” (with or without Kissinger) and see what you come up with.  It’s an old fear, I guess.

Other Zionist Plots and schemes?  You hear about Archie Comics introducing a gay character into Riverdale?  You know how that happened?  Zionists.  A rather broad definition of “Zionist” with many a false synonym, but that’s the way it has to be if you’re going to accuse Archie Comics as being part of the Zionist Plot.

Meanwhile a debate between “Roger Ogden” and “Toaster”
However, that is where I stop agreeing with the rouchies, as everything that follows in discourse with them is like falling down the rabbit hole…reality is replaced by the wildest ravings.
Now hear my wild ravings!

Anyway.  Get back Glass-Stegal.  Sounds good.  Hey!  Bad Immigration Act.  So true.  Pecora Commission, of sorts.  Good.  I think they’re throwing up crap with “Four Party Alliance”, but it’s a good thought nonetheless — God bless the Wilsonian Impulse! Hey!  What about the BRITISH Petroleum, eh?  No — we can’t go there — all environmental disasters are solved by sending humanity to Mars.  Answer to Carol Johnson Smith: Hm.  No.  Incidentally:  John Bottorff, of Jasper, isn’t delusional. No comment, though at least CSJ doesn’t believe she has a chance, so that is something.

Of note:
Apparently Molly thought it would be interesting and useful to post Ken’s thesis, written when he was 19, so that people could judge who knew more about Plato–the 19-year-old boy, or Greatest Mind of the Millennium (no more identification needed, am I right?)
Yeah sure.  But I bet you anything Lyndon Larouche packed more dangling unexplained references to various names and figures (in a representative piece on Plato) than Ken Kronberg.

3 Responses to “Boring from Within”

  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    No question about it–Lyndon LaRouche holds the world’s record for irrelevant incantations with names–the obligatory endless lists of good names (Cusa Leibniz Kepler Riemann Vernadsky … ) and bad names (Aristotle Paolo Sarpi Isaac Newton Betrand Russell)

    Not to mention the venomous animus (great-sounding couplet) of Lyn’s attacks on Parmenides and the Eleatics, Pericles, Constantine the Great.

    Ken certainly never wrote like that, but on the other hand (to be fair), he had read the people in question, so perhaps didn’t feel as threatened by them.

  2. Justin Says:

    The Reason Magazine link has been properly inserted into the post. Then again, that’s part of my case of discussing everything “But” larouche.

    Explanation: howie g posted about Noam Chomsky’s comments. Seemed to believe they validated Larouche’s whole typical “Weimar Republic” 40 years. I then posted where Larouche differs away from Chomsky: interesting statement on who should take over at the end of the Weimar Republic.
    Kincaid still on my mind, and his conflation of Jones with Larouche, I tried to place Alex Jones and define his influence. (I took Howie G’s post regarding Jones to mean the org said something about Jones in response to Kincaid. Haven’t seen anything from them, though, so I don’t know.)

    3 days and 05 hours to pick up a poster.

    Elect a Felon!

    Other links, the Post Office Tour:

    The first was on Main Street. Several people had set up a political kiosk with literature demanding the impeachment on President Obama, declaring, among other things, that he had sold out the country by giving away our nuclear capabilities. I was surprised that most of the literature on the table was under the name of Lyndon LaRouche. I thought he was dead, or at least his movement was. More than that, the several people handing this stuff out were young adults in their early to mid-twenties who showed some evidence of being reasonably well educated. What I would like to have done is visit with them enough to find out what inspired them to follow a man like LaRouche who is, if nothing else, strange. It’s not just that he is affectionately regarded by Maoists and Tea Party types alike, but neither seems to see the irony in that. I would like to have patiently asked questions and listened, but I didn’t. Instead I challenged with the unanswerable question; Why would you follow a nut like LaRouche? That pretty much ended it.

    I happened to be on the sidewalk when the exchange with the students and their Obama images with Hitler-like mustaches took place. Your commenter viderepercipere is correct in saying that a conversation has to involve more than one person and the moment you identified yourself as an Obama supporter, the young man looked away and ignored your presence as though you were a criminal – the opportunity between the two was stopped immediately by both parties.


    A spambot keeps kicking up dust of youtube videos with their comments. It did so en masse this weekend. The upside is I end up reading some of those odd little comments to Larouche youtube videos I never watch (unless, say, chator points to one.).

    For the 1989 Last Chance film, on — the lost opportunity when SDI was abondoned and…

    jasonjasonjason1 says:
    May 2, 2010 at 5:25 pm
    Wow! Good thing you’re monitoring comments or otherwise sane people might say something true and your cult members might get savvy! Nice thinking Jim Jones.

    LaRoucheisright says:

    May 2, 2010 at 4:29 pm
    Jason: can you post the phone number where a person could get on Libeling LaRouche for 15$ per hour.


    foxfly23 says:

    May 2, 2010 at 10:59 pm
    From the first time I heard Lyndon LaRouche speak, I knew he was brilliant. Time has shown me the Great American Hero that he is (and always has been). I’m waiting impatiently for the rest of this documentary and hoping for MANY more in the future.

    understandtheNWOplan says:

    May 2, 2010 at 11:51 pm
    You said it! …No time for truth, but all the time in the world for baseball, football, basketballetc..,or, as you said, american idol and the rest of the ‘reality show’ brigade.. You know, it never ceases to amaze me how, some folks can spew the stats of every player on ten teams in every sport (literally useless knowledge), but Can NOT, for the life of them, tell you what a REPUBLIC is… Say THAT word and all they think is “I hate bush!” coincidence??? I think not…NWO 1. Average American 0

    I can’t exactly follow the logic of the Larouchie with his free speech argument at 9:20 or thereabouts. Both parties seem to be in the right throughout.

    Here’s Rachel Brown in front of Tea Partiers in January. Gad.

  3. Justin Says:

    Scratch your head.

    What Prince Charles is doing is placing his own people directly into the heart of the truth movement, Lyndon LaRouche I say is also more than lightly operating for the Club of the Isles across the Commonwealth, two Larouchians to the core who give cause for concern, Mike Robinson and Ryan aka John Morton, both in control of the UK Column and both Larouche puppets, they met with him and are happy to remain under the spell of this high ranking Theosophist.

    Freeman, Brian Gerrish, UKIP, the British Constitution Group are all working for the Admiralty move under Mars, all the offshoots from these groups are dividing the truth movement and distracting otherwise good activists down dead end roads. As for David Icke, unless I see a return to sensibility I have no choice but to conclude he is also operating for the Green Man. I say a little more thought is required, a step back to take stock of how the enemy operates, then take a good look at what plays into the shut-down of Britain, by far the most vocal voices who have emerged onto the scene on the back of Brian Gerrish and his brilliant work on common purpose, all seem to be speaking the same strategy, ‘dissolve the parliament’, I could not disagree more with this idea, for those yet undecided, I ask you look at what has happene

    I always assumed this “Centurian” guy (blogger) was pro-Larouche. Now I think he’s –…
    Well, he’s an Independent Researcher, I guess.

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