The Detroit News versus the CNA of the DPRL

Okay.  Wait.  Is this a suggestion of Strong Armed Tactics from the notorious Hitlerite, Nancy Pelosi?

Political P.S.: Following the spirited ceremony organized by Protocol Director Matthew Goudeau, he was approached by a man handing out flyers.
This petitioner introduced himself as Summer Shields, a Democratic candidate for the Eighth Congressional District, which has long been controlled by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Considering that Pelosi took over that very seat from the Burton dynasty, Goudeau wisely advised the would-be candidate: “I’d be careful who you hand that flyer to in this crowd.”

From one former political opponent on the ballot — Cindy Sheehan — to another one — Summer Shields, a suggestion of trolling for … support?
gkgeger on March 24th, 2010 10:38 am
Our government & representatives DO NOT work for the people of the US. They instead work for Wall Street Financial interests & shareholders. The purpose & job of our government is to care for and govern the people. It’s job is NOT to care for & govern Wall Street. Our governments job is to Govern. NOT MAKE MONEY! We MUST return our government back to the people and we must support leadership that will take us there. Please support LaRouche. LaRouchePac.comm

annoying4fun on March 24th, 2010 7:45 am
you are right about everything until you get to La Rouche.

gkgreger on March 24th, 2010 6:47 am
You agree with my ideas. Most of my ideas come from LaRouche. I give them to you and you agree. But then you disagree with Larouche? Most people in society are afraid to support leaders that would dare to disagree with the ruling class. It’s dangerous. You might be punished. Most people are afraid to go against popular opinion & just go along to get along. It’s safe. Rise up above your earthly fears & seek to live with the truth. YouTube: LPACTV Audio Preview, The LaRouche Plan

I suppose one could explain how the ideas he “picked up from larouche” are better found elsewhere, keeping your ideals better in tact.  I don’t know the implications of “rising above your earthly fears“.  That train in the guise of this person seems to devolve over this direction, actually.

LaRouche charged that N.M. Rothschild & Sons and its Inter-Alpha Group partners, including The Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, and Spanish giant Banco Santander are bankrupt, and stuffed with fraudulent assets, to prop up the value of which they are looting Brazil through a carry trade which last year netted them average returns of 25 per cent—paid out of the hides of the Brazilian people—in the same way the same gang, and for the same reason, coordinated the brutal looting of post-Soviet Russia in the 1990s through privatisation, which gutted Russia’s industrial base and reduced its population by millions.

And on around into this curious debate.  (Or is it here?)  Here we go from Larouche and Kesha Rogers against the Marxists, to Ron Paul and Peter Schiff as the Only Honest folks to… Paul Harvey against the Jewish Media???

SCLARK2112 March 20th, 2010 at 10:09 am
Both parties are 100% RESPONSIBLE for the DECLINE and FALL of America. Throw the BUMS OUT NOW
!Bush and Obama should both have been IMPEACHED. While it’s too late to IMPEACH Bush, we still have time to IMPEACH the Marxist Obama and there is a movement underway to do just that. Google KESHA ROGERS TEXAS.

hyylo  March 20th, 2010 at 10:12 am
Ron Paul is the only honest person in congress.
Peter Schiff is also honest.

gustafus21 March 20th, 2010 at 12:26 pm Paul Harvey is the only person who explained this for me…
If 14 trillion dollars vanished from the economy… the government can inject 14 trillion into the economy in the form of targeted relief … before we get inflation.
NOBODY wants us to know this… because the gangsters of business want it both ways
.they want the bailouts… if the money goes to healthcare – they grab the megaphones of Jewish media and yell INFLATION!!

I give up.
Okay.  Interlude to think up campaign ads for the trio of Summer Shields, Kesha Rogers (another story from an Israeli publication of the local party’s disowning of her), and Rachel Brown.  Maybe a jingle will do?  Something up-beat and up-tempo, like this?

The campaigns continue, as we try to figure out what media they’re campaigning on.  We know the good old Jack Stockwell program, seen in the links down here.  Apparently Harley Schlanger made an appearance on behalf of Kesha Rogers here. 
Listen if you must.  I’m curious to fact-check this release.

Very similar reports from LaRouche Political Action Committee organizers in two very different regions of the U.S. indicate the new phase of the mass strike now opened by Congress’s capitulation to Obama’s Nazi health care bill. LaRouche PAC organizers on the streets of a northern New Jersey town, and in front of a Post Office in a town just south of Detroit, Michigan were swamped yesterday, all day, throughout the day, by angry Americans, looking for leadership, and ready to act.

In Michigan, LaRouche PAC impeachment signs in front of the post office, calling on people to pull over to help stop Obama, had people standing in line, often 5-6 at a time, waiting to talk to organizers, and/or sign up and contribute. Most of the people coming around did not come to the post office, but came to talk to our organizers. People continued to line up after the post office was closed. Organizers asked people: “Do you want to get Hitler out of the White House?”, and told them “There is no one else but LaRouche who is saying that this Obama and his health care are fascist.” Democrats and Republicans alike were furious, considered the health bill unconstitutional, agreed that the Republican Party hadn’t done a damn thing that worked to stop the bill, and wanted to join us in fighting.

It was the same in New Jersey, where a LaRouche PAC table turned into a constant mini-rally throughout the day, with people crowded around, talking to organizers, calling others on the cell phones to tell them to come over, too.

In other news.

No, let’s ponder the stories for a minute.  Why, these were reported in the mainstream media as well.
“This is nothing but hateful,” one woman said to the two representatives, a man and a woman manning the literature table. “You are just inciting anger!”
The two said nothing in response. When a reporter asked for comment, the woman referred the reporter to PAC headquarters.
Margaret Betts of Birmingham was so rankled by the posters, she went home to get her camera and returned to document the scene for her blog:
“I’m just a senior citizen, but I find this highly offensive,” she said. “Just seeing the picture of our president with a Nazi mustache absolutely disgusts me. I told them they should be ashamed of themselves.”
Pretty soon a Birmingham police officer, Cpl. Jerry Hall showed up. He said residents had “tweeted” the police department with complaints about the malicious nature of the posters. “As much as people may not like their lovely literature,” Hall said, “they have a right to be here. I’m trying to quell people’s suspicions that they shouldn’t or couldn’t be there. They are protected by free speech.”
But for many, comparing our president with the man responsible for the extermination of six million Jews was reprehensible. After talking with the two LaRouche representatives, Birmingham resident Greg Thrasher said was enraged.
“I wish I had the courage to toss their table over,” he said. “Then I got into an argument with a couple of residents who signed their petition. They were saying how they felt Obama was socialist. About five minutes into the chat, the words ‘you people’ and ‘n—–‘ finally emerged. Rather than coming together, we’re yelling nasty insults at each other. I guess that’s where we still are in 2010.”

No.  Seriously.  Then again:

Although Obama’s overall attitude and behavior have grown no less arrogant, even as his approval ratings sink lower with each daily poll, what has grown is his fixation and his terror, every time Lyndon LaRouche opens his mouth, a fact that has led a number of Washington insiders to comment that the only thing Obama seems to fear is LaRouche.

The line is that every mention of extremists from the Democratic Party will be shown as a sign of this obsession.  Just as well.  Supposedly the tenor in Larouche headquarters is getting a little weirder.

We can’t tell you who, or why or where, but there is a document circulating which is very disturbing to read as well as funny. Disturbing because it seems to indicate that as Lyn nears a funeral, the deadenders and LYMsters are hallucinating about Lyn to the point that it could be seen as a severe sickness by those who study cults and hillarious by us who know this cult. The mechanism which is taking place is very similar to what Chator has reported in that members of the cult see Lyn in virtually any article, media or web source and will prove to themselves that there are secret messages written or said where the real point of the piece Lyn! This often takes the shape of someone wishing to be the first to find hidden messages or to indicate that the whole point of the article is to stop the universe from turningto Lyn to be saved.

I think some things are cyclical here, but maybe there is some item in the find cycle, that the essence gets distilled, fluff is thrown out of the personality cult and the name is simply chanted in unison.  I suppose it’s true the cult is not falling apart (never knew what the metrics for such an idea would be anyway), but Phase Shifts are always possible.


And Keep your eye on this program on Jeremiah Duggan.
I was meaning to revisit the history of the figure of “European”, but it doesn’t seem worthwhile.  Maybe I’ll post it in the comments here over the next week.

Illuminati=ET kin aka gods, Annunaki, Ea, dragons, angels/demons, Satan, Pepsi, naga, vampires, bluebloods, Al Gore, Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellars etc who rule cults like Freemasonry. Their agenda: repeatedly cull/victimize people via vaccines/other poisons, Codex Alimentarius, carbon taxes, internet 2, WW3 then stage an alien invasion to get a fascist world government/religion with us chipped. Support Dr Deagle, Stewart Swerdlow, Oracle Broadcasting, gardeners and free-energy technology!

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  1. Justin Says:

    This is a bit random, but I feel inclined to stick it online. It is a voter’s guide for Boston Elections, circa 1985 for school committee, answers to questions asked by the League of Women’s Voters. John D O’Bryant’s answers are in bold.

    Q 1: How will the new School Improvement Act affect the Boston public schools?
    Q 2: The continuing high drop-out rate among younger adolescents in the public schools has serious societal impact.

    1. I agree with raising teachers’ salaries. The school system needs the classical method of education instituted in the 19th century under Von Humboldt. Students must learn ancient Greek and two modern languages in addition to synthetic geometry, philosophy and classical music. Great minds result from these studies.

    2. We must turn this generation away from hedonism, rock music and drugs. I advocate building the SDI, the laser beam defense system, by 1990. This will generate tremendous interest and excitement over new scientific breakthroughs in our youth, as did the moon launching. Genius can be taught.

    1. It will make financial resources available for staff development and for business and education partnership programs. We hope that the development of School Improvement Councils will stimulate interest among parents within the particular schools and increase their involvement.
    2. Because some people are using the term “dropout” too loosely our Research Department is currently collecting data on students who leave school. Once we develop some hard profile data defining the drop-out problem, we can instruct the superintendent to develop programs to address the problem, which I will support.

    1. The implementation of new programs and the compensation of teachers for taking courses and professional improvement should increase the quality of education in Boston. I’m afraid this money could go to specific neighborhoods or groups neglecting bilingual and other minority students.
    2. This phenomenon primarily affects the minority student population. Many variables contribute to the problem: family, socio-economic, even institutionalized discrimination. It should concern us all that some of our kids see school as a dead end. Because their problems will eventually become our problems we must work to find solutions.

    1. Positively, if we focus on staff development and support; get better funding for salaries and capital improvements; don’t confuse the setting of higher standards with the task of improving the art of teaching and its concomitant costs; take our drop-out rate as an indictment of society’s professional concern for children.
    2. First, deal with high male unemployment; second, protect our young from ignorance of feelings about sexuality, seldom incorporated into school curriculum. Use the family health education and prevention model known as WEATOC, which involves classes and theater as educational tools in a way acceptable to students and teachers.

    1. It will benefit the BPS in several ways, highlighted by the provision of $2.2 million in this year’s budget. In addition, it will serve as a catalyst for continued innovative programming in such critical areas as early childhood education, remediation, basic skills, parent involvement, and professional development.
    2. I strongly advocate programs offering students the greatest degree of support and incentive to stay in school; specifically, strong early childhood education, consistent evaluative testing and thorough remediation. As for incentives, the best example is the success of the Boston Compact in offering greater employment, training and higher education opportunities.

    1. It will afford the BPS new opportunities and resources to improve education through formula grants, discretionary grants, and nongrant programs. I am committed to taking advantage of these and using them effectively to enhance and strengthen our educational offerings. This legislation represents a new era in state and local school district relationships.
    2. A drop-out prevention program needs to be developed. With the nationwide drive to raise high school standards we will need to increase programs in basic skills, look at alternative education, part-time employment and school- to-work transition programs. We need to readdress school discipline and work-study programs.

    1. A thorough reform of curriculum is needed. This must stress classical education, Greek and other ancient as well as modern languages, philosophy and physical sciences.
    2. Dropouts are due to lack of useful productive employment prospects and dope. I will move against the $600-billion international dope trade. We must relaunch our space program to colonize Mars. This will re-ignite interest in science now dormant in our youth.

    1. It will give Boston additional funding: $2 million in Equal Educational Opportunity Grants, intended for “have-not” school districts; over $300,000 from School Improvement Grants, (each school will receive $10 per student in grades K-6); $2.5 million under Professional Development Grants. Also available are Early Child and special Discretionary Grants.
    2. “Drop-out” problems begin in primary grades. The schools must develop meaningful early childhood programs, prevent failure by smaller classes in the elementary grades and remedial programs for at-risk students. In 6th grade we must address children who need extra support. At 9th grade we must expand successful drop-out programs.

    1. The impact will be to provide additional money. In FY’86 the BPS will receive $2.2 million for additional classroom teachers and materials, and $2.6 million for increased teacher compensation. BPS will also receive $321,000 for a School Improvement Fund to be distributed to elementary schools on a per- pupil basis.
    2. I support expansion of alternative programs in the BPS. I advocate increasing and strengthening remedial and counseling assistance to students, especially at transitional grades between middle and high school, and pursuing Dropout Prevention Grants, available this year under the Public School Improvement Act.

    1. To improve the schools we must shut down the dope traffic now rampant. Also remove any child or worker who has AIDS disease. AIDS is an epidemic, and will be worse than the black plague unless we quarantine AIDS victims in separate hospitals, as we did with TB victims.
    2. We must teach our children music through using Beethoven and Mozart, the great art of Leonardo da Vinci and the poetry of Friedrich Schiller. Only through these great ideas can man understand his true identity and greatness, and master the universe.

    1. More money will be available, but wasting more taxpayer dollars is not the answer. The way our schools operate and the amounts of money spent is disgraceful. It’s quality education and safe learning environments that must be our number one priority. As chairman of student safety, I keep these commitments.
    2. The record on this issue is clear. Since the enactment of my revision of the “Code of Discipline,” more students are staying in school. My newly established task force’s program for promoting a safe and positive learning environment in the BPS directly faces the issue of dropouts and truants.

    1. Positive affects: availability of school improvement funds, grant programs for students deficient in essential skills, for the gifted and talented and for early childhood programs. Negative impacts: state control of local decision making, standardized evaluations and testing, and the unlikely prospect of unbiased tests.
    2. Programs to control dropping out must involve the student, as well as parents, older peers, school personnel and the community support system. Programs should be school- and community-based, designed to improve motivation, discipline, the seeing of education in relation to other life goals such as self-esteem, work, mobility and financial stability.

    1. The School Improvement Act will give an added lift to the finances of Boston School Department, where it will be most effective – at the school level. The creation of the school-based councils and the placing of education issues on the front burner can only help the Boston public schools.
    2. First and foremost, a commitment to early education will prevent dropouts at a later age. Where applicable, alternative types of education must be designed and implemented to allow dropouts and potential dropouts to actualize their potential.

    1. The schools can be best improved by implementing Democrat Lyndon La Rouche ‘s policies. These are massive industrial development projects throughout the underdeveloped countries. If our economy is growing at 25 percent, we will need more scientists, teachers and engineers immediately. That is how we will create great schools again in Boston.
    2. The drop-out rate will soar toward 100 percent if we do not stop AIDS victims from attending school. AIDS is 100 percent fatal, is contagious, and we must institute public health measures to stop AIDS from spreading. Politicians are playing Russian roulette with our children.

    1. The equalization of per-pupil expenditures will offset BPS per pupil spending, presently heavy with Bilingual and Special Needs student costs. Major initiatives are in line with BPS long-range goals, specifically, dropout prevention grants, early childhood programs and establishing School Site Councils to augment present parent collaborative efforts.
    2. I support increased parent participation and awareness in education process, professional development regarding early intervention, additional collaboration between secondary-level teachers and support personnel and research efforts around cause and target populations. Further, innovative curriculum development should make subject matter more immediately relevant to students’ current lifestyles and experiences.

    1. In a year when we are under a financial “crunch,” this extra funding will enable us to maintain an adequate programmatic level. It will stabilize public opinion with regard to public education. Seeing a statewide collaboration between state and municipal educators will go a long way towards increasing people’s confidence.
    2. Many students drop out because they see no value in completing school. We need to develop more alternative programs which serve the needs of these disenchanted youth. An outstanding vocational-technical program at Hubert Humphrey O.R.C. will provide some alternatives. It is imperative that we work together towards this end.


  2. chator Says:

    In Michigan, LaRouche PAC impeachment signs in front of the post office, calling on people to pull over to help stop Obama, had people standing in line, often 5-6 at a time, waiting to talk to organizers, and/or sign up and contribute. Most of the people coming around did not come to the post office, but came to talk to our organizers. People continued to line up after the post office was closed. Organizers asked people: “Do you want to get Hitler out of the White House?”, and told them “There is no one else but LaRouche who is saying that this Obama and his health care are fascist.” Democrats and Republicans alike were furious, considered the health bill unconstitutional, agreed that the Republican Party hadn’t done a damn thing that worked to stop the bill, and wanted to join us in fighting.

    It was the same in New Jersey, where a LaRouche PAC table turned into a constant mini-rally throughout the day, with people crowded around, talking to organizers, calling others on the cell phones to tell them to come over, too.

    Comment: I love this! Was it part of the daily briefing? Sounds like a magical day-dream come true for organizers. When has this ever happened? I didn’t spend much time in the field, but nothing remotely to this ever occured during the time i organized. Who is supposed to believe this? If this is for internal consumption, i doubt many organizers, who know the brutal reality of organizing day after day-first hand, would fall for this. Is this supposed to be proof that the mass strike is a reality? Maybe LYM should start carrying around video cameras to capture this prime content for all to see!

  3. Justin Says:

    It’s right here. www. node/ 13975
    It’s an odd trick, I guess worth attempting to explain. See also.

    Generation that Fought the Nazis: LaRouche Is Right on Obama!
    July 1, 2009 (LPAC)—Lyndon LaRouche’s webcast call to arms on fighting Barack Obama’s Nazi policy on medical treatment, profoundly touched the souls of his generation—those who fought in World War II, or lived through it. But many boomers and younger people were protective of Obamamania, and fearful of what their “friends” and peers will think about calling Obama’s plan “Nazi.”
    Among the older people, whether it was those who attended the Washington-area meeting where LaRouche spoke, the regional meetings, or watched it on the web, or learned about it in the field, there was a powerful response. At a literature table in the New Jersey region, an older woman was at our literature table, getting briefed on the LPAC fight, and looking at our signs on Obama and Hitler. She looked over the LPAC literature, and exclaimed, “You’re right, his policy is Nazi.” Then she pulled up her shirtsleeve to reveal the numbers tattooed on her arm, put there when she was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp in Poland at the age of 9.
    At the Washington, DC-area event, an Italian-American man from Philadelphia, said, “Lyn has to win. I know, I lived under Mussolini. Lyn is right.” Two men in their 80s had the same response. One, at a field site in Los Angeles said, referring to Obama and the Administration, “I’m 80 years old. They’re out to kill me!” Another World War II veteran, attending the New Jersey office showing of the webcast, said, “I’m in trouble … I’m over 80 … they want to be rid of people like me.” In Chicago, a 79-year-old man, who had retreated into religion from politics, listened by phone to Lyn’s webcast, and later said, “That speech should be on the front page of every newspaper in the country! What he said about the British is absolutely true! In fact, everything he said is true! He’s the smartest man in the world!!”

    Which I later summarized regarding Henry Gasparin, the Holocaust Survivor who was upset enough about the Obama Hitler Mustache to cause an incident…
    “The Larouchies were innoculated from angry Holocaust Survivor (Henry Gasparian) reactions in July”.

    I want to take a special point of something about the post from sancho to a new lpac release (blah blah blah, Obama won’t survive April in the presidency. Crashing popularity, etc):
    (I post to eaglebreak’s item because of the continuing odd items of note.)

    Some items I’ve generically been following. I note something not noted by sancho. This reference to firedoglake.
    Jane Hamsher, founder of the left-Democratic “firedoglake” blog, characterized Obama’s bill as a step towards “fascism” on Mar 17. “If indeed this bill passes,” she continued, “people across the country will have to start examining the basic assumptions with which we have heretofore approached politics.” Exactly what’s happening now!

    I had thought it was noteworthy spotting Larouchies posting in the firedoglake comments section, the blogger representative of a sort of left-wing opposition they could drive into hyperbole, I guess consolidate right and left wing oppositional hygemony at the same time? (Or claim what the right says and what the left says as their particular insight. See: )

    Meantime, the Mass Strike continues, with reactions like this.

    March 28th, 2010 on 7:35 pm
    “You can’t explain anything to Obama, any more than you could make a rational appeal to Adolf Hitler. He lies all the time, and he has no intention of listening to reason. So, you just can not reason with this idiot.” — LaRouchePac
    March 28th, 2010 on 1:28 pm
    Yes I know what T4 was and to compare that to anything in the the Health Reform Bill is stupid. LaRouche is an idiot wingnut bozo. Anyone who listens to him is stupid and ignorant. My patience for morons is at and end. I’m tired of being nice to these people, they don’t deserve it.

    This is an odd defensive statement.
    There was not a single “conspiraphile” question, a seeking of the “connectos.” Instead, there was a serious effort to deal with what had been presented. Several asked about the implications of the Niall Ferguson article forecasting the end of the American “empire” (Foreign Affairs magazine): is

    Edit on Monday. Yep. There’s this.
    You know, that whole “Baby Boomers Sex Capades” thing was internal. How is this new take on the “Difference between Man and Beast” thing external?
    As for the culpable members of the U.S. Congress who made themselves complicit in this Hitler-like crime against humanity, in the main, they acted not as men or women, but as barnyard chickens, hoping that they were not next on the table.

    So, like the children who fall victims of sodomy, they are denied their humanity in the same disregard for the distinction of human being from barnyard beast. All of this goes to show, that the great defect of U.S. morality today, is the people who are supporting Obama, are like the men who practice sodomy on children, like President Obama, lacking a clear understanding of the difference between man and a beast misused for their entertainment.

    BTW, I knew full well what was coming from lpac regarding “The Scandal in the Catholic Church” when I saw Howie G.

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