What did Kesha Rogers do last Saturday?

Things that are stupid.  The wikipedia article for Kesha Rogers.  I think the article should probably be about five sentences in length, commiserate with her relevance.  I do draw your attention to the Pete Olson quotation balanced off with the Gerry Birnberg quotation –  Pete Olson is guilty of simple partisan baiting, and I suppose good for him — the Harris County Democrats should be looking around for a replacement to Gerry Birnberg for coddling a cult.

Interesting to see this item about Zeitgeist Exposed (with participants like Larouche).  There was a Zeitgeist Event Showing a week ago.  I thought of attending.  I didn’t.  I guess my mind remains un-re-melded.  Really, all I would have provided if I’d looked and posted on it is a sense of   Local color.:

Paul Glumaz, a balding middle-aged man whose booming voice carried a trace of an East Coast accent, set up a table festooned with pamplets and posters, one of which had the words “impeach now” emblazoned below a portrait of Pres. Barack Obama wearing a Hitler-style moustache. As a strong breeze ruffled the political literature on the table, Glumaz laughed and described some of the hand gestures he’d seen from drivers of passing cars.”I’ve been getting a lot of birds and some thumbs up,” he said.
Glumaz described his trip to Vashon was part political mission, part tourism.
“I have a friend here, and he’s going to show me around tonight,” he explained.

When I saw the headline blare “There is Only Thing Larouche’s Enemies Are Obsessed With: What is Lyndon Larouche Going to Do on Saturday?”, I was confronted with a question I had never considered.  This was for last Saturday, and I thought about the question.  Would Lyndon Larouche wake up early, say 6 am ish, to catch Rocky and Bullwinkle reruns — or am I transplanting my eight year old self to him?  I quickly found myself terribly uninterested in the question.  I suppose you might want to know what I did last Saturday?  No?  I didn’t think so.  I could have given you the answer, “Went to a Zeitgist Showing”, but alas I didn’t bother with that.  What did Larouche do?  I half suspect he’s dead now and the org has hired a actor to do these random monthly descents.  But, otherwise — I suppose he’d do some prep work of some variety for his roughly monthly appearance before a camera for live distribution over the Internet.  Then he’d deliver his performance.   Nobody would notice except, I suppose, for TimeForTruth, who would dutifully fill me on where his meanderings are leading.  I have no idea why he’d post there — I’ve posted three times more and once directly addressing TimeForTruth.

Whatever we can say, they’re scurrying about inserting Larouche into current events.  When they speak that Obama’s “Obsession with Larouche”, they look to the story of Rahm Emanuel speaking of “fringe groups” and assume they’re speaking about them — last time I saw them mentioned to the tea party they were pegged as at “the fringes of the Tea Party”.  (Here they are!) When they hear some Republicans speak about the “Ides of March”, it must be coming from them — or maybe not.  Hell — they’re taking credit for Scott Brown’s victory.  In the end, Obama seems rather “obsessed” with passing his health care policy.  I suppose I can speak luke-warmly on it — I would like to say we can do better than this bill, but I guess by definition we can’t.  I don’t know what to do with that Overton Window thing — every time I look around people I hear these things about “Death Panels” and a tangeant about Abortion.  Oh well.

Next election coming up — Summer Shields against Nancy Pelosi.  The most talked about political ad of the year involves Demon Sheep.  I think for their political ad in this race, the Summer Shields campaign might want to look to it for inspiration.
Of course, I already have two ad proposals for Rachel Brown against Barney Frank in my head.  I’ll put them down one of these days.

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  1. Justin Says:

    selling their wares to the alex jones crowd
    When I first heard Lyndon LaRouche talk about Britain and how the UK is the “Chief” enemy of the USA I thought naw! Not good old England, they would never do us harm because we saved their asses in both WW’s but low and behold. They are our enemy it’s starting to add up, Gordon Brown releases that motherfucken terrorist from Scotland, BIG stab in the heart to the USA. Fuck England Fuck the Queen, well I woundn’t go that far! But seriously check out “Lyndon LaRouche” he’s not a madman after all.

    Selling it to the Ron Paul-ish crowd, putting him alongside Peter Schiff.
    March 22nd, 2010 at 10:23
    O.k., I’ll stop comparing where we are heading with fascist in history, and say…we are heading for something worse, how is that better, . And people did warn about this and are still warning, if your interested: google, Lyndon Larouche, and Peter Schiff.

    Remembering the Whales

    And Summer Shields campaigns

    Utah County Library. Jack Stockwell and Harry Schlanger, oh my!

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