“Bush Knew” has a specific meaning. Don’t misuse the expression.

In my humble opinion, The Oregonian managed to mis-headline a letter.

Bush Knew has a specific meaning.  Type “Bush Knew” into google and it comes out “9/11”.  Weirdly enough, there are two non 9/11 specific items on the first page, and one of them correlates to the letter by Dennis Kenny of Southwest Portland — Iraq, Saddam, Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The other, oddly enough, has nothing to do with War and Peace — “1 Billion Dollar Student Loan Boondoggle”.

Actually, it’s interesting to go through what “Bush Knew”, according to the google search.  #1, and this dominates the search.:  Bush Knew about 9/11.  #2:  Bush Knew about WMD.  #3:  Bush Knew about Student Loan malfeasance.  #4:  Bush knew about how bad Katrina would be.  #5:  Bush Knew Names of Irishmen.  It gets more obscure after that.

When I’ve seen graffiti years ago, around about 2002 — saying “Bush Knew”, I knew what it meant – it was a political comment from a 9/11 Truther.  It just has an affixed meaning in my head now, such that I cannot abide by an Oregonian headline writer in the Letters section affixing a letter with “Bush Knew” to a letter saying Bush Knew about something entirely different.

In case you’re curious and as an aside, a search of what “Obama Knew” reveals no particular and specific item.  It is headlined by a website entitled “Obama Knew” which is a conspiratorial website that hinges Obama as the source of all that is bad and evil.

Also interesting in the same letters column, worthy of note.

Feeling rebellious
Democracy died and cannot seem to be revived. The monarchies (oligarchies) are back and behaving just as badly as before the two revolutions (American and French) that were supposed to change all that.

We may as well write in Mickey Mouse on our ballots, for all that our votes are worth. However, I absolutely will not vote for anyone in office now, and I would heartily support a revolution against this travesty of a government.

Perhaps that will come in the form of independent candidates.


Yeah, you go do that.

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