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I. This clearly traveled from this which was picked from here. Though, so far as I can tell, it doesn’t go on beyond there. Always interesting to see how things like this travel. Anyway, of note — comments:

Anyone else remember the LaRouche science mag? Is that still published? I kind of hate the fact that I know the answer to that question.

Now that is a real leader! Someone who has the guts to speak the truth. If Felix Rohatan told Nancy Peloci to lick his Nazi boots I sincerely believe she would. Nope. This guy is serious. And he manages to plug through the formula in a way I might do so, mockingly. Does he have any self-awareness. Anyways, Josh Gorenfeld provides a response, and that will have to stand. Other than that, former KGB Agent Putin is beloved by Larouche, and if he told Larouche to lick the floor…

IA. Um. James. Yes. “Al Gore is a Nazi” sang to “Dona Nobis Pacem”. Imbecilic. There is nothing to get there. Again, I defer to Josh Gorenfeld for a suggestion.

II. Because the world demands to know about the controversies surrounding Webster Tarpley within the “9/11 Truth” movement and its hodgy podgy intersection with the Peace movement. (50 long minutes…) Life is too short, and even if I did not have anything better do do, I would be more productive in spending 50 minutes staring at a white wall.

Anyway, Chip Berlet is a Stooge of the Ford Foundation, ye say? Okay. Webster Tarpley. Outside the orbit of Lyndon Larouche by now. Still thinking like him. “The Ford Foundation” is at war with the 9/11 Truthers because Cindy Sheehan has asked for her name to be dropped from a signed letter written by Webster Tarpley. Is that about the size of it?

III. I don’t think Lyndon or anyone did anything to Factnet,etc. Your friends are just demoralized because LaRouche is right, the housing bubble is bringing down the whole financial system.

Yes… Yes… Yes. Larouchies of 2007, go in a time machine and meet your cohorts of October of 1987 marching around Wall Street saying “Larouche is right” and Black Monday is bringing down the whole financial system. Whatever happened to the BAE Scandal? Oddly enough, I did see a Guardian piece about it last week — not of World Histrionics. Anyway, I think that wore thin and this story was the next opportunity to have the Larouchies on the move. Hence, the drum-beat goes on with this.

IV. From Factnet: “With the advent of this September 2007, a recent century has died, and a new millennium is born. What an ironically wonderful 85th Birthday has been delivered to me, thus.”
Now we have the briefing lead from a day or two ago, with its hebephrenic opener:

A very, very happy Lyndon LaRouche conveyed the following message to the international organization on Tuesday: With the just-concluded Kiedrich conference of the Schiller Institute, we have resurrected the full force of our international association. The international organization is back on its feet, so let us continue to put our best foot forward.

b~~~~In concrete terms, we are turning the U.S.A. upside down with the LYM-led mobilization for the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007….
b~~~~We are, in addition to the escalating mobilization all over the United States to get Congress to pass the HBPA by a veto-proof majority, working on pinning down a date for a LaRouche webcast in Washington, D.C. for mid-October.

So proud of that first sentence, larouche moved it from this internal (internal/external) briefing to his public (external/internal) publishings. What I want to know is… did he ever acknowledge that his international — out there in Europe — organization was off of its feet and down?

Takes a bit of time to load to the correct location, but this is amusing. Also, A Tour of Loudon, and the various Housing bubbles that have popped, the most pertinent being Larouche’s.

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  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    New Dennis King offering:

    also available at

    Several things of interest, including the references to Elijah “Zeke” Boyd, husband of Barbara Boyd, the treasurer of LaRouche PAC and prominent in the (small but paranoid) LaRouche legal department. She had a lot to do with Ken Kronberg in the last year of his life, as LPAC treasurer paying for LPAC literature, and as legal department honcho.

  2. revenire Says:

    Yes, Dennis King is such a great journalist that his only claim to fame is LaRouche. His impact on LaRouche’s activities = nothing.

    I loved the old High Times where the headline was THIS MAN WANTS TO STEAL YOUR DRUGS or was that Chip Berlet? All the LSD has fogged my mind.

    Talk about paranoid: I am pinging myself and I come up with Leesburg, a small tiny room, a basement cellar, surrounded by expensive wine (paid for by whomever) and I can’t have any of it!!


    I am thinking of a name… starts with L and ends with L but not our hero LHL and this LL has come up often in recent discussions (if one knows how to decode the briefing, as you 3-4 do here, you will know who I am) known only to the Inner Elites. Let’s see who can guess. The winner gets a free bottle of the finest German wine my daily quota can bring in and a personal reading of Schiller. I shall reveal myself to be someone with the initials TA, a rather brutish (not British) character indeed.

    This is like the old game show: What’s my line? I already said I serve gruel to the LYM because I am a Boomer and therefore out of favor. 🙁

    I shall also toss in a pizza from Domino’s. I also can give tours of the Loudon County LaRouche Landmarks… when Lindy dies I will be starting up a new service: it is going to be like touring Graceland but with fewer tourists. Nixon met Elvis and I got to meet someone famous too! One of Helga’s dogs! The dog could talk, like that famous TV horse all us Boomers know > Mr. Ed!!

  3. Justin Says:

    I loved the old High Times where the headline was THIS MAN WANTS TO STEAL YOUR DRUGS or was that Chip Berlet? All the LSD has fogged my mind.

    Classic example of how Larouche creates an alternate history for the consumption in his cult. That was not the title of the sole High Times article he wrote. It was something about “Hypocrite! Larouche Mobs Up!”

  4. revenire Says:

    High Times, May 1981 – “They Want to Take Your Drugs Away!”

    Author – Chip Berlet, King’s ally in the LaRouche caper…

    I have the magazine someplace. It was in a pro-drug rag and Berlet was whining about LaRouche’s National Anti-Drug Coalition and the associated magazine War On Drugs… I was at a meeting in Chicago at the time when the speaker at the event was none other than the Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley.

    The High Times article was a smear job for the potheads and other drug users. The magazine is a rag and the Berlet was desperate to enlist illegal drug users to attack LaRouche and that’s just the facts.

    No alternate history Unconcerned One. You just don’t give a damn.

  5. Justin Says:

    You would be the first of any number of Larouchites to slide the title “THey Want To Talk Your Drugs Away” as from Chip Berlet, and for a moment I thought it was plausible, except the attack is always against Dennis King, and King has had to address it specifically on his site.

    I believe I have read the Berlet article, which if it is named that would have been renamed for their little book. I blogged about it here:

    My brief and boring dalliance with the drug culture, such as it is for someone who has never used drugs:

  6. revenire Says:

    Dig up a copy of the mag — I am sure a copy exists someplace on the web. Then you can see the real deal.

  7. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Hey, Revenire–never mind about that.

    I want to take your drugs away!

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