we’re all the stars of our own movies

I am going to go out on a limb and say that there is a thematic connection between the following incident and the tased college student.

An English man has admitted to urinating on a disabled woman as she lay dying in a doorway.
The man shouted “this is YouTube material” as he urinated on 50-year-old Christine Lakinski in late July, BBC News reported.
Lakinski, who had a number of medical conditions, later died of natural causes.
Anthony Anderson, 27, had smoked a joint and was drinking when he and two friends saw Lakinski fall ill and stumble into a doorway.
Anderson tried to wake Laskinski by dousing a bucket of water over her, before urinating on the stricken woman and covering her in shaving foam.
The incident was reportedly filmed on a camera phone.
Lakinski was later declared dead at the scene from pancreatic failure, an inquest found.

We are the stars of our own movies; we are all interacting into Reality Televsion shows and off of insta-celebrity of that there youtubes and such.  See, I float past the tased student — “an unfortunate combination of police over-reaction and student douche-baggery” as Jon Stewart put it — and asking the question “Must I defend him?” with the answer “yes.  Yes I must.” — that is who you tend to end up defending in that area of civil liberties — and how, rolling into more serious first amendment cases, one tends to do hoops and loops in defining “Art”.  So, the only thing I can say for him — other than not particularly being bugged by his three questions or his overstaying his welcome —  is that it worked well into his script — understand, the police make good foils in these scripts — so, um, this is working out well for the lad.

The urinating on the corpse man, I have to resist the urge to see if “this is youtube material” correlates to… actual youtube material.  By now somebody will have staged a fake version of the happenstance, which means the guy is wrong — he was not creating youtube material — True Youtube material is the deriviatives and parodies of that thing.

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