attempting to crack the Democrats

Fills me with an urge to Defecate.  Or, you know, vote for Nader.

Solving the Problem de la Democratic Party is a tough one.  I understand that in technical jargon it takes 41 votes to end the war in Iraq, at the end of Bush’s Administration — you vote no on the next military appropriations bill, if more than 50 votes materializes it, you filibuster it.  And I recognize this as never going to happen.  They are cutting money off to the troops, you understand, and why do these 41 Senators hate the troops and America?  (Also, it’s a two party duopoly.)

I am thinking the Congress should be pounding the Webb bill — military deployment equal to military home-stays.  This the Democratic leadership seemed to simply allow to flitter away into dust — obstructed by Mitch McConnell, and that’s the way of the world.  But now you just force an actual filibuster.  Which is to say, force an actual defense against this act.  The argument against it, you understand, is that this is simply a back-handed way of lowering our involvement in Iraq.  The argument is wrong, but in the interest of keeping up their side of the two party duopoly and winning political points, at this point in the political zietgist, that strikes me as an argument that would work in favor of the Democrats — isn’t that the point of their last election?  Mind you, even if it’s not true that the party hierarchy gives a whiff.

The political wise-guys who rate these things report that Mitch McConnell, our uber – obstructionist minority leader (yes, more obstructionist than the Daschle – Reid team, who tended toward stopping a handful of judges before giving up that ghost in a stupdifying political deal), the Weekly Standard has taken to calling a tactical genius for simply playing the 60 Seat game, has had his seat up in 2008 down-graded from “Safe Republican” to “Republican Favored”.  My only suggestion to any Democrat looking to run but deeming the 2010 cycle with either the senile Jim Bunning as the opponent or an open Senate seat a lot easier a nut to crack is that a good showing against McConnell is as good a spring-board as any, if one falls short.  Tactical Geniuses of his sort may as well be floated away.

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