Piss poor arguments whether or not the bottom line is valid

Then comes the “check your privilege” throw down. And granted, there is “privilege” in being amongst the cultural norm and the minority of minorities is the abnormal — to the point where a “Right to exist” comes to be the constant refrain for any measure or petition to the New York Times.

But. Is this even paying attention to what you Bill Maher or four out five articles on transgenderism in the National Review (if not the comments section) are fretting on? Or — and there would be no great way of alleviating the problem of a permanent “are you sure” delay that counters this — a trendy social contagion brings people who are most likely not into permanent body changes at a time in their lives of maximum sexual confusion and social positioning. Or — transgendered is the new gay, gay is the new straight, straight is the new Mormon.

Or. Viagra is not prescribed, generally, to underaged minors. Breast enhancements are frowned upon as well. That is generally speaking the battle lines for this particular parcel of the culture war. Beyond that there is a pile of temporary measures in there — make up. Dyed hair. Wow. And I suppose the “do need t care what adults do” pivot sounds too much like “a choice”, but it is as it is.

What the Hell is anyone supposed to do with this rant given its flimsiness and the fact its producer feels so confident in its unassailablle soundness?

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