In another day

Cynically I may ask if this is the “FDR’s Corpse wins” of his final re-election bid.

Desantis did win a landslude, so you gotta hand it to him for that whether you like it or not. It was against a bad candidate who dragged the Democrats good Senate candidate down — much, I suppose, as I can say the bad Georgia gubernatorial candidate dragged the Senate candidate a bit. (And then duck from the standard Nation reader hurling a brick at me. And back up to suggest — they probably did not have a better candidate and the strengths of her against her considerable weaknesses as a candidate this cycle equals a wash.)

On the culture war front, I do find the basic details of his college president switch kind of intriguing. He put Chris Rufo in charge of what are the hippy college contingency in the state colleges. Florida’s equivalents of Evergreen College. This is worth noting as the college board spits out artistes and creatives, and there you see a wrinkle as against — oh, I see this headline —

The excited hand clap from Huffington Post congratulating a celebrity for sharing the same opinion and enemies. The basic theory here would be that the Florida grade-less projects can shuffle forward without the stringent rules of an overbearing board calculating micro-aggressions. In this sense, and I have not really looked at the other grand culture war fights (except for against Disney where he happened tone taking your Naderite liberal stand against corporate welfare and favors) — but this one… is kind of interesting. Never mind it bumping against the rubric of the Washington Monthly.

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