electoral considerations

Hm.  The new Clint Didier, the chllenger to the right of the Republican congress critter in the fourth district of Washington — and here who has as the greatest issue to depose of the Republican Incumbent that he voted to certify.Biden’s election victory —

And in a past life Clint Didier was a professional football player.  Harmless enough a position — sack a quarterback and pray to Jesus — who cares?  The new guy… Chief of police.  He is authorized to defend the law.

Sucks to be in that town.


Republican Loren Culp placed second in the top-two primary and competed against Inslee in the general election on November 3. Inslee easily won re-election to a third term and defeated Culp in the election by a 13.44% margin. Nonetheless, Culp refused to concede and filed a lawsuit against Republican Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman five weeks after the election.  Culp’s actions drew criticism and were compared to Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

I suppose despite it all, it is good the “illegal to lie about election results” bill failed.  But damned if staring at Kulp doesn’t make it a tempting gesture.

But here lies the strength of Washington’s “top two” primary.  In a general election between these two Republicans, Democrats and Independents will pull Newhouse over.  (Had Georgia a top two primary, I doubt Greene would be in Congress.) Though, it will spring a question for that minority Democratic voter… If polls suggest that Kulp, Newhouse, and random Democrat are closed in at 1, 2, 3 in the primary — thus leading to a possibility of Kulp — random Democrat matchup in the general that Kulp will, indeed, win — would enough Democrats just suck it up and get New house in there?

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