The neat thing about spectator sports is a general sense of… Irrelevance. Like, in sports chatter you are dealing with as much piles of speculative scrap that leads nowhere and politically crafted misinformation, but it does not matter because at bottom … They are all every one of them exhibition games, and for all intents and purposes the athletes are making money and livelihood off of lifelong hobbies.

So. Russell Wilson shipped to Denver. I figured it was most likely happening — the “out of Seattle” part — partially because of how strenuously parties involved were insisting they want Wilson here in Seattle, and aimed “run it back” with slight evidence Penny would pull his rushing weight and Wilson wouldn’t go down to injury and the defense could tighten earlier in the season.

And now the question springs up… Who do you slot in next?

Yeah, sure. I like Gardner Minshew. Why not? I don’t know if he is any good — there is evidence pointing in two directions — and certainly he is likely one of the 32 best quarterbacks in the world– but in line with a current gist of things …

He is amusing enough to potentially tide the team over a bit.

Consider the list… More irrelevancies… Of “ranking the quarterbacks in franchise history”. And for many fans of Seahawks, nothing existed before 2011– I recall walking past a sports bar on the evening Russell Wilson and the Seahawks beat RG3 and the Redskins, an ebullient woman in a Wilson jersey walking out shouting a ” Woooo! Seahawks win! Wilson’s THE MAN!”, then straightened up and for lonely said, “And nobody cares in Portland.”. For the next few years, people would care in Portland. Then for the next few yeats after that… they would not. But … What does it matter? Did this woman care with Hasselbeck and Sean Alexander?

But. Hell. Rank the team’s starting quarterbacks from 5 to 23. Or, more precisely when looking at the list — 6 through 12. It gets arbitrary. Warren Moon lifted the offense for a season and a half at his careers end. They were pot committed to Rick Mirer for too long. Holmgren saw enough of Jon Kitna pretty quickly, but he was a sentimental home town favorite for Western Washington — high school in Tacoma — and Eastern Washington — college in Ellensburg. Trent Dilfer and Tavaris Jackson served their duties for the arrival of competence in Hasslebeck and an arrival in Wilson.

Gardner Minshew has an amusing mustache. Certainly he may break the top 8 in arbitrary rankings of Seahawks history!

Naturally all such commentary is as likely as not apt to get ripped to shreds after Minshew signs with the Colts, and the Seahawks shrug on with Drew Lock. But, again — who cares? It is all irrelevant anyways.

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