two choices for President.

Apparently, in-house at least Larouche is a write-in candidate for president.

American citizens should write in LaRouche’s name at the presidential ballot box to stand for the re-adoption of Alexander Hamilton’s economic principles, as LaRouche has reclarified them.
“I’m writing in LaRouche and Alexander Hamilton, let’s get the nation to elect the right principles” will cut through the dread with which Americans are questioning each other about the approach of Election Day. The only option for survival of the United States and the world economy, is offered by Hamilton’s principles as clarified by LaRouche’s Four Laws. Decide the future.

But throw him out.  You don’t vote for corpses — do you?  (Maybe Ron Wieczorek does?)

So, for those interested there is one Larouchie running for President — Christopher Earl Strunk.  On the ballot anywhere?  Not that I can tell.  But he filed wit the FEC, so that’s worth something!

Whom he?  He head the “Natural Born Citizen” party, which relates to the great “Obama Birther” controversy — an issue which I would think would now be as dead to the conspiratorial die-hards as the birther issue surrounding Chester Arthur — but who knows?

And on the eve of election… Don’t Forget to vote.
But if you do not, we will get, as president of the United States, Donald J. Trump … worse than Nixon, worse than George Bush, worse than any candidate that I can remember since I cast my first vote in 1952. I consider him even more dangerous than George Wallace, Lester Maddox and Lyndon LaRouche. If you don’t know them, “Google”!
Nah.  The choice is between Lyndon Larouche and protege Christopher Earl Strunk!

II.  Hm.

It is evident from Beijing’s characterization of the South China Sea dispute that it does not think the Philippines is capable of acting in its own diplomatic capacity. In one editorial published (link in Chinese) by state news agency Xinhua in May, Manila is said to be simply acting out a script that is “directed” by the US, with other countries including Japan acting as “cheerleaders” in the background. Chinese state media also rolled out a “US expert” from from the little-known “Executive Intelligence Review” to bolster its argument that the Philippines is merely America’s pawn.

III.  Plotting the post election gyration.

Lyndon LaRouche today emphasized that the carefully orchestrated campaign against Trump over his perversions will not succeed in damping the popular rage against Obama and Hillary.

So.  They’ll make their pitch to Trump voters.

Commenting both on the war hysteria and on the thorough breakdown of Obamacare, with millions of people being forced to pay 50-70% higher premiums for less care, he noted tha these are adding to the rage in the population against the killer Obama and his asset Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is still suborbinate to Obama?  Wait.  Apparently.

Later, after Obama was elected President, when he offered Hillary the position of Secretary of State, Lyndon LaRouche knew immediately that this was a poisoned chalice, and warned Hillary not to accept it. But she was misled by her own ambition.
Hillary had lied to herself that she would be able to influence Obama for the better, as she conceived the better. Instead, she proved the bitter truth of LaRouche’s forecast. Over the first two years of Obama’s first term, Hillary Clinton degenerated into permanent hysteria out of sheer physical terror of Obama. She became nothing more than Obama’s brainless zombie—as she still is to this day.

Speaking to on the phone, I’m sure.

“Our job is to round up the necessary forces to search for a peaceful solution to Obama’s drive for war on Russia. If he starts a general war, it is doom. Get the people with guts, in the government and out, to shut down Obama, to get him out, now. Do they want peace? Shut him down.”

News flash, as you pursue an Impeachment brief in the lame duck phase:  Obama will be “out” in January.  (Really?  How do you publish this as a cover at this stage in the game?)

IV.  For the second straight year…  Bob Baker attends the “Kansas Cattlemen’s Association” — and, oh yes, there it is … under contributors “Executive Intelligence Review”.

 V.  He saw it coming.
“It was Mike who spotted the LaRouchies before Adlai Stevenson and the Democrats did in 1986. It was Mike who predicted David Duke was rising in voter approval in a run for Congress years ago. And it was Mike who saw the tribal power of social media a long time before the rest of the so-called political geniuses figured it out,” Marin said.
His knack for polls and political expertise even got his foot a bit into the entertainment world via another Joliet native, longtime “Saturday Night Live” writer Jim Downey, known for his memorable political satire during elections.
The two collaborated on political skits — Mr. McKeon providing analysis and expertise that Downey in turn used in his writing.And So… RIP.
VI.  Who the Hell did this thing?
A giant banner emblazoned with an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the word “peacemaker” was draped from the Manhattan Bridge in New York City on Thursday, and police said they are trying to find out who hung it there.
While you can look over toward a possible political provocation by organizations associated with Webster Tarpley (who has a history of protesting for Putin) or Lyndon Larouche (who continue their work on behalf of praising Putin), it appears in naught.
And from here… Jeff Steinberg sells Russian Media on the Democrats thinking of Dumping Hillary line.
VII.  An interesting piece in the New York Times, recalling the experience of growing up in the Socialist Workers Party.
Selling polemics of the sort
It’s written in something between the tone of the old LaRouchie free papers you could get on the street and the argot of 30s era party organs. From another vantage point it reads kind of like taking Trump tweet language and stringing it out into actual prose. As you can see, it’s all but unhinged me.
  Or of this sort.

In 2000, Lyndon LaRouche supporters were seen canvassing on college campuses in direct opposition to Democratic nominee Al Gore, and waged a campaign against President Obama in 2008. One sign read “The Pure Evil of Al Gore” and another had drawn an Adolf Hitler mustache on Obama’s picture. LaRouche’s “Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement” has been described as a cult by some former members, and his total votes in the general election lagged behind at least seven other candidates in 2000.

Or this sort

Later that semester, the silver-maned McGurrin and I walked the wide path toward University Center. As we approached, he opined on politics and paused when we observed an escalating altercation. A hostile student and a young Lyndon LaRouche supporter exchanged words. Along the politico’s table hung signs that read “9/11 was an inside job.” Voices raised to shouts and suddenly the folding table seemed to explode and fall to the ground. The angered student stormed off leaving the young activist scrambling for pamphlets and other paraphernalia. No one was hurt, but this sort of tension lingered for some time.

A bid for the the World Socialists, or whoever you care to vote forSimilarly, you can send any message you like by not voting. You can say you are sitting out the election because both parties are neo-liberal, or because an election without Lyndon LaRouche is a sham, or because 9/11 was an inside job. The story you tell yourself about your political commitments are yours to construct.

VIII.  Apparently there was a LPAC video with an unusual number of views.  Here’s the only place that shows up when you type the link into google.

 IX.  Etc.
 Executive Intelligence Review and Stormfront in lieu of conspiracy theories about — from George Barna.  (International Jewish Bankers fundin Black Lives Matter.)
Who?  A “Never Trumper” of Kasich vintage who has donated money to Chuck Schumer and “socialist” Lyndon Larouche.
As Trump “finishes” the “Birther Controversy” … a comparison with Larouche.
 They are other parties out there, an example would be the Citizens Electoral Council, now they are really crazy and there is no way I would put One Nation behind the Citizens Electoral Council or the Communist Party.

Gretchen Small: This was … as my magazine Executive Intelligence Review warned, this was a coup, a judicial coup by financial rapists – I think that is the only word you could use –  The only one?

Wait am I at a performance of Requiem put on by an organization backed by Lyndon LaRouche?

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