and the curious history of Christopher Earl Strunk, one time Larouche Member, now Prominent Birther

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  This is just pathetic.  From the lpac website:  . witness the claim that “people from different corners of the globe” turning to larouche for Glass Steagall, followed by a link to something called “The “Support Group for the 11 Plural Left Deputies” blogspot.  Well, enjoy this blog, I guess.  ( . LPAC is reduced to making news items about blogs that link to them.  It’s sort of like their citations of the magical and mythical White House insider “Ulsterman”.
I’d have to click on the link to see if it mentions the usual “People’s Voice” link.  And I just don’t feel like doing that.

ITEM NUMBER TWO:  Another Alex Jones appearance.  Interesting thing about Alex Jones.  You get the feeling Jeffrey Steinberg is now ghost-writing for them.  So, you know, this statement becomes pretty funny.
That’s not pushing the window to the right, (6+ / 0-) that’s Lyndon Larouche stuff.  Just plain manic.
As I pointed out in the comments section to my last “larouche challenge” post, Billy Corgan had an apperance that was noted, salon taking the trouble to note his wobbly political trajectory including a now deleted larouche posting on his website.  We also see that Alex Jones has brought on “legendary guitarist and devoted NRA supporter Ted Nugent”  to discuss Jim Carrey, who has the cardinal sin of “desecrating American hero Charlton Heston’s memory”.  (As too being a “firearm phobe”.)  Weirdly enough, Ted Nugent fails that “beyond the left/right dichotomy” — where was he in the Bush Administration and what would he say of Jones’s opposition to “The War on Terror” and people calling Bush nazis?  Whatever — the fight to save their guns and defend the Honor of Charleton Heston bridges over these past political differences.

Here’s the appearance.  Here’s who, looking over the Internet, bothered to care.  “Laverne is Gold” blogspot.  “Aus Bullion” blogspot.  “Refounding Fathers” wordpress.  “Nesara News” Blogspot.  Rumormill news… which gets us this suggestion of ye olde psy ops:
Who knows what’s really going on, and what’s cynical PSY-OP for profit-related gameplan.
World Crisis Watch, which brings us this discussion:
Why do people like Celente, Jones, and LaRouche keep babbling about people “waking up”? The only people who are awake, have always been awake, and they are that 10%.
LaRouche Seems to be side stepping every question.
Lydon is a dumbarze…he always was, and he has lost it in the last few years. anyone who gives this loser any attention must be brain death.
Mike Philbin’s blogspot.
And the Socieohistory WordPress follows up the Alex Jones appearance with a biblical end times citation or two.  Just because that’s the way they roll!

In other people who cares, this is interesting, for the Obama Ballot Challenge:
This is a National LaRouchePAC Conference Call:  One call across the entire United States.
I’m in regular contact with Gerald P. in SoCal, Gene.

ITEM NUMBER THREE:  Everyone knows about the Larouche Movement Alumnus Webster Tarpley and his work with the 9/11 Truth Movement.
Har de har har to this:  I’m a Quasi-LaRouchie Webster Tarpley type dirigiste…
But now there appears to be a prominent Larouche Movement Alumnus in the Birther Movement.  An Orly Taitz ally, who… made the news.

Brooklyn Judge Slams Birther Case, orders Theorist to pay 177 Grand.  See too Huffington Post.  And the words for the day are “fanciful, delusional and irrational”.

The big question for this Larouche Alumnus:  Who would have thought that the same Roman Catholic church that was running around suing Obama over birth control and telling parishioners he is a abortionist murderer would also be conspiring to get him elected?  It is what you get when you tie things down to a Vatican Conspiracy.

The comments section from the birthers get … trippy as hell.  Understand, in the grand scheme of political theory crap, I have a lot more sympathy toward your “9/11 Truther” than your Birther — the former at least allows for touching on the dark and shady goings on of different bureaucratic structures, the latter is just personal animus against a single political figure —

Now we take a look at his testimony.  And HOW!

MR. STRUNK: . . . In fact, it turns out in the discovery of the connection to the Jesuits it was so compelling that when I started really digging into the background of this scheme of defraud, putting up two Manchurian candidates at once, which would take advantage of New York State’s weakness in our law which required honesty. We require to have honesty and didn’t get it.
THE COURT: Your case is more The Da Vinci Code.
MR. STRUNK: The Da Vinci Code is a phoney book.
THE COURT: With all due respect to John Frankenheimer, The Manchurian Candidate according to you and the school of the Vatican, by that way it describes the gist of your argument.
MR. STRUNK: Frankenheimer?
THE COURT: He directed the original Manchurian Candidate movie. . ,
MR. STRUNK: The old?
THE COURT: With Frank, not Denzel.
MR. STRUNK: Frankenheimer?
THE COURT: 1962 movie.
MR. STRUNK: I was aware of the movie at that point, but – –

Just like his time mentor Lyndon Larouche was fond of cribbing shit from Mission Impossible.

And we now make fun of him.  And read and watch his fight for the Republican nomination to the New York Senate for the 18th SD.
And here is your Larouche reference catch:
Strunk is the first known state candidate in the entire country running on an anti-Vatican/Jesuit ticket. “I first became aware of the enormous power wielded in New York state and the country during the 1980’s when I was involved in numerous domestic law disputes,” said Strunk.”After researching the law, I came to the conclusion we are living under Roman Canon Law, which sparked my interest to research the Jesuits.”

Well, one thing leads to another.  Interesting thing, too… “Vatican Assassins” — that was one of those inside jokes passed about between Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones!  And so it is har de har har.  LaRouchies have done much research/writing on Jesuits as involved in many levels of influence ie both extreme right & left.  Indeed.

This becomes funnier:  it’s an Orly Taitz birther known for quoting Larouche.

ITEM NUMBER FOUR:  Cronics Movement Critic of the Larouche Cryonics Movement makes some statements worth passing on:

But then I’m able to do this because my mind works better than yours and I can focus on what’s important and feasible instead of obsessing about Jews, ice ages, Lyndon LaRouche’s crackpot beliefs and so forth.



Dateline  Boston Seeking the Gun nut support.
The LaRouche douchebags did show up. They were walking up to the stairs before the statehouse as everyone was gathering in front of the statehouse.
You should read about Lyndon LaRouche. Guy is extreme left/right at the same time. Absolutely bananas.

Dateline Middleton and laater New Orleans
And while much of what Jim told me was conspiratorial, Jim and Tommy didn’t buy into the 9/11 Truth Movement. “We think it was an inside job,” Jim said, “But we don’t think it was a planned demolition.”
“What else do you guys do besides this?” I asked. “We do this full time,” Jim said, “We’re like missionaries.”
“So, you like Biden then?” I asked, hinting at the question of who’d be in charge if Obama were out. “We have channels to him,” said Jim. He was unwilling to disclose who those channels were, but he implied that there were people on Capital Hill with connections to Biden that could convince him to do what the LaRouchies wanted.
Regulation, universal Medicare, these are just some of the things Jim and Tommy support. What are they against? Global warming. “It’s a hoax,” Jim explained, “Perpetrated by the banks in order to de-industrialize. They also want to lower the population.” I asked why. “Because they want to go back to a feudal society.” I asked who was doing it and was told it’s a conglomerate of bankers—an Anglo-Dutch coalition. “The new British empire,” Jim said.
“Don’t they already have lots of money?” I asked.
“It’s not about money,” Jim said, “It’s about power.” I wasn’t going to mention the fact that wealth is a form of power because all my questions seemed to be getting on Jim’s nerves. So, I decided to ask one last thing: “Does this have anything to do with the Buildabears?”

I only catch snippets; from what I can tell–and I can tell very little because these videos are seemingly impossible to follow for the uninitiated–it’s got something to do with Beethoven. I hadn’t gotten around to hearing LaRouche speak in any form up until then and I’d hoped, although without success, that he’d sound like David Lynch–like a slightly effeminate southerner. Instead, LaRouche has the voice of an older fellow one would never suspect of having countless adherents. He does, however, seem to have a saliva build-up situation and pauses every few sentences to swallow, lick his lips like he’s trying to get away with something, and resume his endless talking.
I wonder to myself how people who were brought in by Obama with a Hitler mustache react to lines like: “Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements simple won’t do for the colonization of Mars!” and “What we need is a table of cosmic radiation!” And, yes, such sentences are punctuated by exclamation points because, holy shit!, did you hear what she said about the periodic table of elements?! They all seem pretty into it. I, on the other hand, get up to leave after the fourth iteration of the phrase, “cosmic radiation.”

Who knows? You predicting the marketplace meltdown is who should know! This runs up against the question of, “What do religious folks who believe the Rapture’s coming on Tuesday night do Wednesday morning?” Well, they probably say they messed up and that it’s coming the Wednesday after next. And when that day comes and go, they do it all over again. Just like the Marxist does every time the revolution doesn’t come, like the Kucinich supporter does every time the votes don’t add up in their favor; they just hop in that boat and hope the lava doesn’t hop in a boat of its own.

Dateline ???  
I went to the post office today, and there were a couple of wackjobs with  their asses parked out in front with big “Impeach Obama” signs and some silly petition they were hoping to get me to sign.  They even had a picture of Obama with a Hitler-style mustache.  I told them that Obama  was a hell of a lot better President than Bush.  The girl says “Are you sure about that?”   
Turns out they were affiliated with Lyndon LaRouche’s silly shit.  You remember LaRouche, don’t you?  He was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment in 1988 for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax code violations.
“Oh, yeah… I’m sure.  Not a doubt in my mind.”
A pretty good logical fallacy with this story … but let it pass.

Tips on the Big Cherry Blossom Festival
6. Don’t give Lyndon LaRouche solicitors any money. When they ask, reply “has Lyndon gotten out of jail yet?” They will cuss you and you should call them scammers.
6. As hard as it may be to not give them all of my money and swear undying allegiance to LaRouche I will attempt to resist.

Dateline Fort Walton Beach
“Lyndon LaRouche and LaRouche PAC are what stand between you and an otherwise inevitable collapse of civilization,”the PAC’s website states.[…]
Amazingly, he’s been cleared to do media interviews.
“We’re attacking Obama and the controllers of Obama out of London,” Vullo said in a telephone interview. […]
“What we’re expecting under Obama and the British Empire is (for them) to impose a world dictatorship for depopulation,” she said.

Is the empire referred to in this article the same one that’s in Star Wars?
Good grief – if that guy can make the news than I should break out my polkadot mankini, lawn chair, card table, and signs demanding the return of Battlestar Galactica – I’d make the front page.

Dateline Shelbyville
Bill Roberts, huh?
I follwed this guy for awhile but determined he was a shrill.
AND comedy gold.

Curious Citizenship Question
The thing is that a few months ago I was solicited by a Larouche PAC member in front of a DMV office. I didn’t want to seem rude and I couldn’t just walk away, so I gave him $20 as a donation and left my information (Its’ always been hard for me to say “NO”). In a couple of months they started calling me, saying that I’d signed up for their MEMBERSHIP and trying to invite me to their meetings. I refused every time, because I don’t want to deal with them, I’m not interested in what they are doing and after looking up information about them online, I understood that I disagree with what their ideology.
But they probably still have me listed as a member somewhere in their database.

Dateline Boston.
The LaRouchies occasionally set up a table on the sidewalk in Harvard Square and hand out their promotional material to confused tourists and uninterested locals. I think that if Orly Taitz didn’t have the money to continue filing frivolous lawsuits, that’s how she’s be doing most of her birfing–handing out her crazy zibits by accosting people in high-pedestrian areas.
Just like she did on inauguration day when she hung out at Union Station because she couldn’t get anywhere near the Capitol.
I was physically menaced by one of those LaRouchies outside my bank one day. They set up on the sidewalk right between the bank and the parking lot, where everyone entering has to go by them. They had their posters of Obama as Joker prominently displayed. I must have grimaced as I walked by because one of them said “You should hate Obama. He’s going to kill us all someday.”
I replied that I didn’t hate My President but I did hate the syphallitic LaRouche and his brain dead zombie followers. His face changed in an instant and he came after me, shouting “Shut up c**t, you don’t know shit!”
The people on the sidewalk, most of them just walking by, were aghast. One came into the bank with me to report it. The bank said they ask the police to remove them every time they show up but its a public sidewalk and I guess the LaRouchies know the drill. When I told him one tried to attack me, the manager said he’d call the cops again if I wanted, but I didn’t want. I don’t understand how a bank can’t keep miscreants off the premises.
They also disrupted the state Dem convention I attended one year by marching through the auditorium, singing, while the major speeches were going on.
My response to his first comment would have been, hopefully he’ll start with you.
But yours was good, too

ITEM NUMBER SIX:  Spanning the globe.

In reference to a Hoover — Obama connection: No wonder the LaRouchie’s love Kevin Baker (3+ / 0-)
Michael Billington on Press TV and Thermonuclear War due to that always background noise of North Korean belligerence.
And it gets this response:  Mike Billington again… (eyeroll emoticon)  BURN!
 Comparing Larochies on Press TV with LeMay.
Marijuana debate brings us to this seemingly inevitable.
A Game of Connecto that leaves me dizzy.
“Breaking” yet again. Mr. Larouche spoke of the “Impeachment” of Obama a few weeks ago! I’m sorry, until I see that DEMON taken out in cuffs, I’m NOT HOLDING MY BREATH!
Nor am I.
Most of these articles are of dreamers, and ‘guessers’ with a hundred opinions. […] I must have wasted many, many, hours listening to their theories..they parade as ‘insider knowledge’

Apparently LPAC interviewed Sam Varknin.  A quick look at his wikipedia page.  I don’t like the smug look of his profile picture — clearly identifies himself as a Malignant Self-Loving Narcissist.

It’s not just extremists on the right who are acolytes of Beck or Rand who I write off; the same is true for folks on the left like LaRouchies.

INTERNATIONAL ANSWER COALITION.  Just another of those “ugh” groups.
ANSWER has a way of fucking up a good anti war protest with their batshit crazy theories.
Do you think they’re associated with the LaRouchies? They are total batshit.
I really couldn’t say.
Degrees of seperation, I suppose.

from being against the second amendment, nothing the prevents him from being a leftist, socialist, communist, or even a Larouche Democrat.

Bill Jones on Press TV.
On March 20, 2013 an interview with Lyndon LaRouche was broadcast on Russia Today’s Spanish-language TV, on Daniel Estulin’s weekly show, “From the Shadows.”.
You have no idea the can of worms you would be opening up by asking me about LaRouche and his cult.

You have no idea the can of worms you would be opening up by asking me about the Roman Empire,
AKA The Holy Roman Empire.

Abdullah al-Amin, Gerald L. K. Smith, George Lincoln Rockwell, Augusto Pinochet, Leopoldo Galtieri, Louis Farrakhan, Lyndon LaRouche.
I admit it, I was trying to get a rise out of you. I mean, it showed up first in a LyndonLaRouche thing – who could take it seriously?
How does the Anthropic Principle change the meaning of the universe? Not the best example, but LaRouchies are obsessed with the noosphere and it’s implications re: 2nd law of thermodynamics:
(No time to look for a good example, the “basement team” produces a lot of gobbledegook, but some of it is worth a look, just “marking” this thread by posting will try to put a goodie in later….
Throw-back lyndon larouchie cultists! I thought that guy had finally died, or been put in the asylum, but apparently he still has “followers”, yes like un-dead shamblers following mindlessly behind.
* “Highly Recommended* one of Sean’s best interviews“.  Can any Harley Schlanger interview be so?
This never fails to get smiles, nods, laughs and thumbs-up, sometimes from theLaRouchies themselves. Observer. Oh, man, this one’s torture. It’s like voting for whether the light or dark side of the Force is more powerful.
You are in way over your head LaRouchie.
Press TV appearance by Bill Jones.
And then, when she was 82 years old (and here is a story for another piece perhaps), she got involved in the Lyndon LaRouche cult, gave away every last cent.
OOOH… BURN!  Incidently, posting links to a Larouche Pac site isn’t exactly conveying credibility here. Where do you get the best price on tinfoil… Costco ?
way to keep the crazy train rolling craig.  maybe you could reiterate your positive opinions of the john birch society and the liberty lobby, the larouche network,the pioneer fund, and former senator mccarthey.  kick it up a gear

ITEM NUMBER SIX:    HISTORICAL NOTE:  The Great Pitch Battle Debate.   — Pitch battles.
Also a blast from the Past for continued policy knocking purposes:  Another health expert noted that celebrated extremist Lyndon LaRouche tried unsuccessfully to pass an AIDS quarantine in California in 1986.

And a Bleh.  Nuclear Power Fight with interesting figures poking in.

ITEM NUMBER SEVEN:  What happens after the Occupation starts collection dust.

Into Occupy Wall Street

Okay, it was actually Iceland first.
Moot point. But Larouche never gets my blood up anyways.
Not the best reference source out there.
Why do you think he is not a good reference source?
In Australia, John Pilger, and Lyndon LaRouche have about as much credibility as a cayman at a pool party.
Nobody in political circles believes a word they say.
Do you trust people in political circles these days? Aren’t they the ones who have gotten us into the problem situation that we are in?
And do you believe something just because other people believe it?
I used to think David Icke was okay too, until he he went too far with his concepts. When people start leaning to the left, and gain recognition, it seems they are more than willing to keep leaning further left, to gain more recognition.
Larouche is a conservative democrat. He believes in implementing the same policies as past presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy. That’s not what I would call far left or far out by any means.
He wants, first Glass Steagall, than, a kind of New Deal, based on bringing water from Alaska to turn barren deserts in the US into agricultural land.
The former, I fully agree with.
The water thing from Alaska, I’m not so sure. It takes a lot more than water to bring desert soil to a condition ready for agriculture. And our experience with irrigating in desert regions in Australia is that it increases soil salinity, and ends up causing more problems than you had initially. Nature can’t be fooled that easy, is what I’m saying.
I see, I didn’t know about that. That particular project was the idea of the Army Corp of Engineers, under Kennedy. I think they probably would have taken that into consideration. I’ll ask one of my contacts at the Larouche organization to see what he says.

ITEM NUMBER EIGHT:  What’s up with the Diane Sare Campaign?

From the Diane Sare Campaign:
Despite all odds and in opposition to all of his commanders, General Douglas MacArthur engineered the successful landing at Inchon, preventing a global conflagration into nuclear war. It’s time Americans learned the lesson of Douglas MacArthur and his famous landing at Inchon, and realize that the implications of NOT reinstating FDR’s original Glass-Steagall Act today are global chaos and thermonuclear war.

Now let’s take a moment of silence to memorialize the 10th year anniversary of the tragic death of Jeremiah Duggan.

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