narrowly speaking,

The jury in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge case were not charged with adjudicating 400 plus years and continuing of racial oppression, or of leveling White Privilege, or on sending one message one way or another on enactments of future protests of any group.

At best the “message” is to the Federal Government to remember to cross their “t”‘s, dot their “i”‘s and consider their charges carefully.

So, feel free to broaden the scope of meaning on the acquittal all you want, I will tend to try to narrow it down.

And try to figure out what the precise analogue would be with any of the confluence of lefty protest movements.  Most of the ones being bandied about don’t quite fit.  It does strike me, as I ponder the “armed” angle, that some luxuries exist out in the rural hinterlands, where you can shoot a gun in the air and have a better than even chance of it not landing on a human as against in the enclosed city where you can’t.

I do find it comical, however

Supporters call Thursday’s acquittal of seven Oregon refuge occupiers a victory for protest movements of all kinds, even if the affinity that patriot groups claim isn’t returned by activists of other banners.

The patriot groups voiced sympathy for such diverse potential allies as the Standing Rock Sioux, who are challenging federal land use decisions in North Dakota, and Black Lives Matter activists in Baltimore, who have taken on law enforcement’s abuse of authority.

All of whom go from rolling their eyes to putting themselves in the shoes of the Bundy-ites and coming up short.  It’ll be a while before Democracy Now covers their cause with any type of sympathetical approval, that’s all I’m saying.

Scott Woods, a West Virginia militia leader, said he would consider going to North Dakota if a militia called for help and he had permission to come with a gun.

Mm hm. …

A spot question hereabouts

McKelvey said protesters were, in part, promoting their campaign to write in group leader Teressa Raiford for Multnomah County sheriff and continuing to demand Mayor Charlie Hales’ resignation.

Feeling free to assume the absolute worst you can imagine and then some about Charlie Hales… what’s the point of ousting him about ten weeks before he will leave anyway?  Where’s that “Impeach Obama” racket when you need it?

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