the anti Trump rear-guard float in famed former Senate nutcase

Tom Coburn floats in as possible third party candidate for desperate “Not Voting For Trump” Republicans

Mr. Coburn, who left the Senate early last year to receive treatment for cancer, said in an interview that Mr. Trump “needs to be stopped” and that he expected to back an independent candidate against him. He said he had little appetite for a campaign of his own, but did not flatly rule one out.
“I’m going to support that person,” Mr. Coburn said, “and I don’t expect that person to be me.”

To say this

The best thing about Coburn as the head of the Anti-Trump Party is that it’d be harder to demagogue him as an establishment pawn than it would most other independent challengers.

Yeah.  Because

“I’ve always considered myself an opposition within the opposition,” said Mr. Coburn, whose willingness to block, delay or neuter bills through an array of procedural measures has made him an effective nuisance during his five years in the Senate.
As the health care overhaul heads to the Senate floor, Mr. Coburn is preparing for what he considers a career pinnacle of havoc. Enacting the proposal, he says, would be catastrophic, and so if precedent holds, he will try to hinder it with every annoying tool in his arsenal: filing amendments (he has done that 508 times since joining the Senate, second only to John McCain’s 542 in that period), undertaking filibusters and objecting strenuously.

It’s worth mentioning, that we do have the same “He’s Telling it like it is” appeal for Tom Coburn — he speculated in that most speculative of ways for a 2008 run… occasion enough to mark us with his 2004 Senate campaign concerns — and, I suppose, what he will be best known for on one side of the culture war across America… (though a search into the archives at this blog yields some odd results.)

“Lesbianism is so rampant in some of the schools in Southeast Oklahoma that they’ll only let one girl go to the bathroom. Now think about it.” 

What does Southeast Oklahoma have over North or West Oklahoma, I do not know.

To which here’s your “telling it like it is” comment from who is apparently a gadfly of “bottom half of the Internet” commentary

If Dr. Tom says its bad, its bad.!

As it were… all of this begs a question.  This is who Bill Kristol has in mind as the Man of Sanity to stop the onslaught of Donald Trump?

A moot point, anyway.

Former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn said Saturday night that a newspaper report suggesting he may run for president this year is wrong.

Well.  There’s always Jim Rogers.

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