Waiting for that Fred Thompson / Tom Coburn ticket.

Fred Thompson has initiated that famed Exploratory Commission to decide whether or not to form an Exploratory Commission on whether to run for the Presidency.  I understand one of the calendar restraint Fred Thompson has concerns contractual obligations with Law and Order.  It seems a faulty concern, a contract that one can walk away with on good terms with the Producers of the show.  But whatever, I wouldn’t think it profits Fred Thompson much to actively run for president for a bunch more months.  I do wonder if it might not profit the nation of the United States if the eventual political party nominees coming out of 2008 didn’t start running for president in the first half of 2007, setting an example for the way things will work out.  I kind of want many conventional wisdom edicts to explode in this election cycle’s Process.  For example — wouldn’t it be great if there was still a muddled nomination victory coming out of that famed log-jam of the first week of February — for both parties, naturally?
In other presidential testing of the water news, Tom Coburn is considering running for a presidency.  I don’t really have anything original to add that you cannot find if you look up his name at technorati and consult the bloggers’ comments.  Oklahoma has two nut-job Republican Senators, making it the most obnoxious Senate congregation in the nation.  In Tom Coburn’s case, he will be looking out at and working on issues that you never knew existed.  Who else but Tom Coburn will be solving this problem:

“Lesbianism is so rampant in some of the schools in Southeast Oklahoma that they’ll only let one girl go to the bathroom. Now think about it.” 

Southeast Oklahoma, he said in his 2004 Senate campaign.  He has the ability to identify the hot areas of rampant Lesbianism, one of them in the schools of Southeast Oklahoma.  I would not think of Southeast Oklahoma as a hot-area for Lesbianism, but I suppose there are enclaves everywhere and in places you would not expect.  Perhaps Tom Coburn can team up with the creators of the various “Queer Yellow Pages” to better market to these untapped arenas.

Actually he doesn’t need to even be President to do that, and I do think that would benefit our capitalist system in offering better target marketing opportunities to our nations’ businesses.  So, what is the basis of electing Tom Coburn to the presidency?  The simple narcissism that underlines everybody’s presidency, I suppose.

4 Responses to “Waiting for that Fred Thompson / Tom Coburn ticket.”

  1. Joe Says:

    Fred Thompson is another liberal RINO. The good news is that he might further dilute the liberal RINO support currently shared by Rudy McRomney.

  2. Coach Morris Hodgson Says:

    If Dr. Tom says its bad, its bad.! He is one of the most powerful Senators on the Hill, and we wish we had more just like him. I understand the person that wrote this article not liking him, you get my drift. He had the guts to stand up and tell you wants right and wrong. There are free on the hill that will do that. He killed hundreds of millions of dollors in “PORK” since he has been up there.

    God Bless Dr. Tom Coburn, and God Bless The United States Of America.

    Coach Morris Hodgson
    Rt 1 Box 633-8
    Broken Bow, Oklahoma
    580 584-3873



  4. Bobbie McAuliffe Says:

    I will not vote for anyone in any race that has connections to the Council on Foreign Policy, and Fred Thompson has very deep roots. His voting record is weak on border protection, he voted to expand NAFTA and to increase immigration levels. I believe he would continue where George Bush leaves off regarding the illegal immigration population in our country. I do not want to lose DR Tom in the U.S. Senate, but he might be the only Republican who could beat Fred Thompson. At this time I am supporting another Tom. Tom Tancredo.

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