Tom Coburn. Lesbians. Unity08.

If Dr. Tom says its bad, its bad.! He is one of the most powerful Senators on the Hill, and we wish we had more just like him. I understand the person that wrote this article not liking him, you get my drift. He had the guts to stand up and tell you wants right and wrong. There are free on the hill that will do that. He killed hundreds of millions of dollors in “PORK” since he has been up there.

God Bless Dr. Tom Coburn, and God Bless The United States Of America.

Note: SIC all the way through.

I presume that Coach Morris Hodgson is referring to the rash of Lesbians in Southeast Oklahoma, who are going to the restrooms in pairs.  I posited this as a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to hire Coburn, who apparently can spot unseen enclaves of Gay Communities that you nor I nor anyone else really considers, and I suppose we have a another opportunity for those alternative phone books of the “Queer Pages”, to circulate in Southeast Oklahoma and… wherever else.

But I repeat myself.

Actually this is a good opportunity to dredge up the discussion this invited back in 2004.  Here’s the Free Republic:


What is this crap?

Press release from Brad Carson…….

Another reason to vote for Coburn.

The state’s new nickname will be Oklahomo!
I hate to say it but that is just plain funny.
GOA tried to get me to send this guy money, but I checked out his “issues” page and concluded he was a nut on practically everything but guns. Sounds like I concluded correctly.
What’s with these guys that go off on wacky tangents, instead of focusing on real issues? They ought to have more important things on their minds, and instead they just run around providing fodder for silly leftist emotional-issue groups.


Interesting thing about Coach Morris Hodgson.  Apparently, from his comment left at unity08, he is going to send this to …

420. Morris in Broken Bow, OK
The Democates and the Republicans have put the parties before the people. This is a disgrace and will only shut down this country. If we do not do anything about what is going on, and everyone knows what is going on, BIG CORPORATIONS are running this country. John F. Kennedy in 1963 said “large companies will start to buy up other large companies until they are so big, our Federal Government want be able to control them” that time has come ladies and gentlemen. If we do not turn this country around, we will be a third world country in 15 years. You can say “Coach said it” thats: Coach Morris Hodgson Broken Bow, Oklahoma
[May I recommend not posting your phone # to these things?] P.S. I will be mailing this to 300 addresses on my computer.
300 addresses on his computer.  Which is not as bad as the Zombie-Computer Spammer who was nabbed in Seattle the other day.

I don’t know how the politics of Tom Coburn square with a populist fight against “big corporations”.  I also don’t know how the politics of Tom Coburn square with the politics of the man speculated to be planning on using this vehicle for a presidential bid, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is threatening us with a Hillary Clinton — Rudy Giuliani — Michael Bloomberg race, that which the first poster — The Constitution Party man in New York — referenced for “liberal”, describing goddanged Fred Thompson.  Culturally, we have three figures whose electoral base for their election victories have been New York City, either by way of winning the mayorship or by picking up all the votes there to offset rural New York.  A far cry from Tom Coburn.
Which means that Unity08 is useful to furbish us with a presidential candidate flogging… what issues?  I think Unity08 is trying to steer us away from both economic issues and cultural issues somehow.  (Hence, the concern of the “homosexual agenda” which I’d figure Coach has does not fit that, nor the concerns of “Big Corporations”.  Unity08 is an empty vessel indeed).  I think the joking answer that Unity08 oughta run Tancredo/Sharpton may not be far off, as I note that serious beltway commentators have suggested that this would be great in giving us Lieberman / Hagel — never mind that those two’s “maverick status” are borne out of stepping away from their parties on the War in Iraq, and thus… agreeing not at all… making Unity08 yet again, from the perspective of beltway commentators’s suggestions, a joke.

I speculate in fits of wildness that Unity08, being that it is an empty vessel and an online tool which skews these and opens it up for unsavory penetration, might be a useful tool for another candidate, but I’m sort of segregating that topic.  Forget I mentioned it.

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