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Dennis King, in his postings on the developments in the inquest into Jeremiah Duggan’s death, criticizes the nature of google’s news aggregator, largely spelled out here, but also at the top of his update page is this.

Jan. 29: A LaRouche press release now ranks on Google News as the number one news source re the U.K. Attorney General’s Duggan inquest decision. The AG’s “fiat” for a new inquest is an important news story being covered by numerous newspapers and other media outlets in Britain. Responsible newspapers with substantial circulations. But what comes first on Google News as of 10:30 PM, Jan. 28–if you type in “Jeremiah Duggan”–is a scurrilous rant signed by LaRouche.

Other news sources aggregated by google…
The John Birch Society.  As well their magazine “New American”.
I’m a bit hazy on some of the other “news” sources of similar questionable repute that google aggregates. 
Then there are any number of opinionated bloggers, and I would say any number of them don’t really fit the category “news”.  (For instance, to his credit the dailykos blogger asked for his site’s removal.)  I could go either way with most of them, they may be worth a read for different perspectives on this or that news topic, but surely they can be aggregated by something else.

I guess if EIR had the blessing of Morton Downey, Jr in the 1980s, it gets to be thrown into google news.  As for the piece on Duggan, I could swear I’ve read that LPAC / EIR piece on the Jeremiah Duggan case several times before.  It’s all a head scratcher.
Is not my appearance twice on the BBC broadcasts in the matter of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s lying pretext for launching war against Iraq, as this fact of the matter was emphasized by Dr. Kelly, the primary area of fact bearing on Erica Duggan’s launching what has been a largely fraudulent campaign against me, launched by important associates of Blair in the setting of the death of Dr. Kelly, of the highest relevance in the behavior of certain British circles in the strange role of Erica Duggan?
I can answer that for you.  No.
But at least the Herschel Krustofsky branch of sock puppets have been kept at bay at wikipedia.

As for actual news items, Dennis King seems to have pulled the bulk of the UK’s offerings.  The BBCUnited Kingdom Press Agency.  Their attorneys at Leigh Day.

Ask the deployed members at card table shrines on about Duggan, and they’ll respond round about like this.  Meanwhile, the EIR item will shortly be dumped onto that weird sort of weblog — this sort, for perhaps further commenting by Howie G.

Things I’ve been wondering about Howie G.  About a third of the posts at his sites are paid sponsor posts.  Buy this.  Curiously enough, this doesn’t have the “Visit Sponsors’ Site” button, but it’s evidentally a paid message, as per the disclosure:
The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.
Well, I’m sure Howie G is raking in big bucks with this.  But maybe there just are no better ways of making of a living — tough economy and all that — this way is falling a bit a way.

I remember giving two Larouche people $10 at a Chicago airport for some subscription, I never got a thing, lol, this is my way of getting back at the Larouche crowd, by posting this tidbit here.
investur – January 25th, 2010 at 6:51 pm
I agree, when I had asked a Larouche youtuber he gave me his Hawaii phone number and said he’d only communicate that way, no emails, no text messages online–so I dumped him.
splintercell99 – January 25th, 2010 at 9:49 pm
yeah those guys mean well, but they wont tolerate people not following their ideas all the way down the line. If you dont agree with them you are automatically against freedom/life/ etc

But we just need enough to get by to the end here.

LaRouche continued: “You have got to understand emotionally, as well as intellectually acknowledging things, that you are talking about the extinction of civilization as we have known it. And this is coming up now.” […]

Hold on!  Now I see why google news aggregates this.

As far as I could tell, LPAC’s site was the only one reporting this story. It will be interesting to see if any other significant sources report it.
They get to news sources… not reported elsewhere.  Like how it’s been decided by a cabal out in London for everyone to destroy themselves.
Have you ever asked yourself, why are eyeglasses so expensive?
… Are you interested in Long Distance Savings?  And we can get you a real good deal on this car!
Who will Obama want to fire, or even murder, as his Seneca. After all, if Obama is Nero, someone is a Seneca. Even Hitler had his Rudolf Hess. Perhaps, Hillary Clinton will be axed as someone reminding Obama of reality too much. Or perhaps Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, with his half-baked no good proposal to regulate the banks, has outlived his usefulness to Obama. Harlem dudes know the score, Obama is about to lash out.
Barack Obama is staring to remind me of a combination of William Howard Taft, Mauno Koivisto, and Charles the Bald.  His administration is heading into exactly their courses.
tap tap tap…

A silly thing about keeping up reguarly on a blog is that I find myself with this mental list of names and a curious question of “How will I tackle a blog post at their death?”  It’s a weird distortion of thinking about this hobby.
Howard Zinn was on that list.  He is that guy — that caricature everyone’s talking about when they refer to the left wing academic activist “Blame America First” figure.  And somebody has to be.
Zinn, by the nature of his fame, lends himself pecularly to a wading of blog posts in a blog aggregator and by and large by-passing the obituaries in major news sources, because  he is a man who registers for basically political activists on the left or right, and not in a vast mainstream center.  The most interesting thing is to read the caveats toward some otherwise complimentary items from detractors — “Sure, he’s a pinko Marxist Revolutionary… BUT –“.  It is by way of acknowledging that outside the current wash of his death, the only times they’d be referencing Zinn is a sort of pejorative short-hand of marginilia, hyphenated with “Chomsky”*.

Or perhaps
Although one suspects that within another generation or two he’ll be as curious and obscure a figure as Lyndon LaRouche or Pat Buchanan: once interesting to a few, but utterly irrelevant to the future.

I reference Howard Zinn here by way of bringing myslelf back to Lyndon Larouche.  When he dies, and one looks into blog aggregators, there won’t be any relatively positive pieces from anyone who’s referenced him as a pejorative slight, caveats or otherwise.   The small number that there will be will read like this.  Or maybe this.
I see little reason not to get this out of the way, and post my quick salvo upon Lyndon Larouche’s death.
He accomplished astouding feats, in the same way a man who dediccated his life to the creation of elaborate and intricate castle sculptures out of his own feces might.  I stand at the sighting of these sculptures, a foot or two steps back to avoid the worst of the pugnant ordor, and while I admit to gaping a bit in wonder, mostly I am just scratching my head and asking “What the Hell was the point of that?”

One last note, this is worth a look — this collection of essays on hnn’s website.

Michael Ledeen Responds to Liberal Fascism Michael Ledeen

Matthew Feldman and Chip Berlet reference the Larouchies’ current campaign, sticking Hitler mustaches on politicians’ faces.  Feldman includes that image.  I note that the other image used in this set of articles is that in the Roger Griffen piece with of the tween (they’re teenagers now, right?) neo-nazi pop sensation Prussian Blue.  There’s… something there.

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  1. Justin Says:

    To answer the question about ”what can we do”; we have to look back when Ron Paul was running for the presidency in the primary elections. More than 70% of Americans rallied to support Ron Paul because of the constitutional principles that he was representing as a champion of the US Constitution. What happened? Americans build a website for Ron Paul and money poured in to the tune of over $15 million.

    More than 70 percent of Americans rallied to support Ron Paul? Wha — huh — hm?

    This is an important point to cover here to better understand why Mr. LaRouche gives so many references to historical events to explain what is happening with the current events relevant to our world’s affairs.

    He does this for a very specific reason; and that is to get Americans to think about the relevant issues and principles surrounding a particular time in history and to associate those events as probable solutions to our current affairs. In this way here is where lessons need to be discovered and learned by the individual.

    The LYMers will just have to keep telling themslves that. Why so many references to historical events? Just to provide an illusion of meaning.

  2. Justin Says:

    Selling their wares to the Ron Paul fans.

    And trying to sell their wares to “Free Palestine” peoples.

    Coming to grips with a Larouche candidate on the ballot.

    John Conyers is never going to live down stepping behind that banner.

    I may as well mention here, in the anals of crackpots giving spurious date certain predictions, Igor Panarin has come and gone, and there is some rationalizing going on here or there.

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