A Week’s Worth of Lyn Marcus crap

I.  Molly Kronberg on the org’s history of Forced Abortions.
  A.  an aside from old-time ex-members at factnet:  The SWP had a similar policy.  But they’re less hypocritical since they did not take that “pro-life” stance the Larouche org took during the 70s on into the 90s.  But hypocrisy remains, because “pro-choice” indicates the choice of the individual and not a central committee.  Glad to clear that up, that matter of degress of hypocrisy in 60s organizations emitted from out of the 1960s New Left. 
  B.  Two is a trend.  Molly Kronberg has been cited again, publically, in reference to criminal proceedings against a corrupt politician — this time being Ted Stevens.  I now contemplate what item of news that the L-PAC site picks up where Molly Kronberg will be referenced as part of mentioning Larouche’s criminal conviction.  Will it be in defense of another corrupt politician (Blagojevich?  Burris?  Chuck Turner in Boston?) ?  Or will it be a defeat of a HBPA measure in another municipality / state-house?
       1.  An interesting possibility for that one:  Sacramento.  Sure, there’s no mention of Larouche’s criminal conviction, but that shouldn’t be enough to stop the presumption that it was defeated because of scurrious slurs from the hands of Molly Kronberg.
           — Money quote exchange from Sacramento:
The really really freaky thing was a little exchange at the end, after supervisor Roger Dickinson explained that the Board wouldn‘t be taking immediate action on the LaRouche resolution.
LaRouchie: Do you all have cards I can get?
Dickinson: I‘m sure we all have cards you can have.
LaRouchie: You are more than me. But I will surround all of you, with your cards.
Dickinson: Hehe. Ok, thanks.

II.  Wayne Madsen has published an item, which has been picked up some Arab Press, which alleges that the state of Israel is planning on colonizing large portions of Iraq.
   A.  You have never heard of Wayne Madsen, probably, but have quite likely heard of one of his rumor/chestnuts:  President George W Bush is having an affair with Condollezza Rice, an item that saw its first printed publication in a British tabloid.
        1.  This one has held a greater hold in that “You never know / could be” section of public’s imagination that the never-ending calvacade you see in the sub-National Enquirer tabloids of photo-shopped women next to the President with a choice photograph of an expecially miffed First Lady biting her lips.
   B.  Upon seeing the “Israel wants Iraq” story, my thought was “There is a 100 percent chance that Larouche has played up one of Madsen’s more spurious claims.”
       1.  Rolling into  last summer’s Russian Government love-fest, L-PAC played up this Wayne Madsen item disclaiming Russia as the source for the poisoning of Alexandar Litvinvenko, and placing it on the British(and Israel and etc.) in an act of sabotauge against Russia.   It was a release that stood out to me amongst all the other crap I “scanned” (ahem) past, and responded with one giant “Oh!  Come on!”
     2.  I reference, unfortunately one source over because this is what I can find with immediacy, a post which originally was placed onto the website of the conservative / right-wing “Accuracy in Media” website which cites Larouche’s usage of Wayne Madsen as source material.
         a.  AIM was last seen at the CPAC Conference, charging up the “Obama’s fake birth certificate” storyline, which would have put them in league with Larouche in the Spring and Summer of 08, but now aligns them with Webster Tarpley.
            —   Referred to round about here by the Resident Larouchie as perhaps still associated with Larouche (in a weird argument against comments from Larouche) and referenced here as “a nutter”.
       b.  a rather dubious “Guilt by Association” example from AIM happened with the headline “AARP, Larouche Private Social Security Accounts”, a headline reported by me here.  Indicative of both the Larouche Organization’s desire in associating as the primary focal point to opposition to that deservably attacked policy goal, and AIM’s desire of associating the two.
     3.  Wayne Madsen has been banned from user citation at the partisan website “Democratic Underground”.  Probably just like Larouche I am betting, though that one may be more self-correcting in immediate response.  It is evident that dailykos deletes Larouche sources with imediacy — I have seen the ghosts of such postings (indeed, have posted the ghostly remains of such posts), as is the site’s stated policy of ripping away all 9/11 Truth posts.
            b.  That being said, here’s a list of some fairly respectable outlets Madsen appears in, as well not-so-respectable outlets.  Unlike, say, Lyndon Larouche, though like … um… Robert Dreyfuss.
      4.  Herein lies what damaging power the Larouche Organization has externally.  The HBPA Resolutions and handful of members of the Italian Parliament referencing “Larouche” admist a broader handful of Italian Politicos  calling for a “New Bretton Woods” (like calling for a “New New Deal”) really only factor to the org as an internal pressure — giving its membership the eternal illusion that “Things are Snow-balling”.  But the work of, for instance, propping up disinformationational conspiracy — in the case of the source of the poisoning of Litvinvenko in a play to Russia’s burgeoning nationalism– obscures the world picture.
               a.  Or, in this phraseology, “Disinformation Systems Redux or still Uber Alles”?

III. Perhaps a tap on the shoulders to that New Republic blogger who was doing a series of focuses on Robert Dreyfuss, here’s the first paragraphs of a classic piece Dreyfuss wrote for the Larouche Organization, rolling into a “pro” stance on the matter of Jesus Christ:
    A.  The epic battle, lasting three centuries, that resulted in the defeat of the Roman Empire by the fledgling Judeo-Christian movement was a struggle for the survival of the human race itself. The establishment of the Christian tradition, victorious at the famous Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, was the result of a well-organized and self-conscious conspiracy. The artitects of the Christian movement, led at the start by Philo Judaeus of Alexandria and Jesus of Nazareth, viewed themselves as the founders of a new world order. Amid the collapse and degradataion of Roman immorality, the power of the Christian idea slowly won a widespread following among philosophers, the nobility, merchants and traders, skilled craftsmen, and the elite of the Mediterranean world.

Christianity emerged at a time when the entire known world was perched at the brink of utter barbarism. The masses of the empire were caught up in the spell of ancient eastern cults and mystery religions, whose evil priests and priestesses exercised virtual control over the day-to-day life of the emperor and the peasant alike. The alliance between the emperor, the cults, and the Roman army had created a cannibalistic monster whose insatiable demand for loot by conquest and taxation had plunged the world into a cycle of plague and famine.
           1.  Huh.

IV.  Garlic to Vampires.

   A.  Like so:   The man is NOT the crazy person he has been made out to be by those in power who cannot allow this man to tell the truth about what is happening to this country and the world.

V.  Erica Duggan expressed her frustration to the British and German Legal Process here.
   A.  A rebuttal, such as it is, from this blog’s “Resident Larouchie” is found here. 
       1.  The line of Sympathy was rather belated, and it is necessary to note that what is spoken of in terms of “political manipulators” are the names Dick Cheney and John Train and … and all of Larouche’s Enemies circa 2004.
      2.  I have more than once said that I doubt the legal process will end with any great satisfaction, but the pursuit is important and noble and has resulted in the important connection between the Larouche Organization and the untimely death of Jeremiah Duggan being readily available to this generation of supposed potential recruits.
           a.  Now kind of second only in the public’s mind to the Prison Sentence the Larouche Organization seems incessant on bringing up these days.  Refer to the KPOJ Political Button Guess, and in answer to revenire the “Green Party” label was jumped over because the “Prison Sentence” brought the name “Larouche” to mind.  Next thought in the general public’s mind I can reference the other time Larouche was a guess on this radio call-in-game, the answer of “Harold Stassen” to the clue of “was a frequent presidential candidate”.

VI.  I think I promised some item or other on Oskar Peterlini?
    A.  Oh well.  ‘Tis the “Huge in Europe!” syndrome which plagues many an obscure band.
    B.  From L-PAC:  A three-hour debate on the global financial crisis was opened in the Italian Senate yesterday by Sen. Oskar Peterlini, who forcefully reminded those present of the role of Lyndon LaRouche in forecasting the crisis and his New Bretton Woods solution. Peterlini’s arguments were unchallenged in the debate, but in order not to be defeated in the vote, he was forced to weaken decisively the text of his resolution. Thus, the final text–and of four other resolutions, voted up by the Senate on the same subject–is ironically weaker, and even contrary to what Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti says every second day publicly: “That’s parliamentary systems, baby!”
1.  Really, you gotta love the fractious Italian Parliamentarian System, as mocked in today’s Get Fuzzy, panel #5.
           2.  A note of comparison to the only locality’s news report that I have seen which found the passage of a HBPA act in a manner that happily aligns with the Larouche Organization:  Hazelton, Pennsylvania — that town appears to embody everything conjured up when one hear’s the phrase “Rust Belt.”
                a.  The Org’s Gambit as they’ve forecasted beyond the hilt all 40 of the last two Recessions, but in this Org’s case it has always been a case of mimicry more than moving any Mass Movement, hence the phrase “Small time [fill the blank].”
                b.  Hazelton, Pennsylvania’s mayor received the endorsement of David Duke for her nativist stances on Immigration, for instance.  I suppose this is where Obama plucked up that “bitter, clings to guns and religions” comment, and Jack Murtha referenced “racist district, you can say.” 
                 — Ironically and incidentally, the Perpetual Economic Blight of some areas explains why some numbers of black local legislators will pass these meaningless resolutions.  Eric Fleming former state representative in Mississippi, for instance, endorsed Larouche and ended his political career.  (Unless he ended it by running for US Senate in the most racially polarized state in the nation.)
      C.  Interesting to note Peterlini’s profound disagreement with Larouche on the matter of China and Tibet.

And… I’m out!

16 Responses to “A Week’s Worth of Lyn Marcus crap”

  1. revenire Says:

    good post justin, enjoyed it

  2. Justin Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. revenire Says:

    justin i just saw this while surfing the net and seeing as you were discussing italy thought you might want to incorporate it into your latest “challenge” as it bears upon events you discussed


    have fun

  4. Justin Says:

    Originally posted here: http://www.struat.com/election/2009/02/28/new-world-order-now-just-a-world-order/#comment-65763
    I think I’ll move this long article over to here:

    Chicago Tribune-December 6, 1987
    Author: Article by David L. Kirp. David L. Kirp is a professor of Public Policy and lecturer in law at the University of California in Berkeley. He has spent the last 18 months researching “Suffer the Children,“ a book on AIDS in U.S. schools, for fall, 1988, publication from which this article is excerpted.

    — Hell, I’ll do one more edit: I posted the thing to factnet like I said I would. May as well avoid duplicates here.


  5. revenire Says:

    hey justin,

    you read factnet stuff right? does it ever occur to you that what i am saying about the bitterness of ex-members might be true? why spend hours and hours about lyndon if you’re out of it? what’s the point? do they think they’re saving people? honestly, i don’t get it at all

    people say this organization is this horrid cult, the has tricked people and stolen money and burned babies alive etc., but then they say it has no impact and is all so larouche’s head can get all puffed up (does anyone think he needs any more puffing up? everything he warned about is coming down on people’s heads re: the economy and sure one can say even a broken clock is correct)

    then i see some stuff that is flat out wrong posted by people claiming to be ex-members and how do we know who they are? it is the web and people can pose as whatever and in any message forum or message list you always have trolls and people pretending to be women who are men and men pretending to be women and sexual predators etc.

    i get a kick out of it all but sure wouldn’t spend any more time on a “cult” once i left it, or escaped and really – people could just resign their membership and get out and have done so

    take me: i could walk any old time, don’t listen to classical music solely, take vacations, had children and no one forced any abortions on me (never even suggested it) etc. like a regular person so that really flies in the face of a lot of BS that has been spread around the farm – maybe i am just some low level schmuck not worthy of kidnapping or brainwashing to the point i can’t walk out of a room or away from a field deployment?

    just curious what you think because you have the challenge and all – reminds me of the old ad “the pepsi challenge” or something

    i really like it!

  6. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Try this on for size, revenire:

    People who have been in the org, even in the leadership of the org in some cases, and who know LaRouche way better than you ever will (unless of course you’re Lyndon LaRouche posing as Revenire, a hilarious possibility), have decided the guy is a total menace and needs to be stopped.

    So they post on Factnet because they know that all kinds of folks read Factnet, and they know it upsets Lyn something fierce when things go up on Factnet.

    It’s that simple.

    Now, when I say LaRouche needs to be stopped, I don’t mean politically–for the reason that I don’t think LaRouche has much, how shall we say?, political influence.

    I mean he needs to be stopped before he screws up more people’s lives. He’s done way more than enough in that direction already.

    Now, if you’ll recall your psychologically devastating formulation of awhile back about the Jumper Brigade (lol), you’ll also recall that there are those who think LaRouche is responsible, along with his sidekicks, for the death of Ken Kronberg.

    And you’ll remember that there are those who conclude, from the LaRouche org’s feverish coverup and frantic reactions, that there was something very strange and perhaps LaRouche-y about Jeremiah Duggan’s death.

    I’m one of the people who think that, as you know.

    That alone would be enough to decide to go after LHL (or LOL).

    As to why some of us didn’t walk out earlier–think about it for a moment. Use your noggin. I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

    Till then….

  7. revenire Says:

    rachel you, and all the people at factnet, won’t stop larouche

    more than likely, he will die from old age

    to suggest “something nefarious” happened to this kid duggan is ridiculous rachel

    the people that didn’t walk and then cry “foul” later were cowards and weaklings

    i’ve read factnet and you can say “hey i know larouche the best” or whomever “knows larouche better than you” but that’s like a child saying “my daddy is bigger than your daddy” and i am not trying to be coy or sarcastic or nasty in any / way / shape / form

    people can think what they want about larouche rachel right? they can think he is satan or god – i don’t care at all

    just like i think the marriage drove ken to jump – i am entitled to think that just like i am entitled to think there is a jumper brigade

    that’s what i think – can you stop me from thinking that way? hardly

    can you stop an idea? doubtful rachel

    i don’t know you, and you seem nice enough, but you go over the top because of bitterness and hatred toward people (that’s my opinion and could be wrong and i admit i could be wrong)

    so really, you don’t need to prove anything to me – my mind is made up

    you were with larouche for how many years? i knew NCs that also were with him and left without a problem rachel and you know them too

    so this garbage about how the “cult” controls people and therefore they can’t leave is nonsense – it is a political attack not a true attack on a real cult that does need to be stopped before it hurts more people

    i’ve thought enough about why the moaners, the jumpers, didn’t leave and the sole explanation is cowardice and weakness or they believed in what larouche sold them and therefore wanted to be right were they were

    you did and then you decided “that’s enough” – i don’t care why, that’s your personal choice just like mine is to eat a steak tonight

    so, i tried you on for size and you didn’t fit

    i don’t want to argue rachel – i enjoy justin’s blog and his “larouche challenge” because it is funny

    have a good day

  8. rachel holmes Says:

    “So really, you don’t need to prove anything to me – my mind is made up.”

    That’s the spirit, rev!

    My other favorite quote from your latest: “and i am not trying to be coy or sarcastic or nasty in any / way / shape / form.”

    Of course you aren’t. That’s why you used to carry on about the Jumper Brigade. Because you weren’t trying to be sarcastic or nasty in any way, shape, or form.

    But you are right about one thing: Justin’s blog on LaRouche is very funny. This is because (a) Justin is a very funny writer and (b) LaRouche is a hugely funny subject, in a somewhat ghastly way.

  9. revenire Says:


    just from a person to person standpoint: you need to move on with your life and get over your “affair” with larouche, all this bitterness and hatred is really too much and in a way funny in itself

    no, i am not being nasty either or i could tell you things you and i both know happened and you didn’t do a thing to stop them did you?

    i sure am not talking about things your old lover lyndon did either

    you ever read factnet? well? do you?

    you actually believe that stuff? people there admit they’re still marxists, and it is a mess, a real stew of losers that are embittered because they didn’t have the guts to leave

    how come you didn’t leave the “cult” rachel or is that “top secret” info?

    it is no one’s fault but you own you wasted time in larouche’s organization rachel and you’re angry at someone else for it? give me a break – you need help, psychiatric help

    zubrin left and look what’s he’s done and what a great guy too! you don’t see him moaning and groaning all day long about larouche rachel – he’s living life

    i could make a list of people who left, didn’t feel they were “trapped” in an evil cult, had children while in the ICLC and were not forced to have abortions by anyone – that itself is a lie and a pretty silly one at that

    yes, this is funny and every reply of yours is funny

    i said i enjoyed justin’s blog but he’s not like an episode of seinfeld (sorry justin) and i don’t mind sharing information with him – or anyone – but let’s put it into perspective shall we? i am here for the heck of it rachel, because i think justin is a nice guy and you’re a nice person (just mixed up on your past life)

    you won’t ever shut down larouche, stop larouche, anymore than duggan’s mother’s controllers will – she’s a pawn, like you are

    what’s really funny is a bunch of ragtage ex-marxists, current marxists, etc. think they can do what the government wasn’t able to do and i don’t know were you were when the government raided our offices but they meant business didn’t they? did it shut down larouche? no, he ran for president from a jail cell and collected public monies from prison – then he was sprung and carried on

    now what larouche said would happen has come to pass and his influence is stronger than ever and that angers the dropouts, the jumpers, the duggan crowd who want “justice” for duggan (who is still ruled a suicide and what is the ICLC accused of anyway by the mother? murder? no, i don’t see her accusing them of murder but just a desperate mother used for political reasons to spread gossip and rumors for totally political reasons – dennis king doesn’t care about her anymore then he does you & neither does anyone connected to her – she just doesn’t know it and i can understand losing a child but accidents do happen rachel)

    i don’t see any “justice for ken” sites because he jumped because of a horrible marriage and one molly admits was filled with arguments – never heard of a husband jumping because of a failed marriage? rent a movie, a drama, about the 100s of them each year in the USA

    i don’t see any “justice for gary” sites either – because he ran out of gas while organzing so your “outrage” and crocodile tears are faked – for the little game you are playing or you’d be demanding justice for everyone who dies and you aren’t

    anyone can see that who takes a good look

    factnet is a cool site – i love the tom cruise video (scientology is really nuts but they are right about SSRIs and other ADs)

    but the dropouts from larouche are a handful of people rachel – count them up (out of the 100s that have passed through the ICLC since the 1970s only a small percentage at posting at factnet rachel – you know that)

    what is funny is that larouche still predominates your waking hours and i would not be surprised if you dream about him

    you’re sad in a way and i wish i could help you but this is something you will have to get professional help for and i suggest a psychologist and not a psychiatrist (psychiatrists will just give you nasty drugs that you will need to taper off of and can “rewire” your brain – but you might already be on them, i don’t know)

    i see your posts to me as desperate and a cry for help, i can see the pain in them

    you should have gotten out of the ICLC when you had more of “you” left but you believed in what you were doing and now that the economy has collapsed, as larouche told you over and over it would, you’re sitting there staring at a computer screen wondering what to write next

    i am here if you need a friend

    take care of yourself okay? promise me you won’t do anything rash

  10. Justin Says:


    i don’t see any “justice for ken” sites

    That would be, um, the factnet board (from whence do you think those ex-members came out of the woodwork?), that Kronberg Memorial site, — Hell, this blog that you now read.

    “Justice for Gary”? Gee, I don’t know. I think everyone concerned posted respectful eulogies and constrained the Larouche Organization’s role in the death to “So… why didn’t he have enough gas money?” When you commented that you had received a “No Prize” from Stan Lee, I almost responded with a reference to Gary Genazzio “Hey! I bet Gary Genazzio got one too!”, but opted to not.

    You once posted, a long belated reference to a post where I said that I had a dream involving Larouche which convinced me to somewhat entrench myself here with him, that “I dream about Larouche every night. We all do.” So give me a break on that line. (Incidentally, the leader of the “Larouche Cryonics Movement” posted on his constant dreams about Larouche.) Your presence does have the effect of making me consider your leader more than I particularly want to, but I note that your stays here follow a basic pattern where I respond to you for a while, than cease to do so. Important that I reply, just not important that I keep replying.

    As for the exchange with “Little Lyndy” (seems a sort of not terribly noteworthy troll, really) here: lyndy you lost it when you told me i needed to watch my back … Uh huh. Thank you Mr. “Or, better yet, call the cops. For all I care you can jump off a bridge. Go ahead, jump… because you’re a nothing and the rest of your soap opera characters are empty husks… dead souls.”

  11. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Hey, Rev–

    Do I read Factnet? Heavens yes, dearie–who doesn’t?

    As to LaRouche–not sure I have to worry about shutting him down. He shut himself down years ago.

    (Or maybe Molly shut him down when she singlehandedly orchestrated the greatest frameup in history? with the devastating result that the S. Dak legislature didn’t pass his Whatchacallit?)

    Whichever–and of course, pretty soon, the Big Stopwatch in the Sky will give the terminal click on the old boy.

    And then the cry will go up, from the throats of his thronging, singing admirers:

    “What was THAT all about?”

    But not to worry; we’ll be poised to tell them.

  12. revenire Says:

    perhaps in a dream rachel

    larouche will die of old age and his “followers” will continue to go on with his policies

    the folks at factnet aren’t every effective and mainly whine and moan about how the “org” did them wrong which again begs the question: why stay with something political when you don’t want to?

    the HPBA passed in new york so south dakota would have been nice and i am certain it has support there as well

    no one will go “what was that all about?”

    you’re even still using larouche’s own words to talk to me: he used to talk about life and people dying – who wasted the time given them – and when they were lowered into the grave their “ghost” / “soul” / “reincarnated thing” / “whatever one believes” looks down and goes “what was that all about?” meaning his, or her, life

    i find that interesting that you still think larouche

    it seems you have larouche on the brain

    let’s just see what happens when the old boy kicks the bucket okay?

    then we can discuss it – unless i drop over from something beforehand and lucky “little lyndy” has warned me to “watch my back” already and that could be taken as a threat if i wanted to go that way

    it would be really easy too


    you liked larouche rachel, a lot – what happened? did mel or gerry force you to abort your child? the stipend stopped? health care was gone? or you just got older and decided it was time for something new – bravo for you! you’re a good woman i think but just messed up a bit

    nothing i couldn’t fix

  13. revenire Says:

    justin anything you say is good for me, it’s all good

    i don’t mean a factnet post for ken but a site, like duggan has

    let’s start one together – think of the fun we could have: a larouchie and an observer of larouche and his acolytes working together to bring justice to the kronberg family

    i am surprised hammett hasn’t started one

    there is a larouche cryonics movement? lol, i didn’t realize that – what is the purpose of it? to freeze larouche so one day we can awaken him? i don’t get that one at all – do you have the url? i googled it and came up with many sites but not the “one” i want to see

    yes, i agree on the posting – i don’t usually stop in here to post, don’t know when the last time was before the recent rash of posts

    i mean, this is your thing and i can respect that

    and yeah, lyndy could be a troll or could be some demented factnet marxist ready to chop my head off because larouche turned to the “right” and then to the “left” and then to “mars” and then to the “queen” – who knows but lyndy did threaten me and i have that saved for posterity

    have fun justin – i picked up some european comic art today at the local comic store, nice stuff by Yves Chaland – it is from his “Freddy Lombard” series

    i also grabbed neko case’s “middle cyclone” but haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet – she does have a great voice, saw her a few time and once with the mekons

  14. revenire Says:

    Rachel you’re really doing a good job of stopping LaRouche aren’t you? Perhaps instead of whining about how the cult had all of you “captive” for years you could do some counter-organizing? Hammett won’t be able to be everywhere and everyone doesn’t listen to old Molly – Ken sure didn’t.

    Toledo became the tenth Ohio city to pass the Homeowner and Bank Protection Act resolution. The vote was 8-3. This came after only a month of organizing too. I though it was all over for the HPBA? They debated LaRouche Rachel and said “yes, I will have some of that please” and adopted the man’s HPBA.

    The insurance companies (AIG is leading the race to the bottom) will be the next domino to fall Rachel so I hope you’re protected from that – the extent anyone can be. If you actually secured employment after your wasted years in the ICLC maybe you have a 401k? I am sure it is doing great these days!

    You take care now.

    Remember, have fun!

  15. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Say, rev–I promise to have just as much fun as you are having, and not to have to work so hard at it, either.

    The “What was THAT all about?” is, indeed, a sardonic reference to an old LaRouchean recruiting device.

    And as to his followers following his “polices”? Don’t bet on it, babe. First they’d have to figure out what they are.

    Well, it’s reassuring to know that there’ll always be a revenire, but I gotta tell you, I’ve got places to go and people to see, so

    Bah bah for now.

  16. revenire Says:

    lol rachel of course they will follow larouche’s policies when he kicks the bucket – i am counting on it and we will both live to see it happen

    have fun with your day – i do things too: shopping, doctors, watch TV, music, etc

    all the normal stuff you say we “cult” members can’t do unless we are jeff or helga or one of her dogs

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