Moronicism from the right-wing media group “AIM”, through the magic of my “LaRouche” key-blog search function. Headline: AARP, LaRouche Oppose Private Social Security Accounts.

Yes. AARP and LaRouche must be in complete cahoots and have regular meetings to discuss how to save social security. Alert the media!!

Guilt by vague association… Link around and you’ll find (the horrors!) campaigns for medical marijuana campaigns being targetted at the elderly (last I checked, tend to have more medical problems than us young whipper-snappers).

In the meantime, I clicked through the AM radio dial and caught some of generic right-wing talk show host discussing his outrage at…

… Ramsey Clarke offering to defend Saddam Hussein at trial…

… and I’m thinking “Who the fuck cares about Ramsey Clarke?” It’s like

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