weekly descent into madness

I.  Regarding the current curfuffel in this city regarding elected officials… it could be worse.  Unrelated Political Fringe figures could deem it somehow relevant to Cause on behalf of.

Dateline Boston, a month ago.  Previously I posted regarding the Larouchies coming to the aide of a Corrupt Black City Council member, who is shown here with an arrow drawn over an extract hand pointing to a green blur being put into his hand, serving as the Champion of a Lost Cause that they might draft some overarching scheming connecting the British plot to assassinate Obama and a general plan to attempt some pick up of support in the black population.  (I note howiecopywriter has come to the aide of Charles Rangel — I guess arbitarily selected as being in the Clinton — Roosevelt — Larouche part of the Democratic Party versus the Soros — Pelosi part.)

As these things go, of course, Larouche was trumpted by a Bigger Person.  By whom?  Well, naturally… Another Great Champion of Lost Causes — nay, “Lost Causes” are sometimes worthwhile — Lost and Unworthy Causes.  The most noteworthy “Champion of Lost Unworthy Causes” for Ramsey Clark being  the Champion of the Lost Unworthy Cause of “Larouche as Political Prisoner”.

This collision in Boston can’t be a coincidence, can it?  I mean, did Chuck Turner send out the “Fringe Battler” signal at the moon, ala The “Bat Signal”, which was spotted by Larouche and Clark?  Did Chuck Turner first roll over to the Larouchies, then decide even they were too far beneath him so at least a step up in the respectability column to tap at Ramsey Clark?  It’s all very mystifying.  And the inanity continues.  (Semi-related and of note:  this appeal to vote for the Green Party in Illinois.)

II.  A Revelation from a source to xlcer at factnet on current living conditions within the LYM:
For those who do not think that the cult could go any lower in forsing extreme poverty and lumpenizaton on members, consider an email I received that says that because the stipends in the LYM are non existant, there are a few ways to eat. One way is from the LA finance officer who tells them to buy more pasta. The other is having LYMettes sell their eggs for money to fertility clinics without the NCs knowing it.

So too xlcer presented the google map, and shoddy shack, for the headquarters of Larouche Incorporated Oakland.  Perhaps another Bread Loaf Relief is in order, though not so much to make any point on the errancy of Larouche Predictions as to satisfy the “Relief” portion of the FDR “Relief, Recovery, Reform” New Deal policy.  Other advice comes fromthis Adam comic strip — more generally pointed at the current economic Recession which has us all bracing for double digit unemployment figures — though here I have to say, I think weather through the downtrun, what with the great stewardship of President Bloomberg guiding our policy.

III.  But this brings me to a different point.  The map points us to “American System Publications”, which sort of brings me to mind a bit of an inquiry.  At the moment, the wikipedia battle has drawn us to the current trio of Larouche sock-puppets having made some quick edits due to the noted vacation absense of the moderator, Will Webank (who has returned, and is I suppose rumbling through his items of interest at wikipedia) – here I link here again as a shout to the mildly interested “It’s even stupider than it looks at first blush”.  This appears to have been a final lunge in the now ceased attempt at Larouchian editing of many a’topic to include Larouche’s “contribution” to many a’topic:  the anachronistic topic of “The American System”, Henry Clay’s proposal for America plucked up by Larouche Inc. for a glom on when Larouche dremaed of pulling his troops away from the realm of Marxism.  The discussion shown here has… The subsequently banned “Herschel Kurstofsky” (reappearing in the form of many a sock puppet) trying to inject into the “American System”:

The American System also emphasized the importance of the power of the human mind to innovate, as the most important topic of discussion for economists. As Abraham Lincoln himself put it, in a speech delivered on the stump in his 1860 campaign, “Man is not the only animal who labors; but he is the only one who improves his workmanship. This improvement he effects by Discoveries and Inventions.”

The American System has been increasing ignored by historians and economics professors, but it is arguably the only approach that has been historically successful in bringing about the rapid economic progress of nations, as demonstrated by its success under the Lincoln Administration and its subsequent revival under Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The two approaches which dominate the academic world today, Laissez-Faire and Marxism, have yet to produce substantial results, and nations which practice them seem to rely on the exploitation of other nations to survive.

The most outspoken proponent of American System Economics in the early 20th Century was Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Today, it is the American politician and economist Lyndon LaRouche.

It appears that an actual current proponent of “The American System” does indeed exist in the guise of “Northmeister”, who I suggest should go ahead and resurrect The Whig Party.  Taking note of his argument that The American System lives and runs through the course of American history, Herschel Kurstofsky chimes in with this unsoliciated suggestion, unsoliciated seeing as “Northmeister” not once mentions Larouche:

If you are thinking about mentioning LaRouche, be advised that Wikipedia is dominated by a clique that insists that LaRouche may only be referenced in a derogatory fashion. Edits which mention LaRouche in non-derogatory terms, regardless of how germane or well-documented they may be, are suppressed.

Which led HK to edit what I guess is a Northmeister editing job with a statement of:

I was uncomfortable with this: “Today this system is generally ignored in the academic world, where the dominant theories are the British system of Smith and the Communist system of Marx. Some conservative economic isolationists have revived interest in the American System approach in varying ways. They include Ross Perot, Pat Choate, Patrick J. Buchanan, Lou Dobbs, and James Fallows. (Liberal isolationists do not like the pro-business slant, and spend their energies attacking NAFTA.) ” …and I have reverted to this: “Today this system is generally ignored in the academic world, where the dominant theories are the British system of Smith and the Communist system of Marx. Some commentators and activists have revived interest in the American System approach in varying ways. They include Ross Perot and his Reform Party, Pat Choate, Patrick J. Buchanan, Lou Dobbs, Lyndon LaRouche, and James Fallows.”

Yes.  Everywhere I go people are talking about The Whig Party Platform of 1840.  Through the entire Bush Administration, it was all incessant “Why is Bush not adapting the Whig Party Platform of 1840?, and now it’s all “I hope that Obama adapts the Whig Party Platform of 1840!”
This gets ridiculous and is spotted as such, and to wrap up before I close this door, bebank responds to northmeister:

Come on, let’s stop making this stuff up. Which historian or economist regards the New Deal as the successor of the American System? –Will Beback 23:22, 22 March 2006


The blogger who posted that then went on to post … what article… regarding what?
To sum up that old article:  the Jeremiah Duggan case was hatched with the tools of the Guardian, the anti-war liberal at times Socialist British paper — to keep the Impeachment of Dick Cheney from happening.

More unimpeachable logic from Larouche-land here:

Just wondering, is Sir Alan Greenspan still GB’s financial advisor? Lol. Lyndon LaRouche states that Soros is a British agent and international drug pusher and urging legalisation of the international drug cartels,EIR Jan 16,2009 Vol.36 No.2 If this is not true, why has Soros not sued LaRouche. You cannot comment on the City of London without talking money laundering, and it is called laundering because it is very, very dirty.

Yes.  Why don’t the subjects of Larouche’s Conspiratorial Ramblings sue him?  And why don’t the Nation’s Elite sue David Icke for the slander that they are all Reptilian Lizard People?

But it’s interesting when conspiracy theorying is out conspiracy theoried, as with:  Larouche’s function is to obscure the issues and prevent people from identifying the real menace.  Wait a minute.  Who’s pulling the strings on Larouche?  The Synarchists themselves???

V.  Making note of the change in oppositional tactics, now raging against the Soros — Pelosi part of the Democratic Party and discarding the old nemesis of Bush, but more importantly for this blogger, the question:  One odd difference is that when the LaRouchies were going after Cheney, they were gathering signatures in front of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods; going after Pelosi, they’re standing in front of Von’s. I wonder why.
This interior monolouge has been completed.  The Rush at the PUMA movement is far behind us, complete with — cannot link to this often enough — and with it the odd convergence with Walter Tarpley is over with.  Case in point, the Larouche Inaugural Special Web-cast.  Take it away, Debra Freeman!

But, the demand for Mr. LaRouche to address the nation and to address the world, prior to President Obama’s inauguration, in the midst of what is unarguably the worst crisis that our nation has ever faced, was overwhelming. And in meeting that demand, we scheduled today’s Webcast. […]
And, take it away, the Kim Jong Il of a dozen dozen people!
Now, the significance of that is this: No one knows exactly what President Obama is going to conclude on the issue of the international monetary-financial crisis. I haven’t talked with him; and he has, of course, restrained himself on a number of matters, pending the time that he is the actual President, as opposed to speaking as a President-elect. […]

We all await that moment when Larouche will get a speak-through with Obama.  Heck — it could happen.  Obama’s all for Speaking with All Kinds of Politicals for Strained Unity, right?

The huddled Larouchies at the warehouse in Oakland, I assume, went off after the Historic Speech to electioneer for this post.  The 43rd District on the California Democratic Party State Central Committee… Democrats across the state’s 80 Assembly districts voted for delegates over the weekend, during a competition that the general public is largely unaware of, said Hugh Esten, an exiting delegate.
Best opportunity for a low-scale Illinois ’86, with added bonus of nobody noticing.  And the roots for the great Presidential Nominating battle between Larouchies sometime in the future.  Witness:
Courtney Jones — who was standing near a group of his supporters who sang songs with lyrics like “I need a bailout” and “LaRouche was right,” in reference to New Hampshire political activist Lyndon LaRouche — said he hoped to be a part of changing the party.“I’m running so I can help shape the Democratic platform around reality,” Jones said.
Let us all now go out and shape the Democratic platform around reality.

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    recall arnold? sounds like a good thing to do doesn’t it? you should drop what you’re doing and go get some signatures

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:

    So nice to have you back, revenire. I was afraid you had gotten your head permanently stuck in, you know, the La Brea tar pits.

    How’s the LaRouche game going for you these days? Out there collecting signatures, are you?

    That was always one of Helga’s favorite “organizing” ploys–because she honestly has no clue how to organize.

    My word, the organization must’ve collected billions of signatures over the years, but despite that, somehow, they’re still not in power.

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